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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Rader to Rikard


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Rader, Edgar A. 369-V3
Rader, James E. 369-V3
Rader, Marguerite C. 369-V3
Radford, Richard M. 136-V2
Rafferty, Bertha L. 632-V3
Rafferty, Elmer 632-V3
Rafferty, Juanita 632-V3
Rafferty, L. S. 632-V3
Rafferty, Mary M. 632-V3
Rafferty, Mollie May 632-V3
Rafferty, Nora 632-V3
Rafferty, W. Joseph 632-V3
Rafferty, Wm. T. 632-V3
Raffety, B. Juanita 685-V3
Raffety, Doris 685-V3
Raffety, Elmer 685-V3
Raffety, Zona 685-V3
Ragland, Candace E. 662-V3
Raines, Carrie 76-V2
Raines, Ethel B. 119-V2, 667-V3
Raines, Eva Mae 76-V2
Raines, George 76-V2
Raines, R. Glenn 119-V2
Rainey, Adele B. 364-V3
Rainey, Arthur A. 365-V3
Rainey, Arthur W. 364-V3
Rainey, baby 568-V3
Rainey, Catherine 415-V3
Rainey, Charity Sue 365-V3
Rainey, Charles 568-V3
Rainey, Dave 568-V3
Rainey, Easter 57-V1
Rainey, Elsie G. 52-V1
Rainey, Emma A. 365-V3
Rainey, Ernest L. 52-V1
Rainey, Friend C. 429-V3
Rainey, Jessie A. 48-V1
Rainey, Jessie L. 48-V1
Rainey, John M. 57-V1
Rainey, Jos. L. 57-V1
Rainey, Kenneth L. 52-V1
Rainey, Louella 57-V1
Rainey, Lulu 567-V3
Rainey, Myrtle E. 48-V1
Rainey, Philena 364-V3
Rainey, Stacey O. 365-V3
Rainey, W. G. 422-V3
Rainey, William B. 365-V3
Raithel, Maude Conboy 183-V2
Raley, Floyd D. 145-V2
Raley, Frank O., Sr. 145-V2
Raley, Garnet M. 191-V1
Raley, Geo. S. 145-V2
Raley, Joseph M. 191-V1
Raley, Mary Jane 145-V2
Raley, Mary Luella 182-V1
Raley, Stella 145-V2
Ralston, Charles E. 150-V2
Ralston, Francis Marion 150-V2
Ralston, Hershel W. 208-V2
Ralston, James N. 133-V2
Ralston, Jane 150-V2
Ralston, Lewis C. 632-V3
Ralston, Mary B. 632-V3
Ralston, Robert 150-V2
Ramey, Angelleta Hutcheson 1-V2
Ramey, Britton Floyd 2-V2
Ramey, Celia May 2-V2
Ramey, Chester Amos 2-V2
Ramey, Claude P. 1-V2
Ramey, Eligah Alex (Elga) 2-V2
Ramey, Elijah 3-V2
Ramey, Everet Thurston 2-V2
Ramey, Goldie A. 1-V2
Ramey, Gus 7-V2
Ramey, Halcy 1-V2
Ramey, Hilda 7-V2
Ramey, Izora 42-V2
Ramey, Lowery G. 7-V2
Ramey, M. F. 1-V2
Ramey, Nellie M. 7-V2
Ramey, Pleasant C. 1-V2
Ramey, Preston 1-V2
Ramey, Preston S. 1-V2
Ramey, Priscilla 3-V2
Ramey, R. P. 1-V2
Ramey, Rachel E. 1-V2
Ramey, Samuel P. 9-V2
Ramey, Sarah D. 9-V2
Ramey, Violet L. 9-V2
Ramsey, C. E. 24-V3
Ramsey, Eva L. 24-V3
Ramsey, infant son 24-V3
Rand, Belle 134-V2
Rand, Frank 134-V2
Rand, Oleva 134-V2
Randall, Alex 33-V3
Randall, Daisey Belle 665-V3
Randall, David L. 85-V1
Randall, infant 632-V3
Randall, Lovera A. 414-V3
Randall, Will 575-V3
Randel, Anna 294-V3
