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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Gast to Govea


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Gast, Barbara L. not included in previous records
Gast, Bonnie Jean 113-V3
Gast, Connie 675-V3
Gast, F. J. 113-V3
Gast, Fay L. 181-V2
Gast, Frances M. 188-V2, 673-V3
Gast, George H. 673-V3
Gast, Jim 675-V3
Gast, Lester V. 181-V2
Gast, Phil 675-V3
Gast, Roberta 113-V3
Gast, Ronnie Dean 113-V3
Gast, William G. not included in previous records
Gaston, James Lee 194-V3
Gates, Albert Richard 575-V3
Gates, Emma 61-V3
Gates, Floy Melvina 277-V3
Gates, Lloyd G. 277-V3
Gates, Mamie Estelle 575-V3
Gates, Neola B. 557-V3
Gathers, H. Louolive 294-V3
Gathers, infants 615-V3
Gathers, J. Ross 294-V3
Gathers, John Ross 294-V3
Gathers, Sarah F. 615-V3
Gatley, Anna Pearl 98-V2
Gatley, Charles L. 98-V2
Gatley, Jessie 110-V2
Gatley, P. F. 110-V2
Gatlin, A. C. 175-V1
Gatlin, Addie C. 540-V3
Gatlin, Alexander 158-V2
Gatlin, Bessie 158-V2
Gatlin, Dana Elizabeth 382-V3
Gatlin, Dolly 158-V2
Gatlin, Earl C. 175-V1
Gatlin, George 158-V2
Gatlin, H. G. 540-V3
Gatlin, Harold W. (Billy) 382-V3
Gatlin, John W. 158-V2
Gatlin, Josea G. 175-V1
Gatlin, Joseph 158-V2
Gatlin, L. Elizabeth 382-V3
Gatlin, Lily B. 158-V2
Gatlin, Mary E. 158-V2
Gatlin, Nancy J. 158-V2
Gatlin, Odus E. 158-V2
Gatlin, Olga 158-V2
Gatlin, W. H. 382-V3
Gatlin, William H. 158-V2
Gatlin, William Hosea, Jr. 382-V3
Gaudern, Clara H. 601-V3
Gaudern, Richard 601-V3
Gaul, Adelma C. 457-V3
Gaul, infant 564-V3
Gaul, William 457-V3
Gaull, Emma 78-V2
Gaull, William 78-V2
Gause, Casper W. 194-V3
Gause, Charles Vernon 194-V3
Gause, Lucinda B. 194-V3
Gause, Mark O. 193-V3
Gause, Minnie 193-V3
Gause, Queen Victoria 194-V3
Gay, Douglas 407-V3
Gay, Ebenezer 562-V3
Gay, John 407-V3
Gay, L. J. 407-V3
Gay, Lucinda J. 406-V3
Gay, Oliver 406-V3
Gay, S. W. 407-V3
Gay, Sidney W. 406-V3
Gaylord, Ben F. 398-V3
Gaylord, Edeyph 398-V3
Gaylord, Frank M. 417-V3
Gaylord, Harry Stafford 417-V3
Gaylord, infant daughter 417-V3
Gaylord, Jasper Fred 417-V3
Gaylord, Jasper M. 417-V3
Gaylord, Lucy Edna 417-V3
Gaylord, Mary Adams 417-V3
Gaylord, Nellie 417-V3
Gaylord, Walter Gordon 417-V3
Gearhart, William 680-V3
Gebhart, Bill 680-V3
Gear, W. D. cemetery reading
Geer, Loren Vance 169-V3
Gehlker, F. W. 144-V1
Gehring, Emily Gertrude 381-V3
Gehring, Gertrude 291-V3
Gehring, Rudolph 291-V3
Gehring, William Dwight 291-V3
Geiger, Charles R. 289-V3
Geiger, Helen Irene 308-V3
Geiger, John William 423-V3
