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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Johnston to Key

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Johnston, Alphonsine A. 431-V3
Johnston, Atwell L. 200-V2
Johnston, Carol K. 276-V3
Johnston, Charles H. 471-V3
Johnston, Cleo 99-V2
Johnston, Cleo W. 83-V2
Johnston, Cora 104-V1
Johnston, Donna Rae 99-V2
Johnston, Dorothy June Weatherbie 200-V2
Johnston, Ed 108-V1
Johnston, Edgar L. 227-V3
Johnston, Edward 104-V1
Johnston, Edward O. 83-V2
Johnston, Elmer W. 82-V1
Johnston, Flora B. 149-V2
Johnston, George 159-V3
Johnston, Harrison Lee 510-V3
Johnston, Hester Z. 81-V2
Johnston, Ida Bell 200-V2
Johnston, J. T. 510-V3
Johnston, James F. 24-V2
Johnston, James Glen 227-V3
Johnston, John M. 598-V3
Johnston, Lacy E. 44-V3
Johnston, Libbie 471-V3
Johnston, M. L. 510-V3
Johnston, Mable 99-V2
Johnston, Mable Hink 83-V2
Johnston, Mary C. 82-V1
Johnston, Mary E. 510-V3
Johnston, Mary J. F. 99-V2
Johnston, Mary Reed 177-V1
Johnston, May A. 509-V3
Johnston, Mildred 195-V3
Johnston, Nadaine 177-V1
Johnston, Nancy S. M. 431-V3
Johnston, Naomi Louise 177-V1
Johnston, Norman Lee 200-V2
Johnston, Rachel E. 24-V2
Johnston, Robert 177-V1
Johnston, Robert B. 99-V2
Johnston, Robert C. 471-V3
Johnston, Robert Lee 510-V3
Johnston, Samuel N. 4-V2
Johnston, Sarah E. 4-V2
Johnston, Sidney C. 82-V1
Johnston, Stephanie 276-V3
Johnston, Stephanie Ann 276-V3
Johnston, Susan A. 149-V2
Johnston, W. T. 431-V3
Johnston, Walter Deloss 99-V2
Johnston, William Henry 177-V1
Johnston, William L. 276-V3
Johnston, William Richard 149-V2
Jolley, Cyrus T. 65-V1
Jolley, Jermiah 65-V1
Jolley, Lois J. 267-V3
Jolley, Mannen 65-V1
Jolley, Mary M. 65-V1
Jolley, Walter T. 267-V3
Jolly, Atlanta D. 65-V1
Jones, A. B. 534-V3
Jones, Ada M. 623-V3
Jones, Alfred A. 93-V2
Jones, Allinnia J. 159-V1
Jones, Altha C. 646-V3
Jones, Anna 534-V3
Jones, Annie 453-V3
Jones, Austin A. 12-V3
Jones, Averill W. 146-V1
Jones, baby 602-V3
Jones, Bertha P. 39-V3
Jones, Bertie L. 602-V3
Jones, Betty 242-V1
Jones, Bettye J. 6-V2
Jones, Burnes 209-V3
Jones, C. Chester 343-V3
Jones, C. E. 460-V3
Jones, C. F. 459-V3
Jones, Carl V. 242-V1
Jones, Catharine N. 106-V1
Jones, Cecil 62-V2
Jones, Celia 187-V1
Jones, Charles R. 258-V3
Jones, Charles Sumner 454-V3
Jones, Chas C. 148-V1
Jones, Clara F. 62-V2
Jones, Daphine J. 591-V3
Jones, daughter 111-V2
Jones, Deborah 92-V2
