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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Philpeck to Qumiby

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Philpeck, Susie M. 365-V3
Picek, Cynthia Annette 123-V2
Pickerell, Etta 161-V1
Pickerell, John 161-V1
Pickerell, Mary E. 161-V1
Pickering, T. Carley 483-V3
Pickles, Agnes S. 108-V3
Pickles, Alice A. 96-V3
Pickles, Elias 95-V3, 96-V3
Pickles, Elias John 95-V3
Pickles, Margaret J. 95-V3
Pickles, Mary E. 550-V3
Pickles, Mary Jane 95-V3, 96-V3
Pickles, Thomas J. 108-V3, 550-V3
Pickles, Winefrede 95-V3
Pieratt, Esta 685-V3
Pierce, A. D. 61-V2
Pierce, Alice D. 138-V3
Pierce, Cora E. 241-V3
Pierce, E. L. 136-V3
Pierce, George R. 138-V3
Pierce, Harry Jetton 26-V3
Pierce, J. C. 136-V3
Pierce, Leo 138-V3
Pierce, Luther 61-V2
Pierce, Margaret Frazier 60-V2
Pierce, Maudie 136-V3
Pierce, Otis 160-V3
Pierce, Paul B. 136-V3
Pierce, Rena Marie 61-V2
Pierce, Rollie T. 241-V3
Pierce, Thomas C. 136-V3
Pierce, Willett 61-V2
Piercy, Charles F. 367-V3
Piercy, Jennie 367-V3
Pierson, (first name unknown) cemetery reading
Pifer, Louis 160-V2
Pifer, Sophronia 160-V2
Piggott, Emma J. 147-V3
Piggott, Florence M. 147-V3
Piggott, Harry Lee 202-V3
Piggott, Hazel J. 226-V3
Piggott, Hiram S. 147-V3
Piggott, Jane 201-V1
Piggott, Mabel E. 226-V3
Piggott, Sherman Lee 208-V3
Piggott, Sherman Otis 226-V3
Piggott, W. M. 201-V1
Pike, Augusta A. 356-V3
Pike, Damon L. 356-V3
Pike, Diantha L. 404-V3
Pike, Edwin G. 356-V3
Pike, J. D. 405-V3
Pike, Justin D. 404-V3
Pingry, Catharine 197-V1
Pinkerton, (first name unknown) cemetery reading
Pinkerton, Alice 142-V3
Pinkerton, Alice H. 142-V3
Pinkerton, baby 142-V3
Pinkerton, child 562-V3
Pinkerton, Elizabeth F. 142-V3
Pinkerton, George W. 140-V3
Pinkerton, Indiana 562-V3
Pinkerton, Indiana Cox 160-V3
Pinkerton, John Vern 142-V3
Pinkerton, Margaret 160-V3
Pinkerton, Mr. 562-V3
Pinkerton, Robert 160-V3
Pinkerton, Vern J. 142-V3
Pinneo, Annie J. 157-V2
Pinneo, Charles W. 238-V3
Pinneo, Clarence 114-V1
Pinneo, Della S. 157-V2
Pinneo, Earl M. 157-V2
Pinneo, Eliza A. 157-V2
Pinneo, Ellen M. 157-V2
Pinneo, Eva L. 24-V3
Pinneo, infant 114-V1
Pinneo, Judy 223-V3
Pinneo, Kurt Eugene 223-V3
Pinneo, Lucinda J. 181-V3
Pinneo, Norman E., Jr. 181-V3
Pinneo, Norman E., Sr. 181-V3
Pinneo, Otis L. 114-V1
Pinneo, Roy 223-V3
Pinneo, Sierra J. 238-V3
Pinneo, W. H. 24-V3
Pinneo, W. W. 564-V3
Pinneo, Wm. 114-V1
Piper, Anne M. 100-V3
Piper, Bernal R. 100-V3
Piper, Donald 237-V3
Piper, Dorus H. 165-V3
Piper, Glenn R. 165-V3
Piper, John G. 100-V3
