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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Stainbrook to Sullivan

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Stainbrook, Bertha E. 212-V3
Stair, Martin 636-V3
Stair, Oscar F. 636-V3
Staley, Earl L. 124-V3
Staley, Jennettie 200-V3
Staley, Joan 597-V3
Staley, Roy D. 51-V2
Staley, Vada E. 124-V3
Stamback, Alonzo P. 97-V1
Stamback, Annie 253-V1
Stamback, Clara B. 263-V3
Stamback, Davie 97-V1
Stamback, J. F. 102-V1
Stamback, Jess 253-V1
Stamback, John T. 263-V3
Stamback, Mary Ann 97-V1
Stamback, Mary R. 97-V1
Stamback, Rose E. 97-V1
Stambaugh, Warren A. 122-V3
Stamper, Bertha E. 320-V3
Stamper, Carl F. 319-V3
Stamper, T. Fred 320-V3
Stanbro, Azama Permelia 214-V1
Stanbro, John M. 214-V1
Stanbro, Mabel 214-V1
Stanbro, May 214-V1
Stanbro, Myrtle 243-V1
Stanbro, William A. 214-V1
Stanbrough, Elizabeth 214-V1
Stanbrough, J. M. 214-V1
Stanbrough, James 214-V1
Stanbrough, Laura 214-V1
Stanbrough, Mary E. 214-V1
Stanbrough, T. L. 214-V1
Stanchfield, A. D. 224-V1
Stanchfield, Bertha 543-V3
Stanchfield, Charles 542-V3
Stanchfield, Evelyn A. 283-V3
Stanchfield, Evelyn C. 224-V1
Stanchfield, Ida 543-V3
Stanchfield, Josephine 542-V3
Stanchfield, Raymond L., Sr. 283-V3
Standiford, A Laura 310-V3
Standiford, Flora 205-V2
Standiford, H. B. 226-V1
Standiford, John 205-V2
Standiford, John Ed 310-V3
Standing, Margaret Pontius 132-V2
Standing, William 132-V2
Staner, Emma 195-V1, 206-V1
Staner, Emma 205-V2
Staner, Jay 195-V1, 206-V1
Staner, Katie 195-V1
Staner, N. B. 195-V1, 206-V1, 205-V2
Stanhope, Alvan J. 636-V3
Stanhope, Augusta E. 636-V3
Stanhope, Theodore R. 687-V3
Staniford, John 209-V2
Stanley, A. G. 2-V1
Stanley, Albert H. 233-V3
Stanley, Arthur C. 195-V3
Stanley, B. G. 63-V3
Stanley, Dewitt M. 42-V3
Stanley, Earl A. 71-V3
Stanley, Francenia L. 63-V3
Stanley, Grace 65-V3
Stanley, Helen M. 71-V3
Stanley, Henry A. 65-V3
Stanley, Jack E. 232-V3
Stanley, John L. 687-V3
Stanley, L. D. 57-V3
Stanley, Mary A. 166-V3
Stanley, Mary Shadley 227-V3
Stanley, Maude 233-V3
Stanley, Nancy Jane 687-V3
Stanley, Sarah Jane 65-V3
Stanley, Stella H. 71-V3
Stanley, William O. 166-V3
Stanton, Christine P. 676-V3
Stanton, H. Paul new record
Stanton, James 164-V1
Stanton, Walter D. 261-V3
Staples, Arthur 559-V3
Staples, Charles H. 363-V3, 364-V3
Staples, Michael J. 331-V3
Staples, Perlina D. 363-V3
Stapleton, Alma A. 174-V1
Starbuck, grandma 92-V2
Stark, (first name unknown) cemetery reading
Stark, Elijah Ray 687-V3
Starnes, Nettie B. 15-V3
Starr, Ruth N. 129-V1
Starry, Beverly C. 93-V2
Starry, D. B. 73-V2
Starry, Edward 98-V2
Starry, Elizabeth C. 93-V2
Starry, Florence 73-V2
Starry, Fred A. 342-V3
Starry, George Allen 73-V2
Starry, George B. 92-V2
Starry, Hannah 92-V2
Starry, Harvey C. 93-V2
Starry, Hildred B. 122-V2
Starry, Ivil G. 73-V2
Starry, Ivil G., Jr. 122-V2
Starry, Jennie 73-V2
Starry, Jennie Bonebrake 86-V2
Starry, Lucille R. 93-V2
Starry, Margaret 92-V2
Starry, Marilla 73-V2
Starry, Maud B. 93-V2
Starry, N. H. 86-V2
Starry, Nellie E. 98-V2
Starry, Nicholas 92-V2
Starry, Sara Effie 86-V2
Startwell, George 132-V1
States, Aaron D. 495-V3
States, baby 571-V3
States, Elizabeth 495-V3
States, James I. 495-V3
States, John M. 495-V3
Staton, Ida M. 78-V2
Staton, Margaret (two entries) 78-V2
Staton, W. C. 78-V2
Staudenmyer, John new record
Stauffer, Bessie M. 192-V1
Stauffer, Sam S. 192-V1
Stauffer, Sarah J. 192-V1
Stayton, Alberta 17-V2 [note: different date of death shown in the book than on the tombstone.]
