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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Hunter to Johnson


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Hunter, Alex 582-V3
Hunter, Anna M. 97-V2
Hunter, Annie 35-V1
Hunter, Annie E. 386-V3
Hunter, baby girl 591-V3
Hunter, Charles E. 289-V3
Hunter, Clarence S. 94-V2
Hunter, Claude V. 7-V2
Hunter, Cyrus E. 386-V3
Hunter, Daisy L. 65-V3
Hunter, Eldon Gene 7-V2
Hunter, Elizabeth M. Essner 108-V3
Hunter, Elsworth 641-V3
Hunter, Eugene L. 641-V3
Hunter, Forrest L. 108-V3
Hunter, George W. 35-V1
Hunter, Harold R 94-V2
Hunter, Irven 386-V3
Hunter, James Edward 67-V2
Hunter, Joshua J. 591-V3
Hunter, Kristin M. 591-V3
Hunter, Lyle D. 7-V2
Hunter, Martha E. 67-V2
Hunter, Rae 7-V2
Hunter, Rex Allen 7-V2
Hunter, Sadie G. 94-V2
Hunter, Sadie Marie 682-V3
Hunter, Same 65-V3
Hunter, Sammie B. 35-V1
Hunter, Sara J. 641-V3
Hunter, Smith D. 7-V2
Hunter, Stewart 35-V1
Hunter, Stewart 97-V2
Hunter, Velma D. 289-V3
Hunter, William 33-V3
Huntington, Frank 144-V2
Huntington, Grifford L. 119-V3
Huntington, Nellie E. 144-V2
Huntington, Nora 144-V2
Hunziker, Amos L. 682-V3
Hunziker, infant 622-V3, 682-V3
Hunziker, J. Emil 622-V3
Hunziker, Leila B. 622-V3
Hunziker, Ora A. 622-V3
Hunziker, Ralph E. 622-V3
Hunziker, Rudolph A. 682-V3
Hunziker, Sidney 622-V3
Hurd, Myrtle M. 247-V3
Hurlbut, Darrell Leroy 129-V3
Hurley, infant daughter 78-V3
Hurley, Johanna A. 78-V3
Hurley, Mary E. 78-V3
Hurley, Rose Antonette 78-V3
Hurley, William J. 78-V3
Hurley, William R. 78-V3
Hurst, (first name unknown) L. 103-V1
Hurst, Carrie 103-V1
Hurst, Cora O. 682-V3
Hurst, Ella 55-V2
Hurst, Fred Monroe 682-V3
Hurst, Gertie 622-V3
Hurst, John 319-V3
Hurst, L. 103-V1
Hurst, M. E. 103-V1
Hurst, Marshall I. 55-V2
Hurst, William 103-V1
Hurt, Charles V. 189-V1
Hurt, John 582-V3
Hurt, Mahala 582-V3
Hurt, Maude D. 189-V1
Hurt, Maxine 659-V3
Hurt, V. 189-V1
Huss, Julia A. 40-V3
Huss, T. H. 40-V3
Hussey, Addie Martin 196-V1
Hussey, Eunice Belle 200-V2
Hussey, Helen J. 200-V2
Hussey, Iris Deane 200-V2
Hussey, Louisa 206-V1
Hussey, M. E. 206-V1
Hussey, Martha E. 207-V1
Hussey, Mary 206-V1
Hussey, Mattie G. 200-V2
Hussey, Norman C. 200-V2
Hussey, Quincy J. 206-V1
Hussey, R. S. 206-V1
Hussey, Richard S. 207-V1
Hussey, T. J. 206-V1
Hussey, Walter 207-V1
Husted, Clifford D. 244-V3
Husted, Delores M. 244-V3
Husted, Dennis J. 260-V3
Husted, Gertrude 244-V3
Husted, John F. 244-V3
Husted, LauVaughn J. 260-V3
Huston, Ambrose 622-V3, 682-V3
Huston, Ambrose L. 682-V3
Huston, Archibald 622-V3
Huston, Charles 564-V3
Huston, Edith 564-V3
Huston, Elizabeth 622-V3
Huston, Ellen Gertrude 682-V3
Huston, Inez Dell 682-V3
Huston, infant 564-V3
Huston, James 564-V3
