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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Hancock to Helms


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Hancock, Alsey 619-V3
Hand, Alva 75-V1
Hand, Anson 75-V1
Hand, Arthur J. 73-V1
Hand, Belle (Mary B.) 84-V2
Hand, Charles Edgar 84-V2
Hand, Dovie G. 37-V3
Hand, Edward A. 37-V3
Hand, Etta 96-V2
Hand, Eva 75-V1, 96-V2
Hand, Frances 75-V1
Hand, Fred H. 75-V1
Hand, Harry 75-V1
Hand, Ira E. 96-V2
Hand, Joann 93-V2
Hand, John M. 93-V2
Hand, Marion Harvey 37-V3
Hand, Orpha E. 73-V1
Hand, Pearl M. 74-V2
Hand, Robert Lee 73-V1
Hanes, Faye M. 619-V3
Hanes, Mr. O. 681-V3
Hanes, Mrs. 681-V3
Haney, Allie Campbell 165-V1
Haney, Charles Damon 149-V1
Haney, Clair C. 163-V1
Haney, Edward 156-V1
Haney, Emma V. 149-V1
Haney, Floyd William 149-V1
Haney, Fred 239-V3
Haney, Henry 165-V1
Haney, Jacob W. 149-V1
Haney, James 171-V1
Haney, John R. 46-V1
Haney, Josephine 171-V1
Haney, Katherine 150-V1
Haney, Louise 239-V3
Haney, Mary M. 232-V3
Haney, Pearle 165-V1
Haney, Robert B. 232-V3
Haney, Thomas 150-V1
Haney, Wyzenia 156-V1
Hanfeld, August H. 28-V3
Hanfeld, Claude R. 262-V3
Hanfeld, Elizabeth 28-V3
Hanfeld, Mabel L. 247-V3
Hanfeld, Maria 26-V1
Hanfeld, Mrs. Henry 26-V1
Hanfeld, Norene E. 262-V3
Hanfeld, Ray A. 247-V3
Hange, L. O. cemetery reading Hankins, Allie 455-V3
Hankins, G. L. 455-V3
Hankins, Josie 455-V3
Hankins, Minnie 455-V3
Hankins, S. 455-V3
Hanley, Frank 145-V2
Hanlin, Charles H. 10-V3
Hanlin, Earl F. 188-V3
Hanlin, Frederick 189-V3
Hanlin, George 253-V1
Hanlin, George W. 101-V1
Hanlin, Ivan D. 211-V3
Hanlin, James Benjamin 101-V1
Hanlin, Lucile R. 188-V3
Hanlin, Nettie D. 189-V3
Hanlin, Pauline V. 211-V3
Hanlin, Sarah Jane 101-V1
Hanna, Emma B. 578-V3
Hanna, Horatio C. 392-V3
Hanna, Martha L. 331-V3
Hanna, Martha M. 578-V3
Hanna, S. B. 39-V2
Hanna, Sarah E. 392-V3
Hannah, K. Shane 61-V2
Hannum, Flora G. 360-V3
Hannum, Sherman 360-V3
Hansen, Dale M. 122-V2
Hansen, H. Louise 122-V2
Hanser, August J. 242-V3
Hanser, Harold E. 104-V3
Hanser, John 104-V3
Hanser, Joyce 104-V3
Hanser, Linda 104-V3
Hanser, Lizzie Mae 242-V3
Hanser, Marjorie A. 104-V3
Hanshaw, Lillie A. 171-V2
Hanshew, Ethel M. 300-V3
Hanshew, Miles L. 298-V3
Hanshew, Miles S. 300-V3
Hansman, Coonradt 563-V3
Hanson, C. Edwin 53-V2
Hanson, John W. 681-V3
Hanson, L. Mildred 53-V2
Hanson, Thelma 681-V3
Hanway, B. 198-V1
Hanway, Brougham 197-V1
Hanway, Delia 198-V1
Hanway, Georgia 198-V1
Hanway, Helen M. 198-V1
Hanway, J. S. 198-V1