Stayton, Jennie 17-V2
Stayton, M. Louis 17-V2
Stayton, Oscar 17-V2
Stayton, Turner 17-V2 [note: different date of death shown in the book than on the tombstone.]
Stearns, Florence 636-V3
Steele, Anna Lindsey 494-V3
Steele, Arthur Harry 578-V3
Steele, Charles E. 300-V3
Steele, Charlie 257-V3
Steele, Cora M. 326-V3
Steele, Evelyn 636-V3
Steele, Julius 579-V3
Steele, Lillian G. 300-V3
Steele, Lynn 636-V3
Steele, Maxine Rose 215-V3
Steele, Robert D. 636-V3
Steele, S. M. (Mac) 215-V3
Steele, Stella Burson 324-V3
Steele, Teresa 636-V3
Steele, Walter Edward 579-V3
Steele, Walter I. 326-V3
Steen, Albert 139-V2
Steen, Charles 139-V2
Steen, Ella 140-V2
Steen, Frances Lee 100-V2
Steen, James 140-V2
Steen, James S. 139-V2
Steen, John W. 139-V2
Steen, Mary 140-V2
Steen, Mary A. 139-V2
Steen, Max Miller 100-V2
Steen, Nancy E. 139-V2
Steen, Rane 139-V2
Steen, Robert 139-V2
Steen, Robert I. 100-V2
Steen, son 139-V2
Steffen, Anna 91-V1
Steffen, daughter 88-V1
Steffen, Ferdinand 91-V1
Steffen, Helen 88-V1, 317-V3
Steffen, Herman F. 556-V3
Steffen, John 556-V3
Steffen, Julianna 556-V3
Steffen, Reinhart 317-V3
Steffen, Rhinard 88-V1
Steffen, William 356-V3
Steger, Dorothy 120-V2
Steger, Ella 98-V2
Steger, George F. 93-V2
Steger, Helen M. 98-V2
Steger, Homer E. 98-V2
Steger, Philip Edward 120-V2
Steger, R. F. 561-V3
Steger, Stephen William 120-V2
Steger, Thomas L. 98-V2
Stein, Charles M. 48-V3
Stein, Estella M. 48-V3
Stein, Oliver E. 48-V3
Steineker, Mary 584-V3
Steiner, Mary Bell 559-V3
Steinick, Alda C. 69-V2
Steinick, Frederick 69-V2
Steinick, Malissa J. 69-V2
Steinick, Walter A. 69-V2
Steinmetz, Alma M. 122-V2
Steinmetz, Henry O. 122-V2
Stem, Bertha L. 186-V2
Stem, Ray J. 186-V2
Stephens, A. 141-V3
Stephens, Allie 43-V2
Stephens, Anna Lucy 52-V2
Stephens, Billie 229-V3
Stephens, Charles M. (Mike) 212-V3
Stephens, Evaline 34-V2
Stephens, Florence 61-V2
Stephens, Irvin W. 61-V2
Stephens, Jessie K. 64-V2
Stephens, John 34-V2
Stephens, John E. 64-V2
Stephens, Joseph F. 52-V2
Stephens, Kathryn A. 252-V3
Stephens, Leonard Melvin 34-V2
Stephens, Luella 61-V2
Stephens, Martha Alla 34-V2
Stephens, Maude 57-V2
Stephens, Max 229-V3
Stephens, May 64-V2
Stephens, Mervin L., Sr. 664-V3
Stephens, N. 43-V2
Stephens, Nathan 41-V2
Stephens, Richard E. (Rick) 212-V3
Stephens, Rickey Leon 229-V3
Stephens, Samuel 34-V2
Stephens, Viola M. 63-V2
Stephens, Viola Marie 664-V3
Stephens, Virgil 252-V3
Stephens, W. L. cemetery reading
Stephens, Walter J. 61-V2
Stephens, Wesley 57-V2
Stephens, William 64-V2