Randel, James W. 534-V3
Randel, Robert R. 534-V3
Rankin, Clarence A. 117-V3
Rankin, Hattie Beauchamp 393-V3
Rankin, Jabez Otterbein 393-V3
Rankin, Opal G. 117-V3
Rankin, Veda Rhey 393-V3
Rannells, Ida A. 113-V2
Rannells, Isabella R. Campbell 13-V2
Rannells, W. D. 13-V2, 113-V2
Ranney, A. J. 247-V1
Ranney, Addie 151-V3
Ranney, Ann 248-V1
Ranney, Clarence 182-V3
Ranney, F. W. R. 247-V1
Ranney, Florence N. 247-V1
Ranney, G. L. R. 247-V1
Ranney, Grace Tramill 395-V3
Ranney, Ida L. 248-V1
Ranney, Irene 182-V3
Ranney, J. P. 248-V1
Ranney, Karl O. 180-V3
Ranney, Ralph 396-V3
Ranney, William 248-V1
Ranney, William O. 151-V3
Ranney, Winifred 180-V3
Rapp, Chris 633-V3
Rapp, infant 633-V3
Rash, Dick J. 104-V1
Rathbun, Benjamin C. 227-V1
Rathbun, Margaret A. 227-V1
Rathbun, Olena M. 227-V1
Ratliff, Bessie M. 139-V1
Ratliff, E. L. 139-V1
Ratliff, Elizabeth 603-V3
Ratliff, Fountain 596-V3
Ratliff, Hilda 139-V1
Ratliff, Isham 603-V3
Ratliff, Kathryn L. 603-V3
Ratliff, Kittie 596-V3
Ratliff, Mary A. Stearns 139-V1
Ratliff, Sadie W. 596-V3
Ratliff, Susan E. 596-V3
Ratliff, Walton 596-V3
Ratliff, William J. 596-V3
Ratliff, Willie 596-V3
Rauhut, Charles H. 198-V3
Rauhut, Cora E. 198-V3
Rauhut, Ethel P. 268-V3
Rauhut, Harkeness B. 214-V3
Rauhut, Violet M. 214-V3
Rauhut, William W. 268-V3
Rauscher, Ida C. 229-V3
Rauscher, John C. 229-V3
Rauscher, Wayne 229-V3
Rawlings, Arthur S. 278-V3
Rawlings, Lucille M. 278-V3
Rawson, C. F. W. 525-V3
Rawson, Mary C. 525-V3
Rawson, Sid C. 525-V3
Ray, A. E. 174-V2
Ray, Arthur 120-V3
Ray, Bernard D. 508-V3
Ray, Clarabell 584-V3
Ray, Cora A. 633-V3
Ray, Etta M. 174-V2
Ray, Floyd C. 177-V3
Ray, H. D. 174-V2
Ray, Helen L. 305-V3
Ray, Ida Frances 368-V3
Ray, J. Clifford 221-V3
Ray, J. T. 150-V2
Ray, James 368-V3, 583-V3
Ray, John E. (two entires) 305-V3
Ray, Laura A. 150-V2
Ray, Maxine 120-V3
Ray, Myrtie A. 174-V2
Ray, Norman O. 507-V3
Ray, Simple (Dimple?) 584-V3
Ray, Stella M. 221-V3
Ray, Wesley W. 633-V3
Ray, William A. 141-V1
Ray, Willis A. 633-V3
Rayl, Alvin C. 245-V1
Rayl, Eva 245-V1
Rayl, Larry 245-V1
Rayl, Larry James 245-V1
Rayl, Naomi F. 244-V1
Rayl, Sadie 245-V1
Rayl, son 245-V1
Rayl, William A. 245-V1
Rayle, George F. 198-V3
Rayle, Sarah E. 198-V3
Raymer, A. Vantreece 110-V2
Raymer, Aimee 110-V2, 251-V1
Raymer, baby son 173-V3
Raymer, Hannah M. 110-V2
Raymer, Kenneth W. 185-V3
Raymer, Lura 251-V1, 110-V2
Raymer, Patricia Sue 185-V3
Rea, Barbara Joan 219-V1
Rea, Flora E. 242-V1
Rea, Joseph 242-V1
Reace, Effie 583-V3
Read, (first name unknown) 143-V3
Read, C. Franklin 32-V3
Read, Charles W. 259-V3
Read, Edward E. 251-V3