Jones, Deloris 242-V1
Jones, Dora P. 380-V3
Jones, Earl 489-V3
Jones, Ed 580-V3
Jones, Edward M. 453-V3
Jones, Ella 602-V3
Jones, Ellen (Ella) Yates 155-V2
Jones, Ellen Blakely 28-V2
Jones, Ellinor 153-V1
Jones, Emma B. 38-V1
Jones, Emory A. 146-V1
Jones, Ernest C. 148-V1
Jones, Estella English 491-V3
Jones, Euel R. 602-V3
Jones, Eugene Theodore 579-V3
Jones, Eva 623-V3
Jones, Evalee 243-V1
Jones, Everett A. new record
Jones, Everett B. 82-V2
Jones, Fannie F. O'Brien 200-V2
Jones, Fauna Sue 149-V1
Jones, Francis A. 197-V3
Jones, Franklin W. 39-V3
Jones, Fred 17-V1
Jones, Fred J. 646-V3
Jones, G. B. 106-V1
Jones, Geo. W. 623-V3
Jones, Gertrude L. 460-V3
Jones, Gertrude M. 459-V3
Jones, Gladys B. 270-V3
Jones, Gracie E. 44-V2
Jones, H. B. 25-V2
Jones, H. T. 159-V1
Jones, Harry H. 442-V3
Jones, Harry Mack 189-V3
Jones, Harry V. 95-V2
Jones, Harvey 623-V3
Jones, Hatta E. 159-V1
Jones, Henry Barkley 28-V2
Jones, Horace W. 489-V3
Jones, Inez 197-V3
Jones, infant 571-V3
Jones, infant son 453-V3
Jones, Ira W. 258-V3
Jones, J. B. 4-V2
Jones, J. C. 95-V2, 111-V2
Jones, J. D. 623-V3
Jones, J. Green Berry 106-V1
Jones, J. H. 171-V1
Jones, J. W. 623-V3
Jones, J. W., Sr. 159-V1
Jones, James F. 62-V2
Jones, James H. 380-V3
Jones, Jesse E. 459-V3, 591-V3
Jones, John 582-V3
Jones, John Bennett 200-V2
Jones, John E. 310-V3
Jones, Kate 623-V3
Jones, Katherine Light 95-V2
Jones, Laura 25-V2, 459-V3
Jones, Laura C. 93-V2
Jones, Lee D. 15-V1
Jones, Letha V. 242-V1
Jones, Lillie C. 15-V1
Jones, Lottie 189-V3
Jones, Louis 153-V1
Jones, Luvenia E. 148-V1
Jones, Maria Therecia 12-V3
Jones, Marion (Albert) 93-V2
Jones, Martha N. 39-V3
Jones, Mary Alice 197-V3
Jones, Mary C. 207-V1, 4-V2
Jones, Mary Jane 190-V2 cemetery record
Jones, Mary M. 623-V3
Jones, Minnie M. 62-V2
Jones, Morgan 488-V3
Jones, N. Florence 534-V3
Jones, Nancy C. Threewit 453-V3
Jones, Nancy E. 4-V2, 489-V3
Jones, Nelle E. 82-V2
Jones, Olive 95-V2
Jones, Oma L. 146-V1
Jones, Opal L. 111-V2, 665-V3
Jones, Pearl Parker 558-V3
Jones, Punkin 242-V1
Jones, Rebecca 623-V3
Jones, Rhoda Bell 243-V1
Jones, Richard D. 6-V2
Jones, Robert 453-V3
Jones, Robert C. 253-V1
Jones, Robert Damon 243-V1
Jones, Robert L. 374-V3, 453-V3
Jones, Robert William 265-V3
Jones, Rosella 155-V2
Jones, Rosetta 233-V1
Jones, Roy Merl 659-V3
Jones, Ruby G. 265-V3
Jones, Samuel F. 93-V2
Jones, Sarah 189-V3, 571-V3
Jones, Sarah C. 171-V1
Jones, Scott 442-V3
