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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Sulser to Tisdale

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Sulser, Charlie 637-V3
Sulser, Howard 687-V3
Sulser, Ida M. 637-V3
Summerfield, Lillian M. 75-V1
Summerfield, son 75-V1
Summers, B. W. 98-V2
Summers, Barbara J. new record 2002
Summers, Eda 367-V3
Summers, Herbert L. new record
Summers, L. F. 98-V2
Summet, Mamie G. 122-V1
Summet, Thomas R. 122-V1
Sumptur, George H. 52-V2
Sumptur, Ida Wilson 52-V2
Sunley, Albert W. 175-V2
Sunley, Freddy 44-V2
Sunley, Gilbert 44-V2
Sunley, H. E. 44-V2
Sunley, Ida M. 175-V2
Sunley, Wm. 44-V2
Supernaw, Dora 453-V3
Supernaw, J. H. 453-V3
Supernaw, Joseph 563-V3
Supernaw, Nettie 453-V3, 563-V3
Supernaw, Pauline 453-V3
Surbaugh, Earl 6-V2
Surbaugh, Joe 6-V2
Surbaugh, Nicholas A. 6-V2
Surbaugh, Rosa F. 6-V2
Surber, C. E. 22-V1
Surber, C. F. 11-V1, 645-V3
Surber, Daily L. 11-V1, 645-V3
Surber, Elizabeth 12-V1
Surber, J. M. 12-V1, 645-V3
Surber, James M. 645-V3
Surber, Jim 11-V1
Surber, Joseph T. 17-V1
Surber, Lemuel G. 11-V1
Surber, Mabel H. 17-V1
Surber, Rebeka 12-V1
Surber, Sam 18-V1
Surber, Samuel D. 12-V1
Surber, Samuel J., Sr. 22-V1, 647-V3
Surber, Sarah A. 12-V1
Surface, May 13-V2
Surface, son 13-V2
Surface, W. B. 13-V2
Sutherland, Emma L. 37-V3
Sutherland, Gladys Darlene 677-V3
Sutherland, Jennie C. 599-V3
Sutherland, John R. 599-V3
Sutherland, Rex Eugene 677-V3
Sutherland, William F. 37-V3
Sutton, Albert V. 263-V3
Sutton, Chester O. 317-V3
Sutton, Emma E. 84-V2
Sutton, F. W. 84-V2
Sutton, L. W. 90-V2
Sutton, Lloyd L. 191-V3
Sutton, Lottie V. 90-V2
Sutton, Lucy J. 84-V2
Sutton, Minnie A. 317-V3
Sutton, Nellie L. Belt 206-V2
Sutton, Nina Ester 263-V3
Sutton, Orlow R. 206-V2
Sutton, Rhetta 206-V2
Sutton, S. C. 90-V2
Sutton, Samuel 19-V2
Sutton, Samuel T. 84-V2
Sutton, Thomas S. 206-V2
Sutton, William 567-V3
Sutton, William Isaac 476-V3
Swafford, Polly W. 152-V1
Swain, Bertha A. 171-V2
Swain, Edgar F. 171-V2
Swain, John W. 171-V2
Swain, Juliett K. 171-V2
Swain, Lettie 171-V2
Swain, Marquis F. 171-V2
Swamer, (first name unknown) 573-V3
Swan, Charlotte 158-V1
Swan, Florence 261-V3
Swan, Georgia 658-V3
Swan, Georgia B. 114-V1
Swan, Howard 261-V3
Swan, John 158-V1
Swan, Mattie 155-V1, 156-V1
Swan, Olin D. 114-V1
Swan, Sarah Jane 158-V1
Swann, George B. 113-V1
Swann, J. 113-V1
Swann, Mary A. 113-V1
Swann, Mattie 113-V1
Swann, S. J. 113-V1
Swann, Thomas 113-V1
Swann, William 113-V1