Hanway, James 198-V1
Hanway, Rebecca 198-V1
Hanway, Sadie F. 198-V1
Harbison, Aaron 129-V2
Harbison, Andrew J. 619-V3
Harbison, Clara 29-V2
Harbison, Eli 61-V1
Harbison, Eliza J. 129-V2
Harbison, Hampton 42-V2
Harbison, Henry 619-V3
Harbison, Joseph L. 133-V2
Harbison, June 61-V1
Harbison, June H. 653-V3
Harbison, Lavina 133-V2
Harbison, Martha 42-V2
Harbison, Mary 619-V3
Harbison, Mary B. 619-V3
Harbison, Miles B. 619-V3
Harbison, Myrtle 619-V3
Harbison, Rebecca 63-V2
Harbison, Ruby 61-V1
Harbison, Stephen P. 63-V2
Harbison, Thomas 619-V3
Harbison, Wm. B. 619-V3
Harbour, Marguritte M. 312-V3
Harbour, Robert M. 312-V3
Harcelrode, Charles M. 47-V1
Harclerode, Eldon James 208-V2
Harclerode, M. Lee 120-V3
Harclerode, Mildred E. 120-V3
Hardaway, Flora 619-V3
Hardaway, J. E. 182-V1
Harden, Lyman 53-V3
Harden, Minnie H. 53-V3
Harding, Carrie C. 106-V2
Harding, Mary 560-V3
Harding, Pauline 560-V3
Harding, Samuel P. 117-V1
Hardsaw, Carlton L. 190-V1
Hardwick, Betty Jo 10-V3
Hardwick, M. H. 435-V3
Hardwick, Rufus Arnold 435-V3
Hardwick, W. D. 435-V3
Hardwick, W. P. centery reading
Hardy, B. M. 189-V2
Hardy, Claude E. 308-V3
Hardy, George H. 191-V1
Hardy, John 189-V2
Hardy, John W. 189-V2
Hardy, Joseph F. 254-V3
Hare, Albert F. 24-V3
Hare, Alonzo 582-V3
Hare, Frank Albert 25-V3
Hare, Hattie 574-V3
Hare, Ida 582-V3
Hare, infant 582-V3
Hare, Maggie 582-V3
Hare, Mattie D. 582-V3
Hare, Nellie 582-V3
Harer, Michael Gottlieb 195-V3
Harer, Naomi Vanpelt 195-V3
Harer, William A. 195-V3
Harford, Gertrude 114-V2
Harford, L. Edwin 114-V2
Hargrove, Charles 105-V2
Hargrove, Donald Eugene 105-V2
Hargrove, Pauline 105-V2
Harker, David C. 69-V3
Harker, Minette C. 69-V3
Harker, Percy S. 69-V3
Harker, Vida 69-V3
Harkin, Barney 89-V3
Harkin, Bernard M. 89-V3
Harkin, Blanche I. Hogan 89-V3
Harkin, Ellen Mary 89-V3
Harkin, George 89-V3
Harkin, George W. 88-V3
Harkin, John 454-V3
Harkin, John F. 89-V3
Harkin, Maggie 89-V3
Harkin, Mary 89-V3
Harkin, Susan 89-V3
Harless, Laura M. 410-V3
Harless, Sarah H. 410-V3
Harlow, Betty 168-V2
Harlow, Sherman 168-V2
Harlow, Sherman D. 670-V3
Harmer, Boley 153-V1
Harmer, Ethel 153-V1
Harmer, Lee Nora 153-V1
Harmer, Ruby 153-V1
Harmer, Ruth 153-V1
Harmon, Lucille 359-V3
Harmony, Gerthia M. 192-V3
Harmony, Gwendolyn L. 192-V3
Harmony, Raymond C. (two entries) 192-V3
Harmony, William C. 192-V3
Harms, Anna 26-V1
Harn, Kenneth 619-V3
Harnden, Anna 494-V3
Harnden, Annette 361-V3
Harnden, E. A. 92-V3
Harnden, Ed S. 494-V3
Harnden, Matthew 92-V3
Harnes, William W. 461-V3