Read, Fannie H. 259-V3
Readecker, Amanda 186-V2
Readecker, Charles H. 180-V2
Readecker, Joe 186-V2
Readecker, Mary Rose 180-V2
Readecker, Mary Treasie 186-V2
Reading, Nellie A. 92-V3
Reamer, Claud W. 572-V3
Reamer, John L. 461-V3
Reamer, Kate A. 462-V3
Reasoner, Cora Myrtle 368-V3
Reasoner, Frederic K. 368-V3
Reaves, B. P. 45-V3
Reaves, Charley 45-V3
Reaves, Charley B. 46-V3
Reaves, Frances 45-V3
Reaves, Mary Frances 46-V3
Reaves, Minnie 573-V3
Reaves, Pearl M. 204-V3
Reaves, Ruth 45-V3
Reaves, W. H.(Red) 46-V3
Reaves, Willis R. 157-V3
Reavis, Anna R. Carlile 86-V1
Reb, Frederick W. 259-V3
Reb, James H. 259-V3
Reb, James Henry, Jr. 259-V3
Reb, Lottie C. 259-V3
Reber, Isaac W. 53-V3
Reber, Mary E. 53-V3
Rebo, Marion 603-V3
Redd, baby 565-V3
Redd, Dale Thomas 56-V3
Redd, Effie 56-V3
Redd, Mandy 564-V3
Redd, Thomas M. 56-V3
Reddick, Geraldine 543-V3
Reddington, J. W. 398-V3
Reddington, Lenora 569-V3
Reddington, Mary C. 398-V3
Redecker, Adam 186-V2
Redecker, Edward 186-V2
Redecker, Theresa 186-V2
Redenbaugh, E. J. 140-V2
Redenbaugh, F. M. 140-V2
Redenbaugh, Garry Dean 6-V2
Redenbaugh, John 140-V2
Redenbaugh, Laura 140-V2
Redenbaugh, Martha E. 140-V2
Redenbaugh, Rebecca L. Jones 140-V2
Redfield, Rolla 583-V3
Redick, John 135-V2
Redmond, Josephine T. 81-V3
Redmond, William A. 81-V3
Redmond, Wm. A. 82-V3
Reece, Arthur R. 657-V3
Reece, Mabel I. 657-V3
Reed, A. W. 444-V3
Reed, Addie 176-V1, 96-V2
Reed, Albert 53-V3
Reed, Allie C. 88-V2
Reed, Allie Hildebrant 445-V3
Reed, Amos 575-V3
Reed, Annie 73-V2
Reed, Arla May 53-V3
Reed, Armida 228-V1
Reed, Atlas 353-V3
Reed, Aurelian D. 228-V1
Reed, Ava 85-V2
Reed, Ava B. 111-V2
Reed, baby 73-V2
Reed, Belle 85-V2, 490-V3
Reed, Bertha Ann 291-V3
Reed, Byron H. 228-V1
Reed, Calvin A. 21-V2
Reed, Caroline 228-V1
Reed, Carrie A. 12-V3
Reed, Carrie Devella 154-V3
Reed, Charles Vintie 445-V3
Reed, Charles W. 445-V3
Reed, Chas. E. 633-V3
Reed, Clarence 175-V1, 176-V1
Reed, Connie 444-V3
Reed, Cora A. (Weir) 97-V2
Reed, Cyrus Bert 176-V1
Reed, David A. 75-V2
Reed, Dennis M., Jr. 174-V3
Reed, Dora A. B. 571-V3
Reed, Earl L. 73-V2
Reed, Eliza J. 93-V2
Reed, Ella Classen 669-V3
Reed, Ella Jane 669-V3
Reed, Ellen 175-V1
Reed, Emma 571-V3
Reed, Emma M. 21-V2
Reed, Emma Viola 75-V2
Reed, Ernest R. 73-V2
Reed, Ersel Riley 99-V2
Reed, Esther B. 73-V2
Reed, Farlow A. 85-V2
Reed, Farlow, Sr. 175-V1, 176-V1
Reed, Flora 538-V3
Reed, Frances 559-V3
Reed, Frances E. 583-V3
Reed, Francis T. 160-V2
Reed, Frank 59-V1
Reed, Gary Dean 373-V3
Reed, Geo. P. cemetery reading
Reed, Georgia F. 84-V2, 666-V3
Reed, Gertrude 53-V3