Swanson, Carl A. 123-V3
Swanson, Cecil E. 123-V3
Swanson, Charles A. 98-V1
Swanson, Harry S. 98-V1
Swanson, May Belle 98-V1
Swanson, Ruan 284-V3
Swarr, William A. 580-V3
Swartz, Delma Marie 303-V3
Swartz, John 403-V3
Swartz, Leonard C. 303-V3
Swartz, Mary 402-V3
Swartz, Sylvia B. 160-V3
Swatszel, A. B. 458-V3
Swatszel, Anna 458-V3
Swatszel, John E. 458-V3
Sweanery, Richard O. 256-V3
Sweaney, Emma E. 256-V3
Sweany, Nellie 228-V3
Sweany, Ray C. 228-V3
Swearingen, Clarinda D. 152-V2
Swearingen, Dorothy Grigsby 229-V3
Swearingen, Elizabeth 544-V3
Swearingen, Elmer 152-V2
Swearingen, Enid 152-V2
Swearingen, Eva 141-V2
Swearingen, Faye 134-V2
Swearingen, Frank 544-V3
Swearingen, Fred 544-V3
Swearingen, George L. 288-V3
Swearingen, Georgie 149-V2
Swearingen, Herman F. 556-V3
Swearingen, J. W. 544-V3
Swearingen, Jerry 152-V2
Swearingen, Kathy L. 149-V2
Swearingen, Kilby 134-V2
Swearingen, Lee 141-V2
Swearingen, Leslie A. 288-V3
Swearingen, Matilda Frances 556-V3
Swearingen, Oral Washington 556-V3
Swearingen, Ralph 288-V3
Swearingen, Robert 149-V2, 152-V2
Swearingen, Robert Floyd 63-V2
Swearingen, Sallie 557-V3
Swearingen, Sarah E. 288-V3
Swearingen, Terri ReNae 124-V3
Swearingen, W. C. 556-V3
Swearingin, Earl C. 638-V3
Swearngin, Eva M. 687-V3
Swearngin, W. Leonard 687-V3
Swedelius, Dorothy A. 268-V3
Sweet, Henry S. 142-V1
Sweet, Nathan 77-V1
Sweet, Sherman 77-V1
Sweets, Alfred L. 274-V3
Sweets, Alonzo T. 274-V3
Sweets, Eva Booker 575-V3
Sweets, Louise 175-V3
Sweets, Marietta Martens 274-V3
Sweets, Nancy (Winnie) 274-V3
Sweetwood, Lois M. 203-V3
Swenson, Ernest L. 207-V3
Swenson, Nina F. 207-V3
Swinehart, Albert 575-V3
Swinehart, Daniel V. 121-V3
Swinehart, Evelyn I. 121-V3
Swinehart, Geo. W. 542-V3
Swink, David 584-V3
Swisher, Art 576-V3
Swisher, E. T. 510-V3
Swisher, infant 576-V3
Swisher, Minnie 576-V3
Swisher, Nancy G. 510-V3
Swogar, baby 174-V2
Swogar, Florence E. 670-V3
Swogar, infant daughter 670-V3
Swogar, Melvin E. 176-V2
Swogar, Melvin E., Sr. 670-V3
Swogar, twin boys 670-V3
Swogar, twins 174-V2
Swogger, John A. 69-V1
Swope, H. K. 568-V3
Sybrant, baby 581-V3
Sybrant, Clara D. 310-V3
Sybrant, Darlene F. 310-V3
Sybrant, Gilbert William 580-V3
Sybrant, Max A. 310-V3
Sybrant, William L. 310-V3
Sykes, M. Frank 638-V3
Sykes, Maggie 638-V3
Syme, Mary 3-V2
Syme, Will G. 3-V2
Taber, J. S. C. 546-V3
Tabor, Fred 489-V3
Tabor, infant 584-V3
Tabor, Mary E. 580-V3
Tabor, Walter C. 580-V3
Tabor, Wesley 579-V3
Tabors, Lottie 580-V3
