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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Webb to Willhoite


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Webb, Asa B. 344-V3
Webb, Basil T. 639-V3
Webb, Bruce Lorenzo 585-V3
Webb, Carl 491-V3
Webb, Carrie 565-V3
Webb, Charles B. 565-V3
Webb, Columbia 574-V3
Webb, Edmond 574-V3
Webb, Janie 574-V3
Webb, John 311-V3, 424-V3
Webb, Katy Katherine 574-V3
Webb, Lugena 491-V3
Webb, Samuel 490-V3
Webb, Samuel Henry 574-V3
Webb, Walter 491-V3
Webber, Ina A. 244-V3
Webber, Ted F. 244-V3
Weber, A. 146-V3
Weber, Alden O. 179-V3
Weber, Annabelle Banks 207-V2
Weber, Ellen N. 189-V3
Weber, Francis(Frank) 207-V2
Weber, Geo cemetery record
Weber, George A. 189-V3
Weber, George N. 189-V3
Weber, Ida M. 146-V3
Weber, James L. 334-V3
Weber, Leland William 179-V3
Weber, Margaret Katherine 180-V3
Weber, Marion 207-V2
Weber, Mary E. White 207-V2
Weber, William Henry 180-V3
Webster, Frank James 488-V3
Webster, Helen L. Hayden 275-V3
Webster, infant 574-V3
Webster, James 578-V3
Webster, Lillian E. 488-V3
Webster, Marsah Brenda 488-V3
Webster, Pleas 578-V3
Webster, William 574-V3
Webster, William L. 275-V3
Webster, William L., Jr. 488-V3
Webster, William L., Sr. 488-V3
Wedd, Lora Housholder 21-V2
Wedd, Ralph Henry, Jr. 21-V2
Wedd, Ralph Henry, Sr. 21-V2
Wedd, Shirley Shaw 21-V22
Weddington, Daniel D. 642-V3
Weddington, E. 642-V3
Weddington, J. 642-V3
Weedman, baby 176-V1, 177-V1
Weedman, C. A. 177-V1
Weedman, Chas. 177-V1
Weedman, Cora H. 89-V2
Weedman, Emmagene 89-V2
Weedman, George T. 541-V3
Weedman, H. L. 177-V1
Weedman, Harvey S. 89-V2
Weedman, Jasper N. 177-V1
Weedman, Josephine Reed 177-V1
Weedman, Melinda 577-V3
Weedman, Nellie 177-V1
Weedman, Verna Dell 89-V2
Weeks, Lyman C. 173-V3
Weeks, Priscilla M. 173-V3
Weems, Billy J. 147-V1
Weems, Elizabeth A. 147-V1
Weers, Betty Lou 16-V2
Weers, Clarence 16-V2
Weers, Cynthia Louise 118-V2
Weers, Dale Edward 121-V2
Weers, Earl S. 20-V2
Weers, Fred E. 121-V2
Weers, Harry A. 372-V3
Weers, Harry A., Jr. 372-V3
Weers, Howard F. 121-V2
Weers, Iva Mae 121-V2
Weers, John Henry 121-V2
Weers, Louise Rutherford 121-V2
Weers, Mabel V. 20-V2, 662-V3
Weers, Melva (Melvin?) 118-V2
Weers, Roy Lee new record 2004
Weers, Shawn Patrick 123-V2
Weers, Vernon Rogers 118-V2
Weesner, Clara M. 390-V3
Wehmeier, Abby Jo 334-V3
Wehmeier, Debbie 334-V3
Wehmeier, Mike 334-V3
Weickert, J. T. 167-V2
Weickert, Mary 167-V2
Weiden, Hulda Larson 688-V3
Weiden, John 688-V3
Weightfield, Hazel 584-V3
Weiland, Bertha A. 188-V3
Weiland, Frank 188-V3
Weiland, Frank 207-V2
Weiland, Helen Williams 229-V3
Weippert, Charles F. 265-V3
Weippert, Frances E. 265-V3
Weippert, Lillian F. 216-V3
Weir, Alvena 319-V3
Weir, Andrew 319-V3
Weir, Cora A 97-V2
Weir, Edward A. 319-V3
Weir, Lou M. 319-V3
Weir, Maggie 562-V3
Weir, Mary A. 86-V2
Weir, Mary J. 562-V3
Weir, Rebecca 86-V2
Weir, Susan Rebecca 158-V1
Weir, William 86-V2
Weir, William L. 562-V3
Weishaar, Johann August 24-V1
Weisharr, John A. 228-V1
Weisner, Dicea 17-V3
Weisner, James 169-V1
Weisner, Scipio 560-V3
Weiss, John B.
