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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Vickers to Weaver


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Vickers, Arthur J. 475-V3
Vickers, Edith A. 477-V3
Vickers, Elizabeth 477-V3
Vickers, Grace N. 475-V3
Vickers, Hulda R. 477-V3
Vickers, John L. 471-V3, 477-V3
Vickers, L. S. 471-V3
Vickers, Luke S. 471-V3
Vickers, Mary F. 477-V3
Vickers, Mattie 471-V3
Vickers, Millie [Riley] 471-V3
Vickers, Tilghman 477-V3
Viebrock, Frank M. 32-V1
Viebrock, Henry H. 24-V1
Viebrock, John 31-V1
Viebrock, Joseph 32-V1
Viebrock, Karoline 29-V1
Viebrock, Lizzie Marie 33-V1
Vielbig, infant 559-V3
Vierth, Florence 355-V3
Vierth, infant 559-V3
Vierth, Joseph H. 354-V3
Vietz, Clarence F. 287-V3
Vietz, Everette E. 287-V3
Vincent, infant 571-V3
Vincent, John 571-V3
Vincent, Lettie E. 206-V2
Vining, Thelma Juanita 552-V3
Vinson, Jay C. 233-V1
Vinson, Minnie M. 233-V1
Vint, Asa 206-V2
Vint, Elizabeth Alexander 206-V2
Vint, Etta McCord 206-V2
Vint, Eva Loch 206-V2
Vint, Ira 206-V2
Vint, Mrs. 209-V2
Virden, John 639-V3
Virden, John V. 639-V3
Virden, Lizzie 639-V3
Virden, Mary A. 639-V3
Virden, Mary E. 639-V3
Virden, Mary F 597-V3
Virgin, Larry D. 147-V1
Virgin, Louis 147-V1
Visnosky, Joseph A. 169-V2
Visnosky, Sophia M. 169-V2
Vochatzer, Ruth Dicke Stephens 63-V2
Vogel, Audene Bea (Cook) 646-V3
Vogelsong, Hannah R. 540-V3
Vogelsong, John R. 539-V3
Vogelsong, Sarah M. 539-V3
Voglesong, child 410-V3
Voglesong, Sarah M. 538-V3
Vohs, A. Marie new record
Vohs, Adelaide E. 89-V3
Vohs, Anthony 187-V2, 673-V3
Vohs, Anthony W. 78-V3
Vohs, Arthur J. new record 1993
Vohs, baby 184-V2
Vohs, Bridget 187-V2
Vohs, Clara M. new record 1990
Vohs, Clarence J. 78-V3
Vohs, Effie Frances 187-V2
Vohs, Effie M. 78-V3
Vohs, Elizabeth 184-V2, 187-V2
Vohs, Elizabeth Becker 187-V2 [stone was in German, broken and unreadable in 1988]
Vohs, Ethel A. 326-V3
Vohs, Eugene 185-V2
Vohs, Frank E. 283-V3
Vohs, Frank P. 199-V3
Vohs, Geo. 187-V2
Vohs, George A. 326-V3
Vohs, George P. 283-V3
Vohs, Herman (two entries) 90-V3
Vohs, Isidore J. (J. J.) 180-V2, 2006 cemetery reading
Vohs, J. (Joe) William 187-V2
Vohs, J. H. 183-V2
Vohs, Jacob 187-V2
Vohs, Jake A. 120-V2
Vohs, Jasper J. 182-V2, 90-V3
Vohs, John 187-V2, 673-V3
Vohs, Johnnie A. (Francis) 187-V2, 673-V3
Vohs, Joseph 187-V2, 672-V3
Vohs, Joseph H. 184-V2
Vohs, Joseph P. 187-V2
Vohs, Josie Ann 349-V3
Vohs, Katherine 187-V2, 673-V3