Tadlock, Lillian 22-V3
Taft, E. Clayton 201-V1
Taft, M. J. 201-V1
Taft, M. P. 201-V1
Tagg, Margaret 5-V2
Talbott, Dollie Mae 520-V3
Talbott, Elizabeth 525-V3
Talbott, Erwin A. 520-V3
Talbott, infant 519-V3
Talbott, Lorenzo 525-V3
Talbott, Rhu L. 367-V3
Talbott, Roy E. 367-V3
Talbott, William Henry 519-V3
Talley, Amelia D. 74-V2
Tallmon, Elizabeth 401-V3
Tallmon, James W. 401-V3
Talor, (first name unknown) cemetery records
Tamblyn, Emily 638-V3
Tamblyn, William 638-V3
Tangsrud, Clifton 687-V3
Tangsrud, Jeffery 687-V3
Tansey, A. D. 402-V3
Tansey, Amanda F. 402-V3
Tansey, Anthony 75-V1
Tansey, John W. 402-V3
Tansey, Mary R. 402-V3
Tansey, Tensie H. 403-V3
Tansey, wife 75-V1
Tansey, William H. 403-V3
Tappan, Lydia Elizabeth 75-V1
Tappan, Melvin Harvey 75-V1
Tarantino, Josephine Moley new record 2002
Tarman, R. W. 90-V2
Tarr, Anna 505-V3
Tarr, Carl V. 323-V3
Tarr, Carl V., Sr. 322-V3
Tarr, Dorothy Benz 323-V3
Tarr, Levi Simpson 505-V3
Tarr, Mary Lyle 322-V3
Tate, Anderson 638-V3
Tate, Charles O. 638-V3
Tate, Chas. 638-V3
Tate, Ida M. Kilgore 89-V2
Tate, Lesbia B. 638-V3
Tate, Ray Lee 638-V3
Tauber, Hila James 206-V2
Tawney, Bessie W. 322-V3
Tawney, Clara B. 86-V2
Tawney, E. 485-V3, 570-V3
Tawney, Elias 570-V3
Tawney, Fred 549-V3
Tawney, Georgia 570-V3
Tawney, Hattie 570-V3
Tawney, Lila 570-V3
Tawney, M. E. 570-V3
Tawney, Mary E. 485-V3
Tawney, Nellie 549-V3
Tawney, Oliver (Jack) 322-V3
Tawney, Oliver W. 237-V3
Tawney, S. 86-V2
Tawney, W. H. 86-V2
Tawney, William 570-V3
Taylor, A. W. 151-V3
Taylor, Adam cemetery reading
Taylor, Addie 565-V3
Taylor, Albert C. 159-V2
Taylor, Alfred A. 76-V3, 77-V3
Taylor, Alfred M. 119-V1
Taylor, Alma J. 404-V3
Taylor, Almira 466-V3
Taylor, Alpha 565-V3
Taylor, Anna W. 438-V3
Taylor, Annetta 347-V3
Taylor, Arthur H. 118-V2
Taylor, babies 554-V3
Taylor, baby 159-V2
Taylor, Benjamin W. 124-V3
Taylor, Bertha 335-V3
Taylor, Bess M. 346-V3
Taylor, C. 573-V3
Taylor, Catherine 564-V3
Taylor, Charles Ernest 554-V3
Taylor, Charles L. 517-V3
Taylor, Charlie 570-V3
Taylor, Clara E. Brown 151-V3
Taylor, Clara G. 159-V2
Taylor, Claude I. 159-V2
Taylor, Clifford R. 159-V2
Taylor, Dale W. 159-V2
Taylor, Dan T. 599-V3
Taylor, Daryl D. 310-V3
Taylor, Effa 132-V2
Taylor, Eliza Racine 392-V3
Taylor, Elizabeth (two entries) 132-V2
Taylor, Emma 124-V3
Taylor, F. B. 466-V3
Taylor, Failee 584-V3
Taylor, Fannie 417-V3, 565-V3
Taylor, Frank 571-V3
Taylor, Frank B. 124-V2
Taylor, Frank V. 346-V3
Taylor, Frank W. 564-V3
