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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Tobin to Vest


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Tobin, Mary Jane 113-V2
Tobin, Simon Joseph 113-V2
Todd, Dorothy 124-V2
Todd, Elhanan H. 19-V3
Todd, Elmer E. (two entries) 174-V3
Todd, Gracie D. 174-V3
Todd, Hedwig R. 19-V3
Todd, Mae E. 251-V3
Todd, Marion 638-V3
Todd, Marquis P. 638-V3
Todd, Mary 83-V3
Todd, Mary P. 638-V3
Todd, Nettie 352-V3
Todd, Newell 124-V2
Todd, Pina Pauline 638-V3
Todd, Robert E. 251-V3
Todd, William C. 638-V3
Todd, William Martin 352-V3
Toelle, Anna M. 83-V3
Toelle, George N. 429-V3
Toelle, Grace V. 415-V3
Toelle, Henry I. 165-V2
Toelle, Henry R. 83-V3
Tolbart, A. J. 210-V2
Tolbart, Charley 210-V2
Tolbart, S. 210-V2
Toler, Lydia M. 12-V3
Tollett, Howard C. 121-V3
Tollett, Nadine F. 121-V3
Tolliver, Charles D. 50-V1
Tolliver, Lillie M. 50-V1
Tolliver, Pearl Thelma 50-V1
Toman, Bertha J. 48-V1
Toman, Helen E. Ellis 147-V1
Toman, Henry 95-V3
Toman, infant 559-V3
Toman, Mae 48-V1
Toman, Mary 95-V3
Tomlinson see also Tomlison
Tomlinson, Allie E. 443-V3
Tomlinson, Ann 462-V3
Tomlinson, Anna Eliza 384-V3
Tomlinson, Chas. Nicholson 384-V3
Tomlinson, Edna C. 53-V1
Tomlinson, Elizabeth Walden 529-V3
Tomlinson, Ella B. 385-V3
Tomlinson, Emily G. 384-V3
Tomlinson, Frank L. 385-V3
Tomlinson, Mattie L. 141-V3
Tomlinson, Ralph 443-V3, 529-V3
Tomlinson, Ralph W. 313-V3
Tomlinson, Rufus 463-V3
Tomlinson, W. A. 141-V3
Tomlinson, William 462-V3
Tomlinson, Wm. J. 53-V1
Tomlison see also Tomlinson
Tomlison, Susie 313-V3
Toncray, Belle 190-V1
Toncray, Charles F. 190-V1
Toncray, Delbert 190-V1
Toncray, Helen M. 190-V1
Toncray, John R. 638-V3
Toncray, Mary M. 638-V3
Toole, Blanche Yeater 427-V3
Toole, Thomas Eugene 571-V3
Tooley, Frank 141-V1
Tooley, George 122-V2
Tooley, Grace F. 141-V1
Tooley, Lucille 122-V2
Toops, Benjamin F. 183-V3
Toops, Irene 212-V3
Toops, Laura J. 183-V3
Toops, M. Franklin (Frank)-V3
Tope, Iowa 561-V3
Tope, William C. 561-V3
Topping, Charlie J. 87-V2
Topping, Ebenezer H. 87-V2
Torand, Annie 15-V3
Torrey, Col H. 565-V3
Torrey, J. Otis 46-V3
Torrez, Carrie 309-V3
Torrez, Fidel 168-V3
Torrez, Isabel 168-V3
Torrez, Jesse 309-V3
Torrez, Maria T. 16-V3
Torrez, Shelly Renee 309-V3
Torsch, Adelheid C. 231-V3
Torsch, John G. 231-V3
Toul, Nicholas 206-V2
Toumberlin, Charles F. 49-V1
Tout, Rollia E. 118-V2
Towers, Barbara Ann 687-V3
Towers, Charles H. 638-V3
Towers, Edith 638-V3
Towers, Ethel 638-V3