Reed, Greg Edward 373-V3
Reed, Hannah 572-V3
Reed, Harriot 580-V3
Reed, Harvey 73-V2
Reed, Hazel I. 127-V3
Reed, Henry F. 84-V2
Reed, Hugh A. 291-V3
Reed, Hugh L. 73-V2
Reed, James A. 176-V1
Reed, James M. 88-V2
Reed, Jasper 176-V1
Reed, Jasper 96-V2
Reed, Jasper N. 176-V1
Reed, Jennie C. 685-V3
Reed, Jessie B. 73-V2
Reed, Jimmy D. 75-V2
Reed, John 175-V1, 176-V1, 580-V3
Reed, John Oliver 176-V1
Reed, Joseph S. 70-V1
Reed, Josephine 177-V1
Reed, L. H. 176-V1
Reed, Laura 96-V2
Reed, Lee A.(Dock) 103-V2
Reed, Lenora 577-V3
Reed, Lenore 53-V3
Reed, Leona B. 214-V1
Reed, Levett 444-V3
Reed, Lola 53-V3
Reed, Luella 176-V1
Reed, M. R. 176-V1
Reed, Maggie Bowman 73-V2
Reed, Maggie Morris 73-V2
Reed, Maribel 73-V2
Reed, Mary 176-V1
Reed, Mary 577-V3
Reed, Mary E. 73-V2
Reed, Mary Valentine 587-V3
Reed, Matthias 93-V2
Reed, Morris Deane 73-V2
Reed, Myra Mitchel 228-V1
Reed, Nellie 45-V2
Reed, Octavia 93-V2
Reed, Orrell C. 88-V2
Reed, Pauline M. 445-V3
Reed, Polly A. 103-V2
Reed, Ralph 175-V1, 96-V2
Reed, Robert 228-V1
Reed, Robert E. 59-V1
Reed, Rosco Leland 633-V3
Reed, Samuel B. 12-V3
Reed, Samuel, Jr. 14-V3
Reed, Sarah A. cemetery reading
Reed, Serena 172-V3
Reed, Squire 571-V3
Reed, twins 176-V1
Reed, Vincit M. 228-V1
Reed, Viola 99-V2
Reed, W. A. 53-V3
Reed, W. F. 73-V2
Reed, Will G. 97-V2
Reed, Willie B. 214-V1
Reed, Wm. A. 337-V3
Reed, Zara C. 577-V3
Reek, H. M. 70-V3
Reekie, Evelyn E. 126-V3
Rees, baby daughter 45-V2
Rees, George O. 4-V2
Rees, J. B. 45-V2
Rees, Johnathan B. 61-V2
Rees, M. S. 45-V2
Rees, Mary E. 62-V2
Rees, Mary H. 4-V2
Rees, Mary S. 61-V2
Rees, Minerva Ann 4-V2
Rees, Pheba A. 4-V2
Rees, Ray B. 62-V2
Rees, Rosettie 140-V2
Rees, Roy R. 4-V2
Rees, Viet 4-V2
Reese, Avis 288-V3
Reese, David 288-V3
Reese, E. L. 14-V2
Reese, Ella 134-V3
Reese, Hiram 633-V3
Reese, infant 14-V2
Reese, Rilla 14-V2
Reese, William O. 134-V3
Reeve, Billy Joe 265-V3
Reeve, Eva Mae 204-V2
Reeve, Harold V. 204-V2
Reeves Myrtle Coons 98-V2
Reeves, Audna B. 665-V3
Reeves, baby 69-V2
Reeves, Clifford L. 97-V2
Reeves, Daisey Hunter 97-V2
Reeves, Dalton C. 94-V2
Reeves, Edna Irene 147-V1
Reeves, Ethel L. 117-V2
Reeves, Gertrude E. 383-V3
Reeves, Harry H. 117-V2
Reeves, Homer E. 98-V2
Reeves, J. Forrest 117-V2
Reeves, Jacqueline Lee 663-V3
Reeves, James B. 408-V3
Reeves, Jesse H. 479-V3
Reeves, John Frank 98-V2
Reeves, Lela Esther 109-V2
Reeves, Lida Jane 98-V2
Reeves, M. Alice 479-V3
Reeves, Malinda 140-V2
Reeves, Marcus D. 408-V3, 478-V3
Reeves, Mariah Ellen 64-V1
Reeves, Mary E. 90-V2, 408-V3, 478-V3
Reeves, T. A. (Jack) 383-V3
Reeves, W. A. 348-V3
Reeves, Walton Kenneth 109-V2