Taylor, Fred L. 159-V2
Taylor, Friend I. 564-V3
Taylor, G. J. 132-V2
Taylor, George 153-V3
Taylor, George W. 496-V3
Taylor, Grace 517-V3
Taylor, Gusta 564-V3
Taylor, Harriett 116-V2
Taylor, Harriette Dow 533-V3
Taylor, Harry S. 357-V3
Taylor, Henry cemetery reading
Taylor, Hezekiah 116-V2
Taylor, I. W. 156-V2
Taylor, Ida M. 519-V3
Taylor, infant son 151-V3
Taylor, J. C. 405-V3
Taylor, J. D. 158-V3
Taylor, J. E. 417-V3, 554-V3
Taylor, J. Lewis 341-V3
Taylor, J. W. 108-V1
Taylor, Jacob 108-V1
Taylor, Jacob E. 23-V1, 644-V3
Taylor, James 204-V1
Taylor, James B. 37-V1
Taylor, James H. 543-V3
Taylor, James T. 461-V3, 564-V3
Taylor, James Walter 93-V3
Taylor, Jas. M. 204-V1
Taylor, John cemetery reading
Taylor, John D. 425-V3, 461-V3
Taylor, John T. 108-V1
Taylor, John W. 347-V3
Taylor, Josephine 93-V3
Taylor, Junior 52-V2
Taylor, L. 438-V3
Taylor, Leila B. 357-V3
Taylor, Lewis 565-V3
Taylor, Lillie 108-V1, cemetery reading
Taylor, Louis 584-V3
Taylor, Lula 564-V3
Taylor, Lyman E. 132-V2
Taylor, Mabel 554-V3
Taylor, Mae Hoffman 341-V3
Taylor, Maggie C. 132-V2
Taylor, Margery 572-V3
Taylor, Martha 37-V1
Taylor, Mary A. 570-V3
Taylor, Mary Frances 119-V1
Taylor, Mary J. 204-V1
Taylor, Mary R. 118-V2
Taylor, Matilda A. 461-V3
Taylor, Maude May 52-V2
Taylor, Maurine 124-V2
Taylor, Mildred P. 122-V2
Taylor, Minnie B. 159-V2
Taylor, Minnie Bell 132-V2
Taylor, Mollie 565-V3
Taylor, N. H. 533-V3
Taylor, Nancy Sabrina 119-V1
Taylor, Noah M. 122-V2
Taylor, Ola R. 332-V3
Taylor, Orphelia 543-V3
Taylor, Philis cemetery record
Taylor, Phinneus 572-V3
Taylor, Phonnie 574-V3
Taylor, R. A. 132-V2
Taylor, Ray 517-V3
Taylor, Reed Melvin 496-V3
Taylor, Richard Franklin 580-V3
Taylor, Robert A. 84-V2, 283-V3
Taylor, Robert W. 159-V2
Taylor, Rosa E. 156-V2
Taylor, Roy L. 332-V3
Taylor, Ruth 108-V1
Taylor, S. A. 438-V3
Taylor, Sam cemetery reading
Taylor, Samuel 564-V3
Taylor, Sarah F. 108-V1
Taylor, Scott D. 120-V2
Taylor, Senior 570-V3
Taylor, Shirley R. 282-V3
Taylor, son 159-V2
Taylor, Stephen 132-V2
Taylor, Stephen L. 93-V3
Taylor, Thelma J. 120-V2
Taylor, Thomas 69-V3
Taylor, Thomas J. 116-V2
Taylor, Tina Estelle 569-V3
Taylor, Tina Estle 554-V3
Taylor, U. G. 519-V3
Taylor, W. D. 533-V3
Taylor, William 69-V3
Taylor, William A. 265-V3
Taylor, William Earl 156-V2
Taylor, William F. 309-V3
Taylor, William H. 52-V2
Taylor, William Harrison 130-V1
Taylor, William P. 567-V3
Taylor, William Smith 533-V3
Taylor, Willie 108-V1
Taylor, Willie J. 201-V1
Taylor, Wm. 185-V1