new record 1997
Weiss, Mildred L. 145-V1
Weiss, William S. new record 1995
Weisser, baby 600-V3
Welborn, Albert Lee 135-V2
Welborn, M. Louise 135-V2
Welch Eliza Jane 278-V3
Welch, Archie L. 420-V3
Welch, C. L. 26-V2
Welch, Carrie E. 101-V2
Welch, Chad Evan 216-V3
Welch, E. Berdene 664-V3
Welch, Effie M. 55-V3
Welch, Elizabeth 23-V3
Welch, Eva 26-V2
Welch, George H. 32-V2
Welch, Harry 62-V2
Welch, Herbert 31-V2
Welch, James 23-V3
Welch, Jennie M. 32-V2
Welch, Lulu F. 420-V3
Welch, Margaret M. 62-V2
Welch, Mary D. 59-V2
Welch, Mary E. 28-V2, 31-V2
Welch, Mary L. 32-V2
Welch, Merlyn 60-V2
Welch, Merlyn H. 664-V3
Welch, Pha 26-V2
Welch, Raleigh E. 59-V2
Welch, Ralph 55-V3
Welch, Ray C. 62-V2
Welch, Robert Wayne 101-V2
Welch, S. W. 31-V2
Welch, Samuel 55-V3
Welch, Sara E. 59-V2
Welch, Sarah B. 32-V2
Welch, Tessa T. 62-V2
Welch, Vickie M. 101-V2
Welch, William W. 420-V3
Welch, Wm. (2 entries) 32-V2
Weldon, Alpha M. 181-V1
Weldon, Edwin W. 181-V1
Weldon, J. A. 181-V1
Weldon, Jas A., Jr. 181-V1
Weldon, L. S. 604-V3
Weldon, Margaret P. 604-V3
Welker, Betty A. 669-V3
Welker, Ronald Lee 159-V2, 669-V3
Wellbrock, Anna 33-V1
Wellbrock, Henry 31-V1
Wellbrock, Herman 33-V1
Wellbrock, John F. 24-V1
Wellbrock, Maria 29-V1
Welling, Anna 579-V3
Wellings, Ed 541-V3
Wellings, Harry C. 580-V3
Wellings, W. J. 541-V3
Wellman, Ella 464-V3
Wellman, Emmett 464-V3
Wellman, Frank H. 464-V3
Wellman, Freda G. 13-V2
Wellman, infant 464-V3
Wellman, Ralph 464-V3
Wells, A. H. 205-V1
Wells, Addie 546-V3
Wells, Anna R. 350-V3
Wells, Arthur 597-V3
Wells, baby 350-V3
Wells, Cordellia E. 597-V3
Wells, Dianna 205-V1
Wells, Doba 83-V1
Wells, Elsie I. 121-V2
Wells, Ernest J. 87-V2
Wells, Fred M. 503-V3
Wells, Harry Ellis 207-V2
Wells, Hattie 142-V1
Wells, Hazel I. 578-V3
Wells, Henry C. 70-V1
Wells, Henry R. 597-V3
Wells, Isiah 205-V1
Wells, Jesse B. 83-V1
Wells, John Payne 207-V2
Wells, L. H. 503-V3
Wells, Luella 597-V3
Wells, Lula Marthella 578-V3
Wells, Lydia A. 597-V3
Wells, M. B. 87-V2
Wells, Marcus A. 113-V2
Wells, Mary A. 503-V3
Wells, Mary J. 113-V2
Wells, Max b. 350-V3
Wells, Minnie B. Loch 207-V2
Wells, Mollie B. 87-V2
Wells, Numa W. 546-V3
Wells, O. H. (two entries) 87-V2
Wells, Oliver H. 503-V3
Wells, William 160-V3
Wells, Winfred J. 121-V2
Welsh, Charles S. 427-V3
Wemmer, Mary 152-V3
Wendte, Alfred 28-V1
Wendte, Anna 31-V1
Wendte, baby 28-V1