Huston, James A. 622-V3
Huston, James LeRoy 371-V3
Huston, Johanna 564-V3
Huston, Lulu 622-V3
Huston, Myron M. C. 622-V3
Huston, Nellie 564-V3
Huston, Patricia Ann 371-V3
Huston, R. Frank 622-V3
Huston, Robert 564-V3
Huston, Sarah E. 622-V3
Huston, Shirley N. 682-V3
Huston, Sophia B. 622-V3
Huston, T. N. 559-V3
Huston, Vada G. 682-V3
Huston, Washington S. 622-V3
Hutchen, Illa 210-V1
Hutchens, Frank 210-V1, 212-V1
Hutchens, infant 210-V1
Hutchens, Jay Lee 22-V1
Hutchens, Joy Lee 644-V3
Hutchens, Mary J. 211-V1
Hutchens, May 210-V1, 212-V1
Hutchens, Stanley W. 212-V1
Hutchens, Wayne T. 212-V1
Hutchens, William T. 211-V1
Hutcherson, J. 67-V1
Hutcherson, Lottie 67-V1
Hutchins, Jennie 10-V1
Hutchins, John G. 10-V1
Hutchins, Mahlon V. 10-V1, 645-V3
Hutchins, Martha F. 10-V1
Hutchins, Sarah Hutchens Ogdon 10-V1
Hutchinson, E. L. 563-V3
Hutchinson, infant 567-V3
Hutchinson, O. E. 563-V3
Hutchison, Carrie H. 91-V2
Hutchison, Charles Lewis 91-V2
Hutchison, Ethel L. 91-V2
Hutchison, William I. 91-V2
Hutt, Clara J. 28-V2
Hutton, Allie 569-V3
Hutton, Allie P. 530-V3
Hutton, infants 569-V3
Hutton, John 530-V3
Hutton, John 569-V3
Hutton, Louise 7-V2
Hutton, Sarah 530-V3
Hutton, Walter Smith 7-V2
Hyatt, Pearl R. 57-V3
Hyatt, R. H. 101-V2
Hybsha, John H. 107-V2
Hybsha, Mary Adeline 107-V2
Hyde, C. B. 504-V3
Hyde, Mattie E. 504-V3
Hyler, Ella 562-V3
Hyler, infant 562-V3
Hylton, Catherine E. 210-V1
Hylton, Delphia 622-V3
Hylton, Emma 163-V3
Hylton, Harlow C. 192-V1
Hylton, Henry 163-V3
Hylton, J. H. N. 622-V3
Hylton, Katherine J. 192-V1
Hylton, William J. 198-V3
Hylton, William W. 210-V1
Hymer, Ana Mary 170-V1
Hymer, Bertie W. 170-V1
Hymer, Charlotte 538-V3
Hymer, Clinton D. (2 entries)170-V1
Hymer, Delpha M. 170-V1
Hymer, Eva N. 494-V3
Hymer, J. D. 494-V3
Hymer, John W. 170-V1
Hymer, L. L. 170-V1
Hymer, L. S. 170-V1, 539-V3
Hymer, Lillian Bernadine 541-V3
Hymer, M. J. 179-V1
Hymer, Mable 170-V1
Hymer, Mammie 179-V1
Hymer, Mary 539-V3
Hymer, Mary S. 170-V1
Hymer, Millard F. 538-V3
Hymer, S. 179-V1
Hymer, Wesley 170-V1
Hysom, Ada 20-V2
Hysom, E. J. 109-V1
Hysom, E. M. 109-V1
Hysom, Etta 109-V1
Hysom, Geo. Rufus 20-V2
Hysom, Laura 20-V2
Icenogle, Aralee 34-V3
Icenogle, Charles O. 34-V3
Icenogle, Helen M. 34-V3
Icenogle, Larry Charles 34-V3
Icenogle, Mildred 34-V3
Icenogle, Ronnie 34-V3
Iden, Alice 560-V3
Iden, Geo. W. 393-V3
Iler, Allee 70-V2
Iler, Charles 70-V2
Iler, Jamie 70-V2
Iler, Jay 70-V2
Iler, Laura E. 70-V2
Iler, Maggie M. 70-V2
Iler, Oscar A. 70-V2
Iles, Matilda Pulley 48-V2
Iles, Walter B. 48-V2
Imes, Manerva J. 7-V1, 644-V3
Imes, Mrs. John A. 7-V1, 644-V3
Ingalls, (first name unknown) 582-V3
Ingels, Jennie 595-V3
Ingersoll, Adelia M. (two entries) 378-V3