Teague, Jesse A. 364-V3
Teague, Neva Ethel Turner Hunt 364-V3
Tebbe, Anna M. 163-V2
Tebbe, Edward W. 163-V2
Tebbe, son 163-V2
Teed, Florence R. 6-V1
Teed, Harold A. 6-V1
Teed, Harold A. 644-V3
Teem, Edmond A. 59-V1
Teem, J. P. 59-V1
Teeple, Sarah E. 75-V1
Teeter, Alleene 36-V3
Teeter, Beulah L. 309-V3
Teeter, Blanche W. 167-V3
Teeter, Charlie W. 35-V3
Teeter, Clyde G. 36-V3
Teeter, Coyetta N. 36-V3
Teeter, Edna L. 35-V3
Teeter, Ester 167-V3
Teeter, Loren E. (Gene) 167-V3
Teeter, Lynn 167-V3
Teeter, Sarah E. 35-V3
Teeter, Velam B. Senate 177-V3
Telford, Owen E. 265-V3
Tenney, Arletta 253-V1
Tenny, Arletta 60-V1
Tenny, baby 60-V1
Tenny, Charles O. 50-V1
Tenny, D. P. 248-V1
Tenny, George O. 50-V1
Tenny, Grace 60-V1
Tenny, Grace B. 59-V1
Tenny, J. A. 248-V1
Tenny, Jay 60-V1
Tenny, Jeanette 60-V1
Tenny, John 60-V1
Tenny, John C. 59-V1
Tenny, Julia 60-V1, 652-V3
Tenny, Julia A. 652-V3
Tenny, Ralph 59-V1
Tenny, Sarah E. 50-V1
Tenny, Willie 248-V1
Tennyson, Allan 543-V3
Tennyson, Alma Louise 580-V3
Tennyson, Bessie 580-V3
Tennyson, Gula 543-V3
Tennyson, infant 584-V3
Tennyson, Jessie L. 396-V3
Tennyson, Kenneth M. 374-V3
Tennyson, Mary 560-V3
Tennyson, Melvin Emanuel 396-V3
Tennyson, Paul L. 396-V3
Tennyson, Vernon 584-V3
Terrell, E. 202-V1
Terrell, J. 202-V1
Terrell, son 202-V1
Terrill, Elizabeth Beals 206-V2
Terrill, John 206-V2
Terrono, Andrew W. new record 2005
Terrono, Austin M. new record 2005
Teter, Roy Raymond 357-V3
Tetz, Laura B. 173-V3
Tewes, Anna Marie 27-V1
Tewes, Dorthe A. 24-V1
Tewes, H. C. Wilhelm 27-V1
Tewes, H. William 29-V1
Tewes, John W. 24-V1
Tewes, Margaretha 29-V1
Tewes, Maria 26-V1
Thacker, Jessie K. 661-V3
Thacker, John Wesley 661-V3
Tharp, Virgil G. 593-V3
Thatcher, Arthur E. 333-V3
Thatcher, Flaudie F. 333-V3
Thayer, Clarence E. 410-V3
Thayer, Eddie 410-V3
Thayer, George E. 410-V3
Thayer, Ida Burson 242-V1
Thayer, infant 410-V3
Thayer, infant son 410-V3
Thayer, J. E. 410-V3
Thayer, Margaret Ann 221-V1
Thayer, S. M. 410-V3
Thayer, Sarah M. 411-V3
Thayer, William J. 221-V1
Theiband, Mary Dillman 160-V3
Theno, Anna C. 92-V3
Theno, Ethel M. 318-V3
Theno, Harold H. 285-V3
Theno, Henry J. 318-V3
Theno, Lucille V. 285-V3
Theno, P. J. 92-V3
Theobald, Leo 20-V2
Thiebaud, Julia E. 295-V3
Thiebaud, W. A. 471-V3
Thies, Agnes B. new record 1996
Thies, Gertrude L. 182-V2
Thies, Henry G. 190-V2
Thies, James F. new record 1998
Thies, Leo M. new record 2002
Thies, Margaret I. new record 2003
Thies, Martin J. 182-V2
