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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Laas to Lewis


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Laas, Karen Sue 16-V3
Labadie, Francis 440-V3
Lackey, David 158-V3
Lackey, F. M. 90-V2
Lackey, Isibell 90-V2
LaClare, (first name unknown) 582-V3
LaCock, Willard Biddle 409-V3
Lacy, Claude W. 598-V3
Lacy, Edna 624-V3
Lacy, Frieda 624-V3
Lacy, James R. 682-V3
Lacy, Laura Lee 624-V3
Lacy, Sheilia 624-V3
LaDuke, A. M. 277-V3
LaDuke, Anna E. 277-V3
Laffoon, Delpha 602-V3
Laffoon, J. Ray 602-V3
Laffoon, Nora B. 602-V3
Laffoon, Roma L. 602-V3
Lafollette, Charles A. 201-V2
Lafollette, Clint 201-V2
Lafollette, Della B. Kates 201-V2
Lafollette, George E. 201-V2
Lafollette, Ila Mae Miller 201-V2
Lafollette, James F. 201-V2
Lafollette, John B. 201-V2
Lafollette, Kyle O. 201-V2
Lafollette, Lena L. Baffrey 201-V2
Lafollette, Lodency A. 201-V2
Lafollette, Mary A. 201-V2
Lafollette, Myrtle E. Suttle 201-V2
Lafollette, Orestes R. 201-V2
Lafollette, Robert E. 201-V2
Lafollette, Roscoe 201-V2
Lafollette, Rose 201-V2
Lafollette, William B. 201-V2
Lafollette, Zoe Sturgeon 201-V2
Lafontaine, Agnes F. 74-V1
Lafontaine, L. F. 74-V1
Lafontaine, Lewis J. 74-V1
Lafontaine, Louisa 74-V1
Lafontaine, M. M. 74-V1
LaGalle-Taylor, Thomas Randall 309-V3
Lagle, Elizabeth P. 266-V3
Lagle, Ethel P. 227-V3
Lagle, George H. 227-V3
Lagle, Henry E. 266-V3
Lagle, Lestie 266-V3
Lagle, Violet M. 266-V3
Lahman, Adam 205-V1
Lahman, Omega 205-V1
Lahman, Sarah J. 205-V1
Lahmeyer, George Louis 207-V3
Laird, Anna K 232-V3
Laird, Jesse J. 232-V3
Laird, L. F. 42-V2
Laird, Linna B. 232-V3
Laird, R. M. 582-V3
Laird, Raymond H. 232-V3
Lamar, Fern 162-V2
LaMaster, Stella Sims 493-V3
Lamb, Catherine W. 440-V3
Lamb, Charles R. 26-V3
Lamb, Clara E. 326-V3
Lamb, Edward L. 676-V3
Lamb, Edward Lee 275-V3
Lamb, Flora J. 6-V2
Lamb, Gladys J. 676-V3
Lamb, Marno J. 326-V3
Lambe, Beverly A. 201-V2
Lambe, Nancy A. Walburn 201-V2
Lambe, William R. 201-V2
Lambe, William V. 201-V2
Lambert, Geo. W. 140-V2
Lambert, Martha E. 150-V2
Lambert, W. H. 150-V2
Lambeth, Edna L. 145-V2
Lamm, Fanny S. 527-V3
Lamm, Fern 528-V3
Lamm, George A. 528-V3
Lamm, John N. 527-V3
Lamm, Lydia L. 528-V3
Lammis, Chas. E. 158-V3
Lamont, Sarah F. 406-V3
Lamson, Albert Galatan 364-V3
Lamson, Jennie 435-V3
Lamson, Mattie Jane 364-V3
Lamson, May C. 435-V3
Lancaster, Billy F. 46-V1, 650-V3
Lancaster, Dora 602-V3
Lancaster, Gene R. 46-V1
Lancaster, Joe S. 592-V3
Lancaster, Mont E. 120-V2
Lancaster, O. M. 602-V3
Lancaster, Pearl A. 120-V2
Lancaster, Ralph L. 46-V1
Lancaster, Thelma A. 592-V3
Land Phillis 624-V3
Land, A. 144-V2
