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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Shalter to Slyter


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Shalter, Sarah E. 91-V2
Shanahan, Charles E. 180-V2, 671-V3
Shanahan, Charles J. 190-V2, 675-V3
Shanahan, Sarah Marie 180-V2, 671-V3
Shane, T. M. C. 138-V1
Shaner, Mary E. Jones 44-V2
Shank, George F. 151-V2
Shank, Helen M. 47-V1
Shank, Raymond F. 47-V1
Shanklin, Carl Victor 115-V2
Shanklin, Elizabeth 115-V2
Shanklin, James Wm. 115-V2
Shanks, George Moses 686-V3
Shanks, Marie 686-V3
Shanks, Sarah Jane 686-V3
Shanks, Virgil L. 635-V3
Shannon, A. J. 500-V3
Shannon, Andrew J., Jr. 500-V3
Shannon, Cyntha V. 86-V2
Shannon, E. D. 567-V3
Shannon, Effie Andrews 48-V3
Shannon, Elizabeth 184-V1, 185-V1
Shannon, Emma 99-V2
Shannon, Emmett Sherod 660-V3
Shannon, Fannie Clara 327-V3
Shannon, Fred 99-V2
Shannon, H. E. 86-V2
Shannon, Hannah 86-V2
Shannon, Jeff 189-V1
Shannon, John M. 184-V1
Shannon, Kate Allen 660-V3
Shannon, Lee Finis 327-V3
Shannon, M. G. 99-V2
Shannon, M. S. 184-V1
Shannon, Maggie 189-V1
Shannon, Margaret 500-V3
Shannon, Mary F. 184-V1
Shannon, Merritt W. 99-V2
Shannon, Minerva Benson 184-V1
Shannon, Norris Lee 327-V3
Shannon, Pearl C. 99-V2
Shannon, Thomas 184-V1
Shannon, William 185-V1
Shannon, Wm. 184-V1
Shannon, Wm. J. 184-V1
Sharon, Frank 572-V3
Sharon, Franklin F. 440-V3
Sharon, Franklin Frazier 440-V3
Sharon, infant 572-V3
Sharon, Lena 572-V3
Sharon, Lena Guptil 440-V3
Sharp, Addie A. 123-V3
Sharp, Alfred 215-V1
Sharp, Belle 215-V1
Sharp, Berrilla Harris 28-V2
Sharp, Bobby Joe 123-V2
Sharp, Ernest L. 170-V3
Sharp, Ethel 42-V3
Sharp, Frances E. 528-V3
Sharp, G. Ramon 125-V3
Sharp, George M. 166-V3
Sharp, James E. 123-V3
Sharp, John 528-V3
Sharp, Lee 42-V3
Sharp, Lois Lank 123-V2
Sharp, Lydia M. 42-V3
Sharp, Mary 584-V3
Sharp, Mary Ann 243-V3
Sharp, Ralph E. 43-V3
Sharp, Rent 42-V3
Sharp, Robert Eugene 123-V2
Sharp, Shirley E. 125-V3
Sharp, Steven Michael 123-V2
Sharp, Tina 123-V2
Sharp, Tony 123-V2
Sharpe, Angela J. 104-V3
Sharpsteen, Elizabeth A. 254-V3
Shattuck, Clio McDonald 152-V1
Shaughnessy, mry Jerome 587-V3
Shaw, Andrew, Jr. 603-V3
Shaw, Cy 455-V3
Shaw, Edna B. 603-V3
Shaw, Edwin L. 456-V3
Shaw, Frances P. 456-V3
Shaw, Frank M. 456-V3
Shaw, Freddie 25-V2
Shaw, George 25-V2
Shaw, Ida M 454-V3
Shaw, James M. 59-V2
Shaw, Jane H. 100-V1
Shaw, Jay R. 596-V3
Shaw, Jesse C. 25-V2
Shaw, John 584-V3
Shaw, John D. 596-V3
Shaw, Knowles 456-V3
Shaw, Lorinada 40-V1
Shaw, Lucinda 596-V3
Shaw, Malona 455-V3
Shaw, Mary 40-V1
Shaw, Mary W. 59-V2
Shaw, Millie A. 25-V2
Shaw, Nellie E. 456-V3
Shaw, P. H. 100-V1