Thies, Raymond W. new record 1989 Thies, Rita Marie 182-V2
Thies, Sharon L. new record
Thies, Susie M. 190-V2
Thoden, Elmer 34-V1
Thoden, Henry 31-V1
Thoden, Herman, Friedrick 27-V1
Thoden, Johanna Heinrich 27-V1
Thoden, Merlin 28-V1
Thoden, Sena 33-V1
Thoele, Harry L. 206-V2
Thoele, Karl E. 206-V2
Thoele, Lawrence T. 208-V2
Thoele, Nellie L. Wilson 206-V2
Thoele, Ruth Irene 206-V2
Tholl, Cora B. 42-V3
Tholl, Samuel 41-V3
Tholl, Samuel E. 42-V3
Tholl, William M. 42-V3
Thomas, Asa G. 593-V3
Thomas, Bessie B. 687-V3
Thomas, Boyd D. 604-V3
Thomas, Brenda J. 638-V3
Thomas, Charles 604-V3
Thomas, Claud 584-V3
Thomas, Claude Toby 208-V2
Thomas, Clifford M. 107-V3
Thomas, Clyde W. 687-V3
Thomas, Copra 1-V2
Thomas, Corwin J. 143-V2
Thomas, D. E. 141-V2
Thomas, Daniel W. 87-V2
Thomas, daughter 142-V2
Thomas, Dollie B. 604-V3
Thomas, Donald R. 307-V3
Thomas, Dora A. 604-V3
Thomas, Dorothy 141-V2
Thomas, Edna A. 194-V3
Thomas, Edwin Gene 101-V2
Thomas, Elizabeth 584-V3
Thomas, Elizabeth E. 141-V2
Thomas, Elizabeth J. Jones 142-V2
Thomas, Elmer E. 307-V3
Thomas, Emma W. 142-V2
Thomas, Ernest M. 194-V3
Thomas, Flora A. 142-V2
Thomas, Frances J. 406-V3
Thomas, Freddie 116-V1
Thomas, Freeman J. 49-V2
Thomas, G. O. 142-V2
Thomas, George A. 604-V3
Thomas, Gladys L. 285-V3
Thomas, Hannah 173-V1
Thomas, Herbert S. 687-V3
Thomas, Jacob R. 406-V3
Thomas, James 638-V3
Thomas, James Alexander 54-V2
Thomas, James L. 604-V3
Thomas, James R., Sr. 285-V3
Thomas, James W. 116-V1
Thomas, Jennie E. 54-V2
Thomas, Joe E. 593-V3
Thomas, John H. 173-V1
Thomas, John W. 173-V1
Thomas, Joseph C. 142-V2
Thomas, Lencre 87-V2
Thomas, Lorin Stanton 167-V2, 670-V3
Thomas, Luther A. 597-V3
Thomas, Maggie E. 142-V2
Thomas, Margaret L. 143-V2
Thomas, Mary 141-V2, 597-V3
Thomas, Mary Ann Legner 101-V2
Thomas, Mary E. 307-V3, 584-V3
Thomas, Mary M. 107-V3
Thomas, Maude 49-V2
Thomas, Milton A. 31-V2
Thomas, Mr. 568-V3
Thomas, Mrs. L. S. 167-V2
Thomas, Nancy S. 604-V3
Thomas, Oscar 604-V3
Thomas, Pernilah 597-V3
Thomas, Powell 584-V3
Thomas, Ralph E. 141-V2
Thomas, Raymond B. 49-V2
Thomas, Rhoda 578-V3
Thomas, Robert 116-V1, 497-V3
Thomas, Robert Lester 49-V2
Thomas, Robert N. 264-V3
Thomas, Rose Sheehan 670-V3
Thomas, Roy A. 54-V2
Thomas, S. 116-V1
Thomas, Sally 638-V3
Thomas, Sarah J. 116-V1, 143-V2
Thomas, son 143-V2
Thomas, Sophia 406-V3
Thomas, Squire M. 604-V3
Thomas, Thomas 142-V2
Thomas, W. 116-V1
Thomas, W. Scott 597-V3
Thomas, Wm. M. 142-V2
Thomason, C. M. 36-V1