Ingersoll, Charles Lee 361-V3
Ingersoll, Elmer W. (three entries) 378-V3
Ingersoll, infant 570-V3
Ingersoll, Norma J. 378-V3
Ingle, (stone, no graves) 165-V3
Ingle, Elizabeth 236-V3
Ingle, James E. 236-V3
Ingle, Ralph E. 236-V3
Inglebret, J. A. 387-V3
Ink, Frank 67-V2
Ink, Hattie 159-V2
Ink, Sarah E. 67-V2
Inks, Mary E. 601-V3
Inks, W. Frank 601-V3
Inman, Claudie 250-V1
Inman, Eugene 408-V3
Inman, Judeth 408-V3
Inman, R. C. 250-V1
Inman, Randall Allan 96-V1
Inman, T. S. 250-V1
Innes, Elizabeth A. 121-V3
Ireland, Darius 56-V1
Ireland, Hattie 52-V1
Ireland, Sallie 56-V1
Ireland, Willit 52-V1
Irey, Helen G. 3-V2
Irey, John M. 3-V2
Irish, Bert 622-V3
Irish, Henry L. 622-V3
Irish, Julia F. 622-V3
Irven, Robert 233-V1
Irwin, Edgar 239-V3
Irwin, infant 582-V3
Irwin, Laniece 239-V3
Irwin, Nell Wood 72-V2
Isaacs, baby 562-V3
Isaacs, John 59-V1
Isaacs, John 652-V3
Isaacs, R. T. 77-V1
Isaacs, Sara 59-V1
Isenhart, Frank J. 50-V3
Isenhart, Lena E. 50-V3
Isham, baby daughter 335-V3, 336-V3
Isham, baby son 336-V3
Isham, Nelce S. 676-V3
Isham, Norma Jean 676-V3
Ishmeal, infant 622-V3
Island, Ernest 579-V3
Island, infant 582-V3
Ison, Charles R. 682-V3
Ison, Gertrude Dean 622-V3
Ison, P. J. 622-V3
Ison, Parmer L. 622-V3
Ison, Parmer Lee 682-V3
Ison, Robert Lee 622-V3
Ison, Sylva J. 682-V3
Ison, Zelda 622-V3
Issacs, Maggie A. 75-V2
Issacs, Malicy I. 75-V2
Issacs, Thomas 75-V2
Ivan, Olga A. 217-V3
Ivan, Wilmer R. 217-V3
Ives, infant 582-V3
Ivy, Ardys Elrod 277-V3
Ivy, Emma 567-V3, 577-V3
Ivy, Emma J. 346-V3
Ivy, Fred, Sr. 277-V3
Ivy, infant 567-V3, 577-V3
Ivy, S. C. 567-V3
Ivy, Sam 577-V3
Ivy, Samuel C. 346-V3
Ivy, Truman 345-V3
Jabout, Peter 622-V3
Jackman, Herbert A. 13-V2
Jackman, Minnie L. 13-V2
Jackson, (first name unknown) 240-V1
Jackson, A. J. 623-V3, 682-V3
Jackson, Ada A. 6-V3
Jackson, Alma A. 189-V1
Jackson, Alma R. 575-V3
Jackson, Almira 623-V3
Jackson, Andrew 241-V1
Jackson, Annie 80-V1
Jackson, Archie F. 189-V1
Jackson, B. T. 230-V1
Jackson, Beverly J. 328-V3
Jackson, C. B. 253-V1
Jackson, Calvin C. 230-V1
Jackson, Caroline 577-V3
Jackson, Carolyn A. 128-V3
Jackson, Clara D. 623-V3
Jackson, Clara Z. 173-V1
Jackson, Clarence A. 162-V1
Jackson, Clarence B. 244-V1
Jackson, Clarence M. 189-V1
Jackson, Clarian E. 244-V1
Jackson, Clifford V. 173-V1
Jackson, Curtis 100-V1
Jackson, Dolly 253-V1
Jackson, Dorinda A. 159-V2
Jackson, Edna M. 189-V1
Jackson, Edward 490-V3
Jackson, Elizabeth 171-V1
Jackson, Ellen 173-V1
Jackson, Elmon 149-V1
Jackson, Emma 162-V1
Jackson, Erasmus 582-V3
Jackson, Ernest R. 4-V2
Jackson, Eugene 488-V3, 573-V3
Jackson, Everett D. 245-V1
Jackson, Fannie 544-V3
Jackson, Florence 488-V3
Jackson, Floyd, Sr. 244-V1
Jackson, Frank L. 623-V3