Land, A. L. 625-V3
Land, Annie 520-V3
Land, Beuna M. 144-V2
Land, C. B. 625-V3
Land, Charles 624-V3
Land, Daniel 575-V3
Land, Dannie 520-V3
Land, E. 144-V2
Land, Earl Williams 624-V3
Land, Emma Grace 682-V3
Land, Ernest C. 682-V3
Land, Etta (two entries) 624-V3
Land, F. A. 154-V1
Land, Francis 445-V3
Land, George C. 169-V1
Land, Harry W. 459-V3
Land, Ida 572-V3
Land, Ira 520-V3
Land, Lela Ann 624-V3
Land, Lulie F. 445-V3
Land, Milburn Burdette 154-V1
Land, Myrtle E. 520-V3
Land, Nettie 572-V3
Land, Roy V. 625-V3
Land, Sarah J. Jackson 169-V1
Land, Stephen A. 625-V3
Land, Tessie L. 682-V3
Land, Wanda May 154-V1
Land, William 445-V3
Landers (Landruss?) , Sarah 201-V2
Landers, Alma F. 6-V3
Landers, Annie E. 199-V3
Landers, Cora G. 217-V3
Landers, Estella E. 229-V3
Landers, James O. 6-V3
Landers, Janet Lynn 252-V3
Landers, John A. 199-V3
Landers, John N. 23-V3
Landers, Maggie Belle 229-V3
Landers, Mattie E. 23-V3
Landers, Mildred Irene 386-V3
Landers, Nannie P. 6-V3
Landers, Orville (Hoss) 217-V3
Landers, Pearl Lucille 6-V3
Landers, Robbie 23-V3
Landers, Robert F. 232-V3
Landers, Roy Lee 229-V3
Landers, Ruby L. 232-V3
Landers, William Abraham 229-V3
Landers, Winfred N. 199-V3
Landes, Malinda 582-V3
Landess, Amelia Agustus 201-V2
Landess, Charles Douglas 201-V2
Landess, Cora B. 201-V2
Landess, W. P. 201-V2
Landis, Albert L. 6-V3
Landis, Aubrey E. 6-V3
Landis, Bertha 6-V3
Landis, Catherine 6-V3
Landis, Elizabeth 68-V1
Landis, Eva Euless (Mammy) 191-V3
Landis, Jack 218-V3
Landis, Jacob 68-V1, 62-V2
Landis, Jacob D. 32-V2
Landis, Laura 62-V2
Landis, Martin Euless 191-V3
Landis, Mary A. 7-V3
Landis, Maude Elder 191-V3
Landis, Sarah E. 32-V2
Landis, Wilbur 62-V2
Landiss, Henry 210-V2
Landon, James 76-V2
Landon, Sara M. 76-V2
Landon, William A. 76-V2
Landrey, Clifford 402-V3
Landrus, William Tarlton 201-V2
Landry, Chester F. 215-V3
Landry, Dorothy A. 215-V3
Lane, Albert 58-V1
Lane, Alpheus 60-V1
Lane, Anna C. 31-V3
Lane, Anson 652-V3
Lane, Bennie L. 48-V1
Lane, Byron 74-V1
Lane, Catherine 58-V1, 74-V1, 655-V3
Lane, Catherine E. 417-V3
Lane, Celia 60-V1
Lane, D. I. 482-V3
Lane, Edna Peiker 552-V3
Lane, Edward Harmon 565-V3
Lane, Elsie B. 311-V3
Lane, Ernest R. 311-V3
Lane, Faley D. 417-V3
Lane, Franklin 74-V1
Lane, G. W. 482-V3
Lane, Georgie 482-V3
Lane, Gilbert 74-V1
Lane, Harry L. 73-V1
Lane, Hosea 482-V3
Lane, Hugh A. 48-V1
Lane, Iva E. 48-V1
Lane, J. Madge D. 107-V1
Lane, James B. 31-V3
Lane, John 58-V1
Lane, Kendall C. 58-V1
Lane, Kenneth 74-V1
Lane, Leota 546-V3
Lane, Lovisa J. 417-V3
Lane, Major A. 546-V3
Lane, Mary E. 482-V3
Lane, Nathan S. 107-V1
Lane, Nellie J. 73-V1
Lane, Olive 63-V1, 652-V3
Lane, Otto 60-V1