Shaw, R. 40-V1
Shaw, Rosela 40-V1
Shaw, son 25-V2
Shaw, W. 40-V1
Shaw, Weston 100-V1
Shaw, William 40-V1
Shaw, William C. 456-V3
Shawley, Rebecca Jane 579-V3
Shawver, Charles Frank 206-V3
Shawver, Geo. W. 253-V1
Shawver, Glenn A. 206-V3
Shawver, Helen L. 206-V3
Shawver, Karl V. 206-V3
Shawver, Lewellyn G. 206-V3
Shawver, Martha Ann 206-V3
Shay, Rachel 596-V3
Shea, Charles A. 164-V2
Shea, Mary E. 164-V2
Shean, Carlton 563-V3
Shearer, Archie 36-V3
Shearer, James 34-V3
Shearer, James N. 35-V3
Shearer, John W. 36-V3
Shearer, Margaret J. 34-V3, 36-V3
Shearfield Classie 584-V3
Shearfield, Ben 584-V3
Shearfield, infants 584-V3
Shearfield, Jennie 584-V3
Sheehan, Amy R. 167-V2
Sheehan, Anna 188-V2
Sheehan, Anna C. Kettler 109-V3
Sheehan, Catharine Collins 88-V3
Sheehan, Charles 168-V2
Sheehan, Charles B. 88-V3
Sheehan, Dennis 188-V2
Sheehan, Dennis A. 165-V2
Sheehan, Dora 188-V2
Sheehan, Dorothy 109-V3
Sheehan, Ed cemetery reading
Sheehan, Edward 161-V2
Sheehan, Ellen G. 165-V2
Sheehan, George M. 89-V3
Sheehan, Hannah 88-V3
Sheehan, Helen Elizabeth 109-V3
Sheehan, James 188-V2
Sheehan, John 184-V2, 88-V3
Sheehan, John D. 109-V3
Sheehan, John F. 670-V3
Sheehan, John Fran 161-V2
Sheehan, John L. 109-V3
Sheehan, John W. 185-V2
Sheehan, Joseph A. 167-V2
Sheehan, Marion J. 188-V2
Sheehan, Mary A. 161-V2, 188-V2, 670-V3
Sheehan, Mary C. (G.?) 165-V2
Sheehan, Michael F., Sr. 223-V3
Sheehan, Nora 88-V3
Sheehan, Pauline 109-V3
Sheehan, Rosana 188-V2
Sheehan, Rosemary 109-V3
Sheehan, Sarah 184-V2
Sheehan, Vesta May 223-V3
Sheehan, William J. 88-V3
Sheehy, Elizabeth A. 88-V3
Sheehy, Emma F. 75-V3
Sheehy, Frank C. 234-V3
Sheehy, John 84-V3
Sheehy, Kate 84-V3
Sheehy, Mary 84-V3
Sheehy, Richard 88-V3
Sheehy, William J. 75-V3
Sheer (Scheer?), Edward N. (W?) 179-V2
Sheer (Scheer?), Wally 179-V2
Sheer, Frank H. 352-V3
Sheffield, Charlie 23-V3
Sheffield, Hiram 436-V3
Sheffield, Lucy 23-V3
Shehee, Pat 161-V2
Shehee, Philip F. 161-V2
Shelby, Dora 492-V3
Shelby, James 577-V3
Shelby, Mable C. 492-V3
Shelby, Robert M. 492-V3
Shelby, Rosa 577-V3
Shelby, Thomas 577-V3
Shelden, James T. B. 233-V3
Shelden, Velma L. 233-V3
Shelden, Vera Velma 233-V3
Sheldon, A. J. 521-V3
Sheldon, Anna 70-V1
Sheldon, Atlanta V. 526-V3
Sheldon, baby 70-V1
Sheldon, Charley 70-V1
Sheldon, Claudia D. 516-V3
Sheldon, D. M. 521-V3
Sheldon, David M. 526-V3
Sheldon, Elsie 47-V1
Sheldon, Emmor J. 524-V3
Sheldon, Henry 70-V1
Sheldon, Jay M. 47-V1
Sheldon, Jennie K. 524-V3
Sheldon, Otha D. 516-V3
Sheldon, Roy E. 524-V3
Sheldon, Ruth B. 521-V3
Sheldon, Sarah A. 521-V3
Sheldon, W. H. 521-V3
Shelhammer, Charlie 524-V3
Shelhammer, Charlie A. 524-V3
