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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Riley to Rynerson

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Riley, B. R. 539-V3
Riley, Bayard T. 470-V3
Riley, Bennie A. 92-V3
Riley, Carl Esmond 356-V3
Riley, Catherine (two entries) 86-V3
Riley, Cora M. 172-V3
Riley, D. 398-V3
Riley, Delphia Horr 92-V3
Riley, Edmona E. 20-V2
Riley, Edward 68-V2
Riley, Elijah 633-V3
Riley, Elma I. 471-V3
Riley, Eva L. 79-V1
Riley, Flora Cusey 68-V2
Riley, Hugh (two entires) 95-V3, 470-V3
Riley, Hugh Clemens 68-V2
Riley, Hugh Francis 92-V3
Riley, Hugh W. 471-V3
Riley, Ida Neylon 356-V3
Riley, infant son 398-V3
Riley, Ivan D. 20-V2
Riley, James B. 85-V3
Riley, Jennifer Marie 82-V3
Riley, John 67-V1, 86-V3
Riley, John T. 95-V3
Riley, Lemuel P. 471-V3
Riley, Margaret (two entries) 95-V3
Riley, Martha J. 470-V3
Riley, Mary L. 398-V3
Riley, Nathan A. 593-V3
Riley, Nellie Hymer 539-V3
Riley, Sarah J. 95-V3
Riley, Wingenund H. 471-V3
Riley, Wylde P. 471-V3
Rinehart, A. T. 151-V1
Rinehart, Joseph B. 321-V3
Rinehart, Marie E. 321-V3
Rinehart, Russell M. 151-V1
Ring, Alta E. 93-V2
Ring, Chattie M. 94-V2
Ring, daughter 89-V2
Ring, Edith A. 113-V2
Ring, G. W. 89-V2
Ring, Gary Ross new record 1988
Ring, Geraldine A new record 1994
Ring, George W. 94-V2
Ring, J. W. 94-V2
Ring, Jacob B. 93-V2
Ring, Mary Parsons 89-V2
Ring, Nola B. Goforth 93-V2
Ring, Ralph Starry 93-V2
Ring, Samuel F. 89-V2
Ring, Sarah F. 89-V2
Ring, Susan 89-V2
Ring, Virgil A. 113-V2
Ringer, Arthur 546-V3
Ringer, C. F. 352-V3
Ringer, Cora 428-V3
Ringer, Ella 427-V3
Ringer, Elmer C. 551-V3
Ringer, Henry 427-V3
Ringer, Isabelle 352-V3
Ringer, John H. 551-V3
Ringer, Leathie Wells 546-V3
Ringer, Martha P. 428-V3
Ringer, Mary Louise 551-V3
Ringer, Sarah 427-V3
Ringer, Whitney J. 551-V3
Ringer, William G. 428-V3
Ringer, William H. 428-V3
Ringer, William Walter 427-V3
Rinker, Wallace E. 229-V1
Riordan, Catherine 183-V2
Riordan, Daniel (D. J.) 183-V2
Riordan, Katherine 183-V2
Riordan, Micheal 183-V2
Riordan, Robert W. 183-V2
Ripke, George 24-V1
Ripke, Heinrich 24-V1
Ripple, Carrie 152-V1
Rising, George 196-V1
Ritchard, Benjamin 134-V1
Ritter, infant 584-V3
Rives, J. Henry 126-V3
Roady, Cass 542-V3
Roady, Elva A. 543-V3
Robb, Mary Montague 72-V1
Robbins, Alice 151-V2
Robbins, Arvil W. 56-V1
Robbins, Eleanor 54-V2
Robbins, Evelyn Springer 304-V3
Robbins, J. D. 89-V2
Robbins, Mary E. 89-V2
Roberson, Angie L. 137-V1
Roberson, Lee W. 137-V1
Roberson, Richard 137-V1
Robert, Geo. cemetery reading
Roberts, (first name unknown) 155-V2
Roberts, A. A. 416-V3
Roberts, Albert M. cemetery reading (142-V3 surname listed as Corlew)