Reeves, Wanda Jean 147-V1
Reeves, Wilford Lee 663-V3
Reeves, William 558-V3
Register, Neil D. 208-V2
Reichard, A. 469-V3
Reichard, Arabelel 469-V3
Reichard, Edward C. 469-V3
Reichert, Mary Thomas 587-V3
Reid, Anna 633-V3
Reid, Curtis 633-V3
Reid, Geo W. 633-V3
Reid, Jennie 633-V3
Reid, Mollie M. 633-V3
Reid, Thomas V. 633-V3
Reid, William P. 686-V3
Reidy, E. V. 93-V3
Reidy, Florence 93-V3
Reifel, Conrad 28-V1
Reifel, Ernestina Paulina 26-V1
Reifel, George 31-V1
Reifel, girl 28-V1
Reifel, Ottilie 27-V1
Reifel, Wilhelm P. 29-V1
Reimal, Flora E. 302-V3
Reimal, Jacob 56-V2
Reimal, Joe 56-V2, 302-V3
Reimal, Leland T. 56-V2
Reimal, Maggie 56-V2
Reimal, Ruth 56-V2
Reiman, Fred E. 49-V2
Reinal, Rose E. 565-V3
Reinecker, Joseph Paul 241-V3
Reinecker, Leatha Alice 241-V3
Reiter, Anthony G. 104-V3
Reiter, Anton 108-V3
Reiter, August F. 108-V3
Reiter, Ernest Charles 107-V3
Reiter, Genevieve M. 108-V3
Reiter, Kathryn Essner 107-V3
Reiter, Leo J. 108-V3
Reiter, Myrtle I. 104-V3
Reiter, Robert F. 109-V3
Reiter, Sophia 108-V3
Reiter, William F. 109-V3
Reitinger, Alice 105-V3
Reitinger, Anthony 106-V3
Reitinger, David L. 106-V3
Reitinger, Elizabeth A. 106-V3
Reitinger, Frank 105-V3
Reitinger, Lloyd M. 105-V3
Reitinger, Lloyd S. 106-V3
Reitinger, Marguerite C. 106-V3
Reitinger, Walter E. 105-V3
Reitinger, William S. 106-V3
Reitman, Ann 174-V2
Remington, Ada M. 148-V3
Remington, Bennie 148-V3
Remington, Bertha Edith 148-V3
Remmington(?), Bessie 148-V3
Remington, Emma Florilla Adair 148-V3
Remington, J. B. 148-V3
Renfro, Ida 566-V3
Renner, George A., Sr. 169-V2
Rennie, Carmen 26-V3
Rennier, Mary Colette 589-V3
Rennier, Mary Louise 589-V3
Renoe, Dorothy M. 251-V3
Renoe, Raymond G. 251-V3
Rentz, Estella A. E. 288-V3
Rentz, Fred W. 117-V3
Rentz, girl 28-V1
Rentz, Hazel K. 117-V3
Rentz, Henry Reinhold 28-V1
Rentz, Maggie Ohlmeier 30-V1
Rentz, Reinhold 288-V3
Rentz, Roy Bernhard 288-V3
Renz, Edythe 5-V2
Renz, John 5-V2
Reppell, Margaret 141-V2
Requa, George L. 164-V1
Requa, J. 164-V1
Requa, James 164-V1
Requa, Lucy L. 164-V1
Requa, M. C. 164-V1
Resh, Ardyce 171-V2
Resh, Dorotha L. 171-V2
Resh, Robert R. 171-V2
Ressenden, Thelma H. 315-V3
Reves, Cleve B. 204-V3
Rex, Anna E. 633-V3
Rex, Augustus M. O. 520-V3
Rex, Bessie B. 633-V3
Rex, Cam D. 633-V3
Rex, Esther 633-V3
Rex, Freda B. 633-V3
Rex, Geo. W. 633-V3
Rex, Henrietta D. 520-V3
Rex, infant 633-V3
Rex, John M. 633-V3
Rex, Mary Ann 633-V3
Rex, Nettie 633-V3
Rex, William F. 633-V3
Reyburn, Anna D. 7-V3
Reynerson, Frances 160-V3
Reynerson, Lucy Ann cemetery reading
Reynolds, Alice 375-V3
Reynolds, Allie 163-V1