Geiger, Lloyd Kenneth 57-V2
Geiger, Mabel A. 57-V2
Gellhaus, Lenora T. 102-V3
Gellhaus, Theodore B. 102-V3
Gentry, Bertie 615-V3
Gentry, Catherine 680-V3
Gentry, Clara H. 615-V3
Gentry, Cleda E. 198-V2
Gentry, Curtis 615-V3
Gentry, Cyril R. 680-V3
Gentry, Della M. 198-V2
Gentry, Esther L. 680-V3
Gentry, Eva May 615-V3
Gentry, Fern 198-V2
Gentry, George 615-V3
Gentry, Glenn C 198-V2
Gentry, Harry 616-V3
Gentry, infant 616-V3
Gentry, John H. 616-V3
Gentry, Joseph 616-V3
Gentry, Katheryn 616-V3
Gentry, Margaret D. 680-V3
Gentry, Mary 616-V3
Gentry, Paul C. 198-V2
Gentry, R. R. 616-V3
Gentry, Ralph L. 616-V3
Gentry, Raymond 616-V3
Gentry, Rufus 616-V3
Gentry, Sarah E. (two entries) 616-V3
Gentry, Thomas E. 616-V3
Gentry, Verle Irene 199-V3
Gentry, Wilber (Jack) 198-V2
Gentry, William H. 198-V2
Gentry, Zephy E. 680-V3
George, Archie A. 311-V3
George, Austin 148-V2
George, Austin A. 325-V3
George, Calvin D. 56-V2
George, Caroline E. 147-V2
George, Carrie E. 147-V2
George, Charlie (2 entries) 147-V2
George, Clarence 147-V2
George, Daisy M. 56-V2
George, Daniel 147-V2
George, Daniel Dale 324-V3
George, daughter 148-V2
George, Elsie B. 311-V3
George, Emma 147-V2
George, Emma D. 309-V3
George, Emma L. 148-V2
George, Frank 309-V3
George, infant (2 entries) 147-V2
George, infants 565-V3
George, John M. 415-V3
George, Kelremnia 147-V2
George, King M. 293-V3
George, Lay 202-V3
George, Marjorie V. 269-V3
George, Mary (2 entries) 147-V2
George, Maude 148-V2
George, Melvin 56-V2
George, Milt 415-V3
George, Nellie 148-V2
George, Nellie G. 325-V3
George, S. H. 147-V2
George, Sarah 293-V3
George, Solomon H. 148-V2
George, Tude 415-V3
George, Wilma F. 56-V2
Geraghty, Beatrice R. new record 1993
Geraghty, Paul G. new record 1994
Gerke, Agnes Keefauver 556-V3
Gerke, Beulah 345-V3
Gerke, Francis 556-V3
Gerke, H. 253-V1
Gerke, Henry (2 entries) 88-V1, 335-V3
Gerke, Herry 88-V1
Gerke, Karl 89-V1
Gerke, Keith 556-V3
Gerke, Minnie 335-V3
Gerke, Otto 345-V3
Gerke, twins 88-V1
Gerken, Anna 24-V1, 26-V1, 27-V1
Gerken, Bertha P. 32-V1
Gerken, Caroline 32-V1
Gerken, Clarence H. 34-V1
Gerken, Daily 28-V1
Gerken, Emma 27-V1
Gerken, Fred 32-V1
Gerken, John Henry 31-V1
Gerken, Katharina Beckman 24-V1
Gerken, Louise M. 31-V1
Gerken, Martin 28-V1
Gerken, Metta 28-V1
Gerken, William Martin 28-V1
Gerth, Cecil M. 198-V2
Gerth, Claudine Wright 198-V2
Gerth, John F. 198-V2
Gerth, Loy F., Jr. 198-V2
Gerth, Loy F., Sr. 198-V2
Gerth, Mollie M. 198-V2
Gerth, Rosa L. 198-V2
Geu, Alwine 24-V1
Geuy, Arthur H. 296-V3
Geuy, Bessie 20-V3