Towers, Flossie L. 687-V3
Towers, Hadley B. 638-V3
Towers, infant 687-V3
Towers, Lily 638-V3
Towers, Lynn 638-V3
Town, Charles 420-V3
Town, Donald 419-V3
Town, Dora G. (Jerry) 83-V2
Town, E. B. 420-V3
Town, Fern W. 82-V2
Town, Fidelia Hoffman 39-V1
Town, George 419-V3, 420-V3
Town, Hannah N. 420-V3
Town, Harold W. 83-V2
Town, Ira E. 83-V2
Town, Jas. 202-V1
Town, Jennie L. 82-V2
Town, Jimmy Dean 82-V2
Town, John S. 82-V2
Town, Joseph E. 82-V2
Town, Lester M. 82-V2
Town, Lillie 83-V2
Town, Minnie E. 82-V2
Town, Olive A. 83-V2
Town, Ronald 419-V3
Towne, Ester E. 82-V2
Towne, Glenn S. 82-V2
Townley, Clyde 560-V3
Townsley, James W. 196-V1
Townsley, John 206-V2
Townsley, W. E. cemetery record
Towsley, Charlotte 137-V1
Towsley, Edward A. 29-V3
Towsley, Ella T. 29-V3
Toxel, Alabama 54-V3
Tracy, Charley 150-V1
Tracy, Culfin F. 162-V1
Tracy, Deane A. 150-V1
Tracy, Della 162-V1
Tracy, George T. 157-V1
Tracy, Gladys W. 150-V1
Tracy, H. 173-V1
Tracy, Ida Bell 150-V1
Tracy, Jas. 157-V1
Tracy, John M. 162-V1
Tracy, Laura 173-V1
Tracy, Lewvisa Ward 162-V1
Tracy, Lila Bowen 544-V3
Tracy, Lucy A. 162-V1
Tracy, M. J. 173-V1
Tracy, William H. 162-V1
Trageser, Bertha 189-V2
Trageser, Joseph 189-V2
Tramill, J. Harry 396-V3
Tramill, Mary 396-V3
Trammel, James 179-V1
Trammell, James B. 73-V2
Trammell, Laura 73-V2
Trammell, Martha 73-V2
Trammell, Martha Frances 73-V2
Tramp, R. R. 157-V2
Trausch, Maureen Therese new record 2001
Trayser, George B. 191-V3
Trayser, Gertrude N. 191-V3
Trchirhart, Burk B. 687-V3
Treaster, Bessie A. 157-V2
Treaster, Florence Irene 157-V2
Treaster, Harry C. 157-V2
Trembly, Abener H., Jr. 82-V3
Trembly, Abner H., Sr. 82-V3
Trembly, Betty Jo 82-V3
Trembly, Blanche M. 82-V3
Trembly, Jeanne 82-V3
Trent, Claribell Fessenden 315-V3
Trent, Martha C. 362-V3
Tresslar, Alice F. 413-V3
Tresslar, Clarinda B. 413-V3
Tresslar, Elhanah P. 413-V3
Tresslar, Emily 413-V3
Tresslar, Jane 413-V3
Tresslar, Jimmy 413-V3
Tresslar, Lucinda 413-V3
Tresslar, Martha 413-V3
Tresslar, Mary A. 413-V3
Tresslar, Michael Mallow 413-V3
Tresslar, Minerva C. 413-V3
Tresslar, Rhoda Ann Jones 413-V3
Tresslar, Samantha I. 413-V3
Tresslar, Sidney P. 413-V3
Tribby, J. F. 435-V3
Tribby, James 584-V3
Trickett, Bessie B. 288-V3
Trickett, C. M. 85-V2
Trickett, Charles 85-V2
Trickett, Charles W. 287-V3
Trickett, Geneva C. 677-V3
Trickett, Julia A. 85-V2
Trickett, Leland E. 677-V3
Trickett, Myra F. 276-V3
Trickett, Nettie B. 546-V3
Trickett, Robert M. 288-V3
Trickett, S. B. 85-V2
Trickett, Vera M. 287-V3