Lane, Susan 652-V3
Lane, Vernon Bryon 552-V3
Laneer, Mabel 583-V3
Laneer, Mattie 574-V3
Lang, Joyce 212-V3
Lang, Robert K. 212-V3
Lang, Rosetta 580-V3
Langan(?), Mamie 88-V3
Langan, Anna 89-V3
Langan, Catharine Quinn 88-V3
Langan, Martin 88-V3
Langan, Maurice V. 89-V3
Langdon, Belle Webb 366-V3
Langdon, C. (A?) H.(Pete) 2-V2
Langdon, LaVerna I. 2-V2
Lankard, Helen Rutledge 202-V2
Lankford, Fannie G. 262-V3
Lankford, Myron C. 262-V3
Lanning, Clifford E. 74-V2
Lanning, Debra Emeline 152-V2
Lanning, Isola Mae 74-V2
Lanning, J. E. 152-V2
Lanning, Paul L., Sr. 165-V3
Lanning, Vera M. 165-V3
Lanning, Wilmer Roy 74-V2
Lannur, Carrie 583-V3
Lannur, Mary M. 583-V3
Lannur, Sarah 583-V3
Lanphere, Amy Fry 163-V3
Lanphere, Charles S. 516-V3
Lanphere, Clara 433-V3
Lanphere, Delia 433-V3
Lanphere, Frances A. 433-V3
Lanphere, Lawrence 163-V3
Lanphere, Lona E. 516-V3
Lanphere, Margaret J. 433-V3
Lanphere, Milon [Milton] 433-V3
Lanphere, Pearl 433-V3
Lanphere, Sarah A. 433-V3
Lanphere, Will 515-V3
Lansing, Ada Yocum 195-V3
Lansing, George W. 195-V3
Lansing, Joseph Laverne 195-V3
Lantier, Elmer B. 482-V3
Lantier, mother 482-V3
Lapsley, Amanda 574-V3
Lapsley, Benjamin 574-V3
Lapsley, infant 582-V3
Lapsley, Mamie 582-V3
Lapsley, Mike 582-V3
Lapsley, P. William 582-V3
Lapsley, Richard 573-V3
Lapsley, Savilla 583-V3
Larabee, Virginia 174-V2
Largent, James R. 27-V3
Largent, Monte B. 27-V3
Larimer, J. A. 92-V2
Larimer, Mary 104-V2
Larimer, Minnie 40-V1
Larimore, Irene L. 231-V3
Larimore, Kenneth S. 231-V3
Larimore, Leland S. 553-V3
Larkin, Ella 186-V3
Larkin, J. E. 184-V2
Larkin, John T. 185-V2
Larkin, John, Sr. 185-V2
Larkin, Mary 185-V2
Larkin, Mary A. 185-V2
Larkin, Peter 185-V2
Larkin, Raymond 184-V2
Larkin, Stephen 184-V2
Larkin, Teresa 184-V2
Larry, Blanche 25-V3
Larson, Mary 682-V3
Lash, Milford E. 231-V3
Lash, Ruth L. 231-V3
Lasher, Wm. H. cemetery reading
Lasister, Jesse A. 18-V1
Lasister, Jesse A. 647-V3
Lasister, Shirley M. 18-V1
Laskey, Emma 49-V3
Laskey, Frank T. 49-V3
Laskie, Dale Howard 18-V2
Laskie, Elizabeth 18-V2
Laskie, John 16-V2
Laskie, Nira 16-V2
Laskie, Paul 18-V2
Laskie, Teddy 18-V2
Lassister, Noah D. 203-V1
Latchford, James 1-V2
Latchford, Margaret 1-V2
Latham, Bela 150-V2
Latham, Charles 150-V2
Latham, Clara 150-V2
Latham, Dorothy 148-V2
Latham, Edward 148-V2, 150-V2
Latham, Eliza E. 150-V2
Latham, Ella 150-V2
Latham, Etta 150-V2
Latham, Fred 150-V2
Latham, Hattie J. 150-V2
Latham, Katherine 148-V2
Lathen, Jack Elzea 243-V1
Lathen, Mary S. 202-V2
Lathen, Sybil E. 243-V1
Lathen, T. Smith 202-V2
Lathen, W. Fayne 243-V1
Latimer, Blance R. 80-V2
Latimer, C. Alice 210-V3
Latimer, Claude R. 210-V3