Stephenson, Annis E. 491-V3
Stephenson, D. B. 510-V3
Stephenson, Floyd A. 118-V2
Stephenson, infant 559-V3
Stephenson, John R. 159-V2
Stephenson, John T. 491-V3
Stephenson, Lillian R. 118-V2
Sterbenz, Eva A. 107-V3
Sterbenz, George A. 107-V3
Sterling, Bill 61-V2
Sterling, Mae 61-V2
Sterling, Redell H. 61-V2
Stevenin, Henry Wm. 637-V3
Stevenin, Willard H. 657-V3
Stevens, Addie 565-V3
Stevens, Adelaide 565-V3
Stevens, Alice Battersby 54-V1
Stevens, Alma 565-V3
Stevens, Charles 565-V3
Stevens, Clifford O. 124-V2
Stevens, Darius D. 49-V1
Stevens, Dick C. 81-V2
Stevens, Edmund B. 562-V3
Stevens, Gary D. 205-V2
Stevens, Gertie 562-V3
Stevens, Glen 139-V1
Stevens, Harry Anderson 198-V3
Stevens, Homer 687-V3
Stevens, infant 403-V3, 565-V3
Stevens, John W. 637-V3
Stevens, Joshua 49-V1
Stevens, Lewellyn Noble 54-V1
Stevens, Marble C. 49-V1
Stevens, Mary Hazel 667-V3
Stevens, Maude 81-V2
Stevens, Michael Andrew 205-V2
Stevens, Nannie M. 224-V3
Stevens, Novel 215-V1
Stevens, Orpha Helen 54-V1
Stevens, Rebecca 565-V3
Stevens, Ruth S. 139-V1
Stevens, Thomas L. 565-V3
Stevens, Verna Marie 198-V3
Stevens, Vesta Electra 49-V1
Stevens, Zulora Wilhalming 565-V3
Stevenson, Aaron B. 211-V3
Stevenson, Alexander P. 604-V3
Stevenson, Amanda L. 597-V3
Stevenson, Beulah 351-V3
Stevenson, Cornelia 597-V3
Stevenson, Cyrus H. 143-V2
Stevenson, Eugenial 597-V3
Stevenson, Frank 208-V3
Stevenson, Georgia L. 211-V3
Stevenson, Hugh 503-V3
Stevenson, James W. 255-V3
Stevenson, Jehial C. 597-V3
Stevenson, Jen 114-V1
Stevenson, Jesse 26-V2
Stevenson, Jessie May Needham 208-V2
Stevenson, John W. 114-V1, 43-V2
Stevenson, Kittie E. 43-V2
Stevenson, Linnett B. 255-V3
Stevenson, M. E. 351-V3
Stevenson, Mabel E. 502-V3
Stevenson, Margaret J. 114-V1
Stevenson, Maria A. 502-V3
Stevenson, Mary 43-V2
Stevenson, Mattie B. 604-V3
Stevenson, May 26-V2
Stevenson, Mildred 577-V3
Stevenson, Otto 43-V2
Stevenson, Porter 30-V2
Stevenson, Priscilla 26-V2
Stevenson, Robert 597-V3
Stevenson, Thomas 208-V2
Stevenson, Will W. 255-V3
Stevenson, __eeymar (rest of stone unreadable) 153-V3
Steward, Everett B. 687-V3
Steward, J. W. 45-V3
Stewart, A. C. 188-V1
Stewart, Ada Price 188-V1
Stewart, Alfred 393-V3
Stewart, Allen 637-V3
Stewart, Amanda E. 637-V3
Stewart, Augusta 584-V3
Stewart, Axey 637-V3
Stewart, Bernice 300-V3
Stewart, Blanche E. 63-V2
Stewart, C. 568-V3
Stewart, C. B. 34-V2
Stewart, C. N. 478-V3
Stewart, Catherine 584-V3
Stewart, Charles E. 637-V3
Stewart, Charles H. 637-V3
Stewart, David 420-V3
Stewart, Dollie 584-V3