Shelhammer, Ethel C. 524-V3
Shelhammer, George Ashpy 524-V3
Shelhammer, Harry J. 524-V3
Shelhammer, Helen I. 524-V3
Shelhammer, infant son 524-V3
Shelhammer, John Asphy 526-V3
Shelhammer, Paulina Sheldon 526-V3
Shelhammer, Pearl 524-V3
Shell, Elizabeth 169-V3
Shelton, Archie Edgar 368-V3
Shelton, C. R. 276-V3
Shelton, Carl Linn 686-V3
Shelton, Cora B. 102-V2
Shelton, Elizabeth M. 234-V1
Shelton, George 234-V1
Shelton, Gladys I. 276-V3
Shelton, Harry Jack 208-V2
Shelton, J. W. 111-V2
Shelton, John Fields 234-V1
Shelton, Juana 111-V2
Shelton, Lucy 91-V2
Shelton, Madge 308-V3
Shelton, Marilla L. 91-V2
Shelton, Marvin L. 205-V2
Shelton, Mary Eliza 368-V3
Shelton, Mary M. Grooms 140-V2
Shelton, Mildred Fern 205-V2
Shelton, Nancy C. 205-V2
Shelton, Perry G. 205-V2
Shelton, Robert 140-V2
Shelton, Sarah H. 91-V2
Shelton, Simon B. 102-V2
Shelton, Stephen 91-V2, 298-V3
Shelton, T. B. 140-V2
Shelton, William 111-V2
Shepard, Delton E. 50-V1
Shepard, George D. new record 1996
Shepard, Mary 237-V3
Shepard, Mary Helen new record
Shepard, Nellie M. 50-V1
Shephard, Clyde 536-V3
Shephard, Edward A. 580-V3
Shephard, Guy D. 580-V3
Shephard, Iva Sheldon 521-V3
Shephard, Mary E. 580-V3
Shepherd, Cecil C. 20-V3
Shepherd, Cledah M. 498-V3
Shepherd, Elon G. 198-V1
Shepherd, Floyd 438-V3
Shepherd, Georgia M. 498-V3
Shepherd, James H. 484-V3
Shepherd, Jesse E. 498-V3
Shepherd, John O. 178-V3
Shepherd, Ramsey (Dennis) 489-V3
Shepherd, Sallie E. 17-V3
Shepley, O. D. (Shep) 168-V3
Sheran, Geo. M. 85-V3
Sheran, Mary 84-V3
Sherar, A. 101-V1
Sherar, Barah Ann 101-V1
Sherar, Caleb 101-V1
Sherar, Dorothy 135-V2, 668-V3
Sherar, Elmer E. 131-V2
Sherar, Emma 131-V2, 324-V3
Sherar, Harry 135-V2
Sherar, Heron 101-V1
Sherar, Laura A. 135-V2
Sherar, Margaret S. Downen 131-V2
Sherar, Ottis 324-V3
Sherar, Retus D. 334-V3
Sherar, Robert H. 131-V2
Sherar, Robert M. 131-V2
Sherar, Rose Anne 333-V3
Sherfery, Dana Kristin 123-V2
Sherfery, Jami Autum 123-V2
Sheridan, A. V. 93-V3
Sheridan, Anna 94-V3, 96-V3, 97-V3
Sheridan, Bernard 96-V3
Sheridan, Bernard James 95-V3
Sheridan, Bernard L. 97-V3
Sheridan, Bernard P. 97-V3
Sheridan, Caroline 93-V3
Sheridan, Elizabeth 93-V3
Sheridan, Ellen Wise 95-V3
Sheridan, Frank M. 96-V3
Sheridan, Gertrude L. 100-V3
Sheridan, Jno. C. 93-V3
Sheridan, Jno. W. 94-V3, 96-V3
Sheridan, John Miller 96-V3
Sheridan, Katherine E. 96-V3
Sheridan, Maude 93-V3
Sheridan, McDonald 93-V3
Sheridan, Melinda A. (two entries) 94-V3
Sheridan, Steve W. 100-V3
Sheridan, William 93-V3
Sheridan, William Bernard 94-V3
Sheridan, William Powers 91-V3
Sheridan, William Tell 94-V3
Sheridan, Wm. D. (two entries) 94-V3
Sheridan, Zoe B. 94-V3