Wendte, Bertha Kathrina 27-V1
Wendte, Dorothea A. 24-V1
Wendte, Eugene 28-V1
Wendte, Henry H. 33-V1
Wendte, Herman 32-V1
Wendte, Ida 26-V1
Wendte, Josephine 28-V1
Wendte, Manda B. 33-V1
Wendte, Marilyn 28-V1
Wendte, Orville 28-V1
Wentz, Daniel P. 57-V1
Werner, Clara 68-V2
Werner, Elizabeth C. 421-V3
Werner, infant son 421-V3
Werner, J. J. 68-V2
Werner, J. W. 421-V3
Werner, Joseph W. 421-V3
Werner, Mary C. S. 68-V2
Werner, Otto C. 421-V3
Wernicke, Fred A. 82-V2
Wernicke, Herman John 82-V2
Wernicke, Minnie A. 82-V2
Wernsman, Anna G. 671-V3
Wernsman, Martin G. new record 1991
Werntz, E. Josephine 281-V3
Werntz, Russell J. 281-V3
Wesner, Emma 199-V1
Wesner, Emma A. 200-V1
Wesner, G. D. 199-V1, 200-V1
Wesner, John 200-V1
Wesner, M. E. 199-V1
Wesner, Mary E. 200-V1
Wesner, Tudi 200-V1
West, Amos S. 462-V3
West, Benjamin 341-V3
West, Charley W. 175-V3
West, Elizabeth 462-V3
West, Ernest 563-V3
West, Fred 579-V3
West, Fred Elmer 180-V3
West, Helen M. (two entries) 462-V3
West, infant 563-V3
West, John Richard 183-V3
West, Joseph P. 60-V1
West, Josephine 84-V1
West, Josie Steele 240-V3
West, Naomi J. 401-V3 West, Nelson Hamel 60-V1
West, Susan 180-V3
West, Susie E. 341-V3
West, William T. 15-V3
Westfall, Abraham 71-V2
Westfall, Adaline 71-V2
Westhoff, Cecil H. 20-V2
Westhoff, Clifford E. new record 2005
Westhoff, Corinne B. 20-V2
Westhoff, Dale C. new record 1990
Westhoff, Donna H. new record
Westhoff, Harley F. 688-V3
Westhoff, John K. 688-V3
Weston, Amanda 145-V2
Weston, Joseph R. 145-V2
Wethy, Albert F. 162-V2
Wethy, Cecilia 162-V2
Wethy, Charles (2 entries) 162-V2
Wethy, Martin P. 162-V2
Wethy, Mary 162-V2
Wetshaar, Anna K. 228-V1
Wetshaar, David 228-V1
Wetshaar, S. 228-V1
Wetshaar, son 228-V1
Wetshaar, Walter W. 228-V1
Wetshaar, Wm. 228-V1
Weyer, Isaac E. 226-V3
Weyer, Mae Pennock 26-V3
Whaley, Almon J. 185-V1
Whaley, Almon J., Jr. 185-V1
Whaley, Kate 185-V1
Whaley, Winona 185-V1
Whaley, Zillah W. 185-V1
Wheat, Evangeline 187-V1
Wheat, Harvey Glenn 187-V1
Wheat, Jacob 187-V1
Wheatly, Belle 87-V2
Wheatly, Bennie 87-V2
Wheatly, P. 87-V2
Wheeler, A. L. 4-V1
Wheeler, Alice J. 70-V2
Wheeler, C. H. 8-V1, 644-V3
Wheeler, Charles 8-V1
Wheeler, Charles T. 577-V3
Wheeler, Dolphus A. 209-V3
Wheeler, Dora 4-V1
Wheeler, Dorcous O. 209-V3
Wheeler, Edwin M. 70-V2
Wheeler, Eleanor 234-V3
Wheeler, Elnora 363-V3
Wheeler, Everett 208-V2
Wheeler, Frank C. 234-V3