Vohs, Katherine B. 182-V2
Vohs, Laura C. 180-V2, 2006 cemetery reading
Vohs, Lawrence A. 190-V2
Vohs, Lawrence F. 185-V2
Vohs, Lee B. 357-V3
Vohs, Leon E. new record 2005
Vohs, Leonard A. 180-V2, 2006 cemetery reading
Vohs, Margaret 185-V2, 672-V3
Vohs, Margaret Pabst 189-V2, 2006 cemetery reading
Vohs, Margrette E. 189-V2, 2006 cemetery reading
Vohs, Marie L. 190-V2
Vohs, Mary Agnes 184-V2, 672-V3
Vohs, Mary C. 187-V2
Vohs, Mary F. 183-V2, 184-V2
Vohs, Myrtle M. 199-V3
Vohs, Peter 189-V2, 2006 cemetery reading
Vohs, Rosa 187-V2
Vohs, Stella Minden 283-V3
Vohs, Tina Sims 283-V3
Vohs, Velma E. 120-V2
Vohs, William 184-V2, 349-V3
Vohs, William E. 185-V2
Voltz, Laura Dean 56-V2
Von Minden (see also Minden)
Von Minden, Beta 29-V1
Von Minden, daughter 24-V1
Von Minden, Henry 33-V1
Von Minden, Herman 29-V1
Von Minden, Nickolas 24-V1, 26-V1
Voorhees, Walter Clayton 140-V1
Voshall, Abigail 70-V3
Voshall, Georgia 70-V3
Voshall, John A. 70-V3
Vossler, Agnes E. 163-V3
Vossler, Eleanor M. 163-V3
Vossler, Gottleib F. 163-V3
Vossler, Roy E. 164-V3
Vossler, Teresa H. 164-V3
Wacaman, Daniel 101-V2
Wacek, Charles 100-V3
Wacek, Eleanor 100-V3
Wack, Roy Franklin 176-V3
Wack, Roy Franklin, Jr. 176-V3
Wackerle, Louis J. 61-V3
Wackerle, Mabel 61-V3
Waddell, Robert D. 208-V2
Waddle, Allie DeVore 206-V2
Waddle, Clara E. 192-V3
Waddle, Clarissa Hammond 84-V1
Waddle, Harold E. 268-V3
Waddle, Henry H. 84-V1
Waddle, Hettie C. 84-V1
Waddle, Issac 206-V2
Waddle, John 206-V2
Waddle, Sena Sparks 206-V2
Waddle, William 84-V1
Waddle, William S. 84-V1
Wade, Bessie M. 8-V3
Wade, Henry J. 8-V3
Wade, W. A. 562-V3
Wadley, Sadie 435-V3
Wadsworth, James 441-V3
Wagers, Allene H. 203-V3
Wagers, Goble B. 204-V3
Wagers, James T. 204-V3
Wagers, Latona C. 251-V3
Wagers, Mary Ann 204-V3
Wagers, Maudie 204-V3
Wagers, Park Wayne 203-V3
Wagers, Rebecca E. 99-V1
Wagers, Robert J. 251-V3
Wagers, Walter Park 204-V3
Waggoner, Andrew J. 266-V3
Waggoner, Andrew J., Jr. 15-V3
Waggoner, Doris Evelyn 152-V1
Waggoner, Elsie M. 266-V3
Waggoner, George E. 266-V3
Waggoner, Harriet 45-V2
Waggoner, Herbert 152-V1
Waggoner, Ralph 209-V3
Wagner, Anna 416-V3
Wagner, Elizabeth 253-V1
Wagner, George E. 26-V3
Wagner, Harry N. 341-V3
Wagner, infant daughter 416-V3
Wagner, Iva Lee 647-V3
Wagner, Jacob 115-V1
Wagner, Larry James 26-V3
Wagner, Lewis 35-V1
Wagner, Lorraine 647-V3
Wagner, Luther Albert 45-V2
Wagner, M. 416-V3
Wagner, Margaret A. 341-V3