Jackson, Geo W. 80-V1
Jackson, George 490-V3, 582-V3
Jackson, George E. 623-V3, 682-V3
Jackson, George J. 169-V1
Jackson, George W. 623-V3
Jackson, Georgia 244-V1
Jackson, Grace 173-V1
Jackson, Grace C. 80-V1
Jackson, Grace F. 33-V3
Jackson, H. A. 489-V3
Jackson, Harley 56-V3
Jackson, Harry A. 159-V2
Jackson, Harvey L. 33-V3
Jackson, Hazel M. 4-V2
Jackson, infant 573-V3, 567-V3
Jackson, Ira 574-V3
Jackson, Ira A. 159-V2
Jackson, J. 250-V1
Jackson, James D. 189-V1
Jackson, James Lewis 650-V3
Jackson, Jesse 170-V1
Jackson, John M. 250-V1
Jackson, Joseph M. 173-V1
Jackson, Julius 18-V3
Jackson, L. C. 80-V1
Jackson, L. C. May 129-V2
Jackson, Lewis W., Sr. 80-V1
Jackson, Lillian Mae 574-V3
Jackson, Lois L. 189-V1
Jackson, Lottie 439-V3
Jackson, Lottie L. 189-V1
Jackson, Louesa C. 129-V2
Jackson, Louis C. 117-V3
Jackson, M. E. 162-V1
Jackson, M. J. 230-V1
Jackson, M. L. 193-V1
Jackson, M. S. 170-V1
Jackson, Maggie 489-V3
Jackson, Margaret Mattie Davis 208-V3
Jackson, Marquis 170-V1
Jackson, Martin T. 193-V1
Jackson, Mary 250-V1
Jackson, Mary J. 162-V1, 170-V1
Jackson, Mary Jane 490-V3
Jackson, Maude Murphy 508-V3
Jackson, Merlin 623-V3
Jackson, Minerva S. 171-V1
Jackson, Nancy 18-V3
Jackson, Norman E.(Jack) 33-V3
Jackson, Olive M. 245-V1
Jackson, P. F. 170-V1
Jackson, Peter F. 171-V1
Jackson, Peter Francis 171-V1
Jackson, R. Louise 212-V3
Jackson, Ralph 173-V1
Jackson, Robert 34-V3
Jackson, S. A. 162-V1
Jackson, S. F. 193-V1
Jackson, Samuel 170-V1
Jackson, Sarah Jane 159-V2
Jackson, Solmon 492-V3
Jackson, Susan 488-V3
Jackson, Susie 149-V1
Jackson, T. P. cemetery reading
Jackson, Theodore W. 171-V1
Jackson, Warren C. 328-V3
Jackson, Warren C. 328-V3
Jackson, William 488-V3
Jackson, William E. 212-V3
Jacob, Lauie W. 159-V3
Jacob, Libbie 572-V3
Jacobs, A. 140-V3
Jacobs, Alice 105-V1
Jacobs, Alvin A. 598-V3
Jacobs, Amanda M. 161-V2
Jacobs, Clarence 140-V3
Jacobs, D. 140-V3
Jacobs, Daisy V. 203-V3
Jacobs, Edith O. 591-V3
Jacobs, Elizabeth J. 17-V3
Jacobs, Eva A. 120-V2
Jacobs, Floyd A. 254-V3
Jacobs, Floyd Lester (Sonny) 254-V3
Jacobs, Frances J. 105-V1
Jacobs, Frank T. 203-V3
Jacobs, George W. 120-V2, 666-V3
Jacobs, Gertrude J. 203-V3
Jacobs, Gladys N. 254-V3
Jacobs, Grace 105-V1
Jacobs, Harry 491-V3
Jacobs, Harry L. 576-V3
Jacobs, Hattie 466-V3
Jacobs, James H. 117-V3
Jacobs, Jennie H. 206-V1
Jacobs, Jesse 466-V3
Jacobs, John F. 17-V3
Jacobs, John H. 84-V1
Jacobs, Joseph B. 161-V2
Jacobs, L. W. 159-V3
Jacobs, Lauie W. cemetery reading Jacobs, Leonard W. 105-V1
Jacobs, Lottie H. 598-V3
Jacobs, Mary Louise 105-V1
Jacobs, Richard D. 591-V3
Jacobs, Sarah 491-V3
Jacobs, Sarah A. 465-V3
Jacobs, Sarah Alene 682-V3
Jacobs, T. H. 491-V3
Jacobs, William T. 203-V3