Piper, Naomi 237-V3
Piper, Pearl B. 165-V3
Pippitt, Birdie H. 592-V3
Pippitt, Leon F. 592-V3
Pitman, Caroline 75-V2
Pitman, Carrol B. 657-V3
Pitman, daughter 134-V1
Pitman, Fay 22-V3
Pitman, H. 134-V1
Pitman, H. L. 134-V1
Pitman, Mildred Kay 657-V3
Pitman, P. W. 75-V2
Pitman, Ray (Pitney) 570-V3
Pittman, Annetta M. 72-V2
Pittman, Caroline Newman 74-V2
Pittman, Florence May 72-V2
Pittman, M. A. 135-V1
Pittman, M. D. 135-V1
Pittman, Mary 137-V1
Pittman, P. A. 72-V2
Pittman, P. Wesley 74-V2
Pittman, Phillip Ward 72-V2
Pittman, R. D. 72-V2
Pittman, S. E. 135-V1
Pittman, Sidnie N. 72-V2
Pittman, Van O. 72-V2
Pittman, Walter 75-V2
Pittman, Wm. 135-V1
Pittman, Wm. A. 137-V1 obituary
Plain, Edward 88-V3
Plaisted, Evelyn Louise 223-V3
Plaisted, Mildred F. 240-V3
Plaisted, Roy Robert (Bob) 223-V3
Plaisted, Roy W. 240-V3
Plank, C. B. 93-V1
Plank, Elva 93-V1
Plaster, Mary E. 57-V1, 652-V3
Platt, Clara Rhodena 531-V3
Platt, Herbert N. 265-V3
Platt, J. F. 531-V3
Platt, Paul F. 532-V3
Platt, Rachel E. 265-V3
Platz, Jessie F. 263-V3
Platz, LeRoy 263-V3
Plum, C. J. 111-V1
Plum, Iona May 111-V1
Plumb, Mattie 80-V2
Plummer, Alva 3-V1
Plummer, Belle 51-V2
Plummer, Charles Clinton 42-V2
Plummer, Chas. B. 53-V2
Plummer, Claude W. 49-V2
Plummer, Jeanette M. 111-V3
Plummer, L. Elmer 53-V2
Plummer, Leroy 42-V2
Plummer, Levi 3-V1
Plummer, Margaret K. 111-V3
Plummer, Mary Angela 111-V3
Plummer, Onal 42-V2
Plummer, Raymond Wallace 3-V1
Plummer, Susana 3-V1
Plummer, T. A. 51-V2
Plummer, Walter B. 111-V3
Podmenick, John Henry 685-V3
Podmenick, Rhoda E. 685-V3
Poe, David N. 4-V2
Poe, Janet M. 4-V2
Poindexter, Arlie 632-V3
Poindexter, Bryan Keith 685-V3
Poindexter, Clara 632-V3
Poindexter, Irvin K. 632-V3
Poindexter, Larkin M. 632-V3
Poindexter, Opal C. 685-V3
Poindexter, Wilson B. 685-V3
Polalrd, America 525-V3
Poland, Patrick 89-V3
Polite, Bessie 63-V3
Polite, C. L. 63-V3
Polite, Earl 63-V3
Polite, Elizabeth 51-V3
Polite, Ida F. 51-V3
Polite, Levi 51-V3
Pollard, America 526-V3
Pollard, P. G. 525-V3
Pollard, Patrick G. 526-V3
Pollard, William H. 526-V3
Pollard, Zelpha Alice 525-V3
Polley(?), Georgia 152-V3
Polley, M. J. 152-V3
Polley, S. H. 152-V3
Polley, Theodore 152-V3
Polly, Sarah 204-V2
Ponsness, Eva 21-V2
Ponsness, Gladys new record 1994
Ponsness, Haroldnew record
Ponsness, Jonas B. 21-V2
Pontious, Alice A. 116-V1
Pontious, Bernal L. 170-V3
Pontious, Charlotte 223-V1
Pontious, F. M. 116-V1, 223-V1
Pontious, James W. 140-V3, 160-V3
Pontious, son 116-V1
Pontius, Daniel B. 131-V2
Pontius, Harley W. 131-V2
Pontius, Harriet E. 131-V2
