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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Williams to Woehl


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Williams, (first name unknown) 210-V2
Williams, A. M. cemetery record
Williams, Agnes 379-V3
Williams, Alfred Edwin 192-V3
Williams, Alice 234-V1
Williams, Alice M. 688-V3
Williams, Anna 132-V2
Williams, Anna E. 153-V3, 185-V3
Williams, Anna M. 533-V3
Williams, Arthur B. 94-V2
Williams, Arthur P. 107-V2
Williams, baby 236-V1, 559-V3
Williams, Belle M. 85-V2
Williams, Benjamin H. 575-V3
Williams, Bertie E. 171-V3
Williams, Blanche O. 94-V2
Williams, Capatola 597-V3
Williams, Carl 437-V3, 546-V3
Williams, Carlos Leroy 640-V3
Williams, Catherine F. 122-V3
Williams, Catherine Lynne 366-V3
Williams, Charles L. 103-V2
Williams, Charley R. 77-V1
Williams, Chas B. 114-V1
Williams, child 571-V3, 576-V3
Williams, Clara B. 266-V3
Williams, Clarence A. 379-V3
Williams, Clyde 547-V3
Williams, Cordelia B. 604-V3
Williams, Corine M. 217-V3
Williams, Dan F. 166-V3
Williams, David S. 24-V3
Williams, Deborah A. 116-V1
Williams, E. C. W. cemetery record
Williams, Earl F. 266-V3
Williams, Edna Jane 236-V1
Williams, Edna L. 280-V3
Williams, Edward E. 174-V3
Williams, Edward G. 41-V3
Williams, Effie 351-V3
Williams, Elmer N. 117-V2
Williams, Elza L. 351-V3
Williams, Enid F. 27-V2
Williams, Ernest H. 280-V3
Williams, Estel I. 166-V3
Williams, Estella Alice 113-V2
Williams, Ethel B. 85-V2
Williams, Evan V. 257-V3
Williams, F. C. 132-V2
Williams, Fannie H. 561-V3
Williams, Fay D. 138-V3
Williams, Ferdinand C. 135-V2
Williams, Francis H. 181-V3
Williams, Frank Leonard 640-V3
Williams, Frank R. 121-V2
Williams, Frankie J. 640-V3
Williams, Fred 117-V2
Williams, Fred 84-V3
Williams, Fred 85-V3
Williams, G. F. 36-V1
Williams, G. K. 102-V2, 597-V3
Williams, G. W. 138-V3
Williams, Geneva M. 604-V3
Williams, Geo. T. 640-V3
Williams, Geo. W. cemetery record
Williams, Georgie cemetery record
Williams, Gerald L. 84-V2
Williams, Gertie 640-V3
Williams, Gladys Brady 497-V3
Williams, Gladys R. 138-V3
Williams, Glen D. 114-V2
Williams, Goldie P. 306-V3
Williams, Guy 78-V2
Williams, Gwen Ellen 107-V2
Williams, H. H. cemetery record
Williams, H. Russell 426-V3
Williams, Harmon J. 77-V1
Williams, Harold D. 314-V3
Williams, Harry A. 688-V3
Williams, Harry Elsworth 438-V3
Williams, Helen L. 185-V3
Williams, Helen Louise 290-V3
Williams, Hildegard E. 29-V3
Williams, Homer A. 113-V2
Williams, Homer L. 236-V1, 85-V2
Williams, Homer W. (Bill) 290-V3
Williams, Ida 223-V1
Williams, Ida Ann 236-V1
Williams, infant 567-V3, 584-V3
Williams, infant daughter 502-V3
