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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

McElfresh to Meyers


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McElfresh, Lizzie 157-V1
McElheny, G.W. 179-V2
McElheny, George V. 70-V2
McElheny, George W. 671-V3
McElheny, James 70-V2
McElheny, Johanna M. 671-V3
McElheny, Mattie J. 70-V2
McElhinny, infant son 473-V3
McElhinny, Irvin 473-V3
McElhinny, Irvin E. 305-V3
McElhinny, Maxine 473-V3
McElhinny, Maxine L. 305-V3
McEwan, E. L. 628-V3
McEwan, M. M. 628-V3
McEwan, Ruth E. 628-V3
McEwan, S. 628-V3
McEwan, Violet M. 628-V3
McEwen, Eliza 566-V3
McEwen, Fannie (Fina?) 566-V3
McEwen, J. S. 566-V3
McFadden, G. E. cemetery reading
McFarland, Carrie 568-V3
McFarland, infant boy 80-V2
McFarland, Katie 568-V3
McFarland, Robert 557-V3
McFarland, Robert B. 18-V2
McFarland, Sadie Luella 527-V3
McFee, Calphurnia 399-V3
McFee, Henry 477-V3
McGann, Edmond M. 118-V2
McGann, Irene M. 665-V3
McGaugh, Anna Marie 194-V3
McGaugh, John David 194-V3
McGaw, Elsie Jewel 59-V3
McGaw, George Carl 59-V3
McGaw, Julia 554-V3
McGaw, L. C. 554-V3
McGaw, Robert E. 554-V3
McGee, (first name unknown) 628-V3
McGee, Alfred E. 27-V3
McGee, Donna Mae 27-V3
McGee, Edward 130-V2
McGee, Eliza A. 130-V2
McGee, Prudence 27-V3
McGehee, A. C. 412-V3
McGehee, Lucy Jane Long 412-V3
McGill, Charles E. 516-V3
McGill, David 101-V2
McGill, Frankie 517-V3
McGill, James 517-V3
McGill, Jessie K. 516-V3
McGill, Luther M. 101-V2
McGill, Minerva 517-V3
McGill, Sarah 101-V2
McGonagle, Frances M. 305-V3
McGonagle, George C. 9-V2
McGonagle, Ollie E. 9-V2
McGowan, Patricia Hannagan new record
McGowan, Thomas Joseph new record
McGown, James Miller 428-V3
McGown, M. 428-V3
McGown, Margaret M. 428-V3
McGown, Matilda J. 428-V3
McGown, William H. 428-V3
McGrath, Alice 88-V3
McGrath, Bridget 84-V3
McGrath, Chris C. 106-V3
McGrath, Delia 106-V3
McGrath, Ellen 87-V3
McGrath, Frank 1-V2
McGrath, Harry 1-V2
McGrath, John 87-V3
McGrath, Robert 1-V2, 88-V3
McGrath, Thomas 87-V3
McGraw, William 574-V3
McGreevy, Stephen A. 102-V3
McGrew, Belle 572-V3
McGrew, Jim 572-V3
McGrew, Lucinda 572-V3
McGrew, Sarah Dewildia 91-V2
McGuffin, Elizabeth J. 506-V3
McGuffin, Preston R. 506-V3
McGuire, Betty M. 241-V3
McGuire, Charles A., Sr. 240-V3
McGuire, Clarence E. 212-V3
McGuire, Elizabeth 55-V3
McGuire, Elsie May 13-V2
McGuire, G. W. 628-V3
McGuire, Girard K. 684-V3
McGuire, Henry 12-V3
McGuire, I. E. 55-V3
McGuire, Isabelle 31-V3
McGuire, James 55-V3
McGuire, K. H. 55-V3
McGuire, Lola A. 240-V3
McGuire, Margaret V. 212-V3
McGuire, Marie 55-V3
McGuire, Mary J. 628-V3
McGuire, Pearlie N. 684-V3
McGuire, Rosa E. 12-V3
McGuire, Russell 31-V3
McGuire, W. N. 13-V2
McGuirk, Edward Joseph 101-V2
McGuirk, Ellen 165-V2
McGuirk, Ida F. 167-V2
McGuirk, Joe 168-V2
McGuirk, John Charles 165-V2
McGuirk, John Wiley 165-V2
McGuirk, Leo P. 166-V2
McGuirk, Mary Ann 164-V2
McGuirk, Nellie Johnson 166-V2
McGuirk, Nettie Rose 101-V2
McGuirk, Pat 165-V2
McGuirk, Patrick 164-V2
McGuirk, Patrick H. 166-V2
McGuirk, Terance 165-V2
McGuirk, Terrence 167-V2
McHarney(?), Ida 159-V1
McHarney, George 159-V1
McHenry, A. F. 316-V3
McHenry, Ella R. 316-V3
McIntire, Harold D new record 1992
McIntire, Joyce L new record
McIntosh, A. J. 203-V2
McIntosh, David (two entries) 172-V1
McIntosh, Ellen 172-V1
McIntosh, Helen Frances 496-V3
McIntosh, Joseph E. 203-V3
McIntosh, Mary A. 203-V2
McIntosh, Ruby M. 203-V3
McIntosh, Sarah M. 203-V2
McIntyre, Daniel 210-V3
McIntyre, Emma R. 210-V3
McIntyre, Josephine Lucille 576-V3
McIntyre, Richard (Mac) 287-V3
McKaig, Alfred A. 130-V2
McKaig, Clyde G. 128-V2, 668-V3
McKaig, Emma G.