Sherman, A. M. 463-V3
Sherman, Carl 444-V3
Sherman, Carl H. 324-V3
Sherman, Carl H., Jr. 325-V3
Sherman, Charles 444-V3
Sherman, Dora B. 324-V3
Sherman, F. Wesley 165-V3
Sherman, Fred D. 581-V3
Sherman, Henrietta 444-V3
Sherman, Henry 549-V3
Sherman, Isaac M. 444-V3
Sherman, John H. 165-V3
Sherman, Mamie C. 165-V3
Sherman, Mamie Lou 466-V3
Sherman, Marquerite L. 233-V3
Sherman, Matilda 463-V3
Sherman, May B. 581-V3
Sherman, Minnie 550-V3
Sherman, Nellie M. 165-V3
Sherman, Nellie W. 233-V3
Sherman, Robert E. 233-V3
Sherman, Rose Ann 559-V3
Sherman, Rufus 568-V3
Sherman, Sallie 578-V3
Sherman, Shirley Lee 322-V3
Sherman, William 550-V3
Sherman, William H. 165-V3
Sherman, William, Jr. 581-V3
Sherod, Clark 188-V1
Sherod, David 179-V1
Sherod, Harry 170-V3
Sherod, Laura 170-V3
Sherod, Marion O. 160-V3
Sherwell, Thomas 584-V3
Sherwood, Posey Cooper 491-V3
Sherwood, Roy E. 43-V3
Shewmaker, Edith Ewing 267-V3
Shideler, Dwight D. 655-V3
Shidler, Clyde L. 635-V3
Shields, A. 440-V3
Shields, Ambrose 42-V1
Shields, Byron B. 348-V3
Shields, E. R. 69-V2
Shields, Edward 42-V1
Shields, Elwood Isaac 348-V3
Shields, Freda M. 348-V3
Shields, Ida H. 69-V2
Shields, James W. 284-V3
Shields, Jessie L. 284-V3
Shields, John 348-V3br> Shields, Lavena M. 440-V33
Shields, Louis 69-V2
Shields, Mary 348-V3
Shields, Mrs. Edward 42-V1
Shields, Rhonda Lou 32-V3
Shields, Sidney V. 104-V2
Shields, Vera Hamlin 293-V3
Shields, Verna 104-V1
Shields, Walter 104-V1
Shilling, Alvin R. 599-V3
Shilling, Onie B. 599-V3
Shingleton, Audrey 635-V3
Shingleton, E. R. 635-V3
Shingleton, Gladys 635-V3
Shingleton, John L. 635-V3
Shingleton, Mable I. 635-V3
Shingleton, Robert H. 635-V3
Shingleton, Sarah E. 635-V3
Shingleton, Sarah Mae 635-V3
Shingleton, William Ora 635-V3
Shinkle, John J. 327-V3
Shinkle, Shirley 327-V3
Shipley, Almeda 124-V1
Shipley, Anna 635-V3
Shipley, Annie 69-V3
Shipley, Burrell 635-V3
Shipley, Carroll Dean 261-V3
Shipley, Clyde 635-V3
Shipley, Cyrus Webster 654-V3
Shipley, Doris 635-V3
Shipley, Eliza 38-V3
Shipley, Eliza B. 635-V3
Shipley, Frances 234-V3
Shipley, Ira J. 69-V3
Shipley, Irene N. 261-V3
Shipley, John F. 124-V1
Shipley, Juanita L. 246-V3
Shipley, Luther 635-V3
Shipley, Martin H. 635-V3
Shipley, Murt 234-V3
Shipley, Raleigh 124-V1
Shipley, Ray A. 246-V3
Shipley, Sarah 124-V1
Shipley, Sewell 69-V3
Shipley, Thomas 124-V1
Shipley, Vena L. 635-V3
Shipley, Zelda Lucas 69-V3
Shipman, Daniel 54-V1, 138-V3, 139-V3
Shipman, Matilda 54-V1
Shipman, Surilda 138-V3
Shipman, Wm. 155-V3
Shipp, Delbert C. 293-V3
Shipp, Maggie 294-V3
Shipp, William H. 294-V3
Shipps, Dale 83-V2
Shirley, William 568-V3
Shively, Ada M. 539-V3