Stewart, Dorothy 637-V3
Stewart, Elise Pearl 478-V3
Stewart, Ellen Nadyne 37-V2
Stewart, Emma 188-V1
Stewart, Emmeline 560-V3
Stewart, Ennis B. 300-V3
Stewart, Ethel 188-V1
Stewart, Eugenia 358-V3, 479-V3
Stewart, Eugenia 568-V3
Stewart, F. A. 358-V3, 479-V3, 568-V3
Stewart, Florine E. 301-V3
Stewart, Floyd 55-V2
Stewart, Geo. E. 637-V3
Stewart, H. C. 2-V1
Stewart, Henry E. 188-V1
Stewart, Ian 578-V3
Stewart, Inez 479-V3
Stewart, infant 568-V3, 637-V3
Stewart, Ivey 172-V1
Stewart, J. C. 479-V3
Stewart, J. F. 358-V3
Stewart, J. H. 247-V1
Stewart, J. N. 101-V2
Stewart, J. W. 102-V2
Stewart, James W. 63-V2
Stewart, Jane 188-V1
Stewart, Jennie 637-V3
Stewart, John F. 301-V3
Stewart, Libbie R. 479-V3
Stewart, Loren G. 301-V3
Stewart, Louis 637-V3
Stewart, Lucy 172-V1
Stewart, M. E. 478-V3
Stewart, Maggie 55-V2
Stewart, Martha A. 101-V2
Stewart, Mary 92-V2, 637-V3
Stewart, Mary R. 637-V3
Stewart, Maud E. 300-V3
Stewart, Maude B. 637-V3
Stewart, Mildred 188-V1
Stewart, N. Lee 637-V3
Stewart, Nancy 479-V3
Stewart, Ollie E. 637-V3
Stewart, Omar G. 637-V3
Stewart, R. H. 637-V3
Stewart, Ralph W. 117-V3
Stewart, Robert Allan 358-V3
Stewart, Robert C. 300-V3
Stewart, Robert Edgar 358-V3
Stewart, Robert G. 479-V3
Stewart, Rolland 188-V1
Stewart, Rosa 637-V3
Stewart, Sarah R. 172-V1
Stewart, Shanneille S. 117-V3
Stewart, Sophia Ross 578-V3
Stewart, Stelining 687-V3
Stewart, Sterling 637-V3
Stewart, Tanya Marie 420-V3
Stewart, Thomas 188-V1, 571-V3
Stewart, William M. 63-V2
Stewart, Willie 584-V3
Steyaert, Margaret Schwartz 183-V2
Stick, infant 572-V3
Stieben, Larry S. 244-V3
Stieben, Marietta 244-V3
Stieben, Samuel 244-V3
Stieber, Mary Magdalene 587-V3
Stiffler, Bettie Jo 214-V3
Stiffler, Harley 214-V3
Stifter, Agatha E. 184-V2
Stifter, 184-V2
Stifter, Bertha T. 184-V2
Stifter, Chester L. new record 1992
Stifter, Clementine 184-V2
Stifter, Dorothy L. new record 2004
Stifter, Elizabeth 184-V2
Stifter, Frank 184-V2, 672-V3
Stifter, Frank M., Jr. 184-V2
Stifter, Fred G. 184-V2
Stifter, George A. 184-V2
Stifter, John Leo 184-V2
Stifter, Joseph H. 184-V2
Stifter, Louis M. 184-V2
Stifter, Raymond Charles 184-V2
Stifter, William B. 184-V2
Stiles, Anna Bond 10-V2
Stiles, Archie G. 545-V3
Stiles, Bert 77-V3
Stiles, Elizabeth Eaton 545-V3
Stiles, Eva 12-V2
Stiles, Eva Jennings 545-V3
Stiles, Frank 637-V3
Stiles, Glenn 637-V3
Stiles, J. W. 10-V2
Stiles, Nora 10-V2
Stiles, Rebecca 77-V3
Stiles, Sarah Ross 545-V3
Stiles, Stanton G. 545-V3
Stiles, wife 10-V2
Stiles, William Ross 545-V3
Stilley, Ellen 637-V3