Wagner, Richard A. 26-V3
Wagner, Susan 115-V1
Wagoner, Ira M. 20-V1
Wagoner, Polena A. 20-V1
Wagoner, Polina A. 647-V3
Wagstaff, A. O. 470-V3
Wagstaff, Albert O. 470-V3
Wagstaff, Emma R. 470-V3
Waiman, Mildred 99-V3
Waite, Adam Ralph 207-V2
Waite, Elva E. 207-V2
Waite, Emery J. 207-V2
Waite, Emma 207-V2
Waite, Hiram P. 108-V2
Waite, Mary K. 108-V2
Waite, Stephen L. 666-V3
Walden, Arvilla A. 394-V3
Walden, John A. 687-V3
Walden, Mildred (Midge) 170-V3
Walden, Nelson B. 170-V3
Walden, Thelma L. 687-V3
Waldo, Dorothea I. Gott 260-V3
Waldo, George 584-V3
Waldo, Iro 260-V3
Waldon, A. 473-V3
Waldon, Arnold 473-V3
Waldon, Edward T. 472-V3
Waldon, Mary E. 473-V3
Waldon, Rachel P. 473-V3
Waldon, William J. 473-V3
Waldreth [Walrath], Sidney 584-V3 obituary
Walker, A. Beatrice (Bea) 276-V3
Walker, A. J. 228-V3
Walker, Abraham 193-V3
Walker, Addie 228-V3
Walker, Albert 216-V3
Walker, Alfred E. 193-V3
Walker, Andy 249-V1
Walker, Annie Bell 103-V2
Walker, Bernice B. 193-V3
Walker, Charles H 234-V3
Walker, David L. 225-V3
Walker, Edith M. 459-V3
Walker, Edna J. 193-V3
Walker, Eldon P. 57-V2
Walker, Eleanor A. 234-V3
Walker, Elvira S. 639-V3
Walker, Emiley F. 57-V2
Walker, Etta A. 63-V2
Walker, Floyd Lee 276-V3
Walker, G. B. 639-V3
Walker, Geo. B. 639-V3
Walker, Gladys 216-V3, 665-V3
Walker, Ida B. 639-V3
Walker, Ida Bell 688-V3
Walker, James D. 639-V3, 688-V3
Walker, Jefferson N. 43-V2
Walker, John 108-V2
Walker, John A. 226-V3
Walker, John R. 112-V1
Walker, Katherine 249-V1
Walker, Laura M. 249-V1
Walker, LaVonne West 240-V3
Walker, Linda L. 225-V3
Walker, Margie Arnold 62-V2
Walker, Mary A. 639-V3
Walker, Mary E. 43-V2
Walker, Mary L. 228-V3
Walker, Milas F. 249-V1
Walker, Minnie 57-V2
Walker, Ona Lee 639-V3
Walker, Orville W. 63-V2
Walker, R. P. 249-V1
Walker, Roberta J. 226-V3
Walker, Salley 572-V3
Walker, Samuel B. 228-V3
Walker, Samuel Fletcher 103-V2
Walker, Samuel Robert 108-V2
Walker, Sarah 112-V1
Walker, Sherman 108-V2
Walker, Viola 249-V1
Walker, Walter 240-V3
Walker, William 570-V3
Walker, William E. 109-V2
Wall, Alvin H. 342-V3
Wall, Arthur(Dick) 109-V2
Wall, Jessie M. 109-V2
Wall, Luther B. 10-V1
Wall, Mary N. 10-V1
Wall, R. M. 37-V1
Wall, Rebecca 37-V1
Wall, Thelrua 585-V3
Wallace, A. 101-V1
Wallace, Baltzell John 75-V2
Wallace, Bernice 200-V1
Wallace, Edna K. 234-V3
Wallace, Edward 200-V1
Wallace, Edwin, C. 67-V2
Wallace, Emma 80-V3
Wallace, Ernest V. 75-V2
Wallace, Evora E. 166-V3