Reynolds, Arthur L. (Barr) 188-V3
Reynolds, Belle C. 64-V3
Reynolds, Bessie B. 17-V1
Reynolds, Beuna O. 64-V3
Reynolds, C. O. 483-V3
Reynolds, Carlton A. 64-V3
Reynolds, Edward Lee 375-V3
Reynolds, Elsie Irene 53-V2
Reynolds, Emma Everhart 48-V2
Reynolds, Ezra S. 484-V3
Reynolds, Faye Winner 263-V3
Reynolds, George R. 496-V3, 498-V3
Reynolds, James Arthur 263-V3
Reynolds, Jennie 1-V2, 106-V2
Reynolds, Lois Nadine 187-V3
Reynolds, Margaret L. 201-V1
Reynolds, Mary Eugene 589-V3
Reynolds, Mary R. 484-V3
Reynolds, May 633-V3
Reynolds, Minnie 483-V3
Reynolds, Nora 570-V3
Reynolds, Peter 201-V1
Reynolds, Quinton O. 106-V2
Reynolds, Ralph P. 64-V3
Reynolds, Raymond 498-V3
Reynolds, Rena 496-V3, 498-V3
Reynolds, Richard 484-V3
Reynolds, Robert 203-V1, 562-V3
Reynolds, Roy P. 53-V2
Reynolds, Royal S. 483-V3
Reynolds, Russell F. 17-V1
Reynolds, Russell F. 646-V3
Reynolds, Thomas P. 375-V3
Reynolds, Vivian Lee 282-V3
Rhea, Ada M. 186-V1
Rhea, Cyrus C. 187-V1
Rhea, Elsie 187-V1
Rhea, Frank H. 187-V1
Rhea, Helen M. Hanser 279-V3
Rhea, Jack H. 279-V3, 280-V3
Rhea, James H. 188-V1
Rhea, John A. 167-V3
Rhea, John J. 186-V1
Rhea, John L. 187-V1
Rhea, L. L. 291-V3
Rhea, Lyman A. 187-V1
Rhea, Maggie J. 167-V3
Rhea, Margaret 187-V1
Rhea, Mary J. 188-V1
Rhea, Nora 187-V1
Rhea, Stephania Anne 119-V2
Rhea, William Guy 119-V2
Rhinehart, Forrest 686-V3
Rhoades, A. J. 584-V3
Rhoades, Andrew M. 10-V2
Rhoades, Chelsea Helen 9-V2
Rhoades, Etta M. 10-V2
Rhoades, Frank E. 374-V3
Rhoades, George W. 10-V2
Rhoades, Hen. 163-V1
Rhoades, Jacob 31-V2
Rhoades, Lisa Louise 120-V3
Rhoades, Mary 583-V3
Rhoades, Mary F. 163-V1
Rhoades, Mildred C. 9-V2
Rhoades, Mildred M. 374-V3
Rhoades, Roy 163-V1
Rhoades, Roy Marshall 9-V2
Rhodebeck, Alice Blanche 95-V2
Rhodebeck, Dessie 95-V2
Rhodebeck, Samuel M. 95-V2
Rhodes, Adah 204-V2
Rhodes, Amy E. 110-V2
Rhodes, Charles 204-V2
Rhodes, Clara E. 110-V2
Rhodes, Danford E. 110-V2
Rhodes, Essie McLellan 633-V3
Rhodes, Frank B. 110-V2
Rhodes, Jack 438-V3
Rhodes, John Edward 204-V2
Rhodes, Mollie Jane Pryther(?) 204-V2
Rhone, son 53-V2
Ricardson, Wm. Othello 105-V2
Ricci, Anna 218-V3
Ricci, Joseph 218-V3
Ricci, Mary Beth Plummer 110-V3
Rice, Clifford E. 332-V3
Rice, Dana 110-V2
Rice, Effie Pearl 135-V1
Rice, Elizabeth 135-V1
Rice, Ella M. 370-V3
Rice, Emma M. 124-V2
Rice, Fleta 603-V3
Rice, Franklin A. 592-V3
Rice, Franklin R. 599-V3
Rice, Georgia Ann 111-V2
Rice, Grace O. 111-V2
Rice, H. 137-V1
Rice, Henderson 135-V1
Rice, James Lester 111-V2
Rice, James M. 135-V1
Rice, Jay H. 111-V2
Rice, Jay H., Jr. 111-V2
Rice, Jean I. (J.?) 95-V2