Stilley, Ivy L. 637-V3
Stilley, J. W. 637-V3
Stilwell, George Hunt 58-V2
Stilwell, Glenn F. 279-V3
Stilwell, Katherine 58-V2
Stilwell, Laura Belle 279-V3
Stilwell, Nannie D. 58-V2
Stilwell, W. A. 58-V2
Stine, Gladys 195-V3
Stine, Jack 195-V3
Stine, Marian Frances 31-V3
Stinson, J. Joseph 50-V3
Stinson, Laura 205-V2
Stipp, Joseph 637-V3
Stitt, Ida May 154-V1
Stitt, Robert Louis 154-V1
Stitt, W. S. 168-V1
Stitt, Wm. K. 50-V3
Stockard, Alice M. 376-V3
Stockard, baby 209-V1
Stockard, John C. 376-V3
Stockard, Mary Rose 92-V3
Stocksen, Randolph J. 218-V3
Stockwell, Albert 502-V3
Stockwell, Alford 141-V3
Stockwell, Alpheus 141-V3
Stockwell, Arthur 502-V3
Stockwell, E. M. 506-V3
Stockwell, Effie 577-V3
Stockwell, Effie M. 141-V3
Stockwell, Elizabeth Hoffman 293-V3
Stockwell, Frances A. 144-V3
Stockwell, G. H.
Stockwell, Grace 359-V3
Stockwell, Gretta 502-V3
Stockwell, Harry M.
Stockwell, Herbert 359-V3
Stockwell, Ida G. 556-V3
Stockwell, infant 577-V3
Stockwell, John 506-V3
Stockwell, Lillian 502-V3
Stockwell, Lorenzo
Stockwell, Louisa 556-V3
Stockwell, O. P. 141-V3
Stockwell, Phoebe A. 502-V3
Stockwell, Sarah A. 141-V3
Stockwell, Sarah M. 141-V3
Stockwell, T. H. 506-V3
Stockwell, Thomas 577-V3
Stockwell, Wm. 556-V3
Stoddard, Duane J. 396-V3
Stoddard, Mary 68-V1
Stoddard, O. S. 68-V1
Stoddard, Romayne W. 76-V1
Stoerman, John J. 108-V3
Stoerman, Lenora M. 108-V3
Stoerman, Mary Veronica 588-V3
Stokan, Edith O. 44-V3
Stokan, Ora E. 44-V3
Stoker, Anna 180-V1, 189-V1
Stoker, Charles L. 190-V1
Stoker, Charles L. 252-V3
Stoker, Columbus E. 189-V1
Stoker, Dorothy 383-V3
Stoker, E. A. 180-V1
Stoker, Edith Belle 383-V3
Stoker, Elias 180-V1
Stoker, Filmore 181-V1
Stoker, Gladys Mae 383-V3
Stoker, Herald 190-V1, 660-V3
Stoker, Isabelle 180-V1
Stoker, Katherine B. 252-V3
Stoker, Lela 180-V1
Stoker, M. 180-V1
Stoker, M. A. 180-V1
Stoker, M. F. 181-V1
Stoker, Martha A. 180-V1
Stoker, Mary A. 189-V1
Stoker, Melvin 189-V1
Stoker, Rhoda Ann 185-V1
Stoker, Rose I. 190-V1
Stoker, Russell H. 383-V3
Stoker, Selena 190-V1
Stoker, Uell 185-V1
Stokes, Angea R. 171-V3
Stokes, C. S. 16-V3, 17-V3
Stokes, Catherine 17-V3
Stokes, J. Warren 16-V3
Stokes, Kate 16-V3
Stoldt, Fred C. 331-V3
Stoldt, Mary H. 331-V3
Stoll, Elizabeth J. 138-V3
Stoll, John M. 138-V3
Stomme, Iver 172-V2
Stone, Anna E. 637-V3
Stone, Donna Marie 209-V3
Stone, Eliza 584-V3
Stone, Eliza 584-V3
Stone, Elmer 19-V1, 20-V1
Stone, Esteleen V. 170-V3
Stone, F. Ervin 637-V3
Stone, Felix 397-V3
Stone, Frances M. 167-V2
Stone, Frank 184-V1