Pontius, Jesse C. 131-V2
Pontius, John 131-V2
Pontius, Josephine 131-V2
Pontius, M. E. 131-V2
Pontius, Maggie O. 170-V3
Pontius, U. L. 131-V2
Pontius, William 131-V2
Pontius, Willie 131-V2
Pool, Cora E. 143-V2
Pool, David Roy 143-V2
Pool, Doreen Coralee 143-V2
Pool, Gwendolyn 143-V2
Pool, James Lester 143-V2
Pool, Jessie D. 252-V3
Pool, Thomas O. 143-V2
Poole, Claude Simms (Mo Mo) 180-V3
Poole, Lucy A. 505-V3
Pope, Anna 33-V1
Pope, August H. 33-V1
Pope, Claus 30-V1
Pope, Edwin 30-V1
Pope, Ernest 33-V1
Pope, Evelyn Doris 123-V2
Pope, Hilda 30-V1
Pope, Mary E. 2-V2
Pope, Parker C. 2-V2
Poreda, (first name unknown) 182-V2
Porter, Amanda M. 462-V3, 463-V3
Porter, Amos F. 41-V2
Porter, Arty L. 632-V3
Porter, Byron R. 62-V1
Porter, Callie R. 294-V3
Porter, Earl K. 632-V3
Porter, Elisha D. 559-V3
Porter, Erta 210-V2
Porter, G. W. 463-V3
Porter, George W. 462-V3
Porter, Izabell 558-V3
Porter, J. M. 40-V2
Porter, J. R. 463-V3
Porter, John C. 424-V3
Porter, John O. 462-V3
Porter, John R. 462-V3
Porter, Joseph L. 462-V3, 463-V3
Porter, Kester M. 294-V3
Porter, M. 40-V2
Porter, Mary I. 462-V3, 463-V3
Porter, William K. 349-V3
Posey, I. E. 38-V3
Posey, Luella M. 38-V3
Post, Henry 158-V2
Post, John D. 158-V2
Post, John Dumont 158-V2
Post, Katie 38-V2
Post, Louie 158-V2
Post, Louisa 158-V2
Post, Mary C. Patten 38-V2
Post, Owen L. 38-V2
Post, Rebecca Jane 158-V2
Poteet, Alice M. Hampson 56-V2
Poteet, Bessie A. 59-V2
Poteet, Easter M. 56-V2
Poteet, Genevieve 81-V3
Poteet, Grace Rowland 47-V2
Poteet, Harry H. 51-V2
Poteet, Jasper B. 81-V3
Poteet, Lester B. 56-V2
Poteet, Lucy M. Laird 26-V2
Poteet, Robert A., Jr. 297-V3
Poteet, Robert A., Sr. 49-V2
Poteet, Troy I. 59-V2
Poteet, W. H. 26-V2
Potorff, Elizabeth A. 78-V2
Potorff, Ival 78-V2
Potorff, J. 109-V1
Potorff, John C. 78-V2
Potorff, N. A. 78-V2
Potorff, Pearl E. 78-V2
Potorff, William W. (H.?) 78-V2
Potoruzki, John 164-V2
Pott, Mrs. 91-V1
Potter, A. C. 430-V3
Potter, Allen Paul 110-V3
Potter, Ambert 430-V3
Potter, Amos 425-V3
Potter, Dorothy M. 281-V3
Potter, E. E. (Jack) 261-V3
Potter, Emily May 261-V3
Potter, Lydia 632-V3
Potter, Marvin 632-V3
Potter, Mary F. 110-V3
Potter, Mildred 632-V3
Potter, S. J. 430-V3
Potter, Sarah J. 504-V3
Potter, William 504-V3
Potters, (first name unknown)4-V1
Pottorff, Cloyd C. 328-V3
Pottorff, Elige 97-V2
Pottorff, Helen 193-V3
Pottorff, Issac Elijah 97-V2
Pottorff, Larry D. 217-V3
Pottorff, Mary Anna Mumford 97-V2
Pottorff, Mrs. Elige 97-V2
Pottorff, Thomas W. 667-V3
Potts, Daisy 515-V3
Potts, Edward G. 88-V2
Potts, Edwin 313-V3