Jacobson, Carrie Baehr 495-V3
Jacobson, Ellen M. 208-V3
Jacobson, Hilding N. 208-V3
Jacobson, Larry J. 169-V2
Jacobson, Mrs. Larry 169-V2
Jaimet, Mary P. 253-V3
Jaimet, Oscar H. (Jimmy) 253-V3
James, Clark Edward 200-V2
James, Dora 141-V2
James, Florence J. 200-V2
James, Fred Victor 208-V2
James, Gard T. 200-V2
James, George W. 200-V2
James, Gerald D. 200-V2
James, Gordon L. 5-V2
James, Janet M. 303-V3
James, Joseph 194-V1
James, Kenneth W. 4-V2
James, Laura 193-V1
James, Laura Alice Hickman 200-V2
James, Martha Edith Hills 200-V2
James, Mary 5-V2
James, Mary E. 141-V2
James, Myrtle 1-V2
James, Myrtle M. 4-V2
James, Nellie Numbers 451-V3
James, Ralph L. 451-V3
James, Viola D. 4-V2
James, Warren Eddie 200-V2
James, Worthy J. 4-V2
Jamison, Flora Lee 77-V2
Jamison, Grace May 328-V3
Jamison, M. S. 77-V2
Jamison, Marvin H. 328-V3
Jamison, Mary A. 116-V2
Jamison, Milton M. 116-V2
Jane, baby 569-V3
Jane, L. 569-V3
Jane, V. 569-V3
Janes, Len 7-V2
Jantsch, Helen C. new record 2003
Jantsch, Robert W .new record
January, Anna Linton 55-V3
January, D. A. 55-V3
January, Ethel E. 591-V3
January, Joseph H. 55-V3
January, Russell P. 591-V3
January, Ruth Ashe 55-V3
Jarboe, V. C. 429-V3
Jarred, Cena 108-V1
Jarred, Eli C. 108-V1
Jarred, John Wm. 108-V1
Jeffers, Harry H. 191-V3
Jeffers, Laird B., Sr. 191-V3
Jeffers, Pearl C. 191-V3
Jeffries, Henry M. 59-V3
Jeffries, Jennie A. 59-V3
Jelly, A. H. 524-V3
Jelly, Belle 524-V3
Jelly, Cornelius 108-V1
Jelly, Emma Francis 185-V1
Jelly, Manirva 109-V1
Jelly, O. Cornell 109-V1
Jeltz, Sarah H. 492-V3
Jenison, Edward W. 243-V3
Jenison, Joseph W. 149-V3
Jenison, Mary Bowen 149-V3
Jenison, Virgil I. 37-V3
Jenkins, A. 101-V2
Jenkins, A. U. 404-V3
Jenkins, A. U., Jr. 404-V3
Jenkins, Abraham J. 65-V1, 653-V3
Jenkins, Ada Marie new record 1998
Jenkins, Alfred 184-V2
Jenkins, Alphonsus L. 183-V2
Jenkins, Amy E. LaRue 36-V2
Jenkins, Bertha E. 183-V2
Jenkins, Bertha Viola 482-V3
Jenkins, Clarence 17-V2
Jenkins, Elizabeth T. 164-V2
Jenkins, Ethel M. 51-V2
Jenkins, Frankie 94-V2
Jenkins, Fred F. 51-V2
Jenkins, Fred O. 404-V3, 482-V3
Jenkins, J. Floyd 181-V2
Jenkins, John 94-V2
Jenkins, John T. 15-V3
Jenkins, John W. 184-V2
Jenkins, June 204-V3
Jenkins, Katie B. 15-V3
Jenkins, Leona E. 124-V2
Jenkins, Libbie E. 482-V3
Jenkins, Lula 17-V2, 662-V3
Jenkins, Mary A. 404-V3
Jenkins, Mary Anna 297-V3
Jenkins, Mary E. 184-V2
Jenkins, Mary R. 181-V2, 671-V3
Jenkins, Minnie 163-V2
Jenkins, Nora Esther 409-V3
Jenkins, Onie L. 297-V3
Jenkins, Paul W. 164-V2
Jenkins, Ralph A. 204-V3
Jenkins, Robert 163-V2
Jenkins, Rosa A. Thomas 54-V2
Jenkins, Sarah Ann 94-V2
Jenkins, son 101-V2
Jenkins, W. B. 36-V2
Jenkins, W. T. 101-V2
Jenkinson, Will H. 84-V1