Rice, John T. 110-V2
Rice, Joseph D. 135-V1
Rice, Laura F. 599-V3
Rice, Lucile W. 110-V2
Rice, M. A. 226-V1
Rice, Marcella K. 135-V1
Rice, Marcellia N. 332-V3
Rice, Margaret F. 135-V1
Rice, Margaret F. Mitchell 135-V1
Rice, Marietta 135-V1
Rice, Maurice S. 369-V3
Rice, Nathan 111-V2
Rice, Neil C. 370-V3
Rice, Orvilla 592-V3
Rice, Rebecca 135-V1
Rice, Robert R. 124-V2
Rice, S. 135-V1
Rice, S. H. 135-V1
Rice, Susan 135-V1
Rice, Thomas 226-V1
Rice, Thomas O. 135-V1
Rice, William 573-V3
Richards, Blance M. 35-V1
Richards, Ella E. 27-V3
Richards, Ernest (Shorty) 177-V3
Richards, George A. 35-V1
Richards, Gladys 177-V3
Richards, Herbert F. 312-V3
Richards, Jefferson L. 27-V3
Richards, Lois A. 312-V3
Richards, Martha 35-V1
Richards, Martha E. 104-V2
Richards, Mary E. 35-V1
Richards, Wm. H. 35-V1
Richardson Alta M. 204-V2
Richardson, Alice 104-V2
Richardson, Annie 576-V3
Richardson, Bessie 8-V1
Richardson, Charity Malinda 112-V2
Richardson, Chloris H. 592-V3
Richardson, Clifford P. 603-V3
Richardson, Clinton D. 593-V3
Richardson, Craig W. 592-V3
Richardson, Elkawah 576-V3
Richardson, Ernest H. 593-V3
Richardson, Ethel 603-V3
Richardson, Floyd R.(Dick) 107-V2
Richardson, Forrest 603-V3
Richardson, Frances 267-V3
Richardson, Frank 542-V3
Richardson, Franklin H. 593-V3
Richardson, George 584-V3
Richardson, George E. 114-V2
Richardson, Gladys L. 603-V3
Richardson, Harold F. 58-V2
Richardson, Herbert E. 592-V3
Richardson, Herman E. 104-V2
Richardson, Ida 112-V2, 114-V2
Richardson, Ida A. 45-V2
Richardson, Ida Marie 267-V3
Richardson, James S. 267-V3
Richardson, James Thomas 210-V1
Richardson, John 105-V2
Richardson, Lonzo Lee 109-V2
Richardson, Lottie M. 107-V2
Richardson, Louida A. 46-V2
Richardson, Marcella 603-V3
Richardson, Margaret J. 592-V3
Richardson, Martha I. 603-V3
Richardson, Mary E. 210-V1
Richardson, Mary F. 114-V2
Richardson, Mary K. 603-V3
Richardson, Mary Kearney Frances new record
Richardson, Mary Lillie 114-V2
Richardson, Maud E. 45-V2
Richardson, Mayme M. 104-V2
Richardson, Perry A. 121-V2
Richardson, R. Claude 603-V3
Richardson, Richard Agustus 112-V2
Richardson, Richard T. 603-V3
Richardson, Robert E. 603-V3
Richardson, Robert L. 593-V3
Richardson, Ronald 686-V3
Richardson, Rosa L. 267-V3
Richardson, Ruth M. new record 1994
Richardson, Sarah C. 603-V3
Richardson, Stanley I. 592-V3
Richardson, Susan R. 593-V3
Richardson, Thelma B. 58-V2
Richardson, Thomas K. 181-V2
Richardson, Vera M. 109-V2
Richardson, Virgil E. 263-V3
Richardson, W. C. 45-V2, 46-V2
Richardson, William A. 104-V2
Richardson, William H. 603-V3
Richardson, William R. 667-V3