Roberts, Alonzo cemetery reading (142-V3 surname listed as Corlew)
Roberts, Alvira 140-V2
Roberts, Amanada M. 35-V3
Roberts, Anna B. 633-V3
Roberts, Arthur L. 257-V3
Roberts, Bud 199-V3
Roberts, C. M. 234-V1
Roberts, C. S. 503-V3
Roberts, Carrie 416-V3
Roberts, Carrie Bowers 416-V3
Roberts, Carrie M. cemetery reading (142-V3 surname listed as Corlew)
Roberts, Charles Edward 340-V3
Roberts, Charles W. 323-V3
Roberts, Charlie C. 380-V3
Roberts, Christy Ann 410-V3
Roberts, Clara 142-V3, cemetery reading
Roberts, Clarinda 142-V3, cemetery reading
Roberts, Claude B. 380-V3
Roberts, Connie M. 323-V3
Roberts, Council S. 4-V1
Roberts, Damon B. 290-V3
Roberts, Dora May 14-V2
Roberts, E. M. 232-V1
Roberts, Echo A. 387-V3
Roberts, Edith M. 380-V3
Roberts, Edna E. 199-V3
Roberts, Elsie Miller 53-V2
Roberts, Emma E. 13-V2
Roberts, Ethel V. 380-V3
Roberts, Fannie May 340-V3
Roberts, Frances S. 94-V1
Roberts, Frances Smith 340-V3
Roberts, George H. 232-V1
Roberts, George M. 234-V1
Roberts, Gladys I. 290-V3
Roberts, Hazel I. 323-V3
Roberts, Henry R. 574-V3
Roberts, Homer Clare 540-V3
Roberts, I. 232-V1
Roberts, infant 223-V1, 563-V3, 564-V3, 633-V3
Roberts, Ivil Farr 386-V3
Roberts, J. B. 380-V3
Roberts, J. M. 223-V1, 410-V3
Roberts, J. Wesley 199-V3
Roberts, James A. 223-V1
Roberts, John 410-V3
Roberts, John C. 633-V3
Roberts, Jozedic 70-V1
Roberts, Kate Day 160-V3
Roberts, L. 234-V1
Roberts, Leslie V. 20-V2
Roberts, Lloyd S. 340-V3
Roberts, Lucious Leslie 223-V1
Roberts, Luther 387-V3, 540-V3
Roberts, M. A. 223-V1
Roberts, Mary 223-V1, 14-V2, 416-V3
Roberts, Mary Ann 70-V1
Roberts, Mary E. 18-V2
Roberts, Mary F. 560-V3
Roberts, Mary Lou 257-V3
Roberts, Minnie 416-V3
Roberts, Minnie A. 300-V3
Roberts, Murton 160-V3
Roberts, Myra D. 4-V1
Roberts, Myrtle M. 387-V3, 540-V3
Roberts, Nancy Frankenfield 334-V3
Roberts, Nannie 503-V3
Roberts, Nora O. 3-V2
Roberts, Olin P. 15-V2
Roberts, Orville T. 53-V2
Roberts, Ralph E. 94-V1
Roberts, Ray 593-V3
Roberts, Ross E. 14-V2
Roberts, Roxley L. 142-V3, cemetery reading
Roberts, Ruth A. 204-V3
Roberts, Ruth E. 593-V3
Roberts, Salina 416-V3
Roberts, T. F. 140-V2, cemetery reading
Roberts, Thomas 142-V3, cemetery reading
Roberts, Thomas E. 14-V2
Roberts, Thomas F. 142-V3, cemetery reading
Roberts, Thomas M. 94-V1
Roberts, Tom 686-V3
Roberts, Vera E. 15-V2
Roberts, Werter Fletcher 223-V1
Roberts, William Arthur 13-V2
Roberts, William H. 300-V3
Roberts, Wm. 223-V1, 18-V2
Robertson, Anna Marie 394-V3
Robertson, Edna M. 388-V3
Robertson, Fred 451-V3
Robertson, Helen Barnard 206-V1
Robertson, Margaret Sarah 14-V2
Robertson, Martha 389-V3
Robertson, Nellie Numbers James 451-V3
Robertson, Nettie 584-V3
Robertson, W. C. 389-V3
Robertson, William L. 14-V2