Wallace, Fedrick 101-V1
Wallace, Fred J. 688-V3
Wallace, Glenn M. 225-V3
Wallace, J. E. 449-V3
Wallace, J. W. 80-V3
Wallace, James E. 449-V3
Wallace, Lewis W. 234-V3
Wallace, Mabel 75-V2
Wallace, Michael Howard 261-V3
Wallace, Minnie 101-V1
Wallace, Myrtle M. 67-V2
Wallace, S. 101-V1
Wallace, Sylva 200-V1
Wallace, Woodson 200-V1
Waller, Edmund T. 195-V3
Waller, Emma F. 77-V2
Waller, Ethel E. 235-V3
Waller, Gaston J. 77-V2
Waller, Gustin I. 5-V2
Waller, Harvey C. 212-V3
Waller, Henry T. 195-V3
Waller, Henry Thomas 80-V1
Waller, J. W. cemetery record
Waller, John W. 118-V2
Waller, Lewis 585-V3
Waller, Mary L. 5-V2
Waller, Mary West 80-V1
Waller, Ralph H. 235-V3
Waller, Ruby E. 77-V2
Waller, Zellie Bates 195-V3
Walley, Clyde D. 639-V3
Walley, Donna Millian 639-V3
Walley, Edna 639-V3
Walley, N. W. 112-V1
Walley, T. Nelson 112-V1
Wallingford, Arthur 19-V3
Wallingford, Nannie M. 32-V3
Wallingford, Thomas A. 32-V3
Walls, Austin 584-V3
Walls, infant (two entries) 585-V3
Walls, Pete 160-V3
Waln, Cynthia Ellen Hill 207-V2
Walsh, Laura Mills 688-V3
Walter, Adam 201-V1
Walter, B. Louise 54-V2
Walter, Beeson 207-V2
Walter, Bertha A. 243-V3
Walter, Blanche L. 201-V1
Walter, Charles (two entries) 201-V1
Walter, Edward Ezra 54-V2
Walter, Edward F. 207-V2
Walter, Eleanor Ruth 54-V2
Walter, Ezra B. 55-V2
Walter, Francis 202-V1
Walter, Henry Melvin 54-V2
Walter, Herman B. 55-V2
Walter, Ida L. 55-V2
Walter, Irvin A. 243-V3
Walter, James W. 207-V2
Walter, John 202-V1
Walter, John R. 202-V1
Walter, Joseph 28-V2
Walter, Mary M. 192-V3
Walter, Naomi J. 207-V2
Walter, Percy B. 54-V2
Walter, Rachel Retta Rhodes 207-V2
Walter, Rosamond 207-V2
Walter, Sarah C. 201-V1
Walter, Susan S. 55-V2
Walters, Boyd 639-V3
Walters, Charlotte 54-V2
Walters, Darwin E. 677-V3
Walters, Delbert J. 688-V3
Walters, Eathiel S. 57-V2
Walters, Ernest T. 379-V3
Walters, Eva Rae Stanchfield 282-V3
Walters, Gerald L. 282-V3
Walters, Harold 250-V3
Walters, Helen L. 118-V3
Walters, Herbert W. 345-V3
Walters, Herbert William, Jr. 345-V3
Walters, J. A. 53-V1
Walters, J. B. 118-V3
Walters, John 185-V2
Walters, Johnny 53-V1
Walters, Leo W. 175-V2
Walters, Lillie Billhimer 250-V3
Walters, Mabel A. 379-V3
Walters, Marjorie M. 677-V3
Walters, Martha 639-V3
Walters, Mary Evelyn 345-V3
Walters, Mary J. 175-V2
Walters, Minnie B. 57-V2
Walters, Nellie L. 54-V2
Walters, Nora 316-V3
Walters, Olive E. 236-V3
Walters, Olive I. 513-V3
