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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Moore to Myers

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Moore, (first name unknown) 559-V3
Moore, A. C. 630-V3
Moore, baby 596-V3
Moore, Barbara 301-V3
Moore, Benjamin 17-V2
Moore, Bessie 650-V3
Moore, Bruce E. 17-V3
Moore, C. L. 187-V1
Moore, Charles 534-V3
Moore, Charles Everett 684-V3
Moore, Charles Floyd 120-V2
Moore, Charles W. 183-V3
Moore, Charlotte Irene(Charlie) 4-V2
Moore, Chester E. 74-V2
Moore, Cindrella 583-V3
Moore, Clarence W. 119-V3
Moore, Clifford L. 299-V3
Moore, Cora A. 530-V3
Moore, Cora J. 103-V2
Moore, Dale E. 684-V3
Moore, David 299-V3
Moore, Deliah 437-V3
Moore, Dolan R. 329-V3
Moore, Dora 45-V3, 46-V3
Moore, Dora E. 684-V3
Moore, Doris M. 329-V3
Moore, Edward T. 371-V3
Moore, Edward Thomas 370-V3
Moore, Eli B. 299-V3
Moore, Elizabeth 478-V3
Moore, Elizabeth Hensel 394-V3
Moore, Elmer 71-V2
Moore, Esther I. 365-V3
Moore, Eunice A. 82-V2
Moore, Forest J. 630-V3
Moore, Frances 17-V2
Moore, Frank 650-V3
Moore, Frank E. 74-V2
Moore, G. E. 547-V3
Moore, Grant, Jr. 237-V3
Moore, H. 45-V3
Moore, Harold 301-V3
Moore, Hazel H. 89-V2
Moore, Herbert 46-V3
Moore, Herbert Raymond 376-V3
Moore, Ida 438-V3
Moore, Ida B. 534-V3
Moore, infant 583-V3
Moore, J. L. 58-V1, 71-V2
Moore, J. W. 630-V3
Moore, Jane 496-V3
Moore, Jerald Edwin (Jerry) 4-V2
Moore, Jerald Edwin 661-V3
Moore, Jimmy 462-V3
Moore, Judith A. 299-V3
Moore, Julia 583-V3
Moore, Laura 583-V3
Moore, Laura M. 15-V2
Moore, Lee R. 630-V3
Moore, LeRoy 301-V3
Moore, Lillie I. 71-V2
Moore, Margaret 496-V3
Moore, Martha Matilda 547-V3
Moore, Mary 583-V3
Moore, Mary B. 630-V3
Moore, Mary E. 164-V2
Moore, Mary Susan 578-V3
Moore, Maude E. 684-V3
Moore, Mildred V. 583-V3
Moore, Mrs. E. 569-V3
Moore, N. Waneta Bradley 376-V3
Moore, Nannie Belle 120-V2
Moore, Naomi A. 74-V2
Moore, Naomi Amelia 665-V3
Moore, Nathan James 438-V3
Moore, Nettie 580-V3
Moore, Nina W. 576-V3
Moore, Nora E. 370-V3
Moore, Norman E 82-V2
Moore, Norman E. 45-V3
Moore, O. E. 630-V3
Moore, Octavia M. 74-V2
Moore, Pansy Ione 183-V3
Moore, Richard 496-V3
Moore, Rosetta 58-V1
Moore, Roy 71-V2
Moore, S. C. 462-V3
Moore, S. W. 68-V2
Moore, Samuel 462-V3
Moore, Samuel A. 74-V2
Moore, Sylvia F. 630-V3
Moore, Sylvia L. 684-V3
Moore, Tessie E. 237-V3
Moore, Thelma I. 684-V3
Moore, Theodore R. 103-V2
Moore, Thomas 539-V3
Moore, Thomas B. 15-V2
Moore, Timothy 478-V3
Moore, twin daughters 301-V3
Moore, Weber 365-V3
Moore, Willis 437-V3
Moore, Wilma D. 118-V3
Moorehead, Allie, M. Shields 69-V2
Moorehead, G. G. 69-V2