Latimer, Fannie H. 183-V3
Latimer, John P. 183-V3
Latimer, Phillip F. 80-V2
Latimer, Phillip H. 80-V2
Latimer, Sue A. 80-V2
Latson, Erol Roland 215-V1
Latson, Mary Ann 215-V1
Latson, W. E. 215-V1
Lattin, Edward G. 399-V3
Lattin, Maria D. (two entries) 399-V3
Lattin,Wesley 399-V3
Latto, Edna Mae 125-V3
Latto, Kenneth B. 125-V3
Laub, infant daughter 559-V3
Laub, Marcella 212-V3
Laub, Neal 559-V3
Laub, R. E. 212-V3
Lauck, Caroline M. S. 68-V3
Lauck, Charles H. 68-V3
Lauck, Eliza W. 68-V3
Lauck, Sarah L. 68-V3
Laughin, Charles, Jr. 123-V2
Laughlin, Effie 625-V3
Laughlin, infant 625-V3
Laughlin, Maria 381-V3
Laughlin, Nettie B. 381-V3
Laughlin, Ralph 625-V3
Laughlin, Thomas A. 381-V3
Laugnine, infant 583-V3
Lauver, Alma 535-V3
Lauver, Alma L. 534-V3
Lauver, David 535-V3
Lauver, David M. 534-V3
Lauver, Ella Minerva 151-V2
Lauver, Hannah 151-V2
Lauver, Lawrence L. 323-V3
Lauver, Mariam M. 323-V3
Lauvr, Henry 151-V2
Lavender, Jim 649-V3
Law, A. J. 625-V3
Law, baby 16-V3
Law, Della 16-V3
Law, Flavil E. 112-V1
Law, Gerald 239-V3
Law, infant 239-V3
Law, Lawrence 16-V3
Law, Lawrence E. 250-V3
Law, Leota 625-V3
Law, Lloyd B. 683-V3
Law, Marjorie 625-V3
Law, Melissa E. 250-V3
Law, Minnie G. 625-V3
Law, Nannie 683-V3
Law, Shirley 239-V3
Law, Steven James 250-V3
Lawrence, (first name unknown) cemetery reading
Lawrence, (first name unknown) wife of Gilson 625-V3
Lawrence, Anna E. 278-V3
Lawrence, Bertha 69-V2
Lawrence, Bertha Mae 69-V2
Lawrence, Betty Jo Bowman 312-V3
Lawrence, Cecil L new record 1998
Lawrence, Charles 105-V3
Lawrence, Frank 69-V2
Lawrence, George A. 278-V3
Lawrence, Gilson 625-V3
Lawrence, Harry 560-V3
Lawrence, Johanna 105-V3
Lawrence, John W new record 1993
Lawrence, Katherine 78-V3
Lawrence, Merwin N new record 1995
Lawrence, Phillip 69-V2
Laws, Barbara Ann 670-V3
Laws, George M. 59-V3
Laws, Mary E. 59-V3
Lawson, Donna Kay 75-V2
Lawson, Henry Mae 497-V3
Lawson, Sam 202-V2
Lawson, Thomas S. 102-V2
Lay, Anna 103-V2
Lay, Bill 583-V3
Lay, C. F. 76-V2
Lay, Carl 76-V2
Lay, Edith 69-V2
Lay, I. J. 578-V3
Lay, infant 578-V3
Lay, J. H. 69-V2
Lay, J. N. 517-V3
Lay, Jesse 316-V3
Lay, John S. 69-V2
Lay, Joseph M. 69-V2
Lay, Lafe E. 515-V3
Lay, Leonard P. 69-V2
Lay, Lillie M. 69-V2
Lay, Lowell O., Sr. 559-V3
Lay, M. 578-V3
Lay, Marian cemetery reading
Lay, Mary E. 517-V3
Lay, Maude 316-V3
Lay, Parley P. 69-V2
Lay, Rebecca 76-V2
Lay, Thomas 439-V3
Layland, Lee 625-V3
Layland, Mary V. 625-V3
Layland, Max 223-V3
Layland, Relia 223-V3
Layland, Stella 227-V3
Layman, Lucretia 92-V3
Laymon, Mary J. 210-V1
Layton, baby 336-V3
Layton, infant 561-V3, 572-V3
Layton, Irene 561-V3
Layton, Jeanette 566-V3
Layton, Preston 36-V1