Geuy, Cora I. 296-V3
Geuy, E. L. 296-V3
Geuy, Eldon Ray 204-V3
Geuy, Glen G. 296-V3
Geuy, Helen C. 204-V3
Geuy, Herman G. 20-V3
Geuy, John G. 45-V1
Geuy, John, Jr. 45-V1
Geuy, Joseph Johannes 30-V3
Geuy, Minnie 45-V1
Geuy, Olive Schmidt 296-V3
Geuy, Raymond G. 204-V3
Geuy, Sadie Jane 30-V3
Geuy, William 337-V3
Gibbons, Alice J. 65-V1
Gibbons, Archie H. 594-V3
Gibbons, L. C. 594-V3
Gibbons, Lovina F. 594-V3
Gibbons, William C. 594-V3
Gibbs, Louise Barrand 208-V2
Gibbs, Nettie Belle 84-V2
Gibbs, Raymond W. 208-V2
Gibbs, Violet J. 190-V2, 675-V3
Gibbs, Walter E. new record 1999
Gibson, Aletta N. 398-V3
Gibson, Charles H. 577-V3
Gibson, D. H. 70-V1
Gibson, Etta 501-V3
Gibson, Frances Slocum 7-V3
Gibson, James 501-V3
Gibson, Jesse E. 269-V3
Gibson, Lizzie 501-V3
Gibson, M. 70-V1
Gibson, Mary Ella 577-V3
Gibson, Mary J. 501-V3
Gibson, Nettie Burney 225-V1
Gibson, Susan Lynn 269-V3
Gibson, Vida B. 70-V1
Gibson, William 582-V3
Gieseke, Byron E. 175-V2
Gieseke, F. H. 175-V2
Gieseke, Henry 400-V3
Gieseke, M. M. 175-V2
Gieske, August 10-V1, 645-V3
Gieske, Beulah M. 10-V1
Gieske, Frankie 10-V1
Giffin, William Henry 205-V3
Gigax, Catherine 523-V3
Gigax, Godfrey 523-V3
Gigaz, Gideon 338-V3
Gilbert, Daisy 189-V3
Gilbert, Eugene B. 189-V3
Gilbert, Gertie 572-V3
Gilbert, Goldie M. 189-V3
Gilbert, Lyle T. 189-V3
Gilbert, Nelle G. 189-V3
Gilchrist, Hannah 223-V3
Gilchrist, James F. 223-V3
Gildehaus, John F. 56-V1
Gildehaus, Mary F. 56-V1
Gilderhaus, Mary 24-V1
Gilderhaus, Minnie 24-V1
Giles, Charles M. 22-V1
Giles, Elizabeth 102-V1
Giles, Helen M. Cobbs 14-V1
Giles, Henry W. 14-V1
Giles, Ida M. 14-V1
Giles, Marguerite B. 22-V1
Giles, Robert L. 174-V3
Giles, Roy 140-V1
Giles, Ruth E. 221-V3
Gill, Bernice 616-V3
Gill, Bertha 616-V3
Gill, Clyde 616-V3
Gill, Daisy 616-V3
Gill, Howard 616-V3
Gill, James 616-V3
Gill, John 616-V3
Gill, Lyle E. 140-V1
Gill, Minnie 616-V3
Gill, Minnie B. 680-V3
Gill, Nancy 616-V3
Gill, Nancy 680-V3
Gillenwater, Louestella Noland 397-V3
Gillenwater, Oscar 573-V3
Giller, Amanda 145-V3
Giller, C. H. 145-V3
Gillespie, Cora 616-V3
Gillespie, David F. 105-V2
Gillespie, Granville 616-V3
Gillespie, John 188-V1
Gillespie, Joyce 616-V3
Gillespie, Marshall 616-V3
Gillett, Eddie 432-V3
Gillett, Jennie 432-V3
Gillett, Jimmie 616-V3
Gillett, T. C. 432-V3, 616-V3
Gillette, Kathryn A. 125-V3
Gillette, Vern F. 125-V3
Gilliam, Donia 616-V3
Gilliam, F. M. 616-V3
Gilliam, F. Marion 616-V3
Gilliam, Vanie 616-V3
Gillihan, Ada 368-V3
Gillihan, Edward B. 369-V3
Gillihan, Zona 369-V3