Jones, Sylvia R. new record 2000
Jones, Ted M., Sr. 265-V3
Jones, Terry G. 602-V3
Jones, Tilford 442-V3
Jones, twin daughters 453-V3
Jones, Vernie Etta 500-V3
Jones, Virgil 242-V1
Jones, W. A. 233-V1
Jones, W. P. 623-V3
Jones, William Casey 190-V2
Jones, William David 243-V1
Jones, William E. 459-V3
Jones, William M. 159-V1
Jones, William T. 454-V3
Jones, William V. 270-V3
Jones, William W. 602-V3
Jones, Willis 571-V3
Jones, Wilma E. 591-V3
Jones, Wm. 155-V2
Jones, Wm. A. 44-V2
Jones, Wm. M. 150-V1
Joplin, Walter Julius 574-V3
Joray, Catherine Diane 168-V2
Jordan, Anna 345-V3
Jordan, Bobby Joe 59-V2
Jordan, Frank 406-V3
Jordan, Hazel 59-V2
Jordan, Hazel Eagan 59-V2
Jordan, Hazel Masterson 59-V2
Jordan, Max E. 59-V2
Jordan, Max Edward 59-V2
Jordan, Naomi Belle 42-V2
Jordan, S. Grant 345-V3
Jordan, Stella B. Condon 406-V3
Jordan, W. A. 59-V2
Jordon, Lewis 154-V3
Journey, John 184-V1
Journey, Mary 184-V1
Journey, Sarah 184-V1
Joyce, Alvin W. 375-V3
Joyce, Andrew 399-V3
Joyce, Carrie 376-V3
Joyce, Cephas 399-V3
Joyce, Elizabeth 399-V3
Joyce, Herbert 399-V3
Joyce, J. C. 399-V3
Joyce, Lucretia 399-V3
Joyce, Mary M. 404-V3
Joyce, Maude 375-V3
Joyce, Mrs, A. J. 561-V3
Joyce, Orlando 561-V3
Joyce, William C. 376-V3
Joyce, William L. 404-V3
Judd, George C. 241-V3
Judd, Jourdan M. 63-V2
Judd, Judith M. 63-V2
Judd, Mary A. 241-V3
Judd, Stanley G., Jr. 63-V2
Judd, Stanly G. 63-V2
Judd, William 246-V3
Julien, Guy O. 190-V1
Julien, Nellie B. 190-V1
Julius, Amanda 582-V3
June, Elman Rodney 210-V3
June, Ethel G. 78-V2
June, G. H. 78-V2
June, Harry M. 78-V2
June, Lillie M. 78-V2
June, Mildred Purvis 210-V3
Junkins, Lana 46-V3
Junkins, Terry 46-V3
Justice, Alvin D. 144-V2
Justice, Earl V. 12-V3
Justice, Garland M. 144-V2
Justice, infants 570-V3
Justice, J. H. 144-V2, 445-V3
Justice, John 570-V3
Justice, Martha Ann 144-V2
Justice, Mary 144-V2
Justice, Mrs. John 570-V3
Justice, Wm. 144-V2
Kaiser, Anna L. 92-V3
Kaiser, Clara L. 124-V3
Kaiser, Edward W. 85-V3
Kaiser, James D. 84-V3
Kaiser, N. J. 92-V3
Kaiser, Rose Caenen 85-V3
Kaiser, Steven 103-V3
Kaiser, William H. 124-V3
Kaltenbach, Lola P. 78-V2
Kalulburg, Charles 569-V3
Kampe, Magdalena 24-V1
Kanatzer, David B. 623-V3
Kane, Alfred 153-V3
Kane, Anna K. 165-V2
Kane, Frank D. 165-V2
Kane, Jim M. 153-V3
Kane, Leo J. 165-V2
Kane, Leo Joseph 166-V2
Kane, Lucy G. 153-V3
Kane, Thomas 165-V2, 166-V2
Kaneey, Hamdy 19-V3
Karigan, James T. 223-V3