Walters, Phillippine E. (two entries) 379-V3
Walters, Susie 53-V1
Walters, William 513-V3
Walters, William A. 236-V3
Walters, Willie A. 379-V3
Walters, Wm. M. 54-V2
Walthall(?), Harold 133-V3
Walthall, Adah E. 9-V1
Walthall, Albert J. 251-V3
Walthall, Allie R. 131-V3, 143-V3
Walthall, baby daughter 464-V3
Walthall, Bill cemetery record
Walthall, Chas. E. 9-V1
Walthall, children 69-V1
Walthall, D. P. 135-V1
Walthall, E. J. 135-V1
Walthall, Elizabeth J. 69-V1
Walthall, F. G. 464-V3
Walthall, Flora 466-V3
Walthall, Fredrick 9-V1, (2 entries) 135-V1
Walthall, Harriet A. 133-V3
Walthall, Hattie 133-V3
Walthall, Henry 5-V1
Walthall, infant daughter 466-V3
Walthall, J. D. 464-V3
Walthall, J. M. 8-V1, 69-V1, 135-V1, 644-V3
Walthall, J. T. 9-V1, 135-V1, 644-V3
Walthall, Jesse 5-V1
Walthall, John D. 424-V3
Walthall, John Hillis 565-V3
Walthall, L. G. 8-V1
Walthall, Laurella E. 251-V3
Walthall, Lucinda 8-V1
Walthall, M. A. 8-V1
Walthall, Mary E. 6-V1
Walthall, N. J. 135-V1
Walthall, R. J. 135-V1
Walthall, Rebecca J. 9-V1, 644-V3
Walthall, Rosetta Hillis 424-V3
Walthall, S. H. 8-V1, 644-V3
Walthall, S. W. 5-V1
Walthall, Sam 8-V1
Walthall, Samuel W. 6-V1
Walthall, William J. 133-V3
Waltman, Charles H. 229-V3
Waltman, Lillie 229-V3
Walton (Waller?), David Earl 69-V2
Walton (Waller?), Emma F. 69-V2
Walton, baby 604-V3
Walton, Eliza R. 604-V3
Walton, Genta T. 69-V2
Walton, George M. 604-V3
Walton, John 69-V2
Walton, Lottie Hennigh 69-V2
Walton, Mahala 69-V2
Walton, William H. 69-V2
Walton, Zellah 69-V2
Waltz, Charles G. 324-V3
Waltz, Pauline Burson 324-V3
Walz, Adelheide 27-V1
Walz, Friedrich 24-V1
Walz, Michael 30-V1
Wantland, Charles D. 207-V2
Wantland, Essie May 207-V2
Wantland, Margareth 70-V1
Waple, Mary 133-V2
Ward, A. M. 448-V3
Ward, Allen 562-V3
Ward, Allen T. 448-V3
Ward, B. B. 40-V2
Ward, Bernice 285-V3
Ward, C. J. (Joe) 266-V3
Ward, Catherine N. 331-V3
Ward, Chester J., Sr. 266-V3
Ward, Clarence 396-V3
Ward, Clifford L. 396-V3
Ward, Cora 203-V3
Ward, Cora B. 396-V3
Ward, Gilbert W. 54-V2
Ward, infant 562-V3
Ward, J. D. 40-V2
Ward, James 113-V3
Ward, Jessie 396-V3
Ward, John F. 331-V3
Ward, Lester L. 101-V3
Ward, Louisa J. 40-V2
Ward, Lulu 562-V3
Ward, Marian Bettis 506-V3
Ward, Mary E. 40-V2, 448-V3
Ward, Mattie E. 54-V2
Ward, Milton 561-V3
Ward, Rebecca 40-V2
Ward, Robert S. 50-V2
Ward, Rullell V. 535-V3
Ward, Sherman 203-V3
Ward, Verna L. 266-V3
Ward, W. 448-V3
Ward, W. M. 584-V3