Stone, George 422-V3
Stone, Georgia 584-V3
Stone, Harriet 584-V3
Stone, infant 584-V3
Stone, Isabella 584-V3
Stone, Jacob E. 110-V2
Stone, John 637-V3
Stone, Jordan 584-V3
Stone, L. Vae 665-V3
Stone, Mary A. 110-V2
Stone, Mary F. 32-V3
Stone, Merle Dean 209-V3
Stone, Roby H. 170-V3
Stone, Susie Alice 172-V3
Stone, Tom 184-V1
Stone, Walter Phillip 167-V2
Stone, Wesley 32-V3
Stone, William A. 110-V2
Stone, Wren A. 113-V2
Stoner, Clyde E. 5-V1
Stoner, Edna M. 251-V3
Stoner, Ellen Mae 5-V1
Stoner, Harry A. 251-V3
Stoner, Ida L. 5-V1
Stoner, infant 5-V1
Stoner, Jack 5-V1
Stoner, Jacob H. 5-V1
Stoner, Martha E. 5-V1
Stoner, Martin L. 5-V1
Stoner, Max Earl 644-V3
Stoner, Max Earl 7-V1
Stones, Frances M. 670-V3
Storey, John C. new record
Storey, Mildred L. new record
Storms, (first name unknown) 169-V2
Storms, Avalo Wm. 208-V3
Storms, Lucy Mercer 208-V3
Story, Mrs. John 566-V3
Stott, infant 579-V3
Stott, J. O. 579-V3
Stott, James O. 515-V3
Stott, John J. 515-V3
Stott, L. D. 579-V3
Stott, Salome E. 515-V3
Stott, Sarah Owen 515-V3
Stouder, Clara S. 190-V3
Stouder, Helen M. 190-V3
Stouder, Henry Grant 190-V3
Stouder, Louis J. 190-V3
Stough, Samuel 92-V2
Stout, Albert Ray 502-V3
Stout, Annie 229-V1
Stout, Gertrude 504-V3
Stout, Hattie 137-V3
Stout, J. H. 137-V3
Stout, James 229-V1
Stout, Laura M. 229-V1
Stout, Martha Jane 503-V3
Stout, Oscar Nicholson 504-V3
Stout, Palmer B. 503-V3
Stout, Palmer C. 137-V3
Stout, Sadie Jane 502-V3
Stovall, Mary Sanders 37-V2
Stover, Ben T. 425-V3
Stover, Ella Irene 22-V3
Stowe, A. Bernard 182-V1
Stowe, Adis W. 182-V1
Stowe, Earl C. 182-V1
Stowe, Everett 181-V1, 660-V3
Stowe, Floyd L. 182-V1
Stowe, Josephine 181-V1
Stowe, Mrs. A. C. 570-V3
Stowe, Vera E. 181-V1
Stowell, Ben 156-V3
Stowell, Edith May 156-V3
Stowell, Guy A. 74-V2
Stowell, Mary 156-V3
Stowers, A. J. 94-V2
Stowers, Laura 94-V2
Stowers, Lula A. 76-V2
Strackbein, Henry 45-V1
Strackbein, Mary 45-V1
Strader, Roy 148-V2
Straight, Carrie B. 513-V3
Straight, Clarence E. 442-V3
Straight, Florence M. 442-V3
Straight, M. A. 513-V3
Strain, George W. 119-V2, 314-V3
Strain, Myrtle 314-V3
Strain, Robert E. (Bob) 119-V2
Straley, Dennis M. 102-V3
Straley, Elsie L. 102-V3
Strausbaugh, Albert B. 75-V3
Strausbaugh, baby boy 675-V3
Strausbaugh, Bill 75-V3
Strausbaugh, Della 75-V3
Strausbaugh, Della M. 190-V2
Strausbaugh, Elizabeth Grace 75-V3
Strausbaugh, Frances A. 75-V3
Strausbaugh, Francis J. 75-V3
Strausbaugh, Henry A. 75-V3
Strausbaugh, James A. 75-V3
Strausbaugh, John A. 74-V3