Wheeler, Gilbert 74-V1
Wheeler, Idith Mary 688-V3
Wheeler, Ira 4-V1
Wheeler, J. S. 503-V3
Wheeler, L. A. 4-V1
Wheeler, L. E. 74-V1
Wheeler, Libbie M. 8-V1, 644-V3
Wheeler, Lillian Irene 141-V1
Wheeler, Loren T. 35-V2
Wheeler, Mabel R. 248-V1
Wheeler, Mary J. 35-V2
Wheeler, Nancy 577-V3
Wheeler, Ransler H. 212-V1
Wheeler, Ruth 577-V3
Wheeler, Sarah Katherine Riebe 208-V2
Wheeler, Susie M. 212-V1
Wheeler, Thomas 74-V1, 655-V3
Wheeler, W. L. 640-V3
Wheeler, William L. 688-V3
Whelan, Ada Isabel 32-V2
Whelan, L. L. 32-V2
Whelan, Mary 32-V2
Wherland, Burton D. 688-V3
Whetstone, Frank J. 234-V3
Whetstone, Hallie C. 234-V3
Whipkey, Clarence W. 409-V3
Whipkey, Keturah 409-V3
Whipkey, T. J. 409-V3
Whipple, (first name unknown) 565-V3
Whipple, Freddie L. 421-V3
Whipple, Lafonzo 565-V3
Whirley, Bernard L. 308-V3
Whirley, Carmella Kay 309-V3
Whirlow, Anita E. 134-V2
Whirlow, Wilmer 134-V2
Whirlow, Wilmer T. 134-V2
Whisner, Emily 341-V3
Whisner, William 341-V3
Whitaker, Adria 71-V2
Whitaker, Christina L. 15-V2
Whitaker, Clarence 120-V2
Whitaker, Clarence A. 20-V2
Whitaker, Cora Pettengill 408-V3
Whitaker, Edmond A. 87-V2
Whitaker, Edna M. 87-V2
Whitaker, Edwin O. 19-V1, 647-V3
Whitaker, Elma Maloda 20-V2
Whitaker, Emma A. 332-V3
Whitaker, Emma T. 13-V2
Whitaker, Frances D. 68-V2
Whitaker, Franklin 87-V2
Whitaker, Frieda O. 120-V2
Whitaker, G. A.(Roxie) 19-V1
Whitaker, G. T.(Tomie) 15-V2
Whitaker, Geneva M. 15-V2
Whitaker, George A. 68-V2, 93-V2
Whitaker, George E. 15-V2
Whitaker, George L. 408-V3
Whitaker, Harriet 64-V1
Whitaker, Helen Mae(Jimmie) 120-V2
Whitaker, Idellia 64-V1
Whitaker, J. H. 503-V3
Whitaker, John W. 18-V2
Whitaker, Joseph Riley 20-V2
Whitaker, Josie 502-V3, 503-V3
Whitaker, Leonard L. 15-V2
Whitaker, Lillie May 71-V2
Whitaker, Marjorie 93-V2
Whitaker, Martha A. 87-V2
Whitaker, Mary E. 18-V2
Whitaker, Mary M. 162-V2
Whitaker, Maurice I. 71-V2
Whitaker, Mr. 571-V3
Whitaker, Mrs. 571-V3
Whitaker, Nancy M. 15-V2
Whitaker, Owen 87-V2
Whitaker, Riley Dean 120-V2
Whitaker, Robert Orvis 13-V2
Whitaker, Ruby E. 20-V2
Whitaker, S. Dale 332-V3
Whitaker, Sharon Kay 397-V3
Whitaker, Tassie O. 20-V2
Whitaker, Walter B. 162-V2
Whitaker, Walter V. 162-V2
Whitaker, Wilbur 18-V2
Whitaker, Wilma E. 562-V3
White, A. J. 199-V1, 499-V3
White, A. J.(Abe) 6-V3
White, Ada S. 112-V2
White, Adelene 241-V3
640-V3 White, Adna D. 97-V2