Potts, Elizabeth A. G. 468-V3
Potts, Fannie E. 395-V3
Potts, Georgia G. 274-V3
Potts, Issie Brander 468-V3
Potts, Joseph 88-V2
Potts, Katherine B. 468-V3
Potts, Lillian A. 468-V3
Potts, Loula M. 515-V3
Potts, Lula 314-V3
Potts, Margaret B. 468-V3
Potts, Marion F. 274-V3
Potts, Ollie 468-V3
Potts, Robert H. 314-V3
Potts, Robert L. 514-V3
Potts, Sarah E. 515-V3
Potts, Vera Marie 146-V2
Potts, W. T. 468-V3
Potts, Walter L. 314-V3
Potts, William 515-V3
Potts, William C. 313-V3
Potts, William T. 468-V3
Poulson, Elizabeth A. 572-V3
Poulter, Amy M. 632-V3
Poulter, Deather 632-V3
Pountain, Fred G. 81-V2
Pountain, Nancy J. 81-V2
Pouty, Juanita 3-V1
Powell, Art 14-V3
Powell, Bernice L. 94-V2
Powell, Caroline 204-V2
Powell, Celia J. 109-V2
Powell, Charley J. 6-V2
Powell, Cora May 195-V1
Powell, daughter 157-V1
Powell, Deane 534-V3
Powell, Edna M. 3-V2
Powell, Edward 204-V2
Powell, Eileen 225-V3
Powell, Eliza 12-V2
Powell, Elizabeth 157-V1, 632-V3, 685-V3
Powell, Ella M. 534-V3
Powell, Ethel 257-V3
Powell, Frieda 175-V3, 176-V3
Powell, George H. 7-V2
Powell, Hazel H. 127-V2
Powell, Hiram 3-V2
Powell, Hiriam Leroy 208-V2
Powell, Hope E. 157-V1
Powell, Ida Ellis 402-V3
Powell, Isiah 632-V3
Powell, J. J. 71-V3
Powell, J. P.(F?) 204-V2
Powell, James 157-V1
Powell, James A. 159-V2
Powell, James C. 71-V3
Powell, James R. 118-V2
Powell, Jennie N. 102-V2
Powell, John 3-V2
Powell, John W. 102-V2
Powell, Katie 71-V3
Powell, Lena I. 112-V2
Powell, Leroy 175-V3, 176-V3
Powell, Lorraine 257-V3
Powell, Loyd M. 257-V3
Powell, Lydia Ellen 175-V3
Powell, Maude I. 157-V1
Powell, Melvin David 112-V2
Powell, Mrs. J. 209-V2
Powell, Paul Michael 208-V2
Powell, Raymond 204-V2
Powell, Richard C. 112-V2
Powell, Robert J. 534-V3
Powell, Rosa J. 3-V2
Powell, Rose M. 204-V2
Powell, Roy Lee 159-V2
Powell, Royal T. 632-V3
Powell, Sarah J. 3-V2
Powell, Sylvia E. 7-V2
Powell, Thomas 12-V2
Powell, Thomas Jan 257-V3
Powell, Tillman 685-V3
Powell, Wayne M. 127-V2
Powell, William 109-V2
Powell, Wm. 157-V1
Powelson, Delilah 148-V2
Powelson, Lily B. Johnson 106-V2
Powelson, Robert A. 148-V2
Powelson, Thomas Jefferson 106-V2
Powers, Annie 87-V3
Powers, Carrie E. 340-V3
Powers, Helen A. 87-V3
Powers, John W. 340-V3
Powers, Margaret A. 87-V3
Powers, Michael M. 87-V3
Powers, T. Edward 87-V3
Powner, Everett (Eb) 211-V3
Powner, Grace A. 211-V3
Poyner, Fred 177-V3
Poyner, Olive V. 177-V3
Prather, A. E. 58-V2
Prather, B. E. 58-V2
Prather, Ed 58-V2
Prather, Edgar 559-V3
Prather, Eugene W. 234-V3
Prather, Lillian 234-V3
Prather, Ruth Belle 632-V3