Harnett, John 328-V3
Harnett, John M. 328-V3
Harnett, Lisa 328-V3
Harnett, Shawn M. 328-V3
Harney, Ida Ma (McHarney, Ida?) 159-V1
Harold, Lewis 619-V3
Harper, Ada 601-V3
Harper, Albert A. 655-V3
Harper, Alice M. 619-V3
Harper, Alvie E. 213-V1
Harper, Asa D. 213-V1
Harper, B. Frank 55-V3
Harper, Bruce L. 87-V2
Harper, Carrie 619-V3
Harper, Charles 493-V3, 619-V3
Harper, Cynthia 88-V2
Harper, Elizabeth 619-V3
Harper, Elizabeth M. 681-V3
Harper, Esther Marie 665-V3
Harper, Floyd 578-V3
Harper, Geo. W. 213-V1
Harper, Harry Rex 681-V3
Harper, Irene S. 90-V2
Harper, James 574-V3, 681-V3
Harper, James L. 199-V2
Harper, James W. 213-V1
Harper, Jessie L. 87-V2
Harper, John Asa 235-V1
Harper, Leon D. 90-V2
Harper, Lucille M. 601-V3
Harper, Mary 655-V3
Harper, Mary C. 213-V1
Harper, Mary E. 88-V2
Harper, Minnie Carey 229-V1
Harper, Nathan S. 601-V3
Harper, Rebecca 213-V1
Harper, Rosir 213-V1
Harper, Ruby Kay 235-V1
Harper, Samuel M. 88-V2
Harper, Sarah 619-V3
Harper, Sarah F. 213-V1
Harper, Scott L. 73-V2
Harper, Susan C. 213-V1
Harper, Susanna F. 73-V2
Harper, Willie L. 573-V3
Harper, Wm. 619-V3
Harrell, Elmer M. 175-V3
Harrell, Ruth 518-V3
Harrell, W. W. 518-V3
Harrington, Gerald R. 182-V3
Harrington, infant 619-V3
Harris, Adam 570-V3
Harris, Arthur 541-V3
Harris, C. W. 388-V3
Harris, Charles 562-V3
Harris, Charles R. 121-V2
Harris, Clarence 582-V3
Harris, Claude 351-V3
Harris, Claude C. 281-V3
Harris, Clyde 351-V3
Harris, Daisy B. 351-V3
Harris, Della 601-V3
Harris, E. 452-V3
Harris, E. M. 452-V3
Harris, Edythe E. 389-V3
Harris, Edythe I. 283-V3
Harris, Eileen 327-V3
Harris, Elizabeth 9-V3, (two entries) 452-V3
Harris, Ella May 142-V2
Harris, Emma 388-V3
Harris, Emma Lee 570-V3
Harris, Fats 582-V3
Harris, George R. 327-V3
Harris, Glen 601-V3
Harris, Grace 451-V3
Harris, Henry 283-V3
Harris, Herbert 574-V3
Harris, J. 142-V2, 452-V3
Harris, James 173-V3, 388-V3, 579-V3
Harris, John 582-V3
Harris, John A. 452-V3
Harris, John Gouin 192-V3
Harris, John H. 308-V3
Harris, John M. 452-V3
Harris, John T. 574-V3
Harris, Joseph 28-V2, 452-V3
Harris, Joseph H. 452-V3
Harris, King David 582-V3
Harris, Laura 142-V2, 308-V3
Harris, Linda Fay 351-V3
Harris, Linn 152-V1
Harris, Luther O. 389-V3
Harris, M. Clair 99-V2
Harris, Malissa 388-V3
Harris, Maria A. 329-V3
Harris, Mary M. 116-V1
Harris, Maxine 351-V3
Harris, Maxine F. 281-V3
Harris, May Louise 580-V3
Harris, Mildred F. 121-V2
Harris, R. S. 452-V3
Harris, R. W. 562-V3
Harris, Robert S. 562-V3
Harris, Roosevelt L. 211-V3