Robinson, A. Adele Cheasbro 446-V3
Robinson, Alice 575-V3
Robinson, Amanda E. 67-V3
Robinson, Amra 584-V3
Robinson, Anna Scott 8-V3
Robinson, Arthur 561-V3
Robinson, Augustus 12-V3
Robinson, B. J. 67-V3
Robinson, baby 567-V3
Robinson, Betty Ann 12-V3
Robinson, Carl 171-V3
Robinson, Cecil, Sr. 50-V2
Robinson, Charles H. 50-V2
Robinson, Charles Morgan 8-V3
Robinson, Clara 92-V3
Robinson, Coila Winfield 221-V3
Robinson, Cora 583-V3
Robinson, Cornelius Scott 218-V1
Robinson, E. W. 442-V3
Robinson, Earl Lee 51-V2
Robinson, Elda May 42-V3
Robinson, Elizabeth 493-V3
Robinson, Emma 12-V3, 543-V3
Robinson, Geneva 542-V3
Robinson, George L. 430-V3
Robinson, George S. 218-V1
Robinson, Gertrude C. 442-V3
Robinson, Isabel 596-V3
Robinson, Jane 84-V1
Robinson, Jennie 580-V3
Robinson, Josephine Preston 561-V3
Robinson, Joshua 584-V3
Robinson, June 490-V3
Robinson, Karen M. 279-V3
Robinson, Lawrence 686-V3
Robinson, Lorena M. 51-V2
Robinson, Louis 583-V3
Robinson, Maggie J. 542-V3
Robinson, Marguerite L. 171-V3
Robinson, Mariah 577-V3
Robinson, Marjorie 171-V3
Robinson, Mary 584-V3, 596-V3
Robinson, Maurice 686-V3
Robinson, Mollie T. 67-V3
Robinson, Mrs. M. 561-V3
Robinson, Nealy 584-V3
Robinson, Nellie 222-V1
Robinson, Nettie 542-V3
Robinson, Ollie I. 430-V3
Robinson, Oscar U. 67-V3
Robinson, Richard 60-V3
Robinson, Rudolph M. 47-V3
Robinson, Sallie 434-V3
Robinson, W. E. 446-V3
Robinson, William 574-V3
Robinson, William H. 221-V3
Robison, Frances E. 583-V3
Robison, (first name unknown) cemetery reading
Robison, John A. 52-V2
Robison, Mamie A. 52-V2
Roblaski, Flora 249-V1
Roblaski, Simon W. 249-V1
Rockley, Anna M. 102-V3
Rockley, Vernon M. 102-V3
Rockstool, Albert 12-V1
Rockstool, Maud 12-V1
Rockstool, Rosetta C. 12-V1
Rockwood Fredrick D. 82-V2
Rockwood, Vivian I. 82-V2
Rodewald, Catherine 31-V1
Rodewald, Dorathea 30-V1, 31-V1
Rodewald, Edna Emma 31-V1
Rodewald, Fredrick William 31-V1
Rodewald, Heinrich 29-V1
Rodewald, John 30-V1
Rodewald, Maria 24-V1
Rodeward, Marie 24-V1
Rodger, (first name unknown) 243-V1
Rodgers, Alice Pearl 219-V1
Rodgers, Carl Leonard 219-V1
Rodgers, Clara M. 244-V1
Rodgers, Clifford A. 218-V1
Rodgers, Dora M. 218-V1
Rodgers, Harold E. 175-V3
Rodgers, J. F. 219-V1
Rodgers, J. R. 218-V1
Rodgers, Mabel B. 175-V3
Rodgers, Mabel E. 245-V1
Rodgers, R. B. 219-V1
Rodgers, Vera H. 245-V1
Rodgers, Wilby B. 244-V1
Rodman, baby 406-V3
Roecker, Natalie A. 49-V2
Roessner, Anna L. 80-V1
Roessner, Frank R. 80-V1
Roethel, Hattie O. 179-V3
Roethel, Henry G. 179-V3
Roethel, Henry M. 179-V3
Roethel, Mildred G. 179-V3
Rogers, Alvis 590-V3
Rogers, baby 596-V3
Rogers, Ben L. 95-V2
Rogers, Bert J. 70-V2
Rogers, Bertha M. 264-V3
Rogers, Charles L. 264-V3