Williams, Isabella 94-V2
Williams, J. Fred 85-V3
Williams, J. H. 27-V2
Williams, J. I. 575-V3
Williams, J. P. 234-V1
Williams, James B. 248-V1
Williams, James K. 533-V3
Williams, James Lee 84-V2
Williams, James P. 415-V3
Williams, James T. 604-V3
Williams, Jane 438-V3
Williams, Jane Elizabeth 107-V2
Williams, Jeffrey Dean 141-V1
Williams, Jennie 78-V2
Williams, Jennie B. 257-V3
Williams, Jeremiah Woodrow 415-V3
Williams, Jesse W. 78-V2
Williams, John 223-V1, 351-V3, 640-V3
Williams, John F. 27-V2
Williams, John H. 640-V3, 688-V3
Williams, John J. 4-V2
Williams, John R. (two entries) 379-V3, 604-V3
Williams, John Robert 290-V3
Williams, John W. 306-V3
Williams, Johnnie cemetery record
Williams, Joseph 571-V3
Williams, Joseph Lincoln 236-V1
Williams, Kate 132-V2
Williams, Kathryn 85-V3
Williams, L. D. cemetery record
Williams, Lawrence M. 114-V1
Williams, Leo M. 122-V3
Williams, Leonard 360-V3
Williams, Lester B. 640-V3
Williams, Lethea 584-V3
Williams, Letitia 65-V1
Williams, Lillie E. 604-V3
Williams, Lillie Hayden 27-V2
Williams, Lloyd E. 217-V3
Williams, Lorenzo 146-V3
Williams, Losady 236-V1
Williams, Lottie Belle 546-V3
Williams, Louisa 584-V3
Williams, Louise Ringer (two entries) 546-V3
Williams, Lucelia 539-V3
Williams, Lucy A. 135-V2
Williams, Lucy Daisy Vanderhoof 502-V3
Williams, Lusher S. 600-V3
Williams, Lyman E. 405-V3
Williams, M. 567-V3
Williams, M. Bernece 600-V3
Williams, M. J. 94-V2
Williams, Maggie M. 604-V3
Williams, Magnolia 640-V3
Williams, Mahala 571-V3
Williams, Malvina Childs 443-V3
Williams, Margaret 146-V3
Williams, Margaret Ann 29-V3
Williams, Margaret D. 167-V3
Williams, Marian E. 121-V2
Williams, Mark F. 84-V3
Williams, Martha 509-V3
Williams, Martha J. 24-V3
Williams, Mary 136-V1, 84-V3
Williams, Mary Alice 65-V1
Williams, Mary E. 27-V2
Williams, Mary Jones 107-V2
Williams, Mary L. 103-V2, 152-V3
Williams, Mary Shaw 47-V3
Williams, Mattie 575-V3
Williams, Michael Edward 141-V1
Williams, Michael Jason 20-V2
Williams, Minnie 561-V3, 640-V3
Williams, Minnie A. 181-V3
Williams, Minnie S. 138-V3
Williams, N. H. 509-V3
Williams, N. J. 116-V1
Williams, Nancy 561-V3
Williams, Nancy V. 415-V3
Williams, Nathan 116-V1
Williams, Neal 640-V3
Williams, Nellie 234-V1, 499-V3
Williams, Newt 575-V3
Williams, Noma Day 214-V1
Williams, Nora (Lenora) 117-V2
Williams, Orel R. 490-V3
Williams, Orran 442-V3
Williams, Orren 236-V1
Williams, Ozie E. 490-V3
Williams, Parmelia J. Miller 136-V1
Williams, Patrick R. L. 661-V3
Williams, Pearl 584-V3
Williams, Perry E. 584-V3
Williams, Peter F. 173-V1
Williams, Phebe 529-V3
Williams, Pleasant G. 185-V3
Williams, R. E. (Dick) 185-V3