Harris, Rosa M. 541-V3
Harris, Ruby H. 327-V3
Harris, Sam J. 388-V3
Harris, Susannah 116-V1
Harris, True 327-V3
Harris, Verna 563-V3
Harris, W. H. 99-V2
Harris, Willie 28-V2
Harris, Wm. 116-V1
Harrison, Albert Howard 579-V3
Harrison, Andrew 574-V3
Harrison, child 153-V1
Harrison, Ed 153-V1
Harrison, George W. 240-V3
Harrison, J. K. 70-V1
Harrison, James W. 145-V1
Harrison, Joan K. 145-V1
Harrison, Kathryn R. 145-V1
Harrison, Leo P. 186-V2
Harrison, Mabel B. 186-V2
Harrison, Margaret A. 186-V2
Harrison, Rena P. 240-V3
Harrison, William H. 186-V2
Harrold, Ephriam 548-V3
Harrold, Narcissa E. 548-V3
Harrow, Ann 576-V3
Harrow, Sanford 576-V3
Harsh (Marsh?), S. L. cemetery reading
Harshbarger, William 65-V1, 654-V3
Harston, Wanda E. 352-V3
Hart, Agness L. 58-V3
Hart, Amy N. 103-V2
Hart, Archie S. 264-V3
Hart, Arthur J. 476-V3
Hart, B. M. 619-V3
Hart, Charles E. 105-V2, 60-V3
Hart, Clara S. Buck 476-V3
Hart, Elizabeth J. 105-V2
Hart, Elmer 112-V2
Hart, Ernest E. 264-V3
Hart, Ethel M. 435-V3
Hart, Fannie H. 60-V3
Hart, Fred 60-V3
Hart, Garie L. 51-V1
Hart, Garrett A. 424-V3
Hart, Hannah M. 434-V3
Hart, Harold F. 103-V2
Hart, Herman H. 81-V1
Hart, infant 567-V3
Hart, J. A. 567-V3
Hart, J. S. 434-V3
Hart, John H. 57-V3
Hart, John L. 100-V2
Hart, Lena F. 100-V2
Hart, M. Louise 57-V2
Hart, Marian Ruth 112-V2
Hart, Myra D. 112-V2
Hart, Nina P. 264-V3
Hart, Nora 566-V3
Hart, Ora F. 251-V3
Hart, Rachel N. 269-V3
Hart, Raymond D. 57-V2
Hart, Robert G. 669-V3
Hart, Vernetta 619-V3
Hart, Vernon M. 269-V3
Hart, Wessie C. 264-V3
Harter, Evah May Thomas 54-V2
Harter, Peter 24-V1
Hartford, Nora 233-V3
Hartle, Betty 119-V2
Hartle, Charles 109-V3
Hartle, Leo 119-V2
Hartle, Mary 109-V3
Hartley, Anna F. 46-V1
Hartley, Betty J. 253-V3
Hartley, Daniel 185-V1
Hartley, Llewellyn H. (Lou) 310-V3
Hartley, Nellie Mae 310-V3
Hartley, Oliver C. 46-V1
Hartley, Zenobia 46-V1
Hartman, Charles J. 167-V2
Hartman, Ethel M. 167-V2
Hartman, George 336-V3
Hartman, John N. 163-V2
Hartman, Margaret E. 163-V2
Hartman, Nellie 167-V2
Hartman, William P. 167-V2
Hartman, Zella Lou 681-V3
Hartz, Edward B. 322-V3
Hartz, George D. 506-V3
Hartz, Louisa 506-V3
Hartz, Maggie E. 322-V3
Harvey, (first names unknown) 139-V2
Harvey, Beatrice J. new record 1996
Harvey, Betty L. 167-V3
Harvey, Briscoe 108-V1
Harvey, Cameron L. 164-V3
Harvey, Dennis W. 167-V3
Harvey, Frank 108-V1
Harvey, H. R. 359-V3
Harvey, Helena 359-V3
Harvey, John B. 164-V3
Harvey, Julia D. 164-V3
Harvey, Mildred V. 164-V3
Haseltine, John Christian new record 1990