Rogers, Charlie 462-V3
Rogers, Clarence A. 548-V3
Rogers, Clark 596-V3
Rogers, Clark David 95-V2
Rogers, Coriene O. 18-V1
Rogers, Damon P. 71-V2
Rogers, E. 397-V3
Rogers, E. F. 397-V3
Rogers, Edith A. 593-V3
Rogers, Edythe Caylor 258-V3
Rogers, Emma J. 548-V3
Rogers, Essie M. 220-V3
Rogers, Esther White 71-V2
Rogers, Frank 94-V2
Rogers, Fred 133-V1
Rogers, Fred C. 218-V1
Rogers, George W. 548-V3
Rogers, grandfather 71-V2
Rogers, Hannah J. 461-V3
Rogers, Herbert E. 18-V1
Rogers, Ida Belle 62-V3
Rogers, Ida Grace 217-V1
Rogers, infant 462-V3
Rogers, J. C. 596-V3
Rogers, John F. 242-V1
Rogers, Lulu 70-V2
Rogers, Mama 71-V2
Rogers, Marie 133-V1
Rogers, Mary E. 127-V1, 596-V3
Rogers, Michelle 180-V3
Rogers, Olive B. 94-V2
Rogers, Orliff C. 220-V3
Rogers, Papa (F. M.) 71-V2
Rogers, Perry W. 397-V3
Rogers, Richard 122-V1
Rogers, Richard J. 548-V3
Rogers, Rose B. 242-V1
Rogers, Sarah 175-V1
Rogers, Theo. D. 218-V1
Rogers, Thomas 441-V3
Rogers, William 461-V3
Rogers, William Henry 217-V1
Rogers, William W. 95-V2
Rogers, Willis Samuel 133-V1, 570-V3
Rogers, Winfield Scott 397-V3
Rogers, Wm. F. 127-V1
Rogers, Zada 353-V3
Roher, E. D. 57-V3
Roher, Lola 57-V3
Roher, Lola B. 57-V3
Roher, Nora Juanita 57-V3
Rohrer, A. 171-V2
Rohrer, Anna M. 112-V3
Rohrer, Anna R. 336-V3
Rohrer, Annie 171-V2BR> Rohrer, Bonnie M. 172-V2
Rohrer, Carolyn F. Michael 245-V3
Rohrer, Carrie E. 516-V3
Rohrer, Chelsea M. 172-V2
Rohrer, Earl D. 245-V3
Rohrer, Etta M. 172-V2
Rohrer, Ezekiel 385-V3
Rohrer, Frederick E. 337-V3
Rohrer, Frederick E., Jr. 336-V3
Rohrer, H. cemetery reading
Rohrer, Ira S. 516-V3
Rohrer, J. M. 173-V2
Rohrer, James B. 112-V3
Rohrer, John 528-V3
Rohrer, Lawrence 79-V3
Rohrer, Mary Elizabeth 173-V2
Rohrer, Orilla 385-V3
Rohrer, Pearle L. 337-V3
Rohrer, Ruth S. 245-V3
Rohrer, Sarah 528-V3
Rohrer, W. F. 516-V3
Rohrer, William C. 172-V2
Rohrig, Elizabeth 193-V1
Rohrig, Henry 193-V1
Roland, Florence Jane 333-V3
Rolland, Catharina Clasen 29-V1
Roller, Hattie 146-V3
Roller, L. Cass 146-V3
Rollo, Clare D. 311-V3
Rollo, Edna M. 311-V3
Rolls, Jessie 583-V3
Rolls, Mattie 583-V3
Rolston (Roalston?), Lewis Harold 107-V2
Rolston (Roalston?), Mary Eva 107-V2
Roman, Christine P. 376-V3
Roman, Clarence 275-V3
Roman, Elva 131-V2
Roman, Erna Bertha 275-V3
Roman, John, Sr. 376-V3
Roman, Martha B. 376-V3
Rone, Evelyn B. 664-V3
Rone, Wilson Wayne 54-V2
Rone, Woodrow 53-V2
Rone, Woodrow W. 664-V3
Ronsick, Alvin C. 368-V3
Ronsick, Leora M. 368-V3
Roof, Alexander W. 596-V3
Roof, Earl A. 603-V3
Roof, J. Willie 596-V3
Roof, James H. 596-V3
Roof, John 596-V3
Roof, L. C. 596-V3
Roof, Lizzie 596-V3
Roof, Lucy 596-V3
Roof, Margaret 596-V3
Roof, Martin 596-V3
Roof, Minerva 596-V3