Moraine, Anna M. 538-V3
Moraine, Cecil R. 263-V3
Moraine, Gilbert 538-V3
Moraine, Lottie M. 538-V3
Moraine, Mary Catharine 38-V3
Moraine, Wauneta M. 263-V3
Moraine, William F. 38-V3
Morales, Beulla C. 15-V3
Morales, Orlando F. 14-V3
Morales, Willie Mae 171-V3
Moran, Mary (two entries) 90-V3, 91-V3
Moran, Michael 90-V3
Morano, Anthony 650-V3
Morano, Michael A. 650-V3
Mordica, Amanda F. 112-V1
Mordica, Geo. W. 182-V1
Mordica, George 182-V1
Mordica, John W. 112-V1
Mordica, Marth 182-V1
Mordica, Opal 106-V1
Mordica, Ora 106-V1
Mordica, Pauline 182-V1
Mordica, Solomon M. 182-V1
Mordica, W. H. 112-V1
Moredock, George W. 537-V3
Moredock, Mary J. 537-V3
Moredock, Simon 537-V3
Morehead, Allie M. Shields 69-V2
Morehead, G. G. 69-V2 Morehead, J. 37-V1
Morehead, James Harvey 69-V2
Morehead, John 37-V1
Morehead, Laura Belle Burgess 69-V2
Morehead, M. 37-V1
Morehead, Mary Imogene 270-V3
Morehead, Wanda 69-V2
Morehead, William 37-V1
Morely, Kenneth 143-V3
Moreno, Hattie Smither 203-V2
Moreno, James A. 203-V2
Moreno, Mary 334-V3
Morey, Carol Jean 219-V3
Morgan, Anna 49-V3
Morgan, Arthur K. 120-V2
Morgan, Barney A. 84-V2
Morgan, Benny L. 122-V3
Morgan, Bernard 163-V2, 187-V2, cemetery reading
Morgan, Betty 158-V2
Morgan, Bryan new record 2005
Morgan, Carl 158-V2
Morgan, Carla Jean 158-V2
Morgan, Catherine 187-V2
Morgan, Charles E. 158-V2
Morgan, Charles H. 97-V2
Morgan, Charley Scott 88-V2
Morgan, Chloe 49-V3
Morgan, Clara T. 326-V3
Morgan, Clark W. 95-V1
Morgan, Cutter D. 173-V1
Morgan, D. B. 93-V1
Morgan, Damon L. 122-V3
Morgan, David 70-V2
Morgan, David F. 6-V2
Morgan, Dora E. 189-V2
Morgan, Doris 120-V2
Morgan, Doris Marie 78-V2
Morgan, Edward
189-V2, 674-V3, 412-V3
Morgan, Elizabeth 77-V2, 187-V2, cemetery reading
Morgan, Ella 93-V2
Morgan, Elnora 96-V1
Morgan, Emily 88-V2
Morgan, Ernest 209-V3
Morgan, Eugene M. 326-V3
Morgan, father 72-V2
Morgan, Frank 120-V2
Morgan, George 163-V2
Morgan, George T. 163-V2
Morgan, Gladys R. 176-V3
Morgan, Harry W. 240-V3
Morgan, Hazel 95-V1
Morgan, Hazel M. 314-V3
Morgan, Helen E. new record 1998
Morgan, Helen Edmondson 348-V3
Morgan, Henrietta 70-V2
Morgan, Herman 580-V3
Morgan, Ida M. 78-V2
Morgan, infant 72-V2, 580-V3
Morgan, J. H. 96-V1, (two entries) 656-V3
Morgan, J. J. 96-V1
Morgan, J. M. 92-V2
Morgan, Jack Calvin 158-V2
Morgan, James D. 166-V3
Morgan, James, Sr. 78-V2, 120-V2
Morgan, Jessie B. 158-V2
Morgan, John Charles 369-V3
Morgan, Johnny 77-V2
Morgan, Joseph 49-V3
Morgan, Katie 189-V2
Morgan, Lavinia 96-V1
Morgan, Leila G. 97-V2
Morgan, Lucinda 88-V2
Morgan, Margaret E. 80-V2
Morgan, Marie E. 122-V3