Ward, Wilfred E. 506-V3
Ward, Wilfred E., Jr. 506-V3
Ward, Wm. 40-V2
Warde, Dimple E. 254-V3
Wardell, Katie 151-V3
Wardell, Mary K. 151-V3
Wardell, Wm. A. 160-V3
Warder, Beulah D. 539-V3
Warder, Warner F. 539-V3
Ware, Clarence A. 282-V3
Ware, Eva Evelyn 46-V1
Ware, Julia H. 358-V3, 359-V3
Ware, Mary A. 282-V3, 358-V3, 359-V3
Ware, Matt 359-V3
Ware, Matt J. 358-V3
Ware, Nancy H. 562-V3
Ware, Preston L. 358-V3, 359-V3
Ware, Sam M. 358-V3, 359-V3
Warner, Charles 408-V3
Warner, Clarence 639-V3
Warner, Clarence E. 688-V3
Warner, Ella B. 71-V2
Warner, Freda F. 61-V3
Warner, Geo. 639-V3
Warner, Harvey G. 45-V3
Warner, J. Harry 61-V3
Warner, Jimmie Ann 61-V3
Warner, John (two entries) 61-V3
Warner, Kate 639-V3
Warner, Mattie M. 45-V3
Warner, Milt 408-V3
Warner, Milton 408-V3
Warner, N. Arthur 71-V2
Warner, N. J. 408-V3
Warner, Nancy Jane 408-V3
Warr, infant 566-V3
Warren, Benjamin 688-V3
Warren, Bertha E. 21-V3
Warren, Charles G. 21-V3
Warren, Clara Irene 21-V3
Warren, Edna Luella 121-V2
Warren, Emma Amelia 688-V3
Warren, Felix L. 688-V3
Warren, Florence 203-V3
Warren, George Lee 688-V3
Warren, George W. 688-V3
Warren, Glenn R. 21-V3
Warren, James Herbert 50-V3
Warren, James J. 688-V3
Warren, James Thomas 688-V3
Warren, Jennie M. 21-V3
Warren, Kate 688-V3
Warren, Katie Bell 688-V3
Warren, May 688-V3
Warren, Patsy Hill 50-V3
Warren, R. C. 121-V2
Warren, Robert L. 203-V3
Warren, Sadie Inez 21-V3
Warrick, Aaron Lee 63-V3
Warrick, Donald D. 221-V3
Warrick, Olive (Pert) 222-V3
Warrick, Wallace W. 222-V3
Warriner, Herschel J. 688-V3
Warriner, infant 688-V3
Washburn, (first name unknown) 639-V3
Washburn, B. C. 568-V3
Washburn, infant 560-V3
Washburn, Mary 568-V3
Washburn, Rose 584-V3
Washburn, Thomas 398-V3, 560-V3
Washington, David 67-V1
Washington, Frank 67-V1
Washington, George 34-V3, 67-V1
Washington, Louisa 67-V1
Washington, Mary E. 57-V1
Wasson, A. W. 204-V1
Wasson, M. 204-V1
Wasson, Mary M. 204-V1
Wasson, Virginia Dill 14-V2
Wasson, Walter B. 14-V2
Waterhouse, Eliza 19-V2
Waterhouse, John James 19-V2
Waterhouse, Lucy 19-V2
Waterhouse, William, Sr. 19-V2
Waterhouse, Wm., Jr. 19-V2
Waters, Robert 116-V1
Watkin, Lewis 494-V3
Watkins, Albert F. 242-V1
Watkins, C. W. 141-V2
Watkins, Carrie 584-V3
Watkins, Dewey J. 167-V3
Watkins, Dodd V. (two entries) 550-V3
Watkins, Earl 552-V3
Watkins, Earl B. 551-V3
Watkins, Effie D. 551-V3
Watkins, Elijah 142-V2
Watkins, Freddie 585-V3
Watkins, George Raymond 578-V3