Karigan, Zella 223-V3
Karr, A. P. 166-V1
Karr, Alpha 149-V1
Karr, Ambrose 166-V1
Karr, baby son 595-V3
Karr, Cash 152-V1
Karr, Catherine 602-V3
Karr, Charles C. 152-V1
Karr, Claudie 595-V3
Karr, Daisy A. 106-V1
Karr, Dale D. 106-V1
Karr, Earnest 602-V3
Karr, Edna 106-V1
Karr, Eliza L. 595-V3
Karr, Elizabeth 113-V1
Karr, Elsie L. 297-V3
Karr, Fred W. 58-V1
Karr, George W. 164-V1
Karr, Hampton 149-V1
Karr, Harry 164-V1
Karr, Ida 106-V1
Karr, Iman 297-V3
Karr, Iman L. 297-V3
Karr, Ivil 148-V1
Karr, J. W. 595-V3
Karr, Jack 148-V1
Karr, Jackie 297-V3
Karr, Jacqueline Poteet 297-V3
Karr, James R. 324-V3
Karr, James W. 166-V1
Karr, James, Jr. 58-V1
Karr, Jane-V3
Karr, Jo R. 602-V3
Karr, John W. 602-V3
Karr, Laura 106-V1
Karr, Lee Ann (two entries) 297-V3
Karr, Lillian W. 324-V3
Karr, Linda Diane 149-V1
Karr, Louise 164-V1
Karr, Louise Feldman 164-V1
Karr, Lucy E. 602-V3
Karr, Martha 166-V1
Karr, Martitia N. 164-V1
Karr, Ona 152-V1
Karr, Robert E. 595-V3
Karr, Ross W. 148-V1
Karr, son 164-V1
Karr, son of W. E. 595-V3
Karr, Stephen 297-V3
Karr, Susan 297-V3
Karr, Tracy 148-V1
Karr, Virginia J. Clark 297-V3
Karr, W. H. 106-V1
Karr, William H. 602-V3
Karr, Wm. 166-V1
Karr, Zola L. 602-V3
Karris, Addie Lucille Joan 479-V3
Karstetter, Charley C. 287-V3
Karstetter, Iva E. 287-V3
Kasiah, Henry 108-V1
Kasiah, Isaac 108-V1
Kasiah, Lulu 108-V1
Kasiah, Sarah 108-V1
Kasper, Holly 682-V3
Kates, Andy 582-V3
Kates, Bert 582-V3
Kates, George 582-V3
Katzer, Frank J. 200-V2
Kaufman, (first name unknown) 623-V3
Kaufman, Caroline 5-V2
Kaufman, Dolores 83-V3
Kaufman, Edith Janet 559-V3
Kaufman, John G. 83-V3
Kaufman, Joseph 164-V2, 165-V2
Kaufman, Paul W. 83-V3
Kaumans, Anna S. 97-V3
Kaumans, Benedict D. 97-V3
Kaumans, Mary Gregory 589-V3
Kay, John S. 53-V2
Kay, Netta M. 53-V2
Kaylor, Lewis 569-V3
Kays, Elizabeth 574-V3
Kays, John 424-V3
Kays, William Lincoln 574-V3
Ke Ge Tah No Quah 441-V3
Keal, T. cemetery reading
Kearney, Clodie 224-V3
Kearney, John H. 224-V3
Kearns, Gregory Jordan 663-V3
Keasler, T. C. cemetery reading
Keasling, Joe M. 201-V3
Keasling, Sarah C. 201-V3
Keast, Earl K. 261-V3
Keast, Eli E. 48-V3
Keast, Emma Olive 261-V3
Keast, Harriet M. 48-V3
Keast, Karl K. 261-V3
Keck, Avis Evelyn 184-V1
Keck, Everett 184-V1
Keefauver, Bertha 335-V3
Keefauver, C. C. 562-V3
Keefauver, Cate Lewis 49-V2
Keefauver, George 563-V3
Keefauver, Helen Poteet 49-V2
Keefauver, John 563-V3