Morgan, Martha Alice 347-V3
Morgan, Marvin 369-V3
Morgan, Marvin C. 370-V3
Morgan, Marvin F. new record 2004
Morgan, Marvin S. 78-V2
Morgan, Mary 163-V2, 674-V3
Morgan, Mary A. 189-V2
Morgan, Mary E. (Mayme) 96-V1, 656-V3
Morgan, Mary E. 77-V2
Morgan, Mary Eleanor 96-V1
Morgan, Mary I. 77-V2
Morgan, Mary Jane 77-V2
Morgan, Matie Marie 209-V3
Morgan, Myrtle A. 97-V2
Morgan, Nettie 80-V2
Morgan, Paul H. 243-V3
Morgan, Rosemary 369-V3
Morgan, Rosemary A. 370-V3
Morgan, Ruby C. 171-V2
Morgan, Sarah E. 307-V3
Morgan, Sarah F. 93-V1
Morgan, Sterling 123-V1
Morgan, Sylvester M. 347-V3
Morgan, Thelma F. 78-V2
Morgan, Theodore T. 566-V3
Morgan, Thomas Farmer 39-V1
Morgan, Vera I. 78-V2
Morgan, W. H. 88-V2
Morgan, Wayne Eugene 158-V2
Morgan, Wilford 95-V1
Morgan, William 77-V2
Morgan, Zina I. 84-V2
Morgenthaler, E. W. 517-V3
Morgenthaler, Emma L. Scheske 517-V3
Moriston, Alfred H. 200-V3
Morlan, Benjamin P. 64-V3
Morlan, Bessie E. 202-V2
Morlan, Calvin A. 64-V3
Morlan, Carl B. 64-V3
Morlan, Daniel C. 230-V1
Morlan, Elizabeth F. 230-V1
Morlan, Ida E. 230-V1
Morlan, Laura E. 64-V3
Morlan, Lorin D. 244-V1
Morlan, Lorin Daniel, III 202-V2
Morlan, Lyle N. 202-V2
Morlan, Myra A. 244-V1
Morlan, Verne W., Sr. 202-V2
Morlan, William Douglas 202-V2
Morley, Clarence 8-V2
Morley, Harry 143-V3
Morley, Harry P. 143-V3
Morley, Kenneth 143-V3
Morley, Laurance 143-V3
Morley, Nellie Louisa 143-V3
Morrell, Frank S. 71-V1
Morrell, Harry R. 71-V1
Morrell, Harve 71-V1
Morrell, Hester Ann 68-V1
Morrell, James N. 68-V1
Morrell, Levi 68-V1
Morrell, Lillian 71-V1
Morrill, Abba L. 175-V2
Morrill, Celinda K. 175-V2
Morrill, Stephen J. W. 175-V2
Morris, Addie E. 58-V2
Morris, Agnes E. 366-V3
Morris, Albert D. 186-V3
Morris, Barbara 108-V3
Morris, Bertha J. 146-V2
Morris, Birdie 47-V2
Morris, Butler B. 46-V2
Morris, Catherine A. 101-V3
Morris, Charles Edwin 203-V2
Morris, Charles R. 252-V3
Morris, David C. 48-V2
Morris, David L. 323-V3
Morris, David M. 58-V2
Morris, Don Ray 367-V3
Morris, Edna M. 323-V3
Morris, Emily 46-V2
Morris, Esther I. 46-V2
Morris, Eva Baker 203-V2
Morris, Everett N. 367-V3
Morris, Faye L. 329-V3, 330-V3
Morris, Fredrick 31-V1
Morris, George 46-V2, 251-V3
Morris, George L. 369-V3
Morris, Hayley Lynn 113-V3
Morris, Heather Lee 113-V3
Morris, Icy Lorane 366-V3
Morris, John 46-V2, 108-V3
Morris, John B., Sr. 101-V3
Morris, John D. 130-V2
Morris, John Moses 366-V3
Morris, John T. 46-V2
Morris, John W. 48-V2, 108-V3
Morris, Katherine E. 108-V3
Morris, M.126-V1
Morris, Mae E. 330-V3
Morris, Mark 330-V3
Morris, Martha E. 126-V1
Morris, Mattie 126-V1