Shively, Ann 210-V2
Shively, Babra S. 213-V1
Shively, Beth 205-V2
Shively, Celina E. 238-V3
Shively, Cora 213-V1
Shively, Flora C. 245-V3
Shively, Floyd Robert 288-V3
Shively, Grace 245-V3
Shively, Hattie V. 239-V1
Shively, Henry 210-V2
Shively, Henry M. 210-V2
Shively, Ida 447-V3
Shively, Irl R. 238-V3
Shively, John L. 102-V1
Shively, John W. 245-V3
Shively, John Wesley 539-V3
Shively, Lora 213-V1
Shively, Martin A. 239-V1
Shively, Mary 210-V2
Shively, Mary A. 539-V3
Shively, Mary E. 102-V1
Shively, Mary Retta 288-V3
Shively, Nancy 447-V3
Shively, Sadie 35-V3
Shively, Samuel J. 539-V3
Shively, W. T. 447-V3
Shively, William H. 210-V2
Shively, Wm. H. 213-V1
Shobe, Emma R. Woodrum 68-V2
Shoemaker, A. G. 186-V1
Shoemaker, Anna D. 458-V3
Shoemaker, C. J. 184-V1
Shoemaker, C. T. 458-V3
Shoemaker, Carmen 186-V1
Shoemaker, Charles G. 186-V1
Shoemaker, Earl Wesley 199-V3
Shoemaker, Ellen N. 186-V1
Shoemaker, Frances Agnes 15-V1, 646-V3
Shoemaker, Fred S. 15-V1
Shoemaker, Freddie F. 186-V1
Shoemaker, Grace E. 186-V1
Shoemaker, Gracie 458-V3
Shoemaker, John V. 18-V1
Shoemaker, Julia 187-V1
Shoemaker, L. W. 635-V3
Shoemaker, M. A. 458-V3
Shoemaker, Mary 10-V1, 635-V3
Shoemaker, Nellie Marie 199-V3
Shoemaker, Pansy A. 18-V1
Shoemaker, Roger 10-V1
Shoemaker, Vernon D. 186-V1
Shoemaker, William W. 10-V1
Shoemaker, Willie 186-V1
Shofner, Bernice C. 258-V3
Shofner, Doyle C. 258-V3
Shofner, Hugh D. 258-V3
Shope, Christine R. 274-V3
Shope, Jesse 274-V3
Shorb (Shobe?), Emma 87-V2
Shorb (Shobe?), Haley 87-V2
Shorb, Angelia Mae 635-V3
Shorb, Charles 635-V3
Shorb, Charles C. 635-V3
Shorb, Elizabeth A. 635-V3
Shorb, Emma 635-V3
Shorb, I. I. 635-V3
Shorb, John E. 686-V3
Shores, E. Nadine 206-V3
Shores, Fredonia 603-V3
Shores, Heidi Kristine 220-V3
Shores, Homer 603-V3
Shores, Inez M. 225-V3
Shores, James 206-V3
Shores, Minnie 206-V3
Shores, Nellie G. 603-V3
Shores, R. H. (Harry) 225-V3
Shores, Raymond M. 603-V3
Shores, Roy 603-V3
Shores, Tom 220-V3
Short, Josiah 90-V2
Short, Maggie 38-V3
Short, Nancy E. 90-V2
Shortridge, J. F. 205-V2
Shorts, Fountain 584-V3
Shortz, H. H. cemetery reading
Shorts, infant (two entries) 584-V3
Shorts, Martha 584-V3
Shorts, William 584-V3
Shortz, unreadable 151-V3
Shoup, Emanuel 52-V3
Shoup, Katherine 52-V3
Shouth, Floyd Arthur 686-V3
Shouthard, Demps 686-V3
Showalter, (first name unknown) wife of D. H. 635-V3
Showalter, Amanda 635-V3
Showalter, Bryan 635-V3
Showalter, Bryan Norton 686-V3
Showalter, Chad Allen 686-V3
Showalter, Clara 686-V3
Showalter, D. H. 635-V3
Showalter, Edith Allene 686-V3
Showalter, Foye 635-V3
Showalter, Freda 686-V3
Showalter, Geraldine 635-V3