McKaig, Gertrude 128-V2
McKain, Gertrude M. 328-V3
McKain, James E. 328-V3
McKean, Buelah E. 599-V3
McKean, Leroy J. 599-V3
McKee, child 684-V3
McKee, Mabel C. 166-V3
McKee, Marion N. 166-V3
McKeever, Eliza Catherine 9-V2
McKeever, Zenora L. 173-V3
McKemy, Lucinda 159-V3
McKemy, Wm. B. 159-V3
McKensie, A. G. 443-V3
McKensie, Clifford 443-V3
McKensie, Ellen 443-V3
McKensie, George St. Clair 443-V3
McKensie, Isabel G. 443-V3
McKensie, Margaret 443-V3
McKensie, Rose 443-V3
McKenzie, Bessie 173-V3
McKenzie, Conrad 144-V3
McKenzie, John 144-V3
McKenzie, Margaret Isabelle 159-V3
McKenzie, Wm. 159-V3
McKinney, Alice Jones 380-V3
McKinney, C. Alice 27-V2
McKinney, Francis 39-V3
McKinney, Gale 380-V3
McKinney, Harold E. 203-V2
McKinney, Hattie 40-V3
McKinney, Henry 40-V3
McKinney, James D. 27-V2
McKinney, Juanatta cemetery reading
McKinney, Jess H. 40-V3
McKinney, Joseph 27-V2
McKinney, Lora M. 27-V2
McKinney, Lucinda cemetery reading
McKinney, Luellen (Lou) 250-V3
McKinney, Mary 27-V2
McKinney, Nellie J. 27-V2
McKinney, Nettie Russell 250-V3
McKinney, Twilla Mae 250-V3
McKinney, Walter 105-V2
McKinney, Willie 105-V2
McKinny, John C. 149-V2
McKinny, Matilda 149-V2
McKinsey, Eliza F. 193-V1
McKinsey, Morgan 193-V1
McKoon(?), Joseph Z. 220-V1
McKoon(?), Lorna M. 220-V1
McKoon, C. M. 522-V3
McKoon, Chester F. 220-V1
McKoon, daughter 239-V1
McKoon, Elmer 239-V1, 245-V1
McKoon, Francis O. 220-V1
McKoon, Frank 220-V1
McKoon, Freeda 239-V1, 245-V1
McKoon, J. A. 220-V1
McKoon, J. Z. 220-V1
McKoon, Martha 220-V1
McKoon, Mary J. (2 entries) 220-V1
McKoon, Mattie E. 220-V1
McKoon, Oliver P. 220-V1
McKoon, Rosella 522-V3
McKoon, Vida R. DeVore 257-V3
McKoon, Zeb L. 220-V1
McKown, A. J. 595-V3
McKown, Ann E. 595-V3
McKown, Ella 599-V3
McLachlin, Arthur F. 319-V3
McLachlin, Caddie L. 448-V3
McLachlin, Clara M. 319-V3
McLachlin, Dora Belle 446-V3
McLachlin, George C. 446-V3
McLachlin, Henry Marshall 446-V3
McLachlin, Mary Alice 446-V3
McLachlin, Minnie A. 448-V3
McLachlin, W. M. 446-V3
McLachlin, William D. 446-V3
McLain, Frankie 196-V1
McLain, Jesse 196-V1
McLain, Maria 196-V1
McLain, Tuttsy 199-V1
McLain, Wm. W. 431-V3
McLaughlin, Carrie Sponable 508-V3
McLaughlin, Cleata 563-V3
McLaughlin, Drew, Jr. 303-V3
McLaughlin, Drew, Sr. 302-V3
McLaughlin, E. D. 468-V3
McLaughlin, Emma 559-V3
McLaughlin, F. W. 508-V3
McLaughlin, Florence A. 303-V3
McLaughlin, Frank J. 321-V3
McLaughlin, J. T. 468-V3
McLaughlin, Laura 468-V3
McLaughlin, Myra 507-V3
McLaughlin, O. F. 468-V3
McLaughlin, Sophronia 468-V3
McLean, Agnes 79-V3
McLean, Fay 79-V3
McLean, Fay I. 102-V3
McLean, Jane 35-V3
McLean, John J. 78-V3