Gilliland Jennettie J. 48-V2
Gilliland, Blanche 338-V3
Gilliland, C. Fay 52-V2
Gilliland, F. Earl 57-V2
Gilliland, Perry D. 48-V2
Gillis, George A. 28-V3
Gillis, Guy E. 82-V1
Gillis, Rosa H. 28-V3
Gillis, Willard A. 164-V3
Gillock, Lucille 276-V3
Gillogly, A. C. 616-V3
Gillogly, Abel M. 616-V3
Gillogly, Addie M. 680-V3
Gillogly, Anna 616-V3
Gillogly, C. 185-V1
Gillogly, C. E. 535-V3
Gillogly, Carl M. 680-V3
Gillogly, Cleva Jane 183-V1
Gillogly, Cleveland 183-V1
Gillogly, Ella 616-V3, 680-V3
Gillogly, Elmer A. 616-V3
Gillogly, Elmer J. 616-V3
Gillogly, G. Henry 616-V3
Gillogly, George D. 305-V3
Gillogly, Harold 183-V1
Gillogly, Howard C. 680-V3
Gillogly, infant 616-V3
Gillogly, Jessie 616-V3
Gillogly, Karl 616-V3
Gillogly, Kate 616-V3
Gillogly, Katheryne L. 325-V3
Gillogly, Katie F. 118-V2
Gillogly, Loren Dean 657-V3
Gillogly, Lucille 616-V3
Gillogly, Lucretia A. 680-V3
Gillogly, Lydia 616-V3
Gillogly, M. 185-V1
Gillogly, Mabel 681-V3
Gillogly, Margereite 616-V3
Gillogly, Martha 183-V1
Gillogly, Martha A. 660-V3
Gillogly, Mary 616-V3
Gillogly, Mary R. 535-V3, 576-V3
Gillogly, Molly 183-V1
Gillogly, Nancy Ruth 681-V3
Gillogly, Nannie G. 616-V3
Gillogly, Oscar C. 118-V2
Gillogly, Rena 185-V1
Gillogly, Roscoe 616-V3
Gillogly, Russel E. 617-V3
Gillogly, Theresa 617-V3
Gillogly, William Lester 535-V3
Gillum, A. J. 197-V1
Gilman, Frank 567-V3
Gilman, Samuel F. 468-V3
Gilmer, Norma M. 23-V1
Gilmore, Ada Bell 93-V2
Gilmore, Alice 529-V3
Gilmore, Brandon 529-V3
Gilmore, E. E. 529-V3
Gilmore, Ephraim 400-V3
Gilmore, Fredrica 93-V2
Gilmore, Harold Edward 29-V3
Gilmore, I. J. 529-V3
Gilmore, James E. 400-V3
Gilmore, Juliann 400-V3
Gilmore, Louisa Elsie 529-V3
Gilmore, Ralph Kiddoo 529-V3
Gilmore, W. R. 529-V3
Gilmore, William J. 93-V2
Gilpin, Ida Mae 235-V3
Gilpin, William E. 235-V3
Gingrich, Claude C. 198-V2
Gingrich, Daniel P. 198-V2
Gingrich, Lena Bell White 198-V2
Gingrich, Lydia J. 198-V2
Giveler, Anna S. 568-V3
Given, Mrs. B. O. 604-V3
Givens, B. O. 594-V3
Givens, Elizabeth E. 594-V3
Gladding, Elizabeth 241-V1
Gladding, Homer T. 241-V1
Gladding, Howard D. 241-V1
Gladding, Watson A. 241-V1
Glae, Chas. W. 143-V3
Glascock, Charles 566-V3
Glascock, Joshua 566-V3
Glascock, Lee 566-V3
Glass, Jack (George) 573-V3
Glass, Jacob 73-V1
Glass, Virgil 10-V1
Glass, Wilma 10-V1
Glasscock, Essie McColly 345-V3
Glasscock, Norma Ira 353-V3
Glasscock, Sadie Abney 353-V3
Glasscock, Sarah A. 466-V3
Glasscock, Thomas C. 466-V3
Glaze, Alva 303-V3
Glaze, Carrie Grant 167-V1
Glaze, Darrell Raymond 303-V3