Leach, Calvin (Capp) 171-V3
Leach, Elwood 306-V3
Leach, Gary Dean 274-V3
Leach, Lucille A. 171-V3
Leach, Marlene 306-V3
Leach, Michelle Leigh 306-V3
Leahy, Michael James new record 1993
Leard, Cora O. 202-V2
Leard, David 567-V3
Leard, E. 567-V3
Leard, Hettie 567-V3
Leard, infant 567-V3
Leard, M. 567-V3
Leard, Mrs. M. 567-V3
Leard, Tony 567-V3
Leard, W. T. 567-V3
Leard, William 425-V3
Leard, Willis A. 202-V2
Lease, George W. 265-V3
Lease, Sylvia M. 265-V3
Leavitt, Emma Jenks 507-V3
Leavitt, George P. 507-V3
Leavitt, Georgie 507-V3
Leavitt, Humphrey 577-V3
Leavitt, John Holland 507-V3
Leavitt, Julia Cummings 431-V3
Leazenny, James 155-V3, cemetery reading
Leckron, Alvin Eugene 79-V3
Leckron, Mary 78-V3
Ledom, Edith M. 10-V2
Lee, (first name unknown) 666-V3
Lee, Aaron S. 163-V1
Lee, Alta Hazel 113-V2
Lee, Andrew Jackson 124-V2
Lee, Anna 163-V1
Lee, Anna E. 75-V2
Lee, Anna L. 94-V2
Lee, Anna M. 80-V2
Lee, Archie 194-V1
Lee, Artie 583-V3
Lee, Bertha M. 71-V2
Lee, Carey 106-V2
Lee, Carl F. 94-V2
Lee, Carrie A. 14-V3
Lee, Cecelia Grace 683-V3
Lee, Charles Edwin 94-V2
Lee, Charles H. 99-V2
Lee, Charles W. 298-V3
Lee, D. W. 88-V2
Lee, Diana Cruse 124-V2
Lee, Dick A. 163-V1
Lee, Don F. 71-V2, 284-V3
Lee, Duane Edward 202-V2
Lee, Earl V. 93-V2
Lee, Ed 124-V2
Lee, Edd 7-V1
Lee, Edith E. 281-V3
Lee, Ella 99-V2
Lee, Ezra Vance 104-V2
Lee, Flossie 665-V3
Lee, Flossie N. 115-V2
Lee, Floyd B. 85-V2
Lee, Floyd S. 113-V2
Lee, George 583-V3
Lee, George W. 8-V3
Lee, Georgia A. 298-V3
Lee, Hannah 88-V2
Lee, Henry 582-V3
Lee, Hugh 97-V2
Lee, Ida N. 8-V3
Lee, infant 582-V3
Lee, J. F. 240-V1
Lee, J. T., Jr., 94-V2
Lee, James Ellis 77-V2
Lee, James L. 163-V1
Lee, James T. 93-V2
Lee, Jane 240-V1
Lee, Jasper 83-V1
Lee, John M. 146-V1
Lee, Joseph Leslie 625-V3
Lee, Joseph Vance 75-V2
Lee, Josie Owens 625-V3
Lee, Kay 202-V2
Lee, Lafayette 91-V2, 97-V2
Lee, Laurel C. 171-V2
Lee, Lawrence D. 47-V1
Lee, Lela Marie 75-V2
Lee, Leslie E. 115-V2
Lee, Levi 106-V2
Lee, Lewis 148-V2
Lee, Lillie L. 85-V2
Lee, Lois Roberta 97-V2
Lee, Louise 77-V2
Lee, Lucy 582-V3
Lee, Lura May 106-V2
Lee, Mamie Bertha 155-V2
Lee, Margaret 523-V3
Lee, Margaret Jane 91-V2
Lee, Mark A. 683-V3
Lee, Mark Allen 625-V3
Lee, Martha Anna 683-V3
Lee, Mary 163-V1
Lee, Mary B. 85-V2
Lee, Mary E. 93-V2
Lee, Mary J. 163-V1
Lee, Mary Pauline 625-V3, 683-V3
Lee, Marye 83-V1
Lee, Mattie 7-V1
Lee, Maude 583-V3
Lee, Max L. 667-V3
Lee, Merle H. 77-V2
Lee, Mildred Cramer 284-V3
Lee, Minnie Gertrude 91-V2
Lee, Oda A. 106-V2
Lee, Ora E. 146-V1
Lee, Oscar 578-V3
Lee, Philip M. 77-V2
Lee, Richard Craig 115-V2
Lee, Richard Roland 97-V2
Lee, Robert E. 113-V2
Lee, Roy L. 281-V3