Prather, Susie J. 632-V3
Prather, Thomas B. 632-V3
Pratt, Carrie M. 175-V2
Pratt, Edgar H. 175-V2
Pratt, Ella L. 175-V2
Pratt, Emily E. 174-V2
Pratt, G. H. 175-V2
Pratt, Harry C. 174-V2
Pratt, John Virgil 174-V2
Pratt, Nellie Mae 124-V1
Pratt, Richard H. 190-V2, 675-V3
Pratt, Roy C. 124-V1
Pratt, Silas A. 204-V2
Pratt, Tillie H. 204-V2
Preacher, (first name unknown) 569-V3
Preddy, Carrie M. 200-V3
Preddy, Celia B. 200-V3
Preddy, Earl 200-V3
Preddy, Kit 200-V3
Prentice, Addie 12-V1
Prentice, Eliza E. 12-V1
Prentice, Gladys M. 251-V3
Prentice, Grace Olive 514-V3
Prentice, Hugh 512-V3, 514-V3
Prentice, J. C. 512-V3
Prentice, Nellie 514-V3
Prentice, Olive A. 514-V3
Prentice, Rosa Louisa 512-V3
Prentice, William H. 12-V1, 645-V3
Prescott, Dorothy 485-V3
Prescott, Esther Manilla 570-V3
Prescott, infnat 570-V3
Prescott, Maggie 485-V3
Prescott, Phebe 485-V3
Prescott, Raymond 485-V3
Prescott, U. B. 485-V3
Prescott, W. J. 485-V3
Prescott, Wm. J. 485-V3
Preston, L. A. 59-V3
Preston, Lurena 59-V3
Prettyman, Anna E. 603-V3
Prettyman, baby 603-V3
Prettyman, Brian 603-V3
Prettyman, Charles T. 603-V3
Prettyman, Delbert E. 117-V2
Prettyman, Deonna 675-V3, cemetery transcription
Prettyman, Dolores P. 592-V3
Prettyman, Eddie J. 592-V3
Prettyman, Eliza J. 603-V3
Prettyman, Ernest N. 592-V3
Prettyman, J. Marvin 592-V3
Prettyman, James E. 603-V3
Prettyman, Mildred 592-V3
Prettyman, Myrtle E. 592-V3
Prettyman, Ralph H. 603-V3
Price, Alex C. 338-V3
Price, Anna 583-V3
Price, Arthur (Mike) 278-V3
Price, Augusta F. 503-V3
Price, Ava W. 326-V3
Price, Bertha E. 60-V2
Price, Bertie E. 685-V3
Price, Charles W. 463-V3
Price, Clara 583-V3
Price, Clyde 58-V3
Price, Cyrus Eugene 146-V1
Price, Dale 105-V1
Price, Dale E. 237-V3
Price, Damon I. 339-V3
Price, Edith L. 555-V3
Price, Eliza M. 202-V1
Price, Elvina S. 338-V3
Price, Ettie 583-V3
Price, Faith 238-V3
Price, George A. 463-V3
Price, George B. 572-V3
Price, George W. 146-V1
Price, Georgia L. 336-V3
Price, Gerald 60-V2
Price, Gertrude P. 190-V3
Price, Isaac M. 219-V3
Price, Isaac(Dock) 60-V2
Price, Jessie 200-V1
Price, John M. 632-V3
Price, L. A. 463-V3
Price, Levi E. 199-V1
Price, Lora B. 463-V3
Price, Macy 58-V3
Price, Marion Thomas 146-V1
Price, Matilda M. 199-V1
Price, Melvin 583-V3
Price, Nancy J. 463-V3
Price, Nellie E. 146-V1
Price, Pearl M. 291-V3
Price, R. 108-V2
Price, Roby 564-V3
Price, Ruth Ila 57-V2
Price, S. 108-V2
Price, Sadie E. 463-V3
Price, Sarah 199-V1
Price, Sarah Ann 560-V3
Price, Sarah M. 108-V2
Price, Sterling 336-V3
Price, Thomas E. 190-V3
Price, Travis Gene 657-V3