Hasenyager, Julius H. 567-V3
Haskell, daughter 199-V2
Hasley, Mary 576-V3
Haster (Hester?), Emma J. 226-V1
Haster (Hester?), Mary E. 226-V1
Haster (Hester?), S. A. 226-V1
Hastings, Bert W. 238-V3
Hastings, Caroline 89-V2
Hastings, Francis 89-V2
Hastings, Frank 43-V3
Hastings, Golda Letitia 186-V3
Hastings, Mary Ellen 43-V3
Hastings, Thomas E. 186-V3
Hastings, William 89-V2
Hasty, Allison 91-V2
Hasty, Edith 91-V2
Hasty, Susan E. 91-V2
Hatchel, Ada 308-V3
Hatchel, Walter N. 557-V3
Hatfield, Abraham 159-V1
Hatfield, C. A. 159-V1
Hatfield, Charles A. (Jack) 249-V3
Hatfield, Clara B. 264-V3
Hatfield, Elizabeth 159-V1
Hatfield, Ella 159-V1
Hatfield, Ella M. 249-V3
Hatfield, Ellen E. 132-V3
Hatfield, Frederick 260-V3
Hatfield, George W. 132-V3
Hatfield, Graham C. 184-V3
Hatfield, Jacob 159-V1
Hatfield, Jacob H. 159-V1
Hatfield, Joe E. 264-V3
Hatfield, John M. 55-V1
Hatfield, Johnnie A. 55-V1
Hatfield, Margurette L. 57-V1
Hatfield, Marvelle M. 184-V3
Hatfield, Pearl J. 57-V1
Hatfield, Rebecca P. 159-V1
Hatfield, Willetta Mae 159-V1
Hatfield, William H. 132-V3
Hathaway, Ellen Margaret 619-V3
Hathaway, John T. 619-V3
Hathaway, Mark W. 619-V3
Hattell, Charles Les 63-V1
Hauber, Anna L. (Ann) 210-V3
Hauber, William F. (Bill) 210-V3
Hauer, Kurtis Shane 123-V2
Haughey, Addie 564-V3
Haughey, Agnes 564-V3
Haughey, Charles F. 509-V3
Haughey, Cora 511-V3
Haughey, Elmer J. 511-V3
Haughey, J. T. 173-V1
Haughey, John T. A. 173-V1
Haughey, Julia F. 511-V3
Haughey, Laben 564-V3
Haughey, Lydia J. 173-V1
Haughey, Sarah 564-V3
Haughley, J. T. 413-V3
Haughn Arthur Lera 156-V2
Haughn, A. B. 155-V2
Haughn, Arthur B. 364-V3
Haughn, Bertha Irene 365-V3
Haughn, Inez Ruby 364-V3
Haughn, Margaret E. 156-V2, 669-V3
Haughn, Myrtle Mary 365-V3
Haughn, Nettie Rose 364-V3
Haughn, Nick 156-V2
Haughn, W. J. (Bill) 208-V3
Haughn, William 364-V3
Haunstein, Ella 32-V1
Haunstein, Rudolf 28-V1
Hauser (Houser?), A. M. 229-V1
Hauser (Houser?), Josephine 229-V1
Hauser (Houser?), Olive J. 229-V1
Hauser, Kageden 163-V2
Hauser, Mary E. 47-V3
Hauser, Mary Genevieve 587-V3
Hauser, Mores 561-V3
Hauser, Rhoda 561-V3
Hauser, Samuel 561-V3
Hauser, Thomas G. 47-V3
Havens, Earl R. (Hank) 265-V3
Havens, Earl Russell, Jr. 205-V3
Haverder, W. P. 619-V3
Hawkins, Charles M. 305-V3
Hawkins, Charlie B. 191-V3
Hawkins, Della 191-V3
Hawkins, Edward 173-V3
Hawkins, Edward H. 256-V3
Hawkins, Edward P. 66-V3
Hawkins, Emma J. 66-V3
Hawkins, Hale 109-V2
Hawkins, Ida M. 598-V3
Hawkins, James C. 598-V3