Glaze, John 114-V2
Glaze, Mary 303-V3
Glaze, Rose Lee 114-V2
Gleason, M. E. 157-V3, cemetery reading
Glendening, Allen 73-V2
Glendening, Bertha 72-V2
Glendening, George 96-V2
Glendening, James Ralph 72-V2
Glendening, Lela S. 117-V3
Glendening, Mary C. 96-V2
Glendening, Murile C. 73-V2
Glendening, Roy P. 117-V3
Glendining, Anna K. 100-V2
Glendining, William H. 100-V2
Glenn(?), Tot Mannen 233-V1
Glenn, Edna Mae 519-V3
Glenn, Janet 123-V1
Glenn, Josiah D. 123-V1
Glenn, Margaret (2 entries) 122-V1, 123-V1
Glenn, Minnie 123-V1
Glenn, Rainey R. 519-V3
Glenn, Watt H. 122-V1
Glenn, Winnie 123-V1
Glennie, Walter 22-V3
Glessener, Peter 408-V3
Glessner, Charles 563-V3
Glessner, child 563-V3
Glidden, Forrest G. 594-V3
Glidden, Myrtle 594-V3
Glinkman, Fannie 198-V2
Glore, D. H. 194-V1
Glore, I. 194-V1
Glore, son 194-V1
Glover, Carey C. 518-V3
Glover, James L. 284-V3
Glover, Lulu P. 518-V3
Glover, Ruth V. 284-V3
Gluyas, Lydia Hunt 202-V1
Glynn, Margaret Mary 589-V3
Goble, Rosa Armstrong 198-V2
Goddard, baby 598-V3
Goddard, E. E. 617-V3
Goddard, Ernest 681-V3
Goddard, Imogene F. 591-V3
Goddard, Joseph P. 591-V3
Goddard, Orville J. 591-V3
Goddard, Ralph P. 601-V3
Goddard, Vivian M. 601-V3
Goddard, Zonna L. 591-V3
Godding, Clarence 513-V3
Godding, George H. 512-V3
Godding, Gossie 157-V3
Godding, H. K. 513-V3
Godding, Rebecca A. 513-V3
Godfrey, Ann M. 522-V3
Godfrey, David B. 123-V3
Godfrey, G. W. 522-V3
Godfrey, Ruby B. 124-V3
Godfrey, Warren H. 124-V3
Godsey, Harry A. new record 2001
Goebel, A. Frank 67-V2
Goebel, Anna Marie 184-V2
Goebel, Annie 67-V2
Goebel, Barbara 162-V2
Goebel, Charles Winfred 71-V2
Goebel, Dortothy V. 71-V2
Goebel, Ella F. 71-V2
Goebel, Eugene William 71-V2
Goebel, Eva 67-V2
Goebel, F. S. 67-V2
Goebel, Ferdi 67-V2
Goebel, Joseph L. 162-V2
Goebel, Joseph P. 67-V2
Goebel, Lida 67-V2
Goebel, Mary 67-V2
Goebel, Ollie Shelton 71-V2
Goebel, Peter W. 67-V2
Goebel, Peter W., II 74-V2
Goebel, Rosemary 74-V2
Goettle, Myrtel 370-V3
Goetz, Bessie 97-V1
Goetz, Frank 98-V1
Goetz, Fred 97-V1
Goetz, Jacob 97-V1
Goetz, Jacob, Jr. 97-V1
Goetz, Keith M. 98-V1
Goetz, M. Lena 97-V1
Goetz, mother 98-V1
Goetze, Fritz 570-V3
Goforth, Nola B 93-V2
Goggin, Robert L. 50-V2
Going, Pearl Sullivan 49-V2
Goins, Rosie Ida 578-V3
Golden, Eva E. 186-V3
Golden, George B. 186-V3
Golden, George B., Jr. 186-V3, 388-V3
Golden, Ruth 388-V3
Golden, Shirley Ann 388-V3
Goldman, David Richard 117-V2
Goldman, Ofa J. 117-V2
Goldner, E. R. 617-V3
Goldner, Edward 617-V3
Goldner, Ervin 617-V3
Goldner, Glen 617-V3