Keefauver, LeBright M. 556-V3
Keefauver, Lewis 407-V3
Keefauver, Lewis H. 408-V3
Keefauver, Lillie C. 556-V3
Keefauver, Margaret C. 407-V3
Keefauver, Martha Jane 407-V3
Keefauver, Mary 407-V3
Keefauver, Shirley Jene'z 49-V2
Keefauver, W. C. 580-V3
Keefe, Michael T. old record not previously reported Keenan, E. A. 85-V3
Keenan, Effie A. 110-V3
Keenan, Eva C. 184-V2
Keenan, Evelyn 182-V2 cemetery record
Keenan, Francis J. 110-V3
Keenan, J. F. 184-V2
Keenan, Janice Kay 182-V2 cemetery record
Keenan, Jeanne new record 2002
Keenan, John A. 184-V2
Keenan, Johnnie 182-V2 cemetery record
Keenan, Joseph F. 111-V3
Keenan, Katie T. 184-V2
Keeenan, Larry Alan new record
Keenan, Loeata Jane new record
Keenan, Mary Alice 85-V3
Keenan, Myrtle C. 111-V3
Keenan, P. J. 85-V3
Keenan, Peter J. 110-V3
Keenan, Thomas C. 85-V3
Kennan, Tommy old record not previously reported
Keene, Martha A. 143-V1
Keeney, E. Martin 591-V3
Keeran, Albert C. 133-V2
Keeran, Edith Alberta 133-V2
Keeran, Hannah 33-V2
Keeran, Isaac 32-V2, 33-V2
Keeran, Maggie L. 133-V2
Keetch, Alpheus 164-V1
Keetch, Edward W. 152-V1
Keetch, Elizabeth 164-V1
Keetch, Florence 152-V1
Keetch, John J. 164-V1
Keetch, Mary Margaret R. 164-V1
Keetch, William 164-V1
Keeton, Ada G. 315-V3
Keeton, Arthur Card 200-V2
Keeton, Arthur Russell 200-V2
Keeton, Charley E. 315-V3
Keeton, Louella M. 200-V2
Keeton, Mattie 103-V2
Keevil, Charles 31-V2
Keevil, Eliza 31-V2
Kefton, Forest 160-V3
Kefton, Mouset 160-V3
Kehn, Adolph E. 24-V1
Kehn, Caroline 44-V1
Kehn, Gus 464-V3
Kehn, Martin 44-V1
Kehn, Mike 44-V1
Kehn, mother 26-V1
Kehn, Tillie 44-V1
Kehn, Wilhelm 24-V1
Keihn, Shari Ann 508-V3
Keimig, Adam C. 123-V3
Keimig, Lily Ann 52-V2
Keimig, Lily Ann 664-V3
Keiser, Catherine Ann 25-V2
Keiser, Jacob 25-V2
Keiser, John 572-V3
Keiser, Sarah 572-V3
Keith, B. R. 498-V3
Keith, Charles Arthur 580-V3
Keith, E. R. 498-V3
Keith, Elvin Lewis 299-V3
Keith, Emma Louise 299-V3
Keith, F. E. 169-V1
Keith, Helen 497-V3
Keith, Isabel 496-V3
Keith, James 142-V1
Keith, Lora A. 498-V3
Keith, Mary L. 498-V3
Keith, Meda 169-V1
Keith, Nell 300-V3
Keith, Phebe 142-V1
Keith, son 169-V1, 200-V2
Keith, Will 300-V3
Keithley, Henry G. 14-V1
Keithley, Leonard O. 11-V1, 645-V3
Keithley, Mona E. Harris 14-V1
Keithley, Mrs. H. G. 14-V1
Keithley, Nora A. Fisher 11-V1, 645-V3
Kelk, Charles T. 511-V3
Kelk, Mollie H. 511-V3
Kella, Wm. D. 25-V3
Keller, boy 28-V1
Keller, Dora C. 33-V1
Keller, Edgar E. J. 33-V1