Richart, Jacob A. 577-V3
Richmond, Cora Henson 348-V3
Richmond, Ethel Edmondson 349-V3
Richmond, I. M. 507-V3
Richmond, L. W. 348-V3
Rickets, Ellen 236-V1
Rickets, Henry N. 236-V1
Rickets, Johnnie 236-V1
Rickets, Manford 236-V1
Ricketts, Alex 232-V1
Ricketts, Alex 474-V3
Ricketts, Alonzo V. 232-V1
Ricketts, B. Lorene 221-V3
Ricketts, Bernice 244-V3
Ricketts, Bessie 126-V1, 658-V3
Ricketts, Charles B. 67-V1
Ricketts, Charles T. 527-V3
Ricketts, Clarence T. 232-V1
Ricketts, Cyrus Eugene 373-V3
Ricketts, Cyrus W. 370-V3
Ricketts, Damon H. 244-V3
Ricketts, Dorothy D. 95-V1
Ricketts, Dorothy M. 242-V3
Ricketts, E. 232-V1
Ricketts, E. S. 95-V1
Ricketts, Elmer A. 126-V1
Ricketts, Fannie E. 95-V1
Ricketts, Fannie Ellen 242-V1
Ricketts, Fanny S. 527-V3
Ricketts, Frank 222-V1
Ricketts, George W. 232-V1
Ricketts, Gladys M. 376-V3
Ricketts, Homer L. 376-V3
Ricketts, John C. 242-V3
Ricketts, Lois Marie Rieger 373-V3
Ricketts, Mary 567-V3
Ricketts, Minnie J. 67-V1
Ricketts, Minnie S. 128-V2
Ricketts, Myrtle I. 370-V3
Ricketts, Nancy C. 474-V3
Ricketts, Raymond 244-V3
Ricketts, Samuel Edward 242-V1
Ricketts, Samuel T. 222-V1, 232-V1
Ricketts, Sarah 232-V1
Ricketts, Sarah H. 232-V1
Ricketts, W. H. 128-V2
Ricketts, Wilbur A. 221-V3
Rickman, Lavernon S. 179-V2
Rickman, Margaret T. 179-V2
Rickstatter, Ruby 309-V3
Riddle, Anna Patterson 183-V3
Riddle, Charles 183-V3
Riddlebarger, Albert C. 347-V3
Riddlebarger, Charles A. 346-V3
Riddlebarger, Dorothy P. 346-V3
Riddlebarger, Emma 347-V3
Riddlebarger, Flora A. 347-V3
Riddlebarger, Perry A. 347-V3
Rider, Frances E. 633-V3
Rider, Grace Ann 100-V2
Rider, John Edward 100-V2
Rider, Marie 633-V3
Ridgeway, B. D. 502-V3
Ridgeway, C. L. 502-V3
Ridgeway, Mary A. 502-V3
Ridgeway, Nelle E. 502-V3
Ridinger, Leah W. 553-V3
Riebe, Sarah Needham 204-V2
Riefel, Wilhelmina 32-V1
Rigey, Harry, Sr. 162-V2
Rigg, Emma 371-V3
Rigg, Ewell V. 370-V3
Rigg, Frank E. 371-V3
Rigg, Irene 370-V3
Riggil, Mary 576-V3
Riggs, (first name unknown) 666-V3
Riggs, baby 186-V1
Riggs, Elmer Marvin 124-V2
Riggs, Kate 142-V2
Riggs, Lula E. 200-V3
Riggs, Orville H. 200-V3
Riggs, Wilson 186-V1
Rigney, Alma E. 162-V2
Rigney, Catherine 162-V2
Rigney, Charles E. 162-V2
Rigney, Columb 188-V2, 673-V3
Rigney, Elizabeth 87-V3
Rigney, Harry F. 169-V2
Rigney, John 112-V3
Rigney, John W. 126-V1
Rigney, Maurice 162-V2
Rigney, Nellie 112-V3
Rigney, Patrick 162-V2
Rigney, Rachel 126-V1
Rigney, Walter M. 126-V1
Rigney, William L. 87-V3
Rigney, William Leon 87-V3
Rikard, Florence V. 521-V3
Rikard, Newton B. 521-V3

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