Morris, P. 130-V2
Morris, W. H. 47-V2
Morris, Wade A. 329-V3, 330-V3
Morris, Wallace 47-V2
Morris, Waydene M. Smith 329-V3
Morris, Wilma L. 367-V3
Morrison, Alex B. 60-V2
Morrison, Alex D. 40-V2
Morrison, Barbara T. 167-V2
Morrison, Bessie May 583-V3
Morrison, Claude F. 167-V2
Morrison, Clyde E. 249-V3
Morrison, Cora [buried Fontana Cemetery 5 Feb 1893] obituary
Morrison, Ella 159-V3
Morrison, Frank W. 337-V3
Morrison, Gladys L. 15-V2
Morrison, Hartley 9-V3
Morrison, infant 583-V3
Morrison, J. B. 63-V1, 653-V3
Morrison, James 9-V3
Morrison, Jennie E. 337-V3
Morrison, John H. 28-V2
Morrison, John J. 167-V2
Morrison, Laura Boaz 40-V2
Morrison, Margaret M. 653-V3
Morrison, Maunita D. 60-V2
Morrison, Nellie 9-V3
Morrison, P. J. 28-V2
Morrison, Phoebe 630-V3
Morrison, Ralph W. 28-V2
Morrison, Rebecca 9-V3
Morrison, Sarah E. 28-V2
Morrison, W. W. 522-V3
Morrissey, Mary Alice new record 2001
Morrow, Eleanor 684-V3
Morrow, James 684-V3
Morrow, James, Jr. 684-V3
Morrow, John 684-V3
Morrow, Maggie Virden 684-V3
Morrow, Mahala 203-V2
Morrow, William T. 203-V2
Morse, Ann 576-V3
Morse, Nancy M. 197-V1
Morse, Stephen 576-V3
Morse, W. 197-V1
Mortell, George, Sr. 216-V3
Mortimore, Patsy 179-V1
Mortimore, Plym Worth 179-V1
Mosby, William 583-V3
Moser, John J. 75-V2
Mosher, Annie 684-V3
Mosher, infant 583-V3
Mosier, girl 569-V3
Mosier, R. 28-V2
Moss, Addie 326-V3
Moss, John H. 326-V3
Moss, Louise (Birdie) 134-V3
Moss, Madge 134-V3
Mossman, DeVere 168-V2
Mossman, Golda 83-V2
Mossman, Roy E. 83-V2
Motheral, James E. 596-V3
Motley, June 684-V3
Mott, A. M. 68-V2
Mott, Cleo 163-V1
Mott, Julia 163-V1
Moul, baby 603-V3
Mount, Amelia 387-V3
Mount, Beatrice 386-V3
Mount, Charles 387-V3
Mount, Eva 346-V3
Mount, Harry H. 209-V3
Mount, Karl 346-V3
Mount, Karl, Jr. 346-V3
Mount, Mabel M new record 1995
Mount, Opal H. 209-V3
Mount, Ralph Dnew record 1995
Mountford, Hugh 148-V2
Mountford, John C. 148-V2
Mountford, Mary N. 148-V2
Moutree, Daniel 44-V3
Moutree, Martha 44-V3
Moyer, Clara E. 105-V2
Mucherson, Keith D. 458-V3
Mucherson, Ruth 574-V3
Mudd, Alice 630-V3
Mudd, Eliza Grace 630-V3
Mudd, Frankie E. 229-V3
Mudd, G. Ray 229-V3
Mudd, James 43-V3
Mudd, Milton 630-V3
Mudd, W. S. 630-V3
Mudge, E. B. cemetery reading
Mueller, Anna 27-V1
Mueller, Anna M. 33-V1
Mueller, Paul 30-V1, 648-V3
Mueller, Rose Clare 588-V3
Muldoon, Joseph E. 188-V2, 673-V3
Mulford, Bertha C. 85-V1
Mulford, Henry 85-V1
Mulford, James P. 85-V1
Mulford, Nellie M. 85-V1
Mulikin, Mrs. 209-V2
Mulin, Tilley 531-V3
Mulkey, Samuel W. 57-V1
Mulkins, Rozina 84-V2
Mullen, Alatha E. 7-V2
Mullen, Henrietta T. 672-V3