Hawkins, Jodie 175-V3
Hawkins, Kate 582-V3
Hawkins, Margaret L. 305-V3
Hawkins, Martha 256-V3
Hawkins, Mary E. 109-V2
Hawkins, Nellie 598-V3
Hawkins, Presley 582-V3
Hawkins, Reece 109-V2
Hawkins, Virginia 66-V3
Hawkins, William L. 598-V3
Hawley, Virginia Hagemeyer 298-V3
Haworth, S. 200-V1
Haworth, Sarah E. 200-V1
Hay, Anna Ida 389-V3
Hay, Blanche M. 243-V3
Hay, C. E., Jr. 211-V1
Hay, Challous A. 243-V3
Hay, Charlie W. 7-V1
Hay, Charlotte E. 139-V2
Hay, Delores Jean 211-V1
Hay, Elmer E. 389-V3
Hay, Elva 84-V1
Hay, Geo. L. 7-V1
Hay, George L. 644-V3
Hay, Harvey R. 134-V2
Hay, Henry Vanderman 568-V3
Hay, J. E. 84-V1
Hay, John A. 431-V3, 432-V3
Hay, John Ezra 199-V2
Hay, John H. 139-V2
Hay, Leonard W. 389-V3
Hay, Lewis L. 389-V3
Hay, Lura A. 432-V3
Hay, M. 84-V1
Hay, M. M. 211-V1
Hay, Missouri Hollinger 199-V2
Hay, Murrel 568-V3
Hay, Myrtle M. 7-V1
Hay, Nora E. 389-V3
Hay, Otterbein 568-V3
Hay, Reuben H. 432-V3
Hay, Ruth E. 7-V1, 644-V3
Hay, Sherman L. 299-V3
Hay, Thelma L. 299-V3
Hay, Vera Marie 199-V2
Hay/Hey, Elias K. 681-V3
Hay/Hey, Sarah C. 681-V3
Haycox, Cleo Nadine 119-V2
Hayden, Abner 87-V2
Hayden, Agustus C. 6-V2
Hayden, Bernard L. 275-V3
Hayden, Elizabeth A. 6-V2
Hayden, Florette A. 275-V3
Hayden, Fred M. 313-V3
Hayden, George C. 6-V2
Hayden, Jerry 570-V3
Hayden, Lois E. 6-V2
Hayden, Martha 6-V2
Hayden, Minnie M. 313-V3
Hayden, Rachel I. 261-V3
Hayden, Sarah E. 6-V2
Hayden, William W. 261-V3
Hayes, Amy A. 467-V3
Hayes, Anna L. 222-V3
Hayes, Bailey 18-V2
Hayes, Betty E. 535-V3
Hayes, Charles J. 22-V1
Hayes, Chloe Ellen 214-V3
Hayes, Clarence D. 222-V3
Hayes, Dominic A. 140-V1
Hayes, Edward E. 193-V3
Hayes, Elizabeth 467-V3
Hayes, Eloise 18-V1, 647-V3
Hayes, Elva 15-V1
Hayes, Emma L. 9-V1
Hayes, Emmalin 193-V3
Hayes, F. Emmett 535-V3
Hayes, Henry A. 16-V1
Hayes, John B. 159-V3
Hayes, John J. 9-V1
Hayes, Johnnie F. 18-V1, 647-V3
Hayes, Lena 573-V3
Hayes, Mary Caroline 467-V3
Hayes, Mary E. 18-V2
Hayes, Merle Charles 214-V3
Hayes, Minnie C. 259-V3
Hayes, Ray 1-V2
Hayes, Raymond O. 49-V2
Hayes, Ronald L. 49-V2
Hayes, Ruby J. 591-V3
Hayes, Ruhama Culberson 15-V1
Hayes, Sarah L. 15-V1
Hayes, Stephen G. 15-V1
Hayes, Sybil E. 16-V1
Hayes, Zacheus 467-V3
Haynes, Eddie 565-V3
Haynes, Edna F. 109-V2
Haynes, Elton Hershell 109-V2
Hays, Amazon 519-V3
Hays, Anna E. 134-V2
Hays, Annie E. 36-V3
Hays, B. V. 557-V3
Hays, Charley 36-V3
Hays, D. W. 522-V3
Hays, David E. 250-V3
Hays, Deanna Lea 36-V3
Hays, Debbie 522-V3, 578-V3
Hays, Emeline 522-V3
Hays, H. Claude 619-V3