Williams, R. J. 567-V3
Williams, Rachel Ann 236-V1
Williams, Rachel B. 415-V3
Williams, Raleigh Lee 663-V3
Williams, Ralph F. 379-V3
Williams, Raymond A. 113-V2
Williams, Rebecca 379-V3
Williams, Robert Frank 546-V3
Williams, Robert Lee 119-V2
Williams, Rockwell 146-V3
Williams, Rose Ann 114-V1
Williams, Rosie M. 166-V3
Williams, Ruth E. 166-V3
Williams, S. F. 547-V3
Williams, Sadie 360-V3
Williams, Sam 33-V3
Williams, Sarah 84-V3, 85-V3
Williams, Sarah A. 547-V3
Williams, Sarah F. 102-V2
Williams, Sarah H. 248-V1, 640-V3
Williams, Smith 153-V3
Williams, Thelma L. 84-V2
Williams, Thelma R. 113-V2
Williams, Thomas E. 604-V3
Williams, Thomas J. 604-V3
Williams, Treva J. 314-V3
Williams, W. A. 502-V3
Williams, Wesley 152-V3
Williams, Winnie 1-V2, 4-V2
Williams, Zula 584-V3
Williamson, A. M. 147-V3
Williamson, Alice 147-V3
Williamson, Almyra L. 147-V3
Williamson, Birdie L. 57-V2
Williamson, Carney J. 15-V1
Williamson, Clarence 147-V3
Williamson, Edna M. 291-V3
Williamson, Elizabeth M. 402-V3
Williamson, Emma 147-V3
Williamson, Everett C. 57-V2
Williamson, F. M. 147-V3
Williamson, Francis 147-V3
Williamson, Harold 147-V3
Williamson, Homer E. 291-V3
Williamson, John cemetery record
Williamson, John T. 402-V3
Williamson, M. F. 147-V3
Williamson, Marian cemetery record
Williamson, Marion 147-V3
Williamson, Nellie 147-V3
Williamson, Nora M. 15-V1
Williamson, Stella 147-V3
Williamson, Vernon E. 56-V2
Williar, C. C. 93-V2
Williar, C. F. 72-V2
Williar, C. R. 19-V2
Williar, Ethal 82-V2
Williar, G. R. 19-V2
Williar, J. Earl 72-V2
Williar, Jane E. Schultz 93-V2
Williar, Jennie 19-V2
Williar, Minnie A. 72-V2
Williar, Omer M. 19-V2
Williar, Reuben Shults 82-V2
Williar, Theodosia 72-V2
Williar, Virginia Lovett 19-V2
Williard, George Woodrow 119-V3
Williard, Gladys M. 119-V3
Williard, Harold 93-V2
Williford, Freeman 572-V3
Williford, Ida M. 412-V3
Williford, J. C. 412-V3
Williford, Martha 550-V3
Willis, Albert C. 268-V3
Willis, Beryl E. 268-V3
Willis, Carnissa E. 107-V2
Willis, Dagney 190-V3
Willis, Irene H. 367-V3
Willis, Jeffrey L. 122-V3
Willis, Letta 191-V3
Willis, Lillian K. 191-V3
Willis, M. D. 99-V1
Willis, Percy 190-V3, 191-V3
Willis, Robert John 190-V3
Willis, Sandra Sue 368-V3
Willis, William E. 368-V3
Willoughby, A. 29-V2
Willoughby, Alexander 34-V2
Willoughby, Blanche 34-V2
Willoughby, Clark H. 34-V2
Willoughby, Dovie 34-V2
Willoughby, Eck 64-V2
Willoughby, M. A. 29-V2
Willoughby, Mary A. 34-V2
Willoughby, Nora Mae 293-V3
Wills, Andrew Ray 220-V3
Wills, Chelsea L. 394-V3
Wills, Dawn L. 279-V3
Wills, F. A. 494-V3
Wills, Gary 279-V3
Wills, Ida M. 494-V3
Wills, Ida Mariah 495-V3