Goldner, Mary Emily 617-V3
Goldner, Pearl 617-V3
Goldsberry Mary E. 23-V3
Goldsberry, Clarissa J. 363-V3
Goldsberry, W. M. 363-V3
Goldsby, Allen J. 594-V3
Goldsmith, J. E. 58-V3
Goldsmith, J. Edward 250-V3
Goldsmith, J. Orville 223-V3
Goldsmith, Jennie L. 58-V3
Goldsmith, Lema L. 250-V3
Gole, Dartha Gertrude 501-V3
Gollier, Fred A. 119-V3
Gollier, Gertrude 119-V3
Gonzales, Christopher Micheal 168-V3
Gonzales, John 168-V3
Gonzales, Kathy 168-V3
Gonzales, Richard B. 219-V3
Gonzales, Thomasa 20-V3
Good, Charles E. 111-V2
Good, Charles F. 111-V2
Good, Frieda W. 111-V2
Good, George A. 100-V2
Good, Hannah L. 100-V2
Good, Hattie R. 122-V2
Good, Isabell 35-V1, 96-V2
Good, J. M. 35-V1
Good, John E. 96-V2
Good, John M. 96-V2, 122-V2
Good, Johnnie R. 35-V1
Good, Margaret L. 102-V3
Good, Martha J. 111-V2
Good, Robert D. 102-V3
Goodall, Angel Dawn 127-V2
Goodall, Deldee 112-V2
Goodall, Jennie Reed 103-V2
Goodall, John 36-V1
Goodall, Keith E. 127-V2
Goodall, Phebe Ellen 36-V1
Goodall, Wm. 36-V1
Goodall, Zuida C. 127-V2
Goode, Bluford 102-V2
Goode, Elizabeth 92-V2
Goodell, E. A. 29-V2
Goodell, Eva 29-V2
Goodell, J. C. 29-V2
Gooden, Caddie 175-V3
Gooden, Frank M. 175-V3
Goodeyon, Anna 43-V1
Goodeyon, Betty Jean 191-V3
Goodeyon, Hazel Marie 191-V3
Goodeyon, Marie 44-V1
Goodeyon, Michael 32-V3
Goodeyon, William 44-V1
Gooding, A. B. 240-V1
Gooding, Albina 240-V1
Gooding, Anna 240-V1
Gooding, Lewis 240-V1
Gooding, Silas D. 240-V1
Goodlander, Jacob 581-V3
Goodman, L. C. 617-V3
Goodrich, (first name unknown) 222-V1
Goodrich, Cassy 222-V1
Goodrich, Daniel 222-V1
Goodrich, DeWitt C. 421-V3
Goodrich, Elmer 222-V1
Goodrich, H. Elizabeth 212-V3
Goodrich, Harold 222-V1
Goodrich, Harriet E. 421-V3
Goodrich, William A. 212-V3
Goodrick, A. H. 158-V3
Goodrick, Amanda 100-V1
Goodrick, B. F. 100-V1, 101-V1
Goodrick, Benjamin 565-V3
Goodrick, Elmer 222-V1
Goodrick, infant 572-V3
Goodrick, J. K. 158-V3
Goodrick, Jane 565-V3
Goodrick, John B. 464-V3
Goodrick, Melvina 565-V3
Goodrick, R. R. 117-V1
Goodrick, Rebecca 463-V3
Goodrick, W. W. 463-V3
Goodrick, _ogenia B. 158-V3
Goodson, Dorothy E. 320-V3
Goodson, Gilbert E. 320-V3
Goodwin, Alma 234-V3
Goodwin, Bessie K. 223-V3
Goodwin, Charles A. 234-V3
Goodwin, Chas. 198-V1
Goodwin, Clara 198-V1
Goodwin, Clara L. 169-V3
Goodwin, Daisy M. 198-V1
Goodwin, Etta 234-V1
Goodwin, Eunice 234-V1
Goodwin, Fayette 231-V1
Goodwin, Frederick W. 169-V3
Goodwin, Grace 169-V3
Goodwin, John Quincy 199-V3
Goodwin, Julia Ann 231-V1
Goodwin, Lawrence 234-V1
Goodwin, Margaret Wack 176-V3