McLean, John P. 79-V3
McLean, Joseph A. 79-V3
McLean, Marie T. 78-V3
McLean, Mary C. 78-V3
McLean, Naomi 79-V3
McLean, Naomi T. 102-V3
McLean, Neil 79-V3
McLean, Patricia Rose 79-V3
McLeavey, Charles A. 30-V3
McLellan, baby 602-V3
McLellan, Charles E. 628-V3
McLellan, Essie 628-V3
McLellan, M. A. 628-V3
McLellan, Martha 628-V3
McLoose, Ethel V. H. 91-V2
McMachin, Georgia 99-V2
McMahan, Blanche 149-V2
McMahan, C. W. 151-V2
McMahan, Cecil W. 151-V2
McMahan, Charles W. 149-V2
McMahan, Donald Dean 149-V2
McMahan, H. Harry 149-V2
McMahan, Harry A. 149-V2
McMahan, Mable 151-V2
McMahan, Maranda 149-V2
McMahan, Nettie D. 151-V2
McMahan, Nettie S. 149-V2
McMahan, son 149-V2
McMahan, Thad C. S. 86-V2
McMahon, C. W. 150-V2
McMahon, Cecil W. 150-V2
McMahon, Daniel Warren 483-V3
McMahon, E. 481-V3
McMahon, Elijah (two entries) 483-V3
McMahon, Florence V. 482-V3
McMahon, Harvey 482-V3
McMahon, Hattie I. 378-V3
McMahon, John W. 378-V3
McMahon, Laura 583-V3
McMahon, Lora 483-V3
McMahon, Mable E. 150-V2
McMahon, Mary E. 483-V3
McMahon, Mary Eleanor 482-V3
McMahon, Nettie D. 150-V2
McMahon, R. C. 481-V3
McMahon, William C. 481-V3
McMakin, Fleet A. 254-V3
McMakin, Katherine B. 254-V3
McMasters, Lon W. 258-V3
McMeins, Carlton Lee 684-V3
McMeins, Frazier 684-V3
McMeins, infant 628-V3
McMeins, Penny 628-V3
McMeins, Ruth R. 251-V3
McMeins, Warren 684-V3
McMeins, William 251-V3
McMillan, Herbert 628-V3
McMillan, Jessie L. 628-V3
McMillan, Roy 628-V3
McMillen, Alexander 465-V3
McMillen, Joseph M. 465-V3
McMillen, Maggie 466-V3
McMillen, Mary Ann 465-V3
McMillen, Mrs. Herb 684-V3
McMillen, Phebe A. 466-V3
McMillen, William 558-V3
McMillin, Mary E. 105-V3
McMinn, Charles Wesley 151-V1
McMinn, Eri W. 151-V1
McMinn, Sarah L. 151-V1
McMullan, Agnes 104-V1
McMullan, John 104-V1
McMullen, Lela G. 50-V2
McNabb, D. cemetery reading
McNabb, Jane cemetery reading
McNall, D. 132-V3
McNall, Jane 132-V3
McNally, James 162-V2
McNally, Patricia 306-V3
McNary, Cora 70-V1
McNary, daughter 70-V1
McNary, J. H. 70-V1
McNatt, George W. 583-V3
McNeil, Eda Alice 628-V3
McNeil, Fidela 628-V3
McNelley, Daisy D. 347-V3
McNelley, William 347-V3
McNelly, A. J. 130-V1
McNelly, Catherine 130-V1
McNelly, Charles W. 104-V2
McNelly, Ed 110-V2
McNelly, Florence E. 110-V2
McNelly, I. M. 130-V1
McNelly, Jennie 104-V2
McNelly, John 130-V1
McNelly, Kate 104-V2
McNelly, Lillie (2 entries) 130-V1, 659-V3
McNelly, Mary 534-V3
McNutt, A. 110-V1
McNutt, Andrew 253-V1
McNutt, Eliza J. 210-V2
McNutt, Elizabeth M. White 203-V2
McNutt, Emeline 225-V1
McNutt, John William 203-V2
McNutt, Mae 203-V2
McNutt, Marion I. 203-V2
McNutt, Mary A. 210-V2
McNutt, Sarah 210-V2