Price, W. G. 503-V3
Price, W. S. 463-V3
Price, William C. 133-V3
Price, William E. 57-V2
Price, Willie 583-V3
Price, Zadele F. 219-V3
Prichard, May 37-V3
Prieb, Mary C. 332-V3
Prieb, Samuel A. 332-V3
Prier, B. L. 27-V3
Prier, B. L. 54-V3
Prier, Charles Shinkle 54-V3
Prier, Jeanette May 54-V3
Prier, Luther Franklin 54-V3
Prier, Mary 27-V3, 54-V3
Priest, Earl E. 87-V2
Priest, Elsie 87-V2
Priestley, George W. 63-V2
Priestley, Margaret M. 59-V2
Priestley, Nellie Potts 466-V3
Priestley, S. P. 466-V3
Priestley, Vena M. 63-V2
Priestley, Z. B. 59-V2
Priestly, Charles W. 92-V3
Priestly, Dora A. 92-V3
Prince, (first name unknown) 158-V2
Prince, Harold 685-V3
Prince, Herbert 685-V3
Prince, J. C. cemetery reading
Prince, J. R. 632-V3
Prince, John 578-V3
Prince, Lucy 560-V3
Prince, Maggie 578-V3
Prince, Margaretta 632-V3
Prince, Mary C. 685-V3
Prince, Samuel L. 560-V3
Prindle, Henrietta 430-V3
Pringle, Andrew cemetery reading
Pringle, C. 149-V3
Pringle, Kay 149-V3
Pringle, N. 149-V3
Pritchard, Carrie H. 37-V3
Pritchard, George M. 37-V3
Pritchard, John Henry 4-V2
Pritchard, Laverne 368-V3
Pritchard, Margaret F. 4-V2
Pritchard, Robert A. 4-V2
Procter, Edith J. 256-V3
Procter, James C. 256-V3
Proctor, C. C. 513-V3
Proctor, Julia 513-V3
Proctor, Nancy L. 513-V3
Prosser, Doris Jean 223-V3
Prothe, Aaron Linn 207-V3
Prothe, Albert F. 24-V1
Prothe, Anna 27-V1
Prothe, Arthur W. 32-V1
Prothe, August 31-V1
Prothe, Barney 34-V1
Prothe, Bertha L. W. 27-V1
Prothe, Carl 34-V1
Prothe, Charles H. 31-V1
Prothe, Clara E. 32-V1
Prothe, Doris 29-V1
Prothe, Edward 34-V1
Prothe, Elmer 676-V3
Prothe, Emma 24-V1, 29-V1
Prothe, Emma C. 30-V1
Prothe, Emma M 33-V1
Prothe, Ernest O. 290-V3
Prothe, Ethel 28-V1
Prothe, F. H. 30-V1
Prothe, Frank J. 276-V3
Prothe, Frieda 26-V1
Prothe, Friedrich 27-V1
Prothe, George 648-V3
Prothe, Gilbert H. 120-V3
Prothe, Henry 30-V1, 32-V1
Prothe, Henry Fred William 32-V1
Prothe, Herman 34-V1
Prothe, Ida 31-V1
Prothe, Ida K, 289-V3
Prothe, Johann 26-V1, 27-V1
Prothe, John 30-V1
Prothe, John Herman 24-V1
Prothe, John R. 336-V3
Prothe, Joseph D. 33-V1
Prothe, Josephine 676-V3
Prothe, Katharina 27-V1
Prothe, Katie Windler 30-V1
Prothe, Laura 276-V3
Prothe, Lydia A. 281-V3
Prothe, Magdalena 26-V1
Prothe, Manda Minden 33-V1
Prothe, Margaret 30-V1
Prothe, Margaret D. 31-V1
Prothe, Marie 27-V1, 30-V1
Prothe, Marie M. 289-V3
Prothe, Martin E. 281-V3
Prothe, Milburn E. 28-V1
Prothe, Mina 26-V1
Prothe, Nora 32-V1
Prothe, Paul 34-V1
Prothe, Richard Leroy 34-V1
Prothe, Theodor 26-V1
Prothe, Vera M. 28-V1
Prothe, Walter 32-V1