Jenks, J. W. 507-V3
Jenks, Martha J. 296-V3
Jenks, Sarah M. 507-V3
Jenks, William H. 296-V3
Jennings, Abbie L. 28-V2
Jennings, E.. R. 46-V2
Jennings, Elmira 29-V2
Jennings, Florence M. 59-V2
Jennings, Forest E. 46-V2
Jennings, Henrietta 29-V2
Jennings, I. A. 46-V2
Jennings, James T. 52-V2
Jennings, Jule M. 59-V2
Jennings, Kate 582-V3
Jennings, Lola 291-V3
Jennings, Mary Bernard 587-V3
Jennings, Mary E. 52-V2
Jennings, Maude Baker 417-V3
Jennings, Oliver R. 59-V2
Jennings, Vines 29-V2
Jennings, William H. 29-V2
Jensen, Esther Knop 20-V2
Jensen, Jacob N. 595-V3
Jesse, Florence 582-V3
Jesse, Henry 582-V3
Jesse, infant 582-V3
Jesse, Mary 582-V3
Jesse, Retta 582-V3
Jessee, Melissa 570-V3
Jesserick, Anna 104-V1
Jessi, infant 582-V3
Jeweet, Delbert Arlon 208-V2
Jewell, Clark A. 318-V3
Jewell, Jeanett 318-V3
Jewett, A. N. 10-V3
Jewett, Alan Bryan 490-V3
Jewett, Bettie Ann 490-V3
Jewett, Edward E. 11-V3
Jewett, Frank 178-V3
Jewett, Mae E. 178-V3
Jewett, Margaret H. 11-V3
Jewett, Mary E. 10-V3
Jewett, Viola 13-V3
Jewett, Viola 490-V3
Jewitt, Lulu 582-V3
Jillson, C. B. 147-V3
Jillson, Frances 147-V3
Jillson, Goerge Stephen 147-V3
Jimmerson, Hattie 209-V3
Jinkes, Jane 112-V1
Job, A. W. 595-V3
Job, Archibald B. 595-V3
Job, Archie W. 591-V3
Job, Clyde C. 595-V3
Job, Flora J. 602-V3
Job, Jennie C. 595-V3
Job, Lennie 595-V3
Job, Lincoln 48-V1
Job, Lois E. 48-V1
Job, Marjorie A. 591-V3
Job, Minnie A. 601-V3
Job, Morris B. 602-V3
Job, Thomas L. 602-V3
Jobe, C. P. 29-V2
Jobe, Clara V. Willoughby 29-V2
Jobe, Clifford Henry, Sr. 121-V2
Jobe, James Albert 121-V2
Jobe, James L., Sr. 56-V2
Jobe, James Leroy 664-V3
Jobe, Joyce Lois 664-V3
Joeckel, Anna E. 290-V3
Joeckel, Walter W. 290-V3
Johann, Alphalee S. 101-V3
Johann, Amy Marie 99-V3
Johann, Barbara 248-V3
Johann, Dale Eugene 99-V3
Johann, Denise Loy 99-V3
Johann, Dick J. 80-V3
Johann, Katharina 79-V3
Johann, Mathias 79-V3
Johann, Melvin D. 80-V3
Johann, Peter 79-V3
Johann, Ralph R. 101-V3
Johann, Rosena B. 497-V3
Johns, Arthur (Bo) 224-V3
Johns, B. 240-V1
Johns, Benj. P. 59-V3
Johns, Cappy 240-V1
Johns, Derwood F. 222-V3
Johns, Edith M. 222-V3
Johns, James H. 43-V3
Johns, Jefferson Price 268-V3
Johns, Lena A. 224-V1
Johns, M. 240-V1
Johns, Mary Price 59-V3
Johns, Millie M. 43-V3
Johns, Morgan J. 268-V3
Johns, Olwen C. 59-V3
Johns, R. E. 224-V1
Johns, Rose F. 224-V3
Johns, William M. 59-V3
Johns, Wm. Mendus 59-V3
Johns, Wm. Morgan 59-V3
Johnson, (first name unknown) 582-V3
Johnson, A. D. 623-V3
Johnson, A. Luther 255-V3
Johnson, A. Newton 123-V2
Johnson, Albert T. 280-V3
Johnson, Alice Lowry 497-V3
Johnson, Alma A. 120-V3
Johnson, Alva M. 105-V1
Johnson, Amanda 18-V3
Johnson, Amanda Lucinda 200-V2
Johnson, Andrew 57-V2