Trickett, William E. 288-V3
Trickett, William L. 276-V3
Trimball, Tom 206-V2
Trimble, baby 209-V2
Trimble, James H. 410-V3
Trimble, Sarah E. 410-V3
Triplett, Carolyn Lee 208-V2
Triplett, Cora May 210-V2
Triplett, David A. 85-V1
Triplett, Delbert C. 206-V2
Triplett, Dorothy Waite 206-V2
Triplett, Effie Crane 206-V2
Triplett, Elda G. 206-V2
Triplett, Ella 210-V2
Triplett, Ephrin I. 85-V1
Triplett, Ervan O.(Jake) 206-V2
Triplett, Henry 210-V2
Triplett, Hulda 85-V1
Triplett, Jerry 206-V2
Triplett, LeRoy K. 669-V3
Triplett, Sophia E. Jackson 206-V2
Triplett, Susan Ellen McNutt 206-V2
Triplett, Thomas 206-V2
Tripp, Mary Jane 206-V2
Tripp, William James 206-V2
Trobough, Ethel E. 337-V3
Troegle, Emma J. 539-V3
Troll, Anthony F. 162-V2
Troll, Clara M. 162-V2
Troll, Frank 161-V2
Troll, Mary A. 161-V2
Tronjo, Anna Mae 79-V2
Tronjo, George G. 79-V2
Tronjo, John 79-V2
Tronjo, Mamie A. 71-V2
Tronjo, Rachel 79-V2
Tronjo, Sarah Elizabeth 111-V2
Trott, J. B. 74-V1
Trott, James O. 74-V1, 654-V3
Trott, M. M. 74-V1
Trotter, Dorothy M. 226-V3
Trotter, Frank M. 687-V3
Trotter, Harry B. 226-V3
Trotter, William M. 687-V3
Trout, Gilbert D. 310-V3
Trout, Lottie Mae 219-V3
Trout, Willis W. 219-V3
Troutman, Verne P. 223-V3
Troxel, Arlie M. 207-V3
Troxel, B. W. 638-V3
Troxel, Bert G. 246-V3
Troxel, Bob V. 206-V3
Troxel, Christa Lyn 223-V3
Troxel, Dennie D. 198-V3
Troxel, E. 144-V3
Troxel, Eileen L. 220-V3
Troxel, Fred W. 245-V3
Troxel, Frederick 103-V1
Troxel, George H. 11-V3
Troxel, Grace M. 246-V3
Troxel, H. H. 144-V3
Troxel, J. M. 638-V3
Troxel, Lewis 11-V3
Troxel, Lillie E. 207-V3
Troxel, Lisha Michelle 223-V3
Troxel, Marjorie E. 198-V3
Troxel, Mary N. 11-V3
Troxel, Onie 638-V3
Troxel, Robert Lee 225-V3
Troxel, Stella 144-V3
Troxel, Vallie Lee 245-V3
Troxell, Harry W. 294-V3
True, Nellie May 104-V2
True, Ralph E. 104-V2
Trueman, Elsie M. 128-V3
Truhe, Gloria M. 216-V3
Truitt, Tena M. 117-V2
Truitt, Wade C. 117-V2
Trumbull, Henry 73-V1
Tucker, Allen F. 17-V2
Tucker, Calvin George 102-V2
Tucker, children 564-V3
Tucker, G. W. 102-V2
Tucker, Lucile A. 687-V3
Tucker, Manuel 191-V1
Tucker, Marion H. 102-V2
Tucker, Myrtle 191-V1
Tucker, Nancy J. 17-V2
Tucker, Nancy Jane 102-V2
Tucker, Sarah 202-V1, 638-V3, 687-V3
Tucker, T. W. 202-V1
Tucker, William 687-V3
Tucker, Wm. T. 638-V3
Tuel, Abraham 206-V2
Tuel, Cora T. 65-V3
Tuel, Frank A. 65-V3
Tuel, Maggie Ann 65-V3
Tuel, Max T. 65-V3
Tuel, Sarah 206-V2
Tuggle, Charles Lee 39-V2
Tuggle, Charley 48-V2
Tuggle, E. B. 48-V2