Roof, Susan 596-V3
Roof, Victorine E. 603-V3
Roof, Virginia 596-V3
Roof, Willie 596-V3
Rookstool, Ashley 394-V3
Rookstool, Ellendor E. 394-V3
Rookstool, Margaret S. 394-V3
Root, Dexter, E. 63-V3
Root, Emma J. 63-V3
Root, Roy R. 63-V3
Roper, Bonnie 284-V3
Roper, William E. 284-V3
Rorick, Nancy E. 577-V3
Rosas, Isabelle A. 386-V3
Rosas, Oliver R. 386-V3
Roscoe, Chas. A. 146-V3
Roscoe, Chas. H. 146-V3
Roscoe, Cora E. 146-V3
Roscoe, Cynthia Merritt 146-V3
Roscoe, Eliza E. Hiles 146-V3
Roscoe, Nelson J. 146-V3
Roscoe, Ola K. 146-V3
Roscoe, Robert J. 248-V3
Rose, Allie S. 526-V3
Rose, Bert J. 64-V1
Rose, Charles 201-V3
Rose, Clyde W. 64-V1
Rose, Edward G. 64-V1
Rose, Ellen Louise 377-V3
Rose, Ethel R. 356-V3
Rose, Etta Mae 3-V1
Rose, Fred A. 246-V3
Rose, George V. 127-V2
Rose, Goldie M. 246-V3
Rose, Herbert H. 356-V3
Rose, James D.(Jim) 3-V1
Rose, Jennie S. 4-V1
Rose, Jim 4-V1
Rose, John M. 3-V1, 4-V1, 98-V3, 643-V3
Rose, Leona M. 657-V3
Rose, Leota Law 633-V3
Rose, Lester W. 299-V3
Rose, Ludwell C. 4-V1
Rose, Lula N. 4-V1
Rose, Marie 201-V3
Rose, Maude Mae 3-V1, 643-V3
Rose, Nancy Grace 160-V3
Rose, Nora Ellen 377-V3
Rose, Odessie 32-V3
Rose, Salome 355-V3, 356-V3
Rose, Tillie L. 299-V3
Rose, Tony 3-V1, 643-V3
Rose, Victor K. 3-V1, 643-V3
Roseberry, Betty M. 276-V3
Roseberry, Charles T. 245-V1
Roseberry, Charles Warren 245-V1
Roseberry, Dave new record
Roseberry, Fern G. 245-V1
Roseberry, Georgia M. 245-V1
Roseberry, Helen new record
Roseberry, Marion D. 276-V3
Roseberry, Roy H. 245-V1
Rosenbaum, Fred S. 314-V3
Rosenbaum, Samuel 558-V3
Rosier, Alice A. 633-V3
Rosier, Asa S. (two entries) 633-V3
Rosier, Beech 633-V3
Rosier, G. Walley 634-V3
Rosier, Geo. M. 633-V3
Rosier, Geo. N. 633-V3
Rosier, Hattie M. 634-V3
Rosier, Mary Chambers 634-V3
Rosier, Ruby R. 180-V2
Rosier, Sarah K. 180-V2, 671-V3
Roskam, Catherine 336-V3
Rosner, Anna J. 179-V2
Rosner, Anthony R. 183-V2
Rosner, Bernard J. 162-V2, new record 1990
Rosner, Beverly J. 179-V2
Rosner, Francis 182-V2
Rosner, Frank 162-V2
Rosner, Garrett Navarre 103-V3
Rosner, Herman A. 179-V2
Rosner, Herman E. 179-V2
Rosner, Julius S. 166-V2
Rosner, Lois G. new record
Rosner, Mary 161-V2
Rosner, Mary Catherine 588-V3
Rosner, Mary D. 183-V2
Rosner, Mary H. 166-V2
Rosner, Nancy Anne 182-V2
Rosner, Ora Elizabeth new record
Rosner, Steven Eugene new record 1990
Rosner, Thomas Vincent new record
Ross, Alonzo 313-V3
Ross, Barbara Wack 176-V3
Ross, Bertha D. 128-V2
Ross, Charles H. 14-V2
Ross, Charley A. 10-V1
Ross, Clare W. 128-V2
Ross, Crimea 10-V1
Ross, Daisy Miller 53-V2
Ross, Damon Leon 14-V2
Ross, Daniel 82-V1
Ross, Dorothy new record 2002 Ross, Edith M. 338-V3
Ross, Edith Muzzy 339-V3
Ross, Edith V.