Strausbaugh, Laura E. 75-V3
Strausbaugh, Mary 75-V3
Strausbaugh, Mary E. 108-V3
Strausbaugh, William H. 108-V3
Strausbaugh, William J. 190-V2
Strawn, Lura F. Sutton 205-V2
Strean, J. G. 454-V3
Strean, Sarah J. 454-V3
Stremme, George W. 206-V2
Stremme, John W. 206-V2
Stremme, Nancy 206-V2
Stremme, Ralph 206-V2
Stremmel, Alex Karl 493-V3
Stremmel, Nell 493-V3
Stremmel, Pauline 9-V3
Strickland, Clarence G. 19-V2
Strickler, Carl 637-V3
Strickler, Corilla 637-V3
Strickler, Sam G. 637-V3
Strid, Jessie S. 118-V2
Striegel, Eva 67-V3
Stringham, Bill J. 256-V3
Stringham, Lillian B. 255-V3
Stringham, Willard S. 255-V3
Stromme, Clara A. 172-V2
Stromme, Martin 172-V2
Strong, Barbara Bailey 663-V3
Strong, Claude B. 336-V3
Strong, Harry N. 311-V3
Strong, Lucinda E. 238-V1
Strong, Orin 238-V1
Stroup, Ben W. 98-V2
Stroup, E. J. 75-V2
Stroup, Geo. W. 74-V1
Stroup, L. F. 98-V2
Stroup, Loyd R. 75-V2
Stroup, Ralph 558-V3
Stroup, W. M. 75-V2
Struble, Jacob R. 44-V2
Struble, Mary H. 44-V2
Stryker, Abraham 175-V2
Stryker, Harriett 175-V2
Stuart, (first name unknown) 687-V3
Stuart, Agnes Bertha 10-V2
Stuart, Alice Grace 687-V3
Stuart, Allen 687-V3
Stuart, Anna 45-V3
Stuart, Axey 687-V3
Stuart, Barbara E. 637-V3
Stuart, Birdie 590-V3
Stuart, Charles Howard 687-V3
Stuart, Emily 637-V3
Stuart, Erin Kay new record 1990
Stuart, Henry Adoplhus 10-V2
Stuart, infant 687-V3
Stuart, Ivan 637-V3
Stuart, J. W. 637-V3
Stuart, Jessie B. 637-V3
Stuart, Louis C. 687-V3
Stuart, Mary Amick 687-V3
Stuart, Melissa Kay 190-V2
Stuart, Rosa E. 687-V3
Stucker, Chester W. 233-V3
Stucker, Mary P. 233-V3
Stuehm, Estil Milton 120-V1
Stuhlfauth, John 200-V1
Stuhlfauth,Martha 200-V1
Stults, Dale I. 155-V2
Stults, Dorothy B. 155-V2
Stults, E. L. 155-V2
Stults, Grace E. 155-V2
Stults, Harold E. 155-V2
Stults, Leonard W. 660-V3
Stults, Mary C. 183-V1
Stults, Mary Myrtle 183-V1
Stults, Michael D. 183-V1
Stults, Wm. N. 183-V1
Stultz, Arch V. 637-V3
Stultz, Harley D. 687-V3
Stultz, Harley P. 637-V3
Stultz, Leroy 637-V3
Stump, Carl 63-V2
Stump, Carl James 59-V2, 663-V3
Stump, Carol Deanne 63-V2
Stump, E. Nadine DeWeese 59-V2
Stump, Joseph F. 331-V3
Stump, Joseph S. 331-V3
Stump, Myrtle J. 331-V3
Stump, Nadine 63-V2
Stump, Nancy J. 106-V1, 527-V3, 528-V3
Stump, Presley 106-V1
Stump, Presley Jacob 106-V1
Stump, Ralph Sherman 528-V3
Sturgeon, Alice M. 23-V1
Sturgeon, Allie E. 206-V2
Sturgeon, C. Ivan 232-V3
Sturgeon, Henry C. 206-V2
Sturgeon, Mable J. 232-V3
Sturgeon, Retta Lambe 206-V2
Sturgeon, Robert 206-V2
Sturgeon, Thomas F. 23-V1