Tuggle, Georgia Ann Hayden Beets 47-V2
Tuggle, Harriet E. 558-V3
Tuggle, J. S. 48-V2
Tuggle, John A. 39-V2
Tuggle, Maggie Ethel 39-V2
Tuggle, Mary 48-V2
Tuggle, Mary M. 39-V2
Tuggle, Nancy H. 39-V2
Tull(?), Nettie 15-V3
Tull(?), Nora 15-V3
Tull(?), William 15-V3
Tull, babies 600-V3
Tull, Bill 175-V1
Tull, C. E. 597-V3
Tull, Clara E. 600-V3
Tull, Dora E. 600-V3
Tull, Ershel O. 600-V3
Tull, J. M. 14-V3
Tull, John A. 599-V3
Tull, John M. 600-V3
Tull, Lena G. 600-V3
Tull, Lester M. 600-V3
Tull, Mary J. 597-V3
Tull, Rhoda M. 600-V3
Tull, Sarah M. 14-V3
Tull, Walter J. 600-V3
Tull, William F. 599-V3
Tulloss, Cynthia 237-V1
Tulloss, Dean 237-V1
Tulloss, Elizabeth 237-V1
Tulloss, Iden Gail 237-V1
Tulloss, John S. 237-V1
Tulloss, John Ward 237-V1
Tulloss, Katie 237-V1
Tulloss, Levi 237-V1
Tulloss, William 237-V1
Tulloss, William G. 237-V1
Tumbleson, Amanda J. 103-V2
Tumbleson, F. M. 103-V2
Turley, John H. 155-V2, 669-V3
Turner, Albert M. 11-V3
Turner, Allie V. 58-V2
Turner, Andrew J. 79-V1
Turner, Bernice A. 228-V3
Turner, Bert 175-V3
Turner, Bessie M. 58-V2
Turner, Charlie 228-V3
Turner, Daisy J. 490-V3
Turner, Dora B. 687-V3
Turner, Eugene A. 228-V3
Turner, Fanny 541-V3
Turner, G. W. 638-V3
Turner, Geo. W. 79-V1
Turner, Henrietta Stoddard 395-V3
Turner, infant 531-V3
Turner, J. Edmond 638-V3
Turner, James 395-V3
Turner, John 541-V3
Turner, John Amos 533-V3
Turner, Josie 160-V3
Turner, LeRoy 687-V3
Turner, Lucy 578-V3
Turner, Mae 228-V3
Turner, Maria L. 79-V1
Turner, Ora L. 175-V3
Turner, Payton 137-V3
Turner, Robert Lee 638-V3
Turner, Roger Karl 206-V2
Turner, Rosa 638-V3
Turner, Sadie 175-V3
Turner, Sarah Jane 533-V3
Turner, Sharon Keeton 206-V2
Turner, T. L. 58-V2
Turner, Thelma Loreen cemetery record
Turner, Willa Ann 14-V3
Turner, William T. 151-V2
Turner, Wm. Frederic 18-V3
Tush, Caroline 260-V3
Tush, Eva L. 262-V3
Tush, Glenn 260-V3
Tush, John C. 262-V3
Tush, Lela Darlene 262-V3
Tuttle, Austin L. 236-V3
Tuttle, Cyrus 65-V1
Tuttle, Edna Cook 70-V3
Tuttle, Harley clayton 70-V3
Tuttle, Jeannette 236-V3
Tuttle, Rufus 65-V1
Tuttle, Rufus 653-V3
Tuttle, W. C. 579-V3
Twining, Charles Edgar 49-V1
Twining, Elmer English 49-V1
Twining, Henry L. 49-V1
Twining, John 57-V1
Twining, Mary C. 49-V1
Twining, Mary E. 49-V1
Twining, Nancy Katherine 651-V3
Twining, Pearl 57-V1
Twyman, Ervin 638-V3
Twyman, Evangeline 638-V3
Twyman, Geo. N. 638-V3
Twyman, Richard 638-V3
Twyman, Ruby 638-V3
Tyler, Charles P. 264-V3
Tyler, Charles S. 265-V3
Tyler, Elizabeth 112-V1
Tyler, Florence A. 264-V3