McNutt, William 210-V2
McPhail, James L. 45-V2
McPherson, baby 571-V3
McPherson, Bertha 583-V3
McPherson, Della 571-V3
McPherson, E. Marilda 628-V3
McPherson, Ella J. 628-V3
McPherson, Henry 571-V3
McPherson, Howard C. 628-V3
McPherson, I. 571-V3
McPherson, James Murat 628-V3
McPherson, Johnson 575-V3
McPherson, Lucreta 628-V3
McPherson, Mabel M. 628-V3
McPherson, Matilda 684-V3
McPherson, Minnie 628-V3
McPherson, Myrtle 684-V3
McPherson, Rowland 628-V3
McPherson, S. C. 628-V3
McPherson, William P. 571-V3
McPherson, Wm. 628-V3
McPherson, Wm. H. 628-V3
McQuay, Delia 221-V3
McQuay, Sonja L. 208-V3
McQueary, Dorothy Eleanor (Dottie) 193-V3
McQueary, J. Sylvester 192-V3
McQueary, Maud F. 192-V3
McQueary, Minnie Cora 28-V3
McQueary, Willis Leander 28-V3
McQueen, Earl 250-V3
McQueen, Elizabeth 93-V1
McQueen, George 93-V1, 656-V3
McQueen, T. Elmer 93-V1
McQueeney, John F. 102-V3
McQuire, Frankie E. 31-V3
McQuire, Samuel J. 31-V3
McReynolds, Noah V. 264-V3
McReynolds, Sophia E. 264-V3
McRoberts, C. E. 351-V3
McRoberts, Edna 339-V3
McRoberts, Edward O. 338-V3
McRoberts, George Wesley 339-V3
McRoberts, Juanita 351-V3
McRoberts, Lovina Elizabeth 339-V3
McRoberts, Mae 338-V3
McRoberts, N. W. 351-V3
McRoberts, Noah Eugene 308-V3
McRoberts, Noah W. 338-V3
McRoberts, Pauline Oram 177-V3
McRoberts, Sam'l 423-V3
McRoberts, Zula 177-V3
McTeer, S. M. 30-V2
McVay, Emmett Joseph 242-V1
McVay, G. Beatrice Jackson 242-V1
McWilliams, Anna L. 292-V3
McWilliams, D. 36-V1
McWilliams, Edna 83-V3
McWilliams, Eleanore 32-V3
McWilliams, Elizabeth 433-V3
McWilliams, Ellen 83-V3
McWilliams, Esther 83-V3
McWilliams, Florence M. 432-V3
McWilliams, Hannah T. 432-V3
McWilliams, Harold H. 119-V2
McWilliams, Hugh C. 569-V3
McWilliams, J. Frank 96-V2
McWilliams, Jennie L. 36-V1
McWilliams, John 433-V3
McWilliams, John F. 432-V3
McWilliams, Lettitia 36-V1
McWilliams, M. 36-V1
McWilliams, Mary 407-V3
McWilliams, Nellie Mae 96-V2
McWilliams, Philip L. 32-V3
McWilliams, S. 36-V1
McWilliams, Sarah 393-V3
McWilliams, Sarah M. 96-V2
McWilliams, T. H. 393-V3
McWilliams, Ulysses S. 393-V3
McWilliams, Vincent C. 292-V3
McWilliams, W. F. 433-V3
McWilliams, Walker 499-V3
McWilliams, Weston 83-V3
McWilliams, Wilse T. 432-V3
Me Sin Go Me Shia 441-V3
Mea, Alice Uzzell 292-V3
Mea, Meredith 292-V3
Mead, (first name unknown) 156-V2
Mead, Anthony Dean 676-V3
Mead, baby 648-V3
Mead, Celia Ann 160-V1
Mead, Christopher C. 160-V1
Mead, D. C. 110-V1
Mead, D. Carrol 151-V1
Mead, Daniel C. 110-V1
Mead, Elizabeth 481-V3
Mead, Evelyn L. 151-V1
Mead, Florence 151-V1
Mead, Frances M. 110-V1
Mead, Fred C. 67-V2
Mead, G. W. 67-V2