White, Adrian L. 90-V2
White, Alfred Leo 190-V1
White, Alice M. 190-V1
White, Amanda Mills 207-V2
White, Areth A. 169-V3
White, Arthur B. 120-V2
White, Arthur G. 181-V1
White, Arthur, Jr. 242-V3
White, Beatrice 364-V3, 365-V3
White, Beulah 53-V2
White, Billie 53-V2
White, Carl B. 57-V2
White, Charles A. 316-V3
White, Charles A. 56-V2
White, Charlotte 199-V1
White, Chas. V. 190-V1
White, Clara 688-V3
White, Clarence B. 81-V3
White, Cloe 207-V2
White, D. M. 248-V1
White, Darrell L. 215-V3
White, Dewey 207-V2
White, Donald Ray 28-V3
White, Doris McDowell 242-V3
White, Dorothy L. 215-V3
White, Dorothy M. 214-V3
White, Douglas 466-V3
White, E. M. 36-V2
White, Eddie 206-V1
White, Edith Stevenson 207-V2
White, Edmona M. 110-V2
White, Electa Mae Davis 207-V2
White, Elizabeth 467-V3
White, Elizabeth C. 56-V2
White, Ella A. 117-V2
White, Ella Meek 467-V3
White, Emma C. 260-V3
White, Evelyn 121-V2
White, Florence V. Landess 207-V2
White, Frank 53-V2
White, Fred W. 62-V1
White, G.E. 78-V2
White, Gail M. 53-V2
White, Geraldine M. 215-V3
White, Gooden 53-V2
White, Harry 466-V3
White, Harry A. 207-V2
White, Hattie J. 179-V1
White, Henry 640-V3
White, Henry A. 179-V1
White, Herman K. 43-V3
White, Hester A. 179-V1
White, Ila Mae 42-V3
White, infant 584-V3
White, Iris 640-V3
White, Issac D. 181-V1
White, J. B. 181-V1
White, J. Harlow 640-V3
White, J. M. 365-V3
White, J. N. 640-V3
White, J. W. 206-V1
White, J. W., Jr. 178-V1
White, J. Wilbur 56-V2
White, James A 179-V1
White, James F. 207-V2
White, James Milton 364-V3
White, Jennie 499-V3, 568-V3
White, Joe Bunyon 53-V2
White, Joel N. 640-V3
White, John 6-V3
White, John A. 81-V1
White, John B. 181-V1
White, John Bryan 181-V1
White, John H. 640-V3
White, John W., Jr. 179-V1
White, John W., Sr. 178-V1
White, Joseph 179-V1
White, Kate 640-V3
White, L. D. 467-V3
White, LaVaun J. 640-V3
White, Lawrence F. 241-V3
White, Leland Marion 105-V2
White, Leota M. 181-V1
White, Leslie 112-V2
White, Levi D. 104-V2
White, Lillian N. 120-V2
White, Lillie 6-V3
White, Lizzie Kearns 640-V3
White, Lloyd 207-V2
White, Lloyd G. 332-V3
White, Maney D. 207-V2
White, Marcella 81-V3
White, Margaret Z. 90-V2
White, Mary C. 224-V3
White, Mary D. 640-V3
White, Mary E. 178-V1, 640-V3
White, Mary Evalyn 84-V1
White, Mary Jane 25-V2
White, Mary Soloman 207-V2
White, Mattie 179-V1
White, Maye 181-V1, 660-V3