Lee, Ruben S. 625-V3
Lee, Sam 202-V2
Lee, Sarah 582-V3
Lee, Sarah E. 104-V2, 625-V3
Lee, Walter R. 171-V2
Lee, William 523-V3
Lee, Willie 194-V1, 580-V3
Leffen, Ann Hannah 416-V3
Leffen, Thomas Bray 416-V3
Leffen, William 416-V3
Leftwich, Charles 582-V3
Legner, Joseph T. 101-V2
Legner, Mary A. 101-V2
Lehew, Emma G. 202-V2
Lehew, Lucy Belle Lee 202-V2
Lehew, William Frank 202-V2
Lehew, William W. 202-V2
Lehman, A. 205-V1
Lehman, Sarah J. 205-V1
Lehmkuhl, Anna M. 30-V1
Lehmkuhl, child 26-V1
Lehmkuhl, Dick 26-V1
Lehr, Frances P. 63-V1
Lehr, Gabriel 65-V1
Lehr, George 65-V1, 653-V3
Lehr, Josephine L. 79-V3
Lehr, mother 65-V1, 653-V3
Lehr, Nellie F. 63-V1
Lehr, Robert W. 79-V3
Lehr, Robert W., Jr. 80-V3
Lehr, Thaddeus B. 63-V1, 653-V3
Lehr, Thaddeus M. 79-V3
Leibson, Sidney 225-V3
Leigh, Charles F. 13-V1, 22-V1
Leigh, William O. 29-V2
Leininger, John 7-V3
Leininger, Joseph 7-V3
Leininger, W. F. 7-V3
Leiser, J. A. 380-V3
Leiser, Millie C. 380-V3
Leith, infant daughter 625-V3
Leith, infant girl 683-V3
Leith, infant son 625-V3
Leith, J. W. 625-V3
Leith, Orlena F. 625-V3
Leith, Rosella 625-V3
Leith, Thomas 683-V3
Leith, William T. 625-V3
Leith, Wm. T. 683-V3
Leitner, Frank 162-V2
Leitner, Theresa 162-V2
Lemar, Donald 123-V2
Lemar, Fern L. 123-V2
Lemaster, infants 564-V3
Lemmer, Frankie E. 592-V3
Lemmer, Willard D. 592-V3
Lemmons, Robert 206-V3
Lemon, Bessie 18-V2
Lemon, Effie May 55-V1, 652-V3
Lemon, Enos L. 18-V2
Lemon, Grover 55-V1
Lemon, John 55-V1
Lemon, John Wilbur 55-V1
Lemon, Odessa Grace 18-V2
Lemon, Park L. 18-V2
Lemon, Ross N. 17-V2
Lemon, Roy Orville 18-V2
Lemon, Sallie L. Hedrick 17-V2
Lemon, son 17-V2
Lenhart, Charles F. 68-V3
Lenhart, Frederick E. 68-V3
Lenhart, Minnie 68-V3
Lenhart, Sarah A. 68-V3
Lening, Theodore old record 187?, not previously reported
Lenix, A. 185-V1
Lennie, Mrs. 4-V1
Lenox, Richard 60-V1
Lentz, Beulah Rohrer 172-V2
Lentz, D. S. 172-V2
Lentz, J. M. 172-V2
Lentz, Josephine 172-V2
Lentz, Scott 172-V2
Leon, Jesse J. new record
Leon, Kathleen R. new record 1998
Leonholt, C. W. 422-V3
Lerch, George W. 67-V3
Leslie, Alice 70-V3
Leslie, Helen Edwards 371-V3
Leslie, W. S. 70-V3
Leslie, William 558-V3
Lessenden, (first name unknown) 115-V1
Lessenden, George W. 70-V3
Lessenden, Mary A. 70-V3
Lessenden, Olive 115-V1
Lester, (first name unknown) cemetery reading
Lester, Anna F. 500-V3
Lester, Arthur C. 466-V3
Lester, D. 500-V3
Lester, Etta 260-V3
Lester, Isaac 466-V3
Lester, James F. 260-V3
Lester, Mary J. 566-V3
Lett, Brandon W. 683-V3
Leveridge, James Arthur 274-V3
Lewellyn, Barton C. 32-V2
Lewellyn, Edgar M. 53-V2
Lewellyn, Helena A. 53-V2
Lewellyn, J. M. 32-V2
Lewellyn, Jacob 32-V2