Mead, James K. 159-V1, 160-V1
Mead, Ruby M. 151-V1
Mead, Sarah J. 67-V2
Mead, William J. 148-V1
Meade, Alfred G. 260-V3
Meade, Anna E. 260-V3
Meador, Andrew J. 213-V1
Meador, Jesse A. 602-V3
Meador, Lillie B. 213-V1
Meador, Mary E. 602-V3
Meador, Mary M. 602-V3
Meador, Richard M. 602-V3
Means, Bertha 575-V3
Means, Beulah 205-V3
Means, Franklin 423-V3
Means, infant son 205-V3
Means, James B. 540-V3
Means, Leonard 583-V3
Means, Nellie 583-V3
Means, R. R. 205-V3
Means, William 583-V3
Medcalf, Joe 684-V3
Medcalf, Van C. 23-V1
Medill, Jean Sponable 508-V3
Medlen, Calvin E. 124-V3
Medlen, L. Ellen 124-V3
Medlin, Darrel G. 125-V3
Medlin, Manuel 125-V3
Medlin, Melinda 125-V3
Medlin, Melissa 125-V3
Medlin, Ruth P. 125-V3
Medlock, Frank 684-V3
Medlock, Lulu 628-V3
Meek, A. F. 135-V3, cemetery reading
Meek, David 135-V3, cemetery reading
Meek, Elizabeth A. 135-V3, cemetery reading 1, cemetery record 2
Meek, Elizabeth L.(Betty) 123-V2
Meek, Ena V. 75-V2
Meek, Ena Vista 665-V3
Meek, J. A. 12-V1, 645-V3
Meek, John W. 75-V2
Meek, Lem Edw.(Shorty) 123-V2
Meek, Levy B. 44-V3
Meek, Margaret 135-V3
Meek, Maud 12-V1
Meek, Samuel Alva 109-V2
Meek, Ursa Rose 44-V3
Meek, Velma E. 109-V2
Meeker, Don 121-V3
Megee, Eliza 157-V2
Megee, Jim 157-V2
Megee, Thomas 157-V2
Meglen, children 565-V3
Meier, Arthur J. 104-V2
Meier, baby 104-V2
Meier, Dale F. 104-V2
Meier, Daniel D. 104-V2
Meier, Edna L. 104-V2
Meier, John 104-V2
Meier, Louise V. 104-V2
Meier, Robert J. 104-V2
Meiers, Carrie L. 215-V3
Meiers, Dean L. 215-V3
Meiers, June F. 215-V3
Meiers, Lindsay L. 215-V3
MeInch, Fernie 569-V3
Meinecke, Ida May 101-V2
Meinecke, L. A. 101-V2
Meinecke, Nora C. Legner 101-V2
Meinig, Bertha M. 339-V3
Meinig, Harry O. 339-V3
Meinold, Johanna 480-V3, 481-V3
Meinold, Theodore 480-V3, 481-V3
Meinold, William T. 480-V3
Meisel, Robert LeRoy 332-V3
Melcher, Clara A. 21-V3
Melchert, Charles 629-V3
Melchert, Eva Harriet 629-V3
Melchert, Mary J. 629-V3
Melchert, Richard A. 684-V3
Melchert, Rodney 684-V3
Mells, John 583-V3
Mells, Martha 583-V3
Melrose, John 171-V3
Melrose, Ranetta L. 171-V3
Melsey, John 441-V3
Melton, Wiley J. 195-V1
Melvin, Charles F. 43-V3
Mendel, Jeffery D. 125-V3
Mendenhall, C. A. 111-V1
Mendenhall, Harold L. 105-V1
Mendenhall, I. C. 107-V1
Mendenhall, Ira 107-V1
Mendenhall, June A. 57-V2
Mendenhall, Leo 77-V3
Mendenhall, Lillie M. 111-V1
Mendenhall, Lois I. 57-V2
Mendenhall, Margaret 107-V1
Mendenhall, Patricia Hogan 77-V3
Mendenhall, Ruby F. 105-V1
Menefee, Buford D. 128-V1
Menefee, Charles Delbert 131-V1
Menefee, Clarence 98-V2
Menefee, Craig Riley 389-V3
Menefee, daughter 122-V1
Menefee, Dorrene 131-V1