Showalter, Hazel 635-V3
Showalter, Hazel Viola 686-V3
Showalter, infant 635-V3
Showalter, Ivy 635-V3
Showalter, Martin Dale 168-V3
Showalter, Paul B. 267-V3
Showalter, Ronald 686-V3
Showalter, Stella 267-V3
Showalter, Stella M. 635-V3
Showers, E. B. 65-V1
Showman, Lawrence M. 255-V3
Shrake, Della R. 163-V1
Shrake, George W. 163-V1
Shreffner, Minnie A. 139-V1
Shriver, Alexander F. 113-V1
Shriver, Clarinda 113-V1
Shriver, son (?)113-V1
Shriver, William O. 113-V1
Shroyer, Mary Beck 65-V1
Shubert, Mr. 570-V3
Shulte, Mary Rosalia 587-V3
Shults, Avis 261-V3
Shults, Fred R. 255-V3
Shults, Katie B. 255-V3
Shultz, A. E. 545-V3
Shultz, Izzie 532-V3
Shultz, Jerome E. 315-V3
Shultz, Martha E. 315-V3
Shultz, Pearl Lininger 18-V3
Shultz, Russell E. 315-V3
Shultz, Sara 545-V3
Shumard, Caroline 636-V3
Shumard, Roy Arthur 122-V2
Shumard, W. R. 636-V3
Shumate, Margaret E. 309-V3
Shuster, (first name unknown) wife of Thomas 636-V3
Shuster, Andrew 185-V1, 636-V3
Shuster, Arthur 636-V3
Shuster, Clem 686-V3
Shuster, Harry 636-V3
Shuster, Minnie 636-V3
Shuster, Theo 636-V3
Sibbet, Henry 136-V1
Sibert, Fannie 537-V3
Sibert, Henry 536-V3
Sicko, Anna 241-V3
Side Vivian May 92-V2
Side, Jenny Vivian 666-V3
Side, Sherman 92-V2
Sides, Arthur L. 240-V3
Sides, Edna P. 240-V3
Sides, Edward L. 686-V3
Sides, Gladys M. 686-V3
Sides, Richard L. 686-V3
Sidler, Joseph 205-V2
Siebenthaler, Carrie M. 39-V2
Siebenthaler, Charles P. 39-V2
Sieg, Elmer C. 135-V2
Sieg, Elsie L. 135-V2
Sigler, C. 141-V1
Sigler, Clarence A. 5-V1
Sigler, Dora 3-V1
Sigler, Ira J. 3-V1
Sigler, Lulie M. 249-V1
Siler, Everett E. 86-V1
Siler, Fannie C. 86-V1
Siler, Margareta Ann 190-V2
Siler, Matthis 190-V2
Siler, Vernon Ray 86-V1
Siling, Libbie Brooks 180-V1
Sillyman, Nellis 117-V2
Sillyman, Zora 117-V2
Silvester, Doremyre 636-V3
Silvester, George W. 636-V3
Silvey, Charles Thomas 18-V1
Simcox, Curtis 398-V3
Simmons, D. B. 21-V3
Simmons, Edith P. 122-V2
Simmons, Joseph 584-V3
Simmons, Larry D. 122-V2
Simmons, Ross C. 122-V2
Simmons, Samuel T. 169-V2
Simmons, Theresa A. 169-V2
Simons, Adelbert 180-V1
Simons, Benjamin B., Jr. 488-V3
Simons, Charley 180-V1
Simons, Delialah 488-V3
Simons, Edward, Jr. 574-V3
Simons, Fred W., Sr. 489-V3
Simons, John Clovis 231-V3
Simons, Lydia Ann 180-V1
Simons, Marilyn 494-V3
Simons, Nettie M. 489-V3
Simons, W. C. 180-V1
Simons, William A. 180-V1
Simpson, A. A. 441-V3
Simpson, Augusta 442-V3
Simpson, B. F. 441-V3
Simpson, Basil M. 514-V3
Simpson, Benjamin F. 442-V3
Simpson, Caroline Hartman 441-V3
Simpson, Dick 567-V3
Simpson, Donald 469-V3
Simpson, Ella 578-V3
Simpson, Emma 442-V3
Simpson, Fred 578-V3
Simpson, Henry 422-V3