Mullen, J. C. (Moon) 672-V3
Muller, Dietrich 24-V1
Muller, Peter old record with German spelling, spelled as Miller in Vol 2, p 189
185-V2, cemetery reading
Mulligan, Margaret 185-V2, cemetery reading
Mulliken, Emeline 203-V2
Mulliken, L. M. 203-V2
Mullikin, Luther 596-V3
Mullins, Anna R. 68-V3
Mullins, Cecelia A. 45-V3
Mullins, Ceola M. 214-V3
Mullins, Chester L. 250-V3
Mullins, Clyde W. 103-V1
Mullins, Emmitt B. 214-V3
Mullins, Flora 103-V1
Mullins, Flora A. 133-V3, cemetery reading
Mullins, Florence 103-V1
Mullins, Florence A. 103-V1, 150-V3, cemetery reading
Mullins, Hiram 133-V3, 134-V3, cemetery reading
Mullins, Hirum 222-V1
Mullins, Hova (Moon) 45-V3
Mullins, Ida 103-V1, 150-V3, cemetery reading
Mullins, J. P. 68-V3
Mullins, J. R. 68-V3
Mullins, James 103-V1
Mullins, James M. 133-V3, cemetery reading
Mullins, John Arthur 150-V3, cemetery reading
Mullins, John R. 250-V3
Mullins, John T. 133-V3, cemetery reading
Mullins, Josepine B. 47-V3
Mullins, Laura B.103-V1
Mullins, Margaret Alma 250-V3
Mullins, N. T. 136-V3, cemetery reading
Mullins, Robert H. 103-V1, 150-V3, cemetery reading
Mullins, Robert H., Jr. 103-V1
Mullins, Rosa J. 136-V3, cemetery reading
Mullins, Susan T. 134-V3, cemetery reading
Mullins, Thomas J. 47-V3
Mullins, William 133-V3, cemetery reading
Mumford, Alice 65-V3
Mumford, Charles R. 65-V3
Mumford, Nellie 38-V3
Mundell, Charles E. 353-V3
Mundell, Melvin 213-V3
Mundell, Novella 353-V3
Mundell, Ransom 352-V3, 353-V3
Mundell, Samantha A. 352-V3
Mundis, Annie Jane 150-V2
Mundis, G. E. 150-V2
Mundis, Louie 150-V2
Munson, Jack E. 61-V3
Munson, Mabel C. 61-V3
Munson, William H. 60-V3
Murdock, Belle 339-V3
Murdock, Carl Milton 229-V3
Murdock, Clyde R. 20-V1
Murdock, Clyde R. 647-V3
Murdock, George Reed 339-V3
Murdock, Hazel 229-V3
Murdock, Nana J. 534-V3
Murdock, Nancy Jane 534-V3
Murdock, Ollie 534-V3
Murdock, Ralph 46-V3
Murdock, Ruth 20-V1
Murdock, Samuel 534-V3
Murdock, W. H. 535-V3
Murlin, Abram 531-V3
Murlin, Burdine 404-V3
Murlin, Clarinda 404-V3
Murlin, Emma Banta 404-V3
Murphey, C. E. 63-V1
Murphey, Elmer C. 446-V3
Murphy, A. Madge 127-V2
Murphy, Alice 163-V2
Murphy, Bonnie R. 599-V3
Murphy, Catherine D. 186-V2, cemetery reading
Murphy, daughter 140-V2
Murphy, Dema A. 64-V1
Murphy, Dorothy L. 599-V3
Murphy, Edward A. 64-V1
Murphy, Geraldine Olivia 51-V2
Murphy, Glenn K. 140-V2
Murphy, Harry 557-V3
Murphy, Helen May 140-V2
Murphy, Hirschl H. 127-V2
Murphy, infant son (two entries) 684-V3
Murphy, J. H. 71-V3
Murphy, J. J. 630-V3
Murphy, James A. 599-V3
Murphy, James B. 599-V3
Murphy, James J., Jr. 191-V3