Menefee, Dorrene F. 131-V1, 659-V3
Menefee, Ethel 389-V3
Menefee, Frank 123-V1
Menefee, Franklin 128-V1
Menefee, Grace E. 128-V1
Menefee, John H. 121-V1
Menefee, John M. 121-V1
Menefee, John T. 121-V1
Menefee, L. J. 123-V1
Menefee, Lettie B. 98-V2
Menefee, Lila N. 451-V3
Menefee, Millicent 122-V1
Menefee, Pearl 123-V1
Menefee, Sarah B. 121-V1
Menefee, Sidney Lee 123-V1
Menefee, son 122-V1
Menefee, W. D. 122-V1, 131-V1
Menefee, Wilbur 131-V1
Menefee, Wilbur D. 659-V3
Menefee, William E. 98-V2, 451-V3
Meng, Agnes A. 95-V3
Meng, Anna 559-V3
Meng, George 152-V2
Meng, Henry 152-V2
Meng, Sophia 152-V2
Menges, Mabel Leona 377-V3
Menig, Otto E. 243-V1
Menig, Sophia M. 243-V1
Mennenoeh, C. A. 90-V1
Mennoch, Emil 333-V3
Mercer, Elfrieda 168-V3
Mercer, Johnnie 168-V3
Meredith, Alonzo H. 311-V3
Meredith, Bessie M. 311-V3
Merker, Jennie S. 372-V3
Merker, Laura 570-V3
Merker, Luther A. 372-V3
Merkle, John 363-V3
Merkle, Mary 363-V3
Merrill, Charley 93-V2
Merrill, Frank J. 411-V3
Merrill, Fred 93-V2
Merrill, Helen G. 114-V2
Merrill, John F. 411-V3, 431-V3
Merrill, John Withers 431-V3
Merrill, Loren 93-V2
Merrill, Minnie 431-V3
Merrill, Minnie J. 411-V3
Merrill, Thelma J. 114-V2
Merritt, (first name unknown) cemetery reading
Merritt, Ann 180-V1
Merritt, F. 180-V1
Merryman, Mrs. L. 583-V3
Mertz, Donald E. (Jackie) 366-V3
Mertz, Mary Ursula 588-V3
Mertz, Roscoe F. (Pidge) 366-V3
Mesley, Wm. M. 32-V3
Metsker, Daisy E. 67-V3
Metsker, Fred A. 55-V2
Metsker, Howard 67-V3
Mettle, Ruby D. 334-V3
Mettler, Clark 629-V3
Mettler, Dale W. 110-V2
Mettler, George W. 110-V2
Mettler, Hazel Raymer 110-V2
Mettler, J. K. 629-V3
Mettler, James R. 629-V3
Mettler, John A. 179-V1
Mettler, L. C. 629-V3
Mettler, Manford 629-V3
Mettler, Mary E. 629-V3
Mettler, Pearly 629-V3
Metzger, Annie E. 202-V2
Metzger, Effie Brownlee 202-V2
Metzger, Ethel 202-V2
Metzger, Eugene V. 202-V2
Metzger, Ralph E. 202-V2
Metzner, August 569-V3
Meuser, Anna Laura 317-V3
Meuser, baby son 385-V3
Meuser, Charles Leonard 385-V3
Meuser, Charles T. 385-V3
Meuser, Grace 385-V3
Meuser, Laura Lisette 317-V3
Meuser, Lisette 317-V3
Meuser, Mary Louise 317-V3
Meuser, Thomas J. 317-V3
Meyer, Alice E. 13-V1, 646-V3
Meyer, Henry A. 221-V3
Meyer, Mary Angela 587-V3
Meyer, Marie J new record
Meyer, Ovie Lee 221-V3
Meyer, Ralph E. 13-V1, 646-V3
Meyer, Richard A new record 1997
Meyerdierks, Benjamine D. 29-V1
Meyerdierks, Diedrich 32-V1
Meyerdierks, Emma K. 29-V1
Meyerdierks, Katheryn Dalton 90-V3
Meyers, David W new record 2005
Meyers, Elizabeth Spears 71-V2
Meyers, Mattie cemetery reading
Meyers, Robert Lee 21-V2

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