Johnson, Ara G. 207-V1
Johnson, Arrena 200-V2, 208-V2
Johnson, Arthur J. 200-V2
Johnson, Austin 641-V3
Johnson, Axel D. 682-V3
Johnson, B. L. 139-V2
Johnson, Barbara Ellen 577-V3
Johnson, Basil J. 110-V3
Johnson, Beatrice S. 491-V3
Johnson, Bertha 623-V3
Johnson, Bertha J. 682-V3
Johnson, Beulah Shinkle 280-V3
Johnson, Bill 209-V2
Johnson, Blanche 12-V1, 512-V3, 645-V3
Johnson, Blanche I. 250-V3
Johnson, C. . 68-V1
Johnson, C. H. 495-V3
Johnson, C. R. (Rusty) 262-V3
Johnson, Camilla 255-V3
Johnson, Carl C. 120-V3
Johnson, Caroline 514-V3
Johnson, Carrie 512-V3
Johnson, Charity 561-V3
Johnson, Charles 139-V2, 582-V3
Johnson, Charles G. 428-V3
Johnson, Charles Luther 430-V3
Johnson, Charles O. 328-V3
Johnson, Charles R. 18-V3
Johnson, Charles Richard 82-V2
Johnson, Charlie E. 236-V3
Johnson, Charlie L. 103-V2
Johnson, Charlotte Magee 150-V3
Johnson, Clara 538-V3
Johnson, Clarence 241-V3
Johnson, Claude W. 287-V3
Johnson, Cordie A. 203-V3
Johnson, D. H. 449-V3
Johnson, daughter 68-V1
Johnson, David B. 224-V3
Johnson, Delores Fern 200-V2
Johnson, Dema C. 514-V3
Johnson, Doris Leona 4-V2
Johnson, Dortha 109-V2
Johnson, E. S. 411-V3, 412-V3
Johnson, E. V. 200-V2
Johnson, Earley M. 555-V3
Johnson, Early M. 581-V3
Johnson, Edna M. 428-V3
Johnson, Elflitia 450-V3
Johnson, Eliza T. 141-V2
Johnson, Ella 582-V3
Johnson, Elsie L. 344-V3
Johnson, Estella M. 140-V2
Johnson, Eugene Victor 4-V2
Johnson, Eunice 19-V3
Johnson, Eva L. Yocum 241-V3
Johnson, Fannie M. 428-V3
Johnson, Flora A. 236-V3
Johnson, Frances Julis (Judy) 222-V3
Johnson, Frank T. 81-V3
Johnson, Fred 109-V2
Johnson, George F. 200-V2, 250-V3
Johnson, Georgia M. 168-V3
Johnson, Gertrude 139-V2
Johnson, Gilbert G. 63-V2
Johnson, Glen 206-V1
Johnson, Gulia 207-V1
Johnson, Gustavia 430-V3
Johnson, Harlan L. 172-V3
Johnson, Harold N. 361-V3
Johnson, Harry O. 336-V3
Johnson, Helen 664-V3
Johnson, Helen P. 63-V2
Johnson, Henrietta 623-V3
Johnson, Herbert E. 623-V3
Johnson, Hugh O. 428-V3
Johnson, infant 582-V3, 641-V3
Johnson, Irvin Virgil 228-V3
Johnson, Isaac 207-V1
Johnson, J. A. 140-V2
Johnson, J. D. 44-V3
Johnson, J. H. 141-V2
Johnson, J. Lillard 168-V3
Johnson, J. Mildred 236-V3
Johnson, J. P. 4-V2
Johnson, J. W. . 68-V1
Johnson, Jacob 150-V3
Johnson, James 308-V3, 538-V3, 539-V3
Johnson, James A. 236-V3
Johnson, James P. 1-V2
Johnson, James T. 682-V3
Johnson, Jamie Elaine 220-V3
Johnson, Jeff 208-V2
Johnson, Jeff E. 105-V1
Johnson, Jessie 428-V3, 569-V3, 582-V3
Johnson, Joe S. 61-V3
Johnson, John 623-V3
Johnson, John A.(Jack) 208-V2
Johnson, John F. 83-V3
Johnson, John P. 12-V1,. 23-V1, 428-V3, 645-V3
Johnson, John R. 3-V2
Johnson, John William 175-V1
Johnson, Joseph 68-V1
Johnson, Joseph H. 200-V2