Tyler, Inez N. 62-V2
Tyler, Ralph Eugene 264-V3
Tyler, Vernon A. 265-V3
Tyler, W. J. 112-V1
Tyree, Charles A. 206-V2
Tyree, Charles Robert 206-V2
Tyree, Florence E. Gray 206-V2
Tyrell, Bertha E. 60-V3
Tyrell, Catherine Maxine 235-V3
Tyrell, Chad Edward 240-V3
Tyrell, Chris Edward 235-V3
Tyrell, Colista (Tillie) 188-V3
Tyrell, Commodore E. 655-V3
Tyrell, Elizabeth 59-V3
Tyrell, Grace E. 655-V3
Tyrell, Harry Norman 60-V3
Tyrell, Harry R. 59-V3
Tyrell, Helen Jo 59-V3
Tyrell, Ida N. 60-V3
Tyrell, Madison Monroe 60-V3
Tyrell, Mark Louis 235-V3
Tyrell, Paul Edward 235-V3
Tyrell, R. R. 60-V3
Tyrell, Robert L. 59-V3
Tyrell, Sarah Alice 60-V3
Uhls, Alonzo 236-V3
Uhls, Nellie L. 236-V3
Ulery, Bavata B. 281-V3
Ulery, Ernest I. 281-V3
Ullock, Thomas 221-V1
Ullom, Frank 352-V3
Ullom, Laverne F. 316-V3
Ullom, Martha J. 352-V3
Ullom, Nellie B. 316-V3
Ullom, Orrell 315-V3
Ullom, Ward E. 315-V3
Umbarger, Grace 556-V3
Umbarger, Warren 556-V3
Unbenhauer, (first name unknown) 137-V1
Underhill, Ashely W. 75-V1
Underhill, Benjamin L. 134-V1
Underhill, Daniel 134-V1
Underhill, daughter 59-V1
Underhill, John 134-V1
Underhill, Mahala J. 59-V1
Underhill, Martha 75-V1
Underhill, Sylvester 75-V1
Underhill, Willis H. 59-V1
Underwood, Grace B. 111-V3
Unzicker, Virginia H. 687-V3
Updegraff, A. 141-V3
Updegraff, Amanda 141-V3
Updegraff, M. 141-V3
Updegraff, Margaret 141-V3
Updegraff, Margaret N. 141-V3
Updegraff, Mary Ann Sharkey Remmington 144-V3
Updegraff, W. W. 144-V3
Upton, daughter (2 entries) 34-V2
Upton, J. N. 34-V2
Upton, John 36-V2
Upton, Joseph T. 60-V2
Upton, Lizzie A. 36-V3
Upton, Lois S. 34-V2
Upton, Louisa 36-V2
Upton, Mary E. 60-V2
Upton, Rena 34-V2
Upton, Ross Ivan 36-V3
Upton, William F. 36-V3
Urmine, Minnie 639-V3
Ursery, Bradie 213-V3
Ursery, Johnnie 213-V3
Urton, Clifford E. 101-V2
Urton, Dana D. 101-V2
Usher, (first name unknown) 195-V1
Utley, Jerome 198-V1
Uzzell, Dick 360-V3
Uzzell, Elsie 360-V3
Uzzell, Eugene 495-V3
Uzzell, Frances 360-V3
Uzzell, Frank E. 292-V3
Uzzell, Katherine 494-V3
Uzzell, Lavern D.(Bay) 52-V2
Uzzell, Lula A. 360-V3
Uzzell, Mildred R. 52-V2
Uzzell, Richard D. 360-V3
Uzzell, Richard Lee (Dickie) 52-V2
Vacek, Addie new record 1997
Vacek, Jim new record 1999
Vail, Blance 81-V1
Vail, Clarence 639-V3
Vail, Clarence E. 687-V3
Vail, Evelyn 81-V1
Vail, G. B. 639-V3
Vail, George 206-V2
Vail, Harry 639-V3
Vail, James Otis 206-V2
Vail, James W. 639-V3
Vail, Lalla 639-V3
Vail, Lucy K. 639-V3
Vail, LuVina 639-V3
Vail, Marion 81-V1
Vail, Mary P. 639-V3