Sturman, Elroy 241-V3
Sturtevant, Ida M. 365-V3
Stutely, C. E. 156-V3
Stutely, Charles 156-V3
Stutely, L. E. 156-V3
Stutely, Louie 156-V3
Stutley, Louise cemetery reading
Stutely, Martha E. 156-V3
Stutely, Virginia 156-V3
Stuteville, G. Harold 20-V2
Stuteville, Lloyd A. 21-V2
Stuteville, M. Louise 20-V2
Stuteville, Roger E. 14-V2
Stuteville, Sharon K. 14-V2
Stutzman, Elsie Davis 397-V3
Styx, Lillie P. (Patriquin) 140-V1
Suddarth, Anna Mae 9-V2
Suddarth, Ben W. 9-V2
Suddarth, Buford Lee 9-V2
Suddarth, Clyde N. 9-V2
Suddarth, Cora Bell 9-V2
Suddarth, Elsie M. 249-V3
Suddarth, Flossie 6-V2
Suddarth, George B. 9-V2
Suddarth, Harry E. 9-V2
Suddarth, Homer E. 9-V2
Suddarth, J. M. 3-V2
Suddarth, John Howard M., Jr. 3-V2
Suddarth, John William 9-V2
Suddarth, L. H. (Teck) 249-V3
Suddarth, Marshall W. 9-V2
Suddarth, Sarah 3-V2
Suddarth, T. E. 3-V2
Suddarth, Thomas 6-V2
Suggett, Ruth Marie 119-V2
Suit, Aubery F. 481-V3
Suit, J. T. 481-V3
Suit, Lydia A. 481-V3
Suit, Maude E. 481-V3
Sulc, Leo 207-V3
Sullins, Clarence J. 224-V3
Sullins, Flossie A. 213-V3
Sullins, Margaret D. 224-V3
Sullins, Walter R. 213-V3
Sullivan George Wesley 49-V2
Sullivan Vera Capper 157-V2
Sullivan, A. Theresa 106-V3
Sullivan, Ada E. 54-V2
Sullivan, Alice E. 107-V3
Sullivan, Benjamin 24-V2
Sullivan, Bill 646-V3
Sullivan, C. Arthur 49-V2
Sullivan, Carl J. 49-V2
Sullivan, Catherine 45-V3, 673-V3
Sullivan, Charlie Clifford 49-V2
Sullivan, Clarence 50-V2
Sullivan, Dan'l 34-V3, 423-V3
Sullivan, David F. 54-V2
Sullivan, Dennis M. 106-V3
Sullivan, Dinnie 206-V2
Sullivan, Edwin D. 107-V3
Sullivan, Ellen 82-V3
Sullivan, Francis 30-V2
Sullivan, Geo. M. 49-V2
Sullivan, George R. 24-V2
Sullivan, Gertrude 572-V3
Sullivan, Gladys 14-V1, 646-V3
Sullivan, Herdie E. Landrus 206-V2
Sullivan, Homer E. 157-V2, 669-V3
Sullivan, J. F. 465-V3
Sullivan, J. Ralph 49-V2
Sullivan, J. W. 27-V2
Sullivan, James Ralph 663-V3
Sullivan, Jeremiah 44-V3
Sullivan, John W. 50-V2
Sullivan, Kittie 465-V3
Sullivan, Laura E. 50-V2
Sullivan, Lola E. E. 44-V3
Sullivan, Lucille A. 61-V2
Sullivan, Martena A. 30-V2
Sullivan, Mary F. 24-V2
Sullivan, Mary Frances 587-V3
Sullivan, Mary K. 478-V3
Sullivan, Mary Louise 54-V2
Sullivan, Mary M. 51-V2
Sullivan, Minnie Blackmore 17-V2
Sullivan, Myrtle V. 49-V2
Sullivan, Oscar G. 54-V2
Sullivan, Raymond W. 61-V2
Sullivan, Robert E. 106-V3
Sullivan, Roy E. 51-V2
Sullivan, Salley 27-V2
Sullivan, Timothy 673-V3
Sullivan, Virginia Ann 107-V3
Sullivan, William R. 478-V3

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