Hays, J. Amizen 619-V3
Hays, J. Boone 619-V3
Hays, J. M. 619-V3
Hays, J. R. 134-V2
Hays, James S. 619-V3
Hays, John 522-V3
Hays, John B. 156-V3
Hays, Julia 557-V3
Hays, Lulu K. 619-V3
Hays, Mable 14-V1
Hays, Mary B. 519-V3
Hays, Mary E. 156-V3, 619-V3
Hays, Mary Ellen 95-V1
Hays, Mildred 249-V3
Hays, Raymond Allen 216-V3
Hays, Robert 249-V3
Hays, Rosa J. 156-V3
Hays, Sybil G. 681-V3
Hays, Violet I. 261-V3
Hays, Virginia 619-V3
Hays, W. E. 36-V3
Hays, Walter R. 261-V3
Hays, Wilifred 36-V3
Hays, William A. 156-V3
Hays, William R. 262-V3
Haywood, infant 582-V3
Hazel, Forest 146-V1
Hazel, Forest Richard 187-V3
Hazleton, Burke 395-V3
Hazleton, F. S. 394-V3
Hazleton, Georgia 394-V3
Hazleton, Grace 394-V3
Hazleton, Lottie 395-V3
Hazleton, Maria E. 394-V3
Head, Benjamin Burton 2-V2
Head, Benjamin P. 141-V2
Head, Bessie M. 265-V3
Head, Charles Albert 9-V2
Head, Earl J. 265-V3
Head, Forest 9-V2
Head, Grace DeNoon 2-V2
Head, Mary F. 141-V2
Head, Sarah Pearl 9-V2
Head, T. T. 141-V2
Head, Winfred Emmett 120-V3
Head, Wm. 141-V2
Hearaty, Cleia N. 172-V1
Hearaty, James O. 172-V1
Hearaty, John 172-V1
Hearaty, John D. 172-V1
Heard, Johnnie E. 598-V3
Hearn, Claude A. 110-V2
Hearn, Harry L. 41-V3
Hearn, Ila new record 2001
Hearn, Isaac 110-V2
Hearn, Lula C. 257-V3
Hearn, Ila new record 2001
Hearn, Oran E. 243-V3
Hearn, Rhoda Oleta 110-V2
Hearon, E. S. 18-V2
Hearon, Esther Irene 18-V2
Hearon, James E. 18-V2
Hearon, Mary W. 18-V2
Hearson, C. Henry 619-V3
Hearson, infant 619-V3
Hearson, John M. 182-V1
Hearson, Mary 182-V1
Hearson, Mary Ellen (Nell) 620-V3
Hearson, Mrs. William 681-V3
Hearson, Nancy J. 619-V3
Hearson, William 620-V3, 681-V3
Hearson, Wilson Edgar 681-V3
Heath, B. O.(Doe) 17-V1
Heath, Ida S. 200-V1
Heath, James G. 172-V1
Heath, James J. 172-V1
Heath, Kathryn 17-V1
Heath, M. M. 200-V1
Heath, M. S. 64-V1 Heath, Minnie E. 64-V1
Heath, Seth 64-V1 Heath, T. R. 200-V1
Heaton, Inez 312-V3
Hebron, Joseph B. 16-V3
Hebron, Martha Cathey 16-V3
Hecht, Ethel M. 323-V3
Hecht, William H. 323-V3
Heck, Carrie S. 229-V1
Heck, infant 577-V3
Heck, Minnie 229-V1
Heck, T. A. 229-V1
Heckart, Billy Dean 238-V3
Heckart, Velcie 238-V3
Heckart, William O. 238-V3
Hed, (first name unknown) 18-V1
Hedden, Calvin 3-V2
Hedden, Frances L. 3-V2
Heddern, S. D. 570-V3
Hedge, Melvina 15-V3
Hedger, John Woodrow 681-V3
Hedger, Vera M. 620-V3
Hedges, Darrel Victor 199-V2
Hedges, Eliza 151-V2
Hedges, John 151-V2
Hedges, Rebecca 151-V2
Hedman, Lana Leola 235-V3
Hedman, Warren J. 235-V3
Hedrick, Caroline 80-V2