Vail, Samuel K. 639-V3
Vail, Sarah J. 206-V2
Vail,Velma F. 639-V3
Vallee, H. P. 494-V3
Vallee, Herb P. 514-V3
Vallee, Mell 494-V3
Valverde, Clara Mitchell 639-V3
Van Allen, Lora White 177-V3
Van Belt, Fielding 214-V3
Van Der Peter, Celia E. 51-V1
Van Der Peter, Celia E. 651-V3
Van Der Peter, Charles 51-V1
Van Deren, Emery J. 7-V3
Van Deren, Gus W. 269-V3
Van Deventer, Alice 639-V3
Van Deventer, Claton 639-V3
Van Deventer, Grace 639-V3
Van Deventer, infant 639-V3
Van Deventer, Joseph 687-V3
Van DeWalle, Ernest G. 50-V1
Van DeWalle, mother 50-V1
Van DeWalle, Victor 50-V1
Van Gilder, J. Lowell 233-V3
Van Gilder, Maelia F. 233-V3
Van Horn, Ella 248-V3
Van Horn, Emma L. 29-V3
Van Horn, Fred 175-V3
Van Horn, George L. 47-V3
Van Horn, James A. 248-V3
Van Horn, James W. 29-V3
Van Horn, Jesse 175-V3
Van Horn, John 102-V1
Van Horn, Mabel E. 175-V3
Van Horn, Margaret Ann 47-V3
Van Horn, Rosa L. 175-V3
Van Horn, Ruhama Alice 29-V3
Van Kemseke, Rene 18-V3
Van Kirk, Ada Vern 107-V2
Van Kirk, Charles Edward 107-V2
Van Kirk, Charles Perry 107-V2
Van Kirk, Cornelius E. 107-V2
Van Kirk, Omir Abner 107-V2
Van Meter, Lorena Wilson 30-V3
Van Meter, Pearl 639-V3
Van Meter, Ruth Poteet 49-V2
Van Meter, Thomas S. 49-V2
Van Meter, W. A. 639-V3
Van Natta, Donald L. 687-V3
Van Norman, Ashely Ann 664-V3
Van Rheen, Mildred A. 243-V1
Van Rheen, Peter 243-V1
Van Sickel, Nellie E. 292-V3
Van Sickle, Agnes Martin 41-V3
Van Slyke, Alice 687-V3
Van Slyke, Jack D. 687-V3
Van Slyke, Lauar 687-V3
Van Trece, Alice 575-V3
Van Trece, Charles 489-V3
Van Trece, Dollie Anna 487-V3
Van Trece, Fannie 584-V3
Van Trece, Mack 487-V3
Van Trece, Micha Dean 63-V2
Van Trece, Ruth M. 489-V3
Van Treece, Oliver 579-V3
Van Vlack, Alanson 111-V1
Van Vlack, Byron 106-V1
Van Vlack, Charles 106-V1
Van Vlack, Charles 111-V1
Van Vlack, Estella 111-V1
Van Vlack, Hattie 106-V1
Van Vlack, Lenora 658-V3
Van Vlack, Loren 658-V3
Van Vlack, Philaney 111-V1
Van Vlack, Ruth 106-V1
Van Vliet, Arthur V. 584-V3
Van, Floyd 43-V3
Van, George 43-V3
Van, Grace 43-V3
Van, Minnie 43-V3
VanAllen, Lucy J. 88-V2
VanAllen, Margaret May 88-V2
Vanaman, Francis A. 92-V2
Vanaman, Samuel E. 92-V2
Vanaman, Sarah B. 92-V2
Vanamburg, Martin 223-V1
VanBuskirk, George Bennett 107-V2
VanBuskirk, Mary Irma 107-V2
Vance, Robert C. 218-V1
Vandegrift, A. 53-V3
Vandegrift, K. 53-V3
Vandegrift, Roy C. 53-V3
Vandenberg, Alger 579-V3
Vandenberg, baby 579-V3
Vandepete, Emily 110-V3
Vandepete, Peter 110-V3
Vander Vries, Edward 524-V3