Johnson, Josephine C. 81-V3
Johnson, Juanaita Mae Duncan 208-V2
Johnson, Judith 158-V2
Johnson, Julia M. 232-V3
Johnson, Kenneth Allen 135-V2, 668-V3
Johnson, Kenneth E. 361-V3
Johnson, Larry Ray 207-V3
Johnson, Leanah Delphia 562-V3
Johnson, Lee 682-V3
Johnson, Lewis M. 203-V3
Johnson, Lewis W. 221-V3
Johnson, Lillie B. 28-V3
Johnson, Linnie M. 262-V3
Johnson, Lockie E. 555-V3
Johnson, Lorenda 623-V3
Johnson, Loretta 664-V3
Johnson, Louis W. 47-V1
Johnson, Luella 569-V3
Johnson, Lydia A. 328-V3
Johnson, Lyle 200-V2
Johnson, Margaret 83-V3
Johnson, Marie Harris 110-V3
Johnson, Marietta Haldeman 106-V2
Johnson, Marion T. 250-V3
Johnson, Martha 95-V2
Johnson, Martha H. 228-V3
Johnson, Martha Irene 95-V2
Johnson, Marvin 95-V2, 665-V3
Johnson, Mary 582-V3
Johnson, Mary A. 23-V3
Johnson, Mary D. 682-V3
Johnson, Mary E. 200-V2
Johnson, Mary G. Servais 200-V2
Johnson, Mary Louise 175-V3
Johnson, Mary Maude 336-V3
Johnson, Matilda 5-V2
Johnson, Mattie M. 491-V3
Johnson, Maude Ethel 103-V2
Johnson, Merna N. 172-V3
Johnson, Michael 664-V3
Johnson, Mindy D. 141-V2
Johnson, Minnie 206-V1
Johnson, Minnie M. 61-V3
Johnson, mother 106-V2
Johnson, Muriel Speer 17-V3
Johnson, Nadine T. 255-V3
Johnson, Nannie L. 499-V3
Johnson, Ned 206-V1
Johnson, Nelda M. 120-V3
Johnson, Nellie 5-V2
Johnson, Nellie B. 224-V3
Johnson, Nellie P. 454-V3
Johnson, Nelson 200-V2, 209-V2
Johnson, Newt 667-V3
Johnson, Nora 200-V2
Johnson, O. 430-V3
Johnson, O. N. 623-V3
Johnson, Opa Lucille Mathews 208-V2
Johnson, Opal 428-V3
Johnson, Oscar F. 50-V2
Johnson, Oscar Howard 105-V1
Johnson, Otto 430-V3
Johnson, Pat 228-V3
Johnson, Phillip 200-V2
Johnson, R. Ellis 232-V3
Johnson, Ray H. new record 1999
Johnson, Rebecca J. 623-V3
Johnson, Richard J. 228-V3
Johnson, Robert H. 569-V3
Johnson, Robert Neal (Bob) 241-V3
Johnson, Robert Welk (Bob) 222-V3
Johnson, Rolla 140-V2
Johnson, Roy Abner 3-V2
Johnson, Roy W. 573-V3
Johnson, Ruby Ring 123-V2
Johnson, Russell D. 555-V3
Johnson, S. A. 23-V3
Johnson, Sam 112-V1
Johnson, Sarah 68-V1, 386-V3
Johnson, Sarah E. 3-V2
Johnson, Sarah F. Ross 200-V2
Johnson, Sidney D. 120-V3
Johnson, son 68-V1
Johnson, Steven B. 10-V2
Johnson, Susan Frances 82-V2
Johnson, T. N. 512-V3
Johnson, T. P. 103-V2
Johnson, Telitha A. 139-V2
Johnson, Telitha C. 139-V2
Johnson, Thomas N. 514-V3
Johnson, Thomas S. 68-V1
Johnson, Vernon 569-V3
Johnson, Vernon L. 218-V3
Johnson, W. B. 139-V2
Johnson, W. E. 50-V3
Johnson, W. Everett 28-V3
Johnson, Walter B. 200-V2
Johnson, Wanda G. 361-V3
Johnson, Warren G. 196-V3
Johnson, William Baker 106-V2
Johnson, Wm. (two entries) 165-V1
Johnson, Wm. H. 141-V2
Johnson, Wyatt W. 200-V2

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