Murphy, James Joseph 191-V3
Murphy, James Patrick 168-V2
Murphy, Jerry 630-V3
Murphy, Jessie E. 599-V3
Murphy, John F. 684-V3
Murphy, John R. 508-V3
Murphy, Josephine (Mollie) Davis J. 630-V3
Murphy, Keith 684-V3
Murphy, Lula May 64-V1
Murphy, Mable Masterson 630-V3
Murphy, Martha 557-V3
Murphy, Mary E. 186-V2, 672-V3, cemetery reading
Murphy, Nora B. 127-V2
Murphy, Patrick 163-V2
Murphy, Patrick H. 186-V2, cemetery reading
Murphy, Ruth 508-V3
Murphy, Shirley Ann 684-V3
Murphy, Thomas 7-V2
Murphy, Victor A. 127-V2
Murphy, Walther O. 684-V3
Murphy, William M. 140-V2
Murphy, Wm. H. 140-V2
Murray, Alvers 10-V3
Murray, Anna Mae 167-V2
Murray, baby 440-V3, 441-V3
Murray, Betty June 35-V3
Murray, Elizabeth 163-V2
Murray, Frank J. 35-V3
Murray, Gertrude O. 175-V3
Murray, Harry 441-V3
Murray, Henry C. 34-V3
Murray, Herman J. 98-V2
Murray, James E. 167-V2
Murray, James William 439-V3
Murray, Julia A. 163-V2
Murray, Margaret W. 98-V2
Murray, Nettie 440-V3
Murray, Sarah Catherine 439-V3
Murray, Thomas A. 163-V2
Murray, William J. 175-V3
Murry, Barabara Stuart 630-V3
Murry, Gerturde 630-V3
Murry, J. B. 630-V3
Murtaugh, Andrew 175-V1
Murtaugh, Emma B. 175-V1
Musgrave, Essie 583-V3
Musgrave, Pearl 583-V3
Musgrave, William 583-V3
Musick, Agnes 21-V3
Musick, Charles S. 377-V3
Musick, Cloyd O. 592-V3
Musick, Evelyn 21-V3
Musick, Selia J. 382-V3
Musser, Doris L. 6-V2
Musser, Erick 44-V2
Mustard, Seleana 77-V2
Myers, A. J. 90-V2
Myers, Abraham H. 143-V2
Myers, Adrian L.90-V2 Myers, Alva E. 143-V2
Myers, Anna C. 90-V2
Myers, Arthur O. 203-V2
Myers, Bernice 603-V3
Myers, Charles G. 74-V2
Myers, David 72-V2
Myers, Delia E. 74-V2
Myers, Earl W. 75-V2
Myers, Edgar Louis 285-V3
Myers, Edriss E. 74-V2
Myers, Emma 143-V2
Myers, Emma F. 72-V2
Myers, Evelyn 285-V3
Myers, Geo. 143-V2
Myers, Georgia F. 282-V3
Myers, Grant W. 74-V2
Myers, Harvey J. 182-V1
Myers, Homer A. 282-V3
Myers, Hope M. 143-V2
Myers, Howard Maynard, Jr. 25-V3
Myers, Hugh C. 603-V3
Myers, Ida 143-V2
Myers, Ilene G. Kraus 203-V2
Myers, infant 583-V3
Myers, Irvan 203-V2
Myers, J. H. cemetery reading
Myers, J. N. 182-V1
Myers, James 37-V1
Myers, John 143-V2
Myers, Joseph R. 182-V1
Myers, Lena M. 90-V2
Myers, Lydia M. Tripp 203-V2
Myers, Martha 182-V1
Myers, Martha Ellis 75-V2
Myers, Mary 86-V2
Myers, Mary A. 143-V2
Myers, Melvin E. 203-V2
Myers, Nancy 143-V2
Myers, Nelda Nadine 25-V3
Myers, Nellie 577-V3
Myers, Priscilla E. 86-V2
Myers, Reuben 143-V2
Myers, Robert L. 203-V2
Myers, Simon 86-V2
Myers, son 143-V2
Myers, Viola Ellis 75-V2
Myers, Zetta Mary 203-V2

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