Wills, J. W. 194-V1
Wills, James V. 394-V3
Wills, Janice 279-V3
Wills, Margaret 113-V2
Wills, Mervil Deane 494-V3
Wills, Oliver 394-V3
Wilmurth, Billy F new record Wilmurth, Cynthia A new record Wilson, A. 251-V1
Wilson, Ada May 354-V3
Wilson, Albert 188-V1, 585-V3
Wilson, Alice 50-V1
Wilson, Alice C. 70-V2
Wilson, Alice Rowe 150-V3, cemetery record
Wilson, Alva M. 688-V3
Wilson, Alva M., Jr. 688-V3
Wilson, Alvin 391-V3
Wilson, Anna 585-V3
Wilson, Anna Keefover 18-V2
Wilson, Anna May 376-V3
Wilson, Arthur A. 188-V1
Wilson, Arthur L. 306-V3
Wilson, Audrey F. 50-V1
Wilson, B. Franklin 56-V3
Wilson, baby 565-V3
Wilson, Ben V. 50-V2
Wilson, Bertha M. 106-V2
Wilson, Bertie 61-V1, 653-V3
Wilson, Bessie Jacobs 491-V3
Wilson, Bill D. 372-V3
Wilson, Bulah May 192-V1
Wilson, C. P. 56-V3
Wilson, C. T. 251-V1
Wilson, Caroline 585-V3
Wilson, Caroline C. 121-V1
Wilson, Carolyn 372-V3
Wilson, Charles L. 519-V3
Wilson, Charles Leonard 50-V2
Wilson, Charles Roderick 677-V3
Wilson, Charley L. 50-V2
Wilson, Christopher 251-V1
Wilson, Claud 80-V1
Wilson, Clella 149-V3, cemetery record
Wilson, Comet 391-V3
Wilson, D. 251-V1
Wilson, D. B. 538-V3
Wilson, Daniel 144-V3
Wilson, David 251-V1, new record 2006
Wilson, David A. 112-V2
Wilson, David Frank 106-V2
Wilson, David, Sr. 112-V2
Wilson, Donald R. 355-V3, 653-V3
Wilson, Dora A. 46-V2
Wilson, Earl G. 86-V1
Wilson, Ed H. 150-V3, cemetery record
Wilson, Edward 149-V3, 150-V3, cemetery record 1, cemetery record 2
Wilson, Eileen Morrison 167-V2
Wilson, Eliza J. 518-V3
Wilson, Elizabeth 192-V1, 151-V2, 306-V3
Wilson, Elizabeth C. 50-V2
Wilson, Elizabeth Danahy 141-V2
Wilson, Ella 354-V3
Wilson, Elsie M. 281-V3
Wilson, Elsie Mae 30-V3
Wilson, Elsie Ruth 61-V1
Wilson, Emma 61-V1, 653-V3
Wilson, Emma R. 61-V1
Wilson, Eugene 150-V3, cemetery record
Wilson, F. G. 86-V1
Wilson, Fannie (?) 147-V1
Wilson, Fannie 147-V1
Wilson, Flora Luella 192-V1
Wilson, Florence 56-V3
Wilson, Frances A. 123-V2
Wilson, Frank 149-V3, 577-V3
Wilson, Frank Wise 106-V2
Wilson, G. W. 46-V2
Wilson, George L. 281-V3
Wilson, George T. 251-V1
Wilson, George W. 55-V2
Wilson, Gladys Marie 188-V1
Wilson, Granby 570-V3
Wilson, Granville N. 585-V3
Wilson, Hannah E. 192-V1
Wilson, Hannah Elizabeth 56-V3
Wilson, Harold E. 354-V3
Wilson, Harold H. 600-V3
Wilson, Harry I. 117-V3
Wilson, Harry L. 80-V1
Wilson, Hazel D. 188-V1
Wilson, Helen A. 44-V3
Wilson, Herbert E. 61-V1
Wilson, I. H. 348-V3
Wilson, Ida O. 80-V1
Wilson, infant son 150-V3, cemetery record
Wilson, Isabell 121-V1
Wilson, J. W. 141-V2
Wilson, Jack J. 70-V2
Wilson, James 66-V1
Wilson, James H. 55-V2
Wilson, Jane Taylor 251-V1
Wilson, Jesse A. 376-V3