Keller, Harvey 591-V3
Keller, John L. 400-V3
Keller, Mabel Holmes 400-V3
Keller, Pastor O. C. J. 33-V1
Keller, Willie Bell 113-V2
Kelley, Charles E. 244-V3
Kelley, Donald F. 216-V3
Kelley, Edna F. 244-V3
Kelley, James Roland 194-V3
Kelley, Naomi 216-V3
Kelley, Nellie B. 56-V2
Kelley, Timothy R. 244-V3
Kellman, Willie 562-V3
Kellogg, Albert H. 33-V3
Kellogg, James E. 206-V3
Kellogg, Katherine Josephine 206-V3
Kelly, Alpha F. new record
Kelly, Amanda J. 582-V3
Kelly, Catherine 179-V2
Kelly, . old record not previously reported
Kelly, Charles A. 103-V2
Kelly, Charles Delbert 15-V2
Kelly, Charles E. 15-V2
Kelly, Clyde T. 42-V2
Kelly, David 384-V3
Kelly, David D. 244-V3
Kelly, David Joseph 190-V2
Kelly, David Oris 42-V2
Kelly, Dorothy M. 186-V2
Kelly, Earl W. 176-V3
Kelly, Edith B. 15-V2
Kelly, Edna Holles 103-V1
Kelly, Ernest 350-V3
Kelly, Frances J. 190-V2, 674-V3
Kelly, Frank A. 136-V3
Kelly, Hezekiah 136-V3
Kelly, Hiram 208-V2
Kelly, John 42-V2, 43-V2, 132-V3
Kelly, John A. 193-V3
Kelly, John W. 103-V2
Kelly, Joseph P. 384-V3
Kelly, Katherine G. 106-V3
Kelly, Leslie (Les) E. 184-V3
Kelly, Lillie M. 103-V2
Kelly, Little Ogle 136-V3
Kelly, Mary 186-V2, 672-V3
Kelly, Mary E. 193-V3
Kelly, Mary J. 132-V3
Kelly, Maudie E. 184-V3
Kelly, Michael 186-V2, 672-V3
Kelly, Michael A. 186-V2 - two entries in cemetery reading
Kelly, Nellie M. 176-V3
Kelly, Phebe J. 136-V3
Kelly, Phillip L. 179-V2
Kelly, Phillip T. new record
Kelly, Phillip W. new record
Kelly, Rachel 43-V2
Kelly, Rachel J. 42-V2
Kelly, Rolland H. 136-V3
Kelly, Sarah Jane 136-V3
Kelly, son (2 entries) 42-V2
Kelly, T. T. 106-V3
Kelly, Thomas E. 190-V2
Kelly, Thomas Fred 194-V3
Kelly, Veronica L. 190-V2
Kelly, Viola E. 350-V3
Kelly, William M. 190-V2, 674-V3
Kelly, Willie 42-V2, 43-V2
Kelsey, Ernest Clark 170-V3
Kelsey, Ethel Kincheloe-V3
Kelsey, Frank 110-V1
Kelsey, Jasper 110-V1
Kelsey, M. Helen 113-V1
Kelso, Athelston Owen 623-V3
Kelso, Elizabeth Mary 682-V3
Keltner, Howard 118-V3
Keltner, Marie E. 118-V3
Kemper, Adam 154-V3
Kemper, Dave 154-V3
Kemper, Harry 49-V2
Kemper, Mini Alger 154-V3
Kemper, Mollie 49-V2
Kemper, Senie 154-V3
Kemper, Ward 154-V3
Kendall, Cora A. 103-V1
Kendall, Edward 180-V3
Kendall, Harvey 226-V3
Kendall, Hazel 226-V3
Kendall, Jeff 103-V1
Kendall, Laudie 103-V1
Kendall, Nancy 38-V2
Kendall, Nelle B. 180-V3
Kendrick, Larry C. 68-V3
Kendrick, Margaret I. 68-V3
Kenison see also Kimson (Keneson)