White, Maynard E. 660-V3
White, Mazie 181-V1
White, Melvina S. 180-V1
White, Mexa E. Hopwood 207-V2
White, Mildred Lane 660-V3
White, Minerva 640-V3
White, Minerva A. 181-V1
White, Minnie F. 25-V2
White, Mrs. 78-V2
White, Myra May 80-V2
White, Myrtle 178-V1, 181-V1, 104-V2
White, Nadine E. 56-V2
White, Nathan 207-V2
White, Nettie 179-V1
White, Nora Good 688-V3
White, Olive Richardson 54-V2
White, Ossie D. 640-V3
White, Phillip Steven 16-V2
White, Ralph R. 51-V2
White, Ralph W. 55-V2
White, Retha 332-V3
White, Rhuey E. 179-V1
White, Robert Hugh 305-V3
White, Ronald Lee 85-V1
White, Rosa Z. 81-V1
White, Ruby M. 51-V2
White, Ruth 55-V2
White, Sadie M. 97-V2
White, Samuel A. 83-V2
White, Sarah 206-V1
White, Sarah A. 83-V2
White, Sarah J. 568-V3
White, Stephen 25-V2
White, T. B. 36-V2
White, T. M. 248-V1
White, Teddie 6-V3
White, Theodore Wayne 207-V2
White, Theresa 90-V2
White, Thomas R. 688-V3
White, Timothy 568-V3
White, Velma (Dottie) 305-V3
White, Velma E.(Jack) 117-V2
White, Vernon 121-V2
White, Wally E. 179-V1
White, Walter E. 640-V3
White, Weldon J. 59-V3
White, William B. 61-V2
White, William Francis 84-V1
White, William J., Jr. 43-V3
White, William S. 248-V1
White, Wm. J. (Bill) 42-V3
Whited, Lena May 121-V3
Whited, O. B. 121-V3
Whiteford, Charles V. 250-V1
Whiteford, Elizabeth Zoe 180-V3
Whiteford, Eva M. 250-V1
Whiteford, H. Clay 122-V3
Whiteford, Hattie 250-V1
Whiteford, Hugh C. 180-V3
Whiteford, Lela Lowe 416-V3
Whiteford, Lizzie 250-V1
Whiteford, Martha Brown 182-V3
Whiteford, Scott 250-V1
Whiteford, Silas 250-V1
Whiteford, Silas Silver 250-V1
Whiteford, Thelma E. 250-V1
Whitehead, Alfred G. 17-V2
Whitehead, Alice 215-V1
Whitehead, Angeline 216-V1
Whitehead, Elmer E. 215-V1
Whitehead, Ethel 215-V1
Whitehead, Flora R. 17-V2
Whitehead, G. L. 216-V1
Whitehead, Gertie 215-V1
Whitehead, J. P. 216-V1
Whitehead, James 216-V1
Whitehead, John 216-V1
Whitehead, M. 215-V1
Whitehead, M. M. 216-V1
Whitehead, Martha Y. 143-V1
Whitehead, Mary E. 216-V1
Whitehead, Mary J. Anderson 216-V1
Whitehead, Merelda 215-V1
Whitehead, S. H. 215-V1
Whitehead, Samuel 216-V1
Whitehead, Sarah 216-V1
Whitehead, Sarah H. 216-V1
Whitehead, son 216-V1
Whitehead, Statira 216-V1
Whitehead, W. 215-V1
Whitehead, Wm. 215-V1, 216-V1
Whitely, Carter E. 688-V3
Whitford, Ida M. 431-V3
Whitford, L. C. 431-V3
Whitford, M. J. 431-V3
Whitford, Mary J. 568-V3