Prothe, William 30-V1
Prothe, William B. 289-V3
Protzman, A. N. 41-V2
Protzman, Alice L. Patten 41-V2
Protzman, Brighty 41-V2
Protzman, Ethel K. 298-V3
Protzman, Gilbert I. 298-V3
Protzman, Grant D. 56-V2
Protzman, Jackie N. 41-V2
Protzman, Laura M. 56-V2
Protzman, Lucretia A. 41-V2
Protzman, Robert A. 296-V3, 297-V3
Protzman, Robt. D. 41-V2
Protzman, Sarah E. 41-V2
Provin, Eldon Dean 21-V3
Provin, Hiram H. 143-V3
Provin, Louise E. 143-V3
Provin, Maude Warren 21-V3
Provin, Mildred Louise 21-V3
Provin, R. L. 21-V3
Prugh, Dora 431-V3
Prugh, J. M. 431-V3
Prugh, J. W. 431-V3, 432-V3
Prugh, Lyle 431-V3
Prugh, M. A. Bailey 431-V3
Prugh, M. Adell 432-V3
Prugh, M. Adell McBride 431-V3
Prugh, Martha A. 431-V3, 432-V3
Prugh, Nellie 431-V3
Prugh, Orville 431-V3
Pryor, Alma M. 245-V3
Pryor, Amanda 58-V1
Pryor, baby 103-V2
Pryor, Ella S. 39-V2
Pryor, George Watson 40-V3
Pryor, Iona 58-V1
Pryor, Jeremiah 58-V1
Pryor, Kate S. 40-V3
Pryor, Myrtle I. 58-V1
Pryor, Rebecca 58-V1
Pryor, W. Furl 245-V3
Puckertan, Margaret E. cemetery reading
Pugh, Allen 480-V3
Pugh, baby 494-V3
Pugh, Barbara Hutokie 480-V3
Pugh, Catherine 104-V2
Pugh, Elizabeth 480-V3
Pugh, Evan A. 104-V2
Pugh, F. M. 104-V2
Pugh, Lot 480-V3
Pugh, Robert H. 104-V2
Pugh, Thomas 480-V3
Pukey, Mabel Houston 632-V3
Pulhoumis, E. 198-V1
Pulhoumis, T. 198-V1
Pullam, Alice B. 10-V2
Pullam, Archie Rossom 661-V3
Pullam, Benjamin Franklin 661-V3
Pullam, Clyde Lee 9-V2
Pullam, George F. 10-V2
Pullam, S. P. 569-V3
Pulley, Carlos 143-V1
Pulley, Caroline 143-V1
Pulley, Ellis 148-V2
Pulley, Emly 143-V1
Pulley, infant 143-V1
Pulley, Mary 148-V2
Pulley, Matilda 48-V2
Pulley, son 148-V2
Pulliam, Ernest 52-V1
Pulliam, Gladys M. 264-V3
Pulliam, Newton O. 264-V3
Pulliam, Robert A. 264-V3
Pumphrey, infant 573-V3
Pumphrey, J. W. 112-V2, 573-V3
Pumphrey, Mary N. 112-V2
Punshon, John 170-V3
Punshon, Martha E. 170-V3
Purcell, Carlton W. 40-V2
Purcell, M. 583-V3
Purcell, Olive Fraser 40-V2
Purdon, Edmund B. new record
Purdon, Harold E. 169-V2
Purdon, Lorene P. new record
Purdue, J. H. 5-V1
Purdue, James A. 5-V1
Purdue, Martha 5-V1
Purdy, Daniel Milton 124-V3
Purdy, Mabel 124-V3
Purinton, Gladys F. 200-V3
Purinton, Ida A. 200-V3
Purinton, James H. 200-V3
Purkey, Anna L. 179-V1
Purkey, infant 154-V1
Purkey, Jacob 179-V1
Purkey, John 108-V1
Purkey, Karl 154-V1
Purkey, Karl E. 151-V1
Purkey, Naoma 108-V1
Purkey, Ruby Massey 151-V1
Pursell, Carrie 354-V3
Pursell, Charles W. 354-V3
Pursell, Georgia Ethel 354-V3
Pursell, Hazel 556-V3
Pursell, M. Mabel 353-V3
Pursell, Paul F. 353-V3