Lewellyn, Lester 32-V2
Lewellyn, Maude E. 32-V2
Lewellyn, Ralph 32-V2
Lewellyn, Rebecca A. 32-V2
Lewellyn, Vernon C. 221-V3
Lewellyn, Wanda I. 221-V3
Lewin, Harvey D. 210-V3
Lewin, Martha L. 210-V3
Lewis, Ada A. 474-V3
Lewis, Alba 625-V3
Lewis, Alfred 187-V1
Lewis, Anna M. 565-V3
Lewis, Arthur B. 113-V2
Lewis, Belle cemetery reading
Lewis, Ben 173-V3
Lewis, Bernard W. 683-V3, cemetery reading
Lewis, Blanche C. 322-V3
Lewis, C. M. 625-V3
Lewis, Carrie B. 95-V2
Lewis, Charles 66-V1
Lewis, Charles Stephenson 113-V2
Lewis, Charles W. 322-V3
Lewis, Clarence A. 169-V2
Lewis, Clarence P. 169-V2
Lewis, Dana E. 113-V2
Lewis, Dean F. 625-V3
Lewis, Deborah J. 66-V1
Lewis, Edward A. 51-V2
Lewis, Edward W. 146-V3, 683-V3
Lewis, Elanor 109-V1
Lewis, Elmor Jeremiah 283-V3
Lewis, Elsie 625-V3
Lewis, Emily 625-V3
Lewis, Esther 117-V2
Lewis, Esther Rosella 657-V3
Lewis, Ethel 343-V3
Lewis, Flora B. 74-V2
Lewis, Frank D. 625-V3
Lewis, Frank M. 102-V2
Lewis, Frankie E. 147-V3
Lewis, Freddie 66-V1
Lewis, G. L. 625-V3
Lewis, George Carl 367-V3
Lewis, George E. 102-V2
Lewis, George Kenneth 95-V2
Lewis, Georgia Alice 113-V2
Lewis, Georgia T. 664-V3
Lewis, Gertrude 683-V3
Lewis, Girtrude 50-V2
Lewis, Gladis 232-V3
Lewis, H. B. (two entries) 474-V3
Lewis, Harold V. 170-V3
Lewis, Harriett 30-V2
Lewis, Harry B. 72-V1
Lewis, Hershel 51-V2
Lewis, Ida 625-V3
Lewis, infant son 383-V3
Lewis, Ivy 20-V2
Lewis, J. Wallace 74-V2
Lewis, Jacob Lester, Sr. 47-V1
Lewis, James 625-V3, 683-V3
Lewis, James B. 232-V3
Lewis, James C. 187-V1
Lewis, James M. 625-V3
Lewis, Jane 187-V1, 625-V3
Lewis, Jerald C. 18-V2
Lewis, John 109-V1
Lewis, John 625-V3
Lewis, Joseph Alvin 172-V3
Lewis, Julia 51-V2
Lewis, K. B. 147-V3
Lewis, L. Irene 654-V3
Lewis, Leo 52-V2
Lewis, Lucinda (two entries) 474-V3
Lewis, Lulu M. 625-V3
Lewis, M. H. 20-V2
Lewis, Margaret P. 190-V2
Lewis, Mary Jane 66-V1, 113-V, 666-V3
Lewis, Mary Juanita 283-V3
Lewis, Mary Kathryn 333-V3
Lewis, Mary M. 172-V3
Lewis, Matilda J. 625-V3
Lewis, Maud Gertrude 383-V3
Lewis, Minnie 625-V3
Lewis, Minnie M. 51-V2
Lewis, Nancy 20-V2
Lewis, Nelson 109-V2
Lewis, Nettie 51-V2
Lewis, Nita 74-V2
Lewis, Oscar T. 95-V2
Lewis, Paul S. 190-V2
Lewis, Pauline 169-V2
Lewis, Philip 50-V2
Lewis, Rachel 172-V1
Lewis, S. M. 172-V1
Lewis, Samuel Webster 117-V2
Lewis, Stirling L. 625-V3
Lewis, Susan R. 151-V1
Lewis, T. P. 102-V2
Lewis, Thomas 30-V2
Lewis, Thomas P., Jr. 667-V3
Lewis, Thomas Taylor 657-V3
Lewis, Viola Summers 372-V3
Lewis, Wallace D. 187-V1
Lewis, William H. 474-V3
Lewis, William Hays 333-V3
Lewis, William L. 66-V1
Lewis, Wm. 383-V3
Lewis, Zilpah 102-V2

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