Thomason, Carl W. 21-V2
Thomason, Dorothy 60-V2
Thomason, Evelyn 21-V2
Thomason, James H. 60-V2
Thomason, Mary Ann 36-V1
Thomason, Myrtle 21-V2
Thomason, Samuel O. 36-V1
Thomforde, Michael 26-V1
Thompson, A. 199-V1
Thompson, Almah 359-V3
Thompson, Almon C. 255-V3
Thompson, Alta A. 21-V2
Thompson, Amanda E. 19-V2
Thompson, Arthur E. 149-V1
Thompson, B. Lucille 687-V3
Thompson, Bessie V. 242-V3
Thompson, Blanche E. Mills 149-V1
Thompson, C. B. 132-V3
Thompson, Charles 687-V3
Thompson, Charles F. 172-V1
Thompson, Clara I. 192-V1
Thompson, Clarence E. 324-V3
Thompson, Damon Orvis 90-V2
Thompson, E. K. 363-V3
Thompson, Edith May 28-V3
Thompson, Eleanor E. 167-V1
Thompson, Elizabeth C. 324-V3
Thompson, Elsie Marie 252-V3
Thompson, Emma M. 172-V1
Thompson, Eudora E. 302-V3
Thompson, Eva L. 363-V3
Thompson, Everett S. 16-V3
Thompson, G. E. 132-V3
Thompson, G. F. 144-V2
Thompson, Garfield 178-V1
Thompson, George W. 28-V3
Thompson, Gladys Alice 109-V2
Thompson, Grover D. 242-V3
Thompson, H. B. 253-V1
Thompson, Hannah 566-V3
Thompson, Harold W. 216-V3
Thompson, Harry 302-V3, 579-V3
Thompson, Hattie M. 69-V1
Thompson, Henry 577-V3
Thompson, Hite B. 70-V2
Thompson, infant 175-V1, 579-V3
Thompson, J. H. 199-V1
Thompson, James Donald 84-V2
Thompson, James H. 141-V1
Thompson, Jennettie L. 144-V2
Thompson, John Lee 166-V2, 167-V2
Thompson, John W. 166-V2
Thompson, Junior J. 132-V3
Thompson, Kathleen Marie 208-V2
Thompson, Lytle A. 660-V3
Thompson, Marie A. 255-V3
Thompson, Martha A. 638-V3
Thompson, Mary 638-V3
Thompson, Mary A. 141-V1
Thompson, Mary Ada 166-V2
Thompson, Mary J. 166-V2
Thompson, Nadine E. 687-V3
Thompson, Nancy 638-V3
Thompson, Narcissa 577-V3
Thompson, Nellie 178-V1
Thompson, Nellie A. 166-V2
Thompson, Nellie M. 188-V3
Thompson, P. L. 638-V3
Thompson, Phillip H. 141-V1
Thompson, Ray O. 144-V2
Thompson, Richard H. 199-V1
Thompson, Rose A. 580-V3
Thompson, Sallie A. 130-V2
Thompson, Sarah J. 89-V2
Thompson, Stella Marie 84-V2
Thompson, Thomas J. 19-V2
Thompson, Viola E. 70-V2
Thompson, W. H. 69-V1
Thompson, William A. 167-V2
Thompson, William H. 687-V3
Thompson, William L. 21-V2
Thompson, William M. 540-V3
Thompson, Wilson 130-V2
Thompson, Wm. H. 638-V3
Thoms, Carl Amos (Ki) 218-V3
Thoms, Ollie 1-V2
Thomson, Dorothy Piggott 223-V3
Thomson, James Hollister 223-V3
Thoren, Alma 325-V3
Thoren, Carl Edward 325-V3
Thorla, Charles H. 659-V3
Thorla, Eunice B. 141-V1
Thorla, M. Esther 659-V3
Thornhill, C. W. 422-V3
Thorp, Frankie H. 455-V3