Pursell, Rachel Harvey 155-V2
Pursell, Van 556-V3
Purvis, Amanda E. 80-V2
Purvis, Ava 80-V2
Purvis, Bertie R. 90-V2
Purvis, Bruce J.(Buddie) 81-V2
Purvis, Bruce T. 81-V2
Purvis, Carlie V. 91-V2
Purvis, Charles Arthur 685-V3
Purvis, Charles E. 80-V2
Purvis, Charles W. 80-V2
Purvis, Dorothy A. 78-V2
Purvis, Edward C. 80-V2
Purvis, George M. 81-V2
Purvis, Harriett 108-V2
Purvis, Howard L. 123-V2
Purvis, James L. 78-V2
Purvis, Jeanette 102-V2
Purvis, Kenneth W. 78-V2
Purvis, L. 91-V2
Purvis, L. F. 77-V2
Purvis, Luther 90-V2
Purvis, Mary E. 90-V2
Purvis, Mary Jane 123-V2
Purvis, Otto E. 108-V2
Purvis, Rebecca 80-V2
Purvis, S. W. 91-V2
Purvis, Sophia 77-V2
Purvis, Woodson D. 80-V2
Putnam, Harriet B. 127-V1
Putnam, James B. 127-V1
Putnam, James F. 127-V1
Putnam, Wade W. 127-V1
Pyatt, E. A. 62-V3
Pyatt, Goldie M. [Hinkle] 62-V3
QU'A DU 22-V3
Quade, Elmer T. 88-V2
Quade, Isadore L. 88-V2
Quade, Mary A. 88-V2
Quade, Mary E. 88-V2
Quade, William A. 88-V2
Qualizza, Irvin new record 1999
Qualizza, Mary M. new record 1991
Quiggle, Wilford J. 662-V3
Quillin, Flossie 151-V2
Quillin, Lewis 152-V2
Quillin, M. L. 151-V2
Quillin, Scott 152-V2
Quillin, William H. 151-V2
Quillin, William H., Jr. 151-V2
Quimby, Belle Williams 445-V3
Quimby, Caroline A. Van Doren 444-V3
Quimby, Carrie A. 444-V3
Quimby, Carrie Belle 444-V3
Quimby, Colleen 343-V3
Quimby, George 444-V3
Quimby, George E. 316-V3
Quimby, George W. 444-V3
Quimby, Minnie 444-V3
Quimby, Nettie L. Beuter 445-V3
Quimby, Nick L. 276-V3
Quimby, Ruby 276-V3
Quimby, Steve E. 445-V3
Quimby, Willie 444-V3
Quimby, Zepher 343-V3
Quincy, Betha L. 319-V3
Quincy, E. C. 155-V1, 156-V1
Quincy, Elsie I. 279-V3
Quincy, Emmer E. 156-V1
Quincy, Emmor S. 311-V3
Quincy, Erma Thelma 355-V3
Quincy, Esther M. 356-V3
Quincy, Esther May 312-V3
Quincy, H. H. 156-V1
Quincy, Harmon M. 279-V3
Quincy, Horiato H. 555-V3
Quincy, Ida 369-V3
Quincy, John H. 312-V3
Quincy, Katherine 300-V3
Quincy, Lottie 357-V3
Quincy, Margaret J. 82-V3
Quincy, Mary J. 156-V1, 555-V3
Quincy, Orrin Allen 217-V3
Quincy, Sanford H. 357-V3
Quincy, Thomas E. 300-V3
Quincy, Thomas G. 156-V1
Quincy, Verlin 82-V3
Quincy, Walter 369-V3
Quincy, Walter S. 356-V3
Quincy, Walter W. 156-V1
Quincy, Wilma Lee 298-V3
Quinn, Carl E. 113-V3
Quinn, Charles E. 112-V3
Quinn, Charles Melven 455-V3
Quinn, Clarence J. 113-V3
Quinn, Daisy V. 113-V3
Quinn, Dorothy H. 113-V3
Quinn, Julia A. 455-V3
Quinn, Marie 603-V3
Quinn, Samuel J. 455-V3
Quinn, Theresa A. 112-V3
Qumiby, Vergie H. 316-V3

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