Watkins, H. B. 551-V3
Watkins, infant 584-V3
Watkins, Learline 543-V3
Watkins, Margaret 142-V2
Watkins, Mary 141-V2
Watkins, Mary U. 242-V1
Watkins, Sara N. 585-V3
Watkins, Sarah J. 551-V3
Watkins, Sarah L. 167-V3
Watkins, unreadable 491-V3
Watkins, Watkin 142-V2
Watrous, Bernice E. 166-V2
Watrous, Betty 167-V2
Watrous, Chester 167-V2
Watrous, Floyd M. 166-V2
Watrous, Norma M. 166-V2
Watrous, Roy G. 123-V2
Watrous, Roy J. 166-V2
Watrous, Zelma Lucille 123-V2
Watson, Amanda E. 166-V1
Watson, Ann 653-V3
Watson, Anthony 37-V1
Watson, Bud 54-V3
Watson, C. H. 166-V1
Watson, Carl E. 248-V3
Watson, Cleo Fern 650-V3
Watson, Curtis 238-V3
Watson, Dorothy May 53-V1
Watson, Ephraim 653-V3
Watson, George 59-V1
Watson, George Dewey 650-V3
Watson, H. L. 85-V2
Watson, Harley 59-V1
Watson, Harry A. 53-V2
Watson, Harry L. 93-V2
Watson, Harry S. 93-V2
Watson, Irene E. 54-V1
Watson, Isiah 92-V2
Watson, J. A. 168-V1
Watson, James A. 53-V2
Watson, James S. 238-V3
Watson, Jane Dixon 67-V3
Watson, Jessie C. 53-V2
Watson, Jewell 238-V3
Watson, L. M. 53-V3, 54-V3
Watson, L. P. 53-V3, 54-V3
Watson, Lillie B. 104-V1
Watson, Loleta F. 248-V3
Watson, Margaret 85-V2
Watson, Margaret F. 59-V1
Watson, Michael Stanley 236-V3
Watson, Nona 53-V2
Watson, Ollie L. 53-V2
Watson, Pearl 54-V3, 85-V2
Watson, S. B. 43-V2
Watson, Sarah Liza 39-V1
Watson, Timmy D. 172-V3
Watson, W. W. 54-V1
Wauchope, J. H. 462-V3
Wauchope, O. A. 462-V3
Wauchope, Willow Stella 462-V3
Waugh, Amos Terry 114-V2
Waugh, Elsie May 114-V2
Waver, Floyd L. 125-V3
Wayman, Cecil A. 112-V2
Wayman, Charles Porter 113-V2
Wayman, Claude 99-V2
Wayman, Claude C. 114-V2
Wayman, George N. 114-V2
Wayman, George W. 99-V2
Wayman, Guy 95-V2
Wayman, Lucille M. 114-V2
Wayman, McKinley C. 112-V2
Wayman, Nora 99-V2
Wayman, Ollie May 113-V2
Wayman, Robert P., Sr. 121-V2
Wayman, Sadie Mabel 114-V2
Wayman, Stanley 95-V2
Wayman, Willie N. 95-V2
Weatherbie, Blanche L. Farrar 207-V2
Weatherbie, Frank E. 207-V2
Weatherbie, Kenneth 208-V2
Weatherby, Leonora A. 180-V1
Weatherford, J. P. 219-V1
Weatherly, Etta 555-V3
Weatherly, Ettie 569-V3
Weatherly, J. A. 555-V3
Weatherly, Roy B. 555-V3
Weatherman, Angela 688-V3
Weatherman, Jeffrey 688-V3
Weaver, A. 140-V3
Weaver, A. J. 420-V3
Weaver, Aaron 214-V1
Weaver, Abner M. 176-V2
Weaver, Abraham 174-V2
Weaver, Agatha (Hall) 231-V3
Weaver, Agnes Louise (Lou) 197-V3
Weaver, Albert 250-V1
Weaver, Alex cemetery record
Weaver, Alexander L. 197-V3