Ross, Elmer Ray 49-V2
Ross, Elvin Dean 128-V2
Ross, Emma J. 58-V1
Ross, Finnis I. 278-V3
Ross, Gary Lee 279-V3
Ross, George B. 58-V1
Ross, George David 228-V1
Ross, Grace 313-V3
Ross, Guy V. 122-V3
Ross, Hugh A. 204-V2
Ross, Ida M. 364-V3
Ross, J. G. 10-V1
Ross, Jess L. 214-V3
Ross, Jessie H. 228-V1
Ross, Jessie Lemon 204-V2
Ross, John Casper 58-V1
Ross, Joseph D. 127-V2
Ross, Lavina Ellen 253-V1
Ross, M. A. 363-V3
Ross, Martha 48-V1
Ross, Mary Etta 363-V3
Ross, Mary Jane 122-V3
Ross, Morgan 48-V1
Ross, Nancy Ellen 58-V1
Ross, Niles C. 364-V3
Ross, Nora Mae 127-V2
Ross, Olive L. 214-V3
Ross, Ora 56-V1
Ross, Rema E. 204-V2
Ross, Ruth E. 14-V2
Ross, S. A. 338-V3
Ross, Samuel 48-V1
Ross, Smiley Allen 339-V3
Ross, Willis 204-V2
Rossman, Charles E. 327-V3
Rossman, Ersa 186-V1
Rossman, Henry August 400-V3
Rossman, Homer 400-V3
Rossman, Jane LaNiece 400-V3
Rossman, Karl W. 377-V3
Rossman, Nettie R. 327-V3
Rossman, Pauline R. 377-V3
Rossman, Ralph R. 186-V1
Rosswell, Eliza 590-V3
Roth, Adolph 500-V3
Roth, Ella 500-V3
Roth, infants 563-V3
Roth, Theodore David 49-V2
Rothe, Marie 235-V3
Rothe, Peter 235-V3
Rouff, Jordan Marienew record 2001
Rought, William 574-V3
Rouse, Alpha 223-V1
Rouse, Geo. W. 223-V1
Rouse, Jane Sewell 227-V1
Rouse, John W. 223-V1
Rouse, Leonora 223-V1
Rouse, Rebecca Jane 223-V1
Rouser, Sadie White 665-V3
Roush, E. L. 477-V3
Roush, Irene V. 477-V3
Roush, J. E. 477-V3
Rout, Mason 584-V3
Routh, Pauline Whitten 165-V3
Routt, Betty 381-V3
Routt, Clarence 381-V3
Routt, Ernest 380-V3
Routt, Ethel 380-V3
Routt, James Madison 382-V3
Routt, Maggie 380-V3
Routt, Mary 381-V3
Rowcroft, Isabella 204-V1
Rowcroft, Mark 204-V1
Rowden, L. W. 634-V3
Rowden, May E. Scott 159-V2
Rowden, Sarah E. 634-V3
Rowden, Wm. J. 634-V3
Rowe, Alice 149-V3
Rowe, Dora A. 212-V1
Rowe, Elvira 195-V1
Rowe, Frances Catherine Doman 204-V2
Rowe, Frank C. 195-V1
Rowe, H. A. 204-V2
Rowe, Harriett A. 149-V3, cemetery reading
Rowe, Herbert A. 204-V2
Rowe, Jane 140-V1
Rowe, John 140-V1, 149-V3, cemetery reading
Rowe, Joseph H. 140-V1
Rowe, Mattie 195-V1
Rowe, Minerva 149-V3, cemetery reading
Rowe, Nancy 149-V3, cemetery reading
Rowe, Ralph 204-V2
Rowe, Stanley W.(Jack) 212-V1
Rowe, Will 140-V1
Rowlan, Dorothy new record
Rowlan, Johnny 15-V2
Rowlan, John Jnew record 1998
Rowlan, Michael J new record
Rowland, Amanda Jane 74-V2
Rowland, Ann Watkins 142-V2
Rowland, Carrie Lincoln 111-V3
Rowland, D. F. 47-V2
Rowland, D. T. 47-V2
Rowland, Dora A. 52-V2
Rowland, Elda A. 52-V2
Rowland, Elizabeth H. 143-V2
Rowland, Finis 45-V2
Rowland, James H. 52-V2
Rowland, John B.(Bun) 45-V2
Rowland, John E. 52-V2
Rowland, John T. 141-V2, 142-V2
Rowland, Mary 47-V2
Rowland, Mattie 47-V2
Rowland, Nannie 142-V2
Rowland, Paulina Jane 44-V2
Rowland, Roy 142-V2
Rowland, Rueben 74-V2
Rowland, Thomas W. 141-V2, 142-V2
Rowland, William 142-V2
Rowland, Willis C. 142-V2
Rowland, Zerelda A. 45-V2