Thorp, George E. 576-V3
Thorp, Howard C. 455-V3
Thorpe, Barbara E. 528-V3
Thorpe, Cecile M. 291-V3
Thorpe, Cleo Ringer 551-V3
Thorpe, Lela 527-V3
Thorpe, Lexina 576-V3
Thorpe, Milton E. 528-V3
Thorpe, Murta 400-V3
Thorpe, Ray M. 291-V3
Thorpe, Willard 400-V3, 407-V3
Throener, Janet D. 217-V3
Throne, Margaret Haney 156-V1
Tice, (first name unknown) cemetery record
Tice, Connie Kay 18-V3
Tice, Daisy E. 79-V1
Tice, Harry 18-V3
Tice, Jacob 133-V1
Tice, James M. 189-V2, 674-V3
Tice, John F. 194-V1
Tice, Mary 133-V1
Tice, Rickie Eugene 14-V3
Tice, S. S. 133-V1, 558-V3
Tice, Walter C. 79-V1
Ticknor, Alice G. 62-V1
Ticknor, Andrew 60-V1
Ticknor, Joanna 60-V1
Ticknor, Theo. O. 62-V1
Tidwell, Clara June 184-V3
Tidwell, Leroy Jackson 184-V3
Tiede, Alberta 259-V3
Tiede, John A. 259-V3
Tiede, Kenneth Ray 259-V3
Tiedemann, Dora Mae 262-V3
Tiedemann, John C. 262-V3
Tiedemann, John C., Jr. (Bud) 266-V3
Tilford, Olive E. 25-V3
Tilford, Owen E. 25-V3
Tiller, Ardella Denise 15-V3
Tiller, Earla Mae 15-V3, 16-V3
Tiller, Roosevelt 15-V3
Tillery, Ammon R. 127-V2
Tillery, Grace J. 127-V2
Tillery, Leah C. 127-V2
Tillery, William 127-V2
Tillman, Donna Dean 56-V2
Tillman, Hazel Bowers 57-V2
Tillman, Joe Sims 57-V2
Tilton, Albert W. 69-V2
Tilton, Anna M. 184-V1
Tilton, Eunice 83-V2
Tilton, Mary I. 69-V2
Tilton, T. S. 184-V1
Timberlake, Bessie 40-V2
Timberlake, Bobbie 40-V2
Timberlake, Clifford 40-V2
Timberlake, Timothy Curtis 658-V3
Timblin, Daniel F. 211-V1
Timblin, Ida M. 211-V1
Timken, Theodor E. 25-V1
Timm, Cleta M. 60-V2
Timm, LaVerne F. 60-V2
Timmons, Rachel 568-V3
Tinder, Jessie Henderson 239-V3
Tinken, Anna 27-V1
Tinken, Clarence M. 25-V1
Tinken, Elisabeth 30-V1
Tinken, Friedrich 24-V1
Tinken, Heinrich 24-V1
Tinken, Henry J. 309-V3
Tinken, John 34-V1
Tinken, Martin 29-V1
Tinken, Meta 30-V1
Tinken, William D. 30-V1
Tinkham, Amy 110-V2
Tinkham, Martha 110-V2
Tinkham, Myron 110-V2
Tinling, Ackley E. 206-V2
Tinsdale, Malinda Angeline Spain 654-V3
Tinsdale, William 654-V3
Tinsley, Cathy L. 212-V1
Tinsley, Danny L. 212-V1
Tipper, Anna 335-V3
Tipper, Thomas F. 335-V3
Tippin, Annetta Harbert 105-V3
Tipton, Arthur J. 117-V1
Tipton, C. B. 230-V1
Tipton, Chloa M. 363-V3
Tipton, E. 230-V1
Tipton, E. G. 363-V3
Tipton, Everett B. 230-V1
Tipton, Mablel 355-V3
Tipton, Walter B. 117-V1
Tisdale, Grace D. 60-V2
Tisdale, Iris 60-V2
Tisdale, Leonard E. 60-V2
Tisdale, Louisa C. 60-V2
Tisdale, Lovead J. 60-V2

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