Simpson, infant 578-V3, 584-V3
Simpson, Ira S. 261-V3
Simpson, Lottie H. 514-V3
Simpson, Martin G. 686-V3
Simpson, Rachel 442-V3
Simpson, Si K. 261-V3
Simpson, Sue 441-V3
Simpson, Violet K. 261-V3
Sims, Alice 140-V3
Sims, Alice M. 539-V3
Sims, Alice Marie 158-V2
Sims, Anna E. 114-V1
Sims, Bernard M. 164-V2
Sims, Billy Gene 360-V3
Sims, Cecile M. 325-V3
Sims, Charles D. 302-V3
Sims, Charlie L. 304-V3
Sims, daughter 120-V1
Sims, Dessie I. 593-V3
Sims, Edgar 140-V3
Sims, Elisha M. 120-V1
Sims, Emma J. 158-V2
Sims, Flossie I. 347-V3
Sims, Frank J. 164-V2
Sims, Frankie D. 251-V3
Sims, Fred E. 330-V3
Sims, Hanna E. 330-V3
Sims, Harry G. 158-V2
Sims, James 426-V3
Sims, James Vernon 251-V3
Sims, Jess H. 325-V3
Sims, John T. 164-V2
Sims, Kate D. 302-V3
Sims, M. Floyd 593-V3
Sims, Marcus F. 347-V3
Sims, Mary E. 120-V1
Sims, N. B. 114-V1
Sims, Napoleon B. 114-V1
Sims, O. Glen 324-V3
Sims, Pearl T. 304-V3
Sims, Prentice 360-V3
Sims, Q. M. 539-V3
Sims, Theresa E. 164-V2
Sims, Vera M. 324-V3
Sims, Wilbur I. 360-V3
Sims, William Franklin 74-V2
Sinclair, Alma B. 266-V3
Sinclair, Blanche 394-V3
Sinclair, Ed 394-V3
Sinclair, Harold 266-V3
Sinclair, Ira 266-V3
Sinclair, John Wesley Grant 395-V3
Sinclair, Mable Ohlmeier 266-V3
Sinclair, Minerva 395-V3
Sinclair, Norma Lenore 28-V1
Sinclair, Ross 395-V3
Singletary, John 94-V1
Singletary, John H. 300-V3
Singletary, Rosalla 94-V1
Singletary, son 94-V1
Singletary, Sophie E. 300-V3
Sinkey, Addison cemetery reading
Sinkey, Bessie 382-V3
Sinkey, James 148-V3, cemetery reading
Sinkey, Jenness 148-V3, cemetery reading
Sinkey, Marie cemetery reading
Sinkey, Nancy 148-V3, cemetery reading
Sinkey, Sanford 148-V3, cemetery reading
Sipes, Margaret Powell 225-V3
Siskey, (first name unknown)20-V1
Siskey, Gus L. 647-V3
Siskey, Neva F. 647-V3
Siskey, U. S. L. 18-V1
Sisson, Leona Jackman 13-V2
Sisson, M. Gertrude (Gertie) 75-V2
Sisson, Marshall S. 75-V2
Sisson, Silvanus Hull 13-V2
Sites, James Blaine, Jr. 121-V2
Sites, James Blaine, Sr. 121-V2
Sites, Nina Beatrice 121-V2
Sites, Rebecca Frances 121-V2
Sitherwood, James Garland 249-V1
Sitherwood, Nellie 249-V1
Sittle, (first name unknown) 2-V1
Sittle, George 2-V1
Six, Dorine 49-V1
Six, Elizabeth Simmons 63-V1
Six, Gertrude 49-V1
Six, Hattie 49-V1
Six, J. A. 49-V1
Six, Joseph L. 63-V1
Six, Nina Esta 49-V1
Skeens, Alice 554-V3
Skeens, Alta E. 304-V3
Skeens, Betty G. 249-V3
Skeens, Blanche Bibens 9-V2
Skeens, Calvin D. 9-V2
Skeens, Frances G. 235-V1
Skeens, Hazel L. 242-V1
Skeens, Jeffrey E. 248-V3
Skeens, John H. 118-V1
Skeens, John W. 306-V3
Skeens, Lillie 118-V1
Skeens, Lon M. 304-V3
Skeens, Minnie Curnutte 118-V1
Skeens, Mont M. 554-V3