Rowold, Freda B. 264-V3
Rowold, Herbert E. 264-V3
Rowzee, Jennie J. 213-V3
Roy, Herbert L. 235-V3, 258-V3
Roy, Thelma G. 258-V3
Royal, Elizabeth 201-V1
Royal, Francis 201-V1
Royal, Frank 201-V1
Rubaloff, Elizabeth E. Rosner 168-V2, 169-V2
Ruble, Fannie 654-V3
Ruble, Henry H. 69-V1
Ruble, Jonathan 69-V1
Ruble, Sarah 69-V1
Ruble, Willie 654-V3
Ruch, Margaret A. 181-V2, 671-V3
Rucker, Betty Elizabeth 78-V2
Rucker, Edward Lewis 88-V2
Rucker, Franklin 171-V2
Rucker, J. William 78-V2
Rucker, John A. 487-V3
Rucker, John B. 634-V3
Rucker, Margaret E. 91-V2
Rucker, Susan 634-V3
Rucker, Theodore 190-V1
Rudd, Harriett [Rowe] 149-V3, cemetery reading
Ruddell, Elizabeth 401-V3
Ruddell, George 401-V3
Ruddell, Mary 401-V3
Ruddell, Mary Taffe 401-V3
Ruddell, Mazzie 401-V3
Rudical, Ira T. 537-V3
Rudy, Frank 530-V3
Rudy, Harry 530-V3
Rudy, Mary 530-V3
Rues, Mary Dominica 589-V3
Ruff, Charles 314-V3
Ruff, Charles 578-V3
Ruff, Cora Williams 342-V3
Ruff, Daniel 314-V3
Ruff, infants 578-V3
Ruff, Janet E. 342-V3
Ruff, Jasper Elroy 342-V3
Ruff, John J. 342-V3
Ruff, Lida 314-V3
Ruff, Margaret F. 314-V3
Ruff, Nannie 578-V3
Ruff, Rolland 341-V3
Ruff, Vivian E. 341-V3
Rug, Papa 66-V3
Ruggles, C. B. 104-V2
Ruggles, Charles W. 104-V2
Ruggles, Charlotte B. 103-V2
Ruggles, Floyd H. 104-V2
Ruggles, Howard B. 104-V2
Ruggles, M. F. 104-V2
Ruggles, Maude M. 313-V3
Ruggles, Morgan F. 103-V2
Ruggles, Robert P. 103-V2
Rughmkorf, Ella 5-V2
Ruhland, Francis J. 59-V3
Ruhland, Kathryn 59-V3
Ruhlandt, Bernice Mae 58-V3
Ruhlandt, Carrie Mae 58-V3
Ruhlandt, Charles F. 58-V3
Ruhlandt, Charles John 58-V3
Ruhlandt, Della M. 58-V3
Ruhmkorf, son 5-V2
Ruhmkorf, William A. 5-V2
Rumans, Jeremy Daniel 123-V2
Rumsey, Esther C. Waddle 204-V2
Rumsey, Richard A. 204-V2
Rumsower, Joan F. new record 1989
Rumsower, Louis Eddie new record 1965,br> Runk, Doll J. 258-V3
Runyan, Alene 92-V2
Runyan, Ward 92-V2
Rupe, Fern A. 96-V2
Rupe, J. A. 223-V1
Rupe, Lloyd 223-V1
Rupe, Norma A. 98-V1
Rupe, Sarah 223-V1
Rusch, Chris 133-V1
Rusch, Christian 578-V3
Rusch, E. R. 579-V3
Rusch, Elizabeth Richardson 133-V1
Rush, Burt 204-V2
Rush, Cora Olive 46-V2
Rush, Eliza 46-V2
Rush, Hearold J. 603-V3
Rush, J. L. 46-V2
Rush, Sarah Ruth 46-V2
Rush, William R. 60-V2
Rushing, Edith A. 303-V3
Rushing, Harry E. 303-V3
Russel, H. 584-V3
Russell, Adah A. 337-V3
Russell, Allen 337-V3
Russell, B. D. 433-V3
Russell, Belle M. 343-V3
Russell, Bertha H. 433-V3
Russell, Bertha L. 224-V3
Russell, Billy L. 50-V2
Russell, Blanche McGill 517-V3
Russell, C. Franklin 384-V3
Russell, C. O. 366-V3
Russell, Cecil H. 136-V2
Russell, Charles 634-V3
Russell, Charles R. 656-V3
Russell, Charles S. 656-V3
Russell, Cora P. 94-V1
Russell, Delmas G. 254-V3
Russell, Dorothy A. 657-V3
Russell, Dorothy P. 548-V3
Russell, E. 75-V1, 93-V1
Russell, Edna May 204-V2
Russell, Elda L. 329-V3
Russell, Elijah 92-V1
Russell, Elijah T. 93-V1
Russell, Ella M. 253-V3