Hedrick, Charles 80-V2
Hedrick, Dora E. 88-V2
Hedrick, E. 88-V2
Hedrick, Elijah 88-V2
Hedrick, H. Clay 80-V2
Hedrick, Helen 88-V2
Hedrick, J. 88-V2
Hedrick, Martha 88-V2
Hedrick, son 88-V2
Hedrick, Susan M. 88-V2
Hedrick, Susannah 88-V2
Heenan (Hennin?) , Mr & Mrs 80-V2
Heflebower, Charles 17-V2
Heflebower, Clarence E. 20-V2
Heflebower, Jack A. 17-V2
Heflebower, James C. 20-V2
Heflebower, Jennie 17-V2
Heflebower, Kathleen 20-V2
Heflebower, Thomas C. 17-V217-V2
Heger, Dolores L. 262-V3
Heger, Joseph W. 267-V3
Heger, Russell L. 262-V3
Heger, Wilma E. 267-V3
Heidecker, Claribel M. 278-V3
Heidecker, Lillie A. 343-V3
Heidecker, Lizzie 55-V3
Heidecker, P. H. 343-V3
Heidecker, Percy N. 278-V3
Heidecker, Pete 88-V1
Heinitz, Willie D. 212-V3
Heinrich, George 184-V2
Heinrich, George Will 185-V2
Heinrich, Gertrude 185-V2
Heinrich, John L. 185-V2
Heinrich, Josephine Vohs 184-V2
Heinrich, Margaret two records not previously reported
Heinrich, Michael two records not previously reported
Heinrichs, C. Ferdinand 87-V1
Heinrichs, Daniel 91-V1
Heinrichs, Dorothea 91-V1
Heinrichs, Francis Catherine 580-V3
Heinrichs, Johann 25-V1
Heinrichs, Raymond Charles 580-V3
Heinson, Anna Marie 292-V3
Heinson, Fred 292-V3
Heinson, George E. 292-V3
Heinson, Henry 292-V3
Heinson, Josephine 292-V3
Heintz, Herman 560-V3
Heintzman, Mary Benedict 587-V3
Heintzman, Mary Lawrence 587-V3
Heisey, Juanita Rnew record 1999 Heisey, Maude 14-V2
Heisey, Monroe 14-V2
Heisey, Roy Enew record 19??
Heiskell, Emaline 565-V3
Heiskill, W. A. 465-V3
Heisser, Joseph 148-V2
Heisser, Kathie E. 148-V2
Heisser, Leslie J. 148-V2
Heitzman, Fannie L. 257-V3
Heitzman, William L. 257-V3
Hejduk, Susan Marie 80-V2
Heller, Elizabeth Y. 176-V3
Heller, George M. 176-V3
Hellrung (Bellrung?), Barney 187-V2
Hellrung (Bellrung?), Paul 187-V2
Helm, H. 114-V1
Helm, James H. 114-V1
Helm, Lula 620-V3
Helm, M. A. 164-V1
Helm, Mary 114-V1
Helm, Minta Adella 620-V3
Helm, William 620-V3
Helman, Claude H. 464-V3
Helman, Effie 464-V3
Helman, H. L. 362-V3
Helman, infant 565-V3
Helman, James 565-V3
Helman, Mildred 565-V3
Helms, baby 134-V3
Helms, Barbara 134-V3
Helms, Barbara Mae 134-V3
Helms, Carmelita Mary 238-V3
Helms, Eliza A. 509-V3
Helms, Elizabeth 519-V3
Helms, Ella 134-V3
Helms, Ella Frances 238-V3
Helms, Grace 576-V3
Helms, James H. 134-V3
Helms, James S. 509-V3
Helms, John S. 519-V3
Helms, R. B. 134-V3
Helms, Robert Bruce 238-V3
Helms, Robert Bruce, Jr. 238-V3
Helms, William 519-V3

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