Goodwin, Virgil L. 169-V3
Goodwin, W. C. 231-V1
Goodwin, W. J. 234-V1
Gorden, Joseph A. 115-V2
Gorden, Mary E. 115-V2
Gordin, M. E. 84-V2
Gordin, S. J. 84-V2
Gordin, son 84-V2
Gordon, (first name unknown) 47-V1
Gordon, Ada B. 62-V1, 653-V3
Gordon, Addie 54-V1
Gordon, Aletha 67-V1
Gordon, Anna M. 56-V1, 652-V3
Gordon, baby boy 435-V3
Gordon, Chas. M. 48-V1
Gordon, Clare 116-V2
Gordon, Clarence 67-V1, 435-V3
Gordon, Dollie 436-V3
Gordon, Elizabeth 67-V1
Gordon, Fannie May 436-V3
Gordon, Francis A. 71-V1
Gordon, Frank 435-V3
Gordon, George 54-V1
Gordon, Grace E. 71-V1
Gordon, Harriet J. 47-V1
Gordon, Henry C. 54-V1
Gordon, J. Garfield 436-V3
Gordon, Jesse J. 54-V1
Gordon, Katie 62-V1, 653-V3
Gordon, Leona 67-V1
Gordon, Lovey L. 48-V1
Gordon, M. A. 62-V1
Gordon, M. Blanche 71-V1
Gordon, Margaret E. 116-V2
Gordon, Mary Ann 436-V3
Gordon, Mary J. 435-V3
Gordon, Mary Jane 436-V3
Gordon, Minnie 435-V3
Gordon, P. Dora 436-V3
Gordon, Rufus L. 67-V1
Gordon, S. Jennie 436-V3
Gordon, son 62-V1
Gordon, Sydney 67-V1
Gordon, Warren F. 71-V1
Gordon, William 435-V3, (two entries) 436-V3, (two entries) 436-V3
Gordon, William A. 47-V1
Gordon, Wm. 56-V1
Gorman, Virginia 383-V3
Gorman, Wm. H. 383-V3
Gormley, Edgar D. 60-V1
Gormley, Frank William 122-V2
Gormley, Fred H. 40-V2
Gormley, Freda R. 122-V2
Gormley, Rosa Boaz 40-V2
Goss, Earl Franklin 27-V3
Goss, Evelyn M. 27-V3
Goss, M. Franklin 27-V3
Goss, Ralph C. 27-V3
Gossett, Frank 352-V3
Gossett, Harry 563-V3
Gossett, infant 563-V3
Gossett, J. W. 474-V3
Gossett, Jane 474-V3
Gossett, Margaret 563-V3
Gossett, Martha 474-V3
Gossett, Mrs. J. W. 563-V3
Gossett, Peter 563-V3
Gostick, Eva L. 120-V2
Goth, Sandra Ingersoll 284-V3
Gott, Lee N. 185-V3
Gott, Lena L. 185-V3
Goudie, Agnes 155-V3
Goudie, Albert 218-V3
Goudie, Edna 212-V1
Goudie, Elizabeth 210-V1
Goudie, George 155-V3
Goudie, George A. 210-V1
Goudie, Gladys E. 647-V3
Goudie, Grant O. 212-V1
Goudie, James 155-V3
Goudie, John 210-V1
Goudie, Margaret 195-V1
Goudie, Mary 195-V1
Goudie, Rosella 210-V1
Goudie, Ruth L. 218-V3
Goudie, Scot L. 23-V1
Goudie, Scott L. 647-V3
Goudie, William 155-V3
Goudie, Wm. 195-V1
Gough, Allyne 102-V3
Goughenour, Margaret 617-V3
Gould, Charles 572-V3
Gould, Della 460-V3
Gould, infant 572-V3
Gould, Irene 572-V3
Gould, Rosezetta 219-V1
Gould, Rosezzeta H. 221-V1
Gould, W. A. 460-V3
Gove, A. cemetery reading
Gove, Ella A. cemetery reading
Gove, M. A. cemetery reading
Govea, Pedro 232-V3
Govea, Trinidad 232-V3

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