Russell, Elva L. 542-V3
Russell, Emma 634-V3
Russell, Ernest, Jr. 344-V3
Russell, Evelyn M. 656-V3
Russell, F. 93-V1
Russell, Fannie 92-V1
Russell, father 92-V1, (2 entries) 93-V1
Russell, Fred A. 548-V3
Russell, Fred F. 548-V3
Russell, George 634-V3
Russell, George T. 686-V3
Russell, grandmother 93-V1
Russell, Halbert P. 337-V3
Russell, Hanna Belle 686-V3
Russell, Harold Dean 160-V3
Russell, Harry 93-V1, 656-V3
Russell, Hattie May 384-V3
Russell, Henry A. 242-V3
Russell, infant (2 entries) 93-V1, 583-V3
Russell, Iva Bell 643-V3
Russell, J. E. 93-V1
Russell, J. H. 93-V1
Russell, J. Laveta 337-V3
Russell, James 93-V1
Russell, James E. 94-V1
Russell, James Franklin 383-V3
Russell, James M. 214-V3
Russell, James O. 93-V1
Russell, James S. 204-V2
Russell, Jas. A. 313-V3
Russell, Joseph 93-V1
Russell, Joseph R. 104-V2
Russell, Josephine 92-V1, 93-V1, 94-V1
Russell, Juanita M. 136-V2
Russell, Keith 104-V1
Russell, Kenneth L. 337-V3
Russell, L. B. 433-V3
Russell, Laura 634-V3
Russell, Lillie C. 242-V3
Russell, Lottie F. 548-V3
Russell, M. L. 75-V1
Russell, Marian 104-V2
Russell, Mark Allen 337-V3
Russell, Martha A. 92-V1
Russell, Mary 102-V1
Russell, Mary M. 93-V1
Russell, Melissa K. 92-V1
Russell, Millie 576-V3
Russell, Monica Jane Olsen new record 2000
Russell, mother 92-V1, (2 entries) 93-V1
Russell, Naomi G. 254-V3
Russell, P. L. 656-V3
Russell, Paul 548-V3
Russell, Paul Eugene 369-V3
Russell, Paulina 75-V1
Russell, Pryor 634-V3
Russell, Ray R. 643-V3
Russell, Raymond R. (Rex) 313-V3
Russell, Rick L. 686-V3
Russell, Roy Curtis 105-V1
Russell, Sarah A. 95-V1, 656-V3
Russell, Sharlie D. L. 2-V2
Russell, Steve 634-V3
Russell, Steve J. 686-V3
Russell, Timothy 102-V1
Russell, Vernon 93-V1
Russell, Walter S. 93-V1
Russell, Wayne 93-V1
Russell, Wendell L. 253-V3
Russell, Wilfred 93-V1
Russell, William Karl (two entries) 548-V3
Russell, Winifred 548-V3
Russell, Winnifred 542-V3
Rust, Doyle L. 83-V2
Rust, Ordell A. 83-V2
Rust, Warren S. 83-V2
Rutgers, Samuel 423-V3
Rutherford, Gladys Tipton 363-V3
Rutherford, W. E. Rudy 363-V3
Rutledge, Cecil S. 81-V2
Rutledge, Charles W. 30-V2
Rutledge, E. C. 30-V2
Rutledge, Frances B. 204-V2
Rutledge, James O. 204-V2
Rutledge, Jennie May 81-V2
Rutledge, John A. 81-V2
Rutledge, John T. 30-V2
Rutledge, Lee S. 204-V2
Rutledge, Marie 131-V2
Rutledge, Nellie May 30-V2
Rutledge, Priscilla 30-V2
Rutledge, Ray 124-V3
Rutledge, Wiley 131-V2
Rutledge, Wilma J. 124-V3
Rutledge, Z. U. 30-V2
Rutt, Ada B. 686-V3
Rutt, Albert M. 634-V3
Rutt, Katie 634-V3
Rutt, Lydia 634-V3
Rutt, William 634-V3
Rutter, Lydia A. 182-V3
Rutter, Milton 182-V3
Ryan, Colleen Ann new record 2004
Ryan, Ella C. 35-V3
Ryan, Ellen P. 596-V3
Ryan, James Joseph 35-V3
Ryan, Thomas Franklin 35-V3
Ryan, Wm. 92-V3
Ryckert, Johanna M. 103-V3
Ryckert, Leonard W. 104-V3
Rynerson, Lucy Ann 160-V3

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