Whitiker, George A. 10-V1
Whitiker, George A. 645-V3
Whitiker, Laurella E. 10-V1
Whitiker, Roy 10-V1
Whitiker, Roy 645-V3
Whitla, John V. 193-V3
Whitla, Liddie M. 193-V3
Whitla, Ralph Vincent 193-V3
Whitley, Emma Taylor 544-V3
Whitley, John 544-V3
Whitley, Sarah A. 356-V3
Whitmore, Ben F. 41-V3
Whitney, Ada F. 152-V3
Whitney, Benjamin B. 194-V3
Whitney, Benjamin F. 39-V3
Whitney, Charles W. 152-V3
Whitney, Cloey M. 250-V3
Whitney, Della Rae 388-V3
Whitney, Emma P. 152-V3
Whitney, Ethel F. 185-V3
Whitney, Ethel May 245-V3
Whitney, Fern Cornelius 207-V2
Whitney, Frances Boyd 120-V2
Whitney, F. A. cemetery record
Whitney, Fred A. 245-V3
Whitney, Gailey A. 207-V2
Whitney, J. S. R. 585-V3
Whitney, Julia M. 29-V2
Whitney, Margaret P. 194-V3
Whitney, Maude E. 80-V2
Whitney, Richard J. 167-V3
Whitney, Ruth E. 38-V3
Whitney, S. F. (Perk) 167-V3
Whitney, Tom S. 250-V3
Whitney, Wallace H. 120-V2
Whitney, Wallace J. D. 185-V3
Whitney, Walter B. 194-V3
Whitsitt, Lela J. 597-V3
Whitsitt, William L. 597-V3
Whitt, Gaylord W. 165-V3
Whitt, Grace M. 165-V3
Whittaker, (first name unknown) 138-V1
Whittaker, James 584-V3
Whittaker, Louis 576-V3
Whittaker, Rebecca 512-V3
Whittaker, Virginia M. 584-V3
Whitten, C. W. 642-V3
Whitten, I. C. 642-V3
Whitten, Wayne Russel 642-V3
Whittley, Birdie 584-V3
Whittley, Winnie 584-V3
Whitwell, Betty L. 688-V3
Whree, Hannah Freeman 497-V3
Whytal, Ambrose 207-V2
Whytal, child 209-V2
Whytal, Helen 207-V2
Whytal, Joseph 207-V2
Wiard, Patience Belle 55-V3
Wickbom, Charles 416-V3
Wickstrom, Earnest E. 207-V2
Wickstrom, I. Marie Pollard 207-V2
Widder, Geo. Albert 353-V3
Widder, Ida Shannon 353-V3
Widener, Cheryl L. 664-V3
Widener, Jean Jackson 664-V3
Wieble, Fannie 237-V3
Wiest, Anna 110-V3
Wiest, Inez C. 112-V3
Wiest, James J. 110-V3
Wiest, Jimmie 110-V3
Wiest, Wm. Albert 112-V3
Wigfall, baby son 159-V2
Wigfall, Jennie 159-V2
Wigfall, Thomas 159-V2
Wiggin, Myrtle C. 2-V2
Wiggin, William H.(Pop) 2-V2
Wiggin, Wm. T. 2-V2
Wiggins, Martha 597-V3
Wigley, Lewis 95-V1
Wilber, Pauline D. 333-V3
Wilbur, Kevin Gene 688-V3
Wilbur, Maude M. 688-V3
Wilburn, Geo. W. 640-V3
Wilburn, Harlan E. 640-V3
Wilburn, Ina 640-V3
Wilburn, Inez D. 688-V3
Wilburn, Maude 640-V3
Wilburn, V. Tine 640-V3
Wilburn, William R. 688-V3
Wilcox, Aerial A. 604-V3
Wilcox, Celia J. 604-V3
Wilcox, Charity 402-V3
Wilcox, Glenn C. 191-V3
Wilcox, H. 184-V1