Kenison, H. 157-V3, cemetery reading
Kenison, R. 157-V3
Kenison, Randall 157-V3, cemetery reading
Kennedy, Anna Lamb 201-V2
Kennedy, B. F. 230-V1
Kennedy, baby 569-V3
Kennedy, Benjamin 200-V2
Kennedy, Charlie E. 200-V2
Kennedy, Chester P. 201-V2
Kennedy, Dean 200-V2
Kennedy, Dorothy M. Johnston 200-V2
Kennedy, Frances R. 368-V3
Kennedy, Helen DeVore 200-V2
Kennedy, Jennie 21-V3
Kennedy, Kathryn M. 200-V2
Kennedy, M. J. 230-V1
Kennedy, Marcia Fern 330-V3
Kennedy, Rebecca F. 230-V1
Kennedy, Rebecca Holloway 200-V2
Kennedy, Samuel Alexander 559-V3
Kennedy, William E. 200-V2
Kennedy, William G. 329-V3, 330-V3
Kennedy, William W. 368-V3
Kensil, Harry 566-V3
Kent, Blanche E. 44-V3
Kent, Charles V. 623-V3, 682-V3
Kent, Claudia N. 623-V3
Kent, Frank L. 395-V3
Kent, Isabel M. 397-V3
Kent, Israel L. 396-V3
Kent, Levi P. 44-V3
Kent, Mabel E. 395-V3
Kent, Mattie J. 396-V3
Kent, Mollie E. 396-V3
Kent, Robert C. 397-V3
Kerelloth, Martha 582-V3
Kern, (first name unknown) 582-V3
Kern, Alma M. 116-V2
Kern, Charles Ed 120-V2
Kern, Claude E. 100-V3
Kern, Claude M. 112-V2
Kern, Claude Milton 112-V2
Kern, Clifford A. 114-V2, 116-V2
Kern, Daisy Belle 96-V2
Kern, Darold Dean 60-V2
Kern, Earl L. 244-V1
Kern, Earline 120-V2
Kern, Edith M. 116-V2
Kern, Elmer C. 101-V3
Kern, Elza W. 96-V2
Kern, Ethel P. 284-V3
Kern, Eva Pearl 112-V2
Kern, Ferol 623-V3
Kern, Florence 117-V2
Kern, Gerald 179-V2, 671-V3
Kern, Harold Ray 682-V3
Kern, Issac Newton 116-V2
Kern, James L. 168-V2
Kern, James Lowell, Jr. 168-V2
Kern, Jesse Floyd 623-V3
Kern, John H. 96-V2
Kern, John Loren 96-V2
Kern, John W. 114-V2
Kern, Kenneth 116-V2
Kern, Lillie 623-V3
Kern, Lloyd W. 284-V3
Kern, Lottie E. 114-V2
Kern, Louise E. 101-V3
Kern, Marceline 168-V2
Kern, Mary R. 244-V1
Kern, Melvin T. 623-V3
Kern, Nancy M. 179-V2, 671-V3
Kern, Newton 117-V2
Kern, Oda E. 116-V2
Kern, Phyllis Marie 117-V2
Kern, R. F. 623-V3
Kern, Ray F. 623-V3
Kern, Roy L. 60-V2
Kern, Ula Murile 60-V2
Kerner, Catherine 187-V2
Kerner, M. B. 187-V2
Kerner, Esther Shriver 94-V2
Kerr, Anna Katherine 106-V2
Kerr, Barnard I. 623-V3, 682-V3
Kerr, Billy Wayne 106-V2
Kerr, Ellen Pearl 666-V3
Kerr, Emma L. 623-V3
Kerr, Fred W. 114-V2
Kerr, Glen Eugene 106-V2
Kerr, Guy G. 623-V3
Kerr, Hollis Dean 500-V3
Kerr, Jeff 159-V3
Kerr, Katherine 500-V3
Kerr, Martha 623-V3
Kerr, Michael 119-V2
Kerr, Michael Gail 121-V2
Kerr, Myrtle M. 114-V2
Kerr, Robert E. 666-V3