Skeens, Steven Lee 248-V3
Skeens, Warren Lee 248-V3
Skeens, William E. 249-V3
Skeens, William M. 242-V1
Skelton, J. J. 157-V2
Skelton, Minnie 157-V2
Skillman, Eliza 636-V3
Skillman, Eliza 686-V3
Skinner, Alton H. 7-V1
Skinner, C. L. 85-V2
Skinner, D. 85-V2
Skinner, George A. 403-V3
Skinner, Hiram G. 514-V3
Skinner, Isaac V. 37-V3
Skinner, Lillian R. 7-V1
Skinner, Mary A. 85-V2
Skinner, Mary P. 85-V2
Skinner, Melvin 208-V3
Skinner, Pocahontas 514-V3
Skinner, S. E. 85-V2
Skinner, William J. 493-V3
Skirvin, Bessie Fessenden 342-V3
Slack, Kenneth A. 119-V3
Slack, M. Arleene 119-V3
Slater, John 203-V3
Slatten, L. 236-V1
Slatten, Mary 236-V1
Slattery, Ella 152-V2
Slattery, William 152-V2
Slaughter, Cindrilla 566-V3
Slawson, Benjamin 35-V3
Slawson, Charles A. 35-V3
Slawson, John L. 35-V3
Slawson, John W. 36-V3
Slawson, Johnnie Walter 36-V3
Slawson, Martha Ellen 36-V3
Slawson, Mary L. 35-V3
Slawson, William 35-V3
Slayman, Ethel T. 241-V3
Slayman, John 197-V3
Slayman, John A. 241-V3
Slayman, Kathryn M. 219-V3
Slayman, Laura H. Newton 197-V3
Sleepy, Chas. B. 149-V2, 151-V2
Sleepy, Edna L. 149-V2
Sleepy, I. N. 144-V2
Sleppy, (Edna L.?) 149-V2
Sleppy, C. 151-V2
Sleppy, Damon 149-V2, 151-V2
Sleppy, Daniel 150-V2
Sleppy, Della J. 151-V2
Sleppy, Edna 151-V2
Sleppy, George 150-V2
Sleppy, George W. 150-V2
Sleppy, J. Milton 151-V2
Sleppy, Louella 144-V2
Sleppy, Lusetta J. 151-V2
Sleppy, Miley A. Collins 144-V2
Sleppy, Oscar L. 144-V2
Sleppy, Samuel 150-V2
Sleppy, Steven C. 143-V2
Sleppy, Walter D. 151-V2
Slinker, Edna A. 596-V3
Sloan, Alice 169-V2
Sloan, C. E. 169-V2
Sloan, C. James 118-V2
Sloan, Cornelius 92-V2
Sloan, Edith 116-V2
Sloan, Edward 80-V2, 92-V2
Sloan, Elizabeth Withers 80-V2
Sloan, Ellen 92-V2, 169-V2
Sloan, Esther B. 118-V2
Sloan, Florence 117-V2
Sloan, George R. 116-V2
Sloan, John 116-V2
Sloan, Lucy A. 116-V2
Sloan, Neal 116-V2, 117-V2
Sloan, Patrick 92-V2
Slocum, A. M. 7-V3
Slocum, Eva 7-V3
Slocum, Helen M. 7-V3
Slocum, Jerome J. 355-V3
Slocum, Lucy Ann 405-V3
Slusher, Ethel Zane 24-V3
Slyter, Anna D. 128-V3
Slyter, Arthur 65-V1
Slyter, Charles 649-V3
Slyter, David Lowell 655-V3
Slyter, Edia 63-V1
Slyter, Elmer 32-V1
Slyter, Esther 649-V3
Slyter, Ethel R. 65-V1
Slyter, Frankie A. 65-V1
Slyter, Harry 655-V3
Slyter, Harry H. 63-V1, 652-V3
Slyter, Helen 655-V3
Slyter, Helen M. 63-V1, 652-V3
Slyter, Leslie 655-V3
Slyter, Lorenzo 64-V1
Slyter, Lowell 63-V1
Slyter, Lucretia A. 64-V1
Slyter, Marie E. 121-V3
Slyter, Marion 61-V1
Slyter, Mary 61-V1
Slyter, Rosa Alice 65-V1
Slyter, Roy A. 121-V3
Slyter, Stanley 655-V3
Slyter, Wheaton 65-V1

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