Weaver, Alton D. 209-V3
Weaver, Alvin Hensley 197-V3
Weaver, Amy I. 175-V2
Weaver, Atla W. 173-V2
Weaver, Bell 35-V2
Weaver, Bertha V. 336-V3
Weaver, Blanche 249-V3
Weaver, Calvin D. 346-V3
Weaver, Carl 30-V2
Weaver, Caroline E. 228-V1
Weaver, Charles 214-V1
Weaver, Charles A. 135-V2
Weaver, Charles S. 68-V2
Weaver, Chester A. (Pete) 231-V3
Weaver, Claude Clay 191-V3
Weaver, D. F. 253-V1
Weaver, D. S. 35-V2
Weaver, Daniel 190-V3
Weaver, David Everett 362-V3
Weaver, Earl 207-V2
Weaver, Edward G. 238-V3
Weaver, Edward S. 68-V2
Weaver, Effie J. 238-V3
Weaver, Ella 190-V3
Weaver, Ellie 214-V1
Weaver, Emma E. 362-V3
Weaver, Fern E. 191-V3
Weaver, Floretta 330-V3
Weaver, Frances 174-V2
Weaver, Fred 214-V1
Weaver, George C. 61-V2
Weaver, Gladys E. 135-V2
Weaver, Grace E. 269-V3
Weaver, Harley D. 269-V3
Weaver, Hattie 250-V1
Weaver, Hazel 30-V2, 173-V2
Weaver, Hazel M. 287-V3
Weaver, Henry B. 292-V3
Weaver, Ida May 35-V2
Weaver, infant 214-V1, 559-V3
Weaver, J. Carl 287-V3
Weaver, James 31-V2
Weaver, James Eddie 363-V3
Weaver, James Francis 228-V1
Weaver, Jesse 214-V1
Weaver, John C. 31-V2
Weaver, John S. 347-V3
Weaver, Jonas S. 35-V2
Weaver, Joseph (2 entries) 214-V1
Weaver, Laura G. 173-V2
Weaver, Laurence E. 270-V3
Weaver, Laverne 190-V3
Weaver, Lilly 420-V3
Weaver, Lola J. 209-V3
Weaver, Loucinda 62-V2
Weaver, Louisa E. 363-V3
Weaver, Lucy 579-V3
Weaver, M. 155-V3
Weaver, M. S. 35-V2
Weaver, Mamie M. 197-V3
Weaver, Margaret B. 68-V2
Weaver, Margaret Lenore 68-V2
Weaver, Martin Franklin 58-V2
Weaver, Mary 30-V2, 31-V2, 420-V3
Weaver, Mary Jane 59-V3
Weaver, Mattie 140-V3
Weaver, Mattie B. 30-V2
Weaver, Maude A. 61-V2
Weaver, Maude E. 60-V2
Weaver, Maurice 228-V1
Weaver, Nancy 31-V2
Weaver, Nat 214-V1
Weaver, Nellie Zama 30-V2
Weaver, Nettie May 140-V3
Weaver, O. G. (Kid) 191-V3
Weaver, Odessa E. 68-V2
Weaver, Pearl Gracie 175-V2
Weaver, Pete P. 60-V2
Weaver, Philip J. 68-V2
Weaver, Philip Owen 68-V2
Weaver, R. Clifford 31-V1
Weaver, Ralph 330-V3
Weaver, Ralph 331-V3
Weaver, Rebecca Jane 347-V3
Weaver, Redmon 688-V3
Weaver, Robert M. 228-V1
Weaver, Robert Oran 670-V3
Weaver, S. 140-V3
Weaver, S. L. M. 175-V2
Weaver, Samuel F. 249-V3
Weaver, Sarah 250-V1
Weaver, Scott 35-V2
Weaver, Thomas A. 68-V2
Weaver, Velma 214-V1
Weaver, Virginia Katherine 6-V3
Weaver, Virginia Louise 670-V3
Weaver, Wm. 30-V2, 31-V2
Weaver, Zera L. 31-V2

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