Kerr, Robert E., Jr. 121-V2
Kerr, Robert Eugene, Jr. 119-V2
Kerr, Wayne Fredrick 114-V2
Kerr, Willard Joseph 106-V2
Kerr, Willard Nelson 106-V2
Kerr, William Nelson 106-V2
Kershner, Alice M. 217-V1
Kershner, Andrew 219-V1
Kershner, Axie B. 129-V2
Kershner, Charles H. 244-V1
Kershner, Cora 219-V1
Kershner, Estella M. 244-V1
Kershner, Grace L. 219-V1
Kershner, Helen J. 89-V2
Kershner, Lewis B. 217-V1
Kershner, Maggie B. 219-V1
Kershner, Mary 219-V1
Kershner, Mary Dorothea 219-V1
Kershner, Osborn 219-V1
Kershner, Otho A. 219-V1
Kershner, Otho S. 219-V1
Kershner, Owen E. 217-V1
Kershner, Pearl E. 129-V2
Kershner, Ray A. 89-V2
Kershner, Smith M. 219-V1
Kershner, son 217-V1
Kershner, Walter O. 219-V1
Kershner, William B. 219-V1
Kersley, Alfred 94-V2
Kersley, Emma 94-V2
Kersley, Lydia A. 94-V2
Kersley, Sarah I. 94-V2
Kersner, Floyd A. 229-V3
Kersner, Nellie E. 229-V3
Kessler, E. W. 682-V3
Kessler, infant son 623-V3
Kessler, Jennie 623-V3, 682-V3
Kessler, M. H. 623-V3
Kessler, Saloman 623-V3
Kessler, Thomas M. 623-V3
Kessler, William R. 113-V3
Kester, Carl R. 198-V3
Kester, Harve C. 185-V3
Kester, Lillie J. 185-V3
Kester, Margaret B. 198-V3
Kester, Mary E. 582-V3
Kester, Roy 64-V1
Kester, Sherri Diane 164-V3
Kester, Susie E. 168-V3
Kester, William H. 168-V3
Ketchum, Kitty 624-V3
Ketchum, M. J. 624-V3
Kettler, Amelia F. 323-V3
Kettler, Bertha E. 24-V1
Kettler, Burl Louis 120-V3
Kettler, child 24-V1
Kettler, Chris H. 29-V1
Kettler, Clara C. 24-V1
Kettler, Clarence Henry 322-V3
Kettler, David 322-V3
Kettler, Elizabeth J. 120-V3
Kettler, Ella Minden 33-V1
Kettler, Emma 32-V1
Kettler, Fred 33-V1
Kettler, Fred H. 303-V3
Kettler, Georgia W. (M?) 113-V2
Kettler, Henry D. 323-V3
Kettler, Herman 32-V1
Kettler, Hulda Lena 120-V3
Kettler, J. H. 89-V1
Kettler, John D. 31-V1
Kettler, John H. 323-V3
Kettler, Katie 250-V1
Kettler, Katie Durst 321-V3
Kettler, Louis 321-V3
Kettler, Louisa M. 323-V3
Kettler, Louise 89-V1
Kettler, Lourena Elizabeth 322-V3
Kettler, Maria 24-V1, 30-V1
Kettler, Martha 29-V1
Kettler, Mary E. 322-V3
Kettler, Max J. 323-V3
Kettler, Minnie 33-V1, 90-V1
Kettler, Nora Lina 89-V1
Kettler, Ralph 649-V3
Kettler, Rosine Helene 24-V1
Kettler, Wilhelm 27-V1
Kettler, Will J. 322-V3
Kettler, William 90-V1
Keuper, Della Keefauver 282-V3
Keuper, Elmer A. 282-V3
Kevins, Dat 565-V3
Key, Clarence M. 312-V3
Key, Esther L. 311-V3

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