Wilcox, Ida L. 184-V1
Wilcox, John T. 604-V3
Wilcox, Margaret 191-V3
Wilcox, Nadine M. 56-V1
Wilcox, Ora E. 56-V1
Wilcox, Perry 184-V1
Wilcox, Ray B. 578-V3
Wilcox, Sarah P. 604-V3
Wilcox, William 572-V3
Wilcox, William H. (two entries) 604-V3
Wilcoxen, Elmer Lee 53-V1
Wilcoxen, R. T. 53-V1
Wilderson, Frank 154-V1
Wilderson, infant 154-V1
Wildon, Edward 149-V3
Wiley, Abraham Franklin 61-V2
Wiley, Ethelyn 175-V3
Wiley, H. L., Sr. 173-V3
Wiley, Wm. Brooks Jo 160-V3
Wilgus, A. , 450-V3, 451-V3
Wilgus, A. P. 450-V3
Wilgus, Alfred 451-V3
Wilgus, Almarinda (two entries) 451-V3
Wilgus, Bessie M. 109-V1
Wilgus, C. L. 563-V3
Wilgus, Dave 353-V3
Wilgus, F. M. 405-V3
Wilgus, George Ann 405-V3
Wilgus, Ida 450-V3
Wilgus, Ruth Jane 451-V3
Wilgus, Una 451-V3
Wilgus, W. A. 451-V3
Wilhelm, Ellen Peeper 100-V2
Wilhoit, Cecile M. 249-V1
Wilhoit, Robert L. 249-V1
Wilhoit, Roberta 249-V1
Wilhoite, Emma L. 51-V2
Wilhoite, Ethel Marion 50-V2
Wilhoite, Fred 51-V2
Wilhoite, John 50-V2, 664-V3
Wilhoite, John R. 664-V3
Wilhoite, Laverne V. 50-V2
Wilhoite, Lee T. 51-V2
Wilhoite, Lucy M. 50-V2
Wilhoite, Martha J. 51-V2
Wilhoite, Mathew William 51-V2
Wilhoite, Newton 51-V2
Wilhoite, Noble D. 51-V2
Wilhoite, Robert Van 51-V2
Wilhoite, Shirley Ann 573-V3
Wilhoite, Wm. 50-V2
Wilke, August 91-V1
Wilke, Charles E. 116-V2
Wilke, Christopher H. 79-V2
Wilke, Dora E. 116-V2
Wilke, Ella 79-V2
Wilke, Fred 79-V2
Wilke, Herman 128-V1
Wilke, Homer F. 79-V2
Wilke, Marvin 191-V1
Wilke, Minnie 128-V1
Wilkens, Doris Ann 24-V1
Wilkens, Johann 29-V1
Wilkerson, William 688-V3
Wilkie, Herman F. 660-V3
Wilkie, Margaret B. 660-V3
Wilkins, Hilda W. 169-V3
Wilkins, infant daughter 558-V3
Wilkins, Joseph Roy 169-V3
Wilkinson, Ella M. 51-V3
Wilkinson, Ermyl F. 229-V3
Wilkinson, Fred V. 51-V3
Wilkinson, Harry L. 51-V3
Wilkinson, Inez 51-V3
Willard, Robert L. 666-V3
Willey, Dona Millan 688-V3
Willhoite, (first name unknown) wife of L. G. 640-V3
Willhoite, A. T. 74-V1
Willhoite, B. Lucille 688-V3
Willhoite, Elsie N. 640-V3
Willhoite, Geo. 640-V3
Willhoite, Laura Batsen 688-V3
Willhoite, Lycurgus G. 640-V3
Willhoite, Mary Luella 688-V3
Willhoite, Mary M. 495-V3
Willhoite, Mrs. S. C. 688-V3
Willhoite, Reuben S. 640-V3
Willhoite, S. A. 640-V3
Willhoite, Sam 640-V3
Willhoite, Sarah E. 640-V3
Willhoite, W. H. 495-V3
Willhoite, Wayne 688-V3

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