Vander Vries, Ruth Sheldon 524-V3
Vanderhoof, Dennis 502-V3
Vanderhoof, Lucy 502-V3
Vandervort, Carrie L. 407-V3
Vandervort, Delitha E. 478-V3
Vandervort, E. C. 407-V3
Vandervort, Newton 478-V3
Vandiver, Susan 38-V2
VanDolah, Fred L. 375-V3
VanDolah, Mary E. (Mayme) 375-V3
Vanhouten, S. M. 576-V3
VanKirk, Fern 666-V3
Vann, Charlesetta 170-V3
VanPelt, Adele 305-V3
VanPelt, Clifford L. 305-V3
VanPelt, Levi A. 342-V3
VanPelt, Loree Day 342-V3
VanPelt, Louise R. 342-V3
VanWick, William A. 278-V3
Varnes, A. M. 32-V3
Varnes, baby 32-V3
Varnes, Edith M. 32-V3
Vasquez, Graciana 246-V3
Vasquez, Manuel 104-V3
Vasquez, Sally 104-V3
Vasquez, Trinidad 246-V3
Vastine, Mary Grant 15-V3
Vaubel, Lester L. 111-V3
Vaubel, Margaret M. 111-V3
Vaughan, Alvin D. 19-V2
Vaughan, F. B. 45-V2
Vaughan, H. 45-V2
Vaughan, Ida Mae Brocker 106-V2
Vaughan, Mary E. 45-V2
Vaughan, Mildred 19-V2, 662-V3
Vaughan, Nadine 19-V2
Vaughn James E. 584-V3
Vaughn, Clarence P. 248-V3
Vaughn, Elmer O. 249-V3
Vaughn, Eudora C. 431-V3
Vaughn, Everett 83-V2
Vaughn, Grace M. 249-V3
Vaughn, Helen Lorene 40-V3
Vaughn, Howard L. 249-V3
Vaughn, Jenean Sims 330-V3
Vaughn, John N. 63-V2, 178-V3
Vaughn, Nellie M. 63-V2
Vaughn, Pearl Mary 249-V3
Vaughn, Randy E. 330-V3
Vaughn, Sanford P. 26-V3
Vaughn, Sarah E. 26-V3
Vaughn, Velma Grant 248-V3
Vauzego, H. S. 573-V3
Vawter, Anna E. 62-V3
Vawter, W. L. 62-V3
Veatch, E. 403-V3
Veatch, Hanson 201-V1
Veatch, Maltilda 201-V1
Veatch, Sarah 403-V3
Veatch, Scott 201-V1
Veirs, Olive C. 47-V3
Venegas, Clemente 20-V3
Venegas, Vigenta S. 20-V3
Verdier, Aura 41-V3
Verdier, Martin H. 41-V3
Vergot, Archie 83-V3
Vergot, Flora 83-V3
Verhaeghe, Arthur D. new record 2004
Verhaeghe, Bertha 185-V2
Verhaeghe, Betty E. new record
Verhaeghe, Kamiel H. 185-V2
Vermillion, Ben 654-V3
Vermillion, Ida 654-V3
Vermillion, J. W. 72-V1
Vermillion, Mary Ellen 72-V1, 654-V3
Vermillion, Otis 72-V1
Vermilyea, Alice J. 8-V3
Vermilyea, Emma A. 8-V3
Vermilyea, John K. 8-V3
Vernon, Earl 573-V3
Vernon, Mabel H. 402-V3
Vernon, Orba Ann 77-V1
Vernon, Sidney 489-V3
Vervynck, Agnes C. new record 1999
Vervynck, Henry 190-V2
Vess, Harry A. 195-V3, 196-V3
Vess, Minnie Mae 54-V3
Vess, Walter 54-V3
Vest, Dora W. 26-V3, 237-V3
Vest, Edwin A. 233-V3
Vest, Faye E. 233-V3
Vest, Hazel Q. 687-V3
Vest, John H. 26-V3
Vest, John W. 639-V3
Vest, Nancy J. 26-V3
Vest, Pearl V. 227-V3
Vest, Ralph E. 227-V3
Vest, Robert Stephen 26-V3
Vest, William E. 237-V3
Vest, Wm. E. 26-V3

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