Wilson, Jessie M. 117-V3
Wilson, John B. 640-V3
Wilson, John H. 518-V3
Wilson, John, Sr. 518-V3
Wilson, Josiah 121-V1
Wilson, Kenneth 662-V3
Wilson, Kittie C. 170-V3
Wilson, LaSelle 50-V1
Wilson, Leila M. 518-V3
Wilson, Lester 50-V1
Wilson, Lewis 354-V3
Wilson, Lillie Roberta 643-V3
Wilson, Lincoln 150-V3, cemetery record
Wilson, Lloyd F. 354-V3
Wilson, Louisa Bendorf 70-V2
Wilson, Lucille M. 354-V3
Wilson, Lydia 688-V3
Wilson, M. E. 251-V1
Wilson, Maggie 306-V3
Wilson, Maggie E. 50-V2
Wilson, Mamie Maryestelle 50-V2
Wilson, Marie Therese 588-V3
Wilson, Margaret 585-V3
Wilson, Marvin E. 688-V3
Wilson, Mary 150-V3, 391-V3, 579-V3, cemetery record
Wilson, Mary A. 25-V3
Wilson, Mary E. (2 entries) 112-V2
Wilson, Mary H. 355-V3
Wilson, Mary J. 144-V3
Wilson, May 150-V3, cemetery record
Wilson, Mayme M. 50-V2
Wilson, Michael Joseph 220-V3
Wilson, Minnie F. 105-V2
Wilson, Morgan 439-V3, 440-V3
Wilson, Mrs, N. 584-V3
Wilson, Ned L. 50-V2
Wilson, Norma 688-V3
Wilson, Olive 441-V3
Wilson, Olive Murray 439-V3
Wilson, Paul Ray 61-V1
Wilson, Phon K. 112-V2
Wilson, Pleasant F. 46-V2
Wilson, Ralph 16-V3
Wilson, Ray Wilber 80-V1
Wilson, Rebecca 121-V1
Wilson, Retta A. 348-V3
Wilson, Richard 56-V3
Wilson, Robert A. 192-V1
Wilson, Robert G. 50-V2, 663-V3
Wilson, Robert L. 61-V1
Wilson, Robert M. 44-V3
Wilson, Roy 306-V3
Wilson, Royla J. 50-V2
Wilson, Ruby 86-V1
Wilson, Sarah Ann 640-V3
Wilson, Sarepta F. 600-V3
Wilson, Stella M. 55-V2
Wilson, Susanna 538-V3
Wilson, T. Scott 123-V2
Wilson, Terri Rae 261-V3
Wilson, Thomas M. 192-V3
Wilson, W. H. 192-V1
Wilson, William 585-V3, 689-V3
Wilson, William H. 56-V3
Wilson, William S. 25-V3
Wilson, William W. 170-V3
Wilson, Winifred 50-V1
Wilson, Wm. Alex 80-V1
Wilson, Wm. J. E. 25-V3
Wilt, Dora 188-V3
Wilt, Edward 215-V3
Wilt, Henry B. 188-V3
Wilt, Lawrence 188-V3
Wilt, R. Louise 215-V3
Wilton, Joseph W. 461-V3
Wilton, Mary E. V. 461-V3
Wimbush, John 488-V3
Winchel, Wilbur 166-V3
Winchell, John 241-V1
Winchell, Kate 241-V1
Winchell, Verna Beard 241-V1
Windisch, Belle 111-V2
Windisch, C. J. 111-V2
Windisch, Clarence J. 69-V2
Windisch, daughter (2 entries) 111-V2
Windisch, Della B. 115-V2
Windisch, Esther 110-V2
Windisch, Florence 110-V2
Windisch, Floyd 111-V2
Windisch, Frank 113-V2
Windisch, Fred W. 116-V2
Windisch, George A. 115-V2
Windisch, Grace 116-V2
Windisch, Harry E. (A?) 113-V2
Windisch, John 165-V2
Windisch, John P. 125-V3
Windisch, Joseph 111-V2, 164-V2
Windisch, Laura 111-V2
Windisch, Maggie M. 114-V2
Windisch, Mary 110-V2
Windisch, Mrs. Joe 165-V2
Windisch, Norene 111-V2
Windisch, Ora A. 113-V2
Windisch, T. Belle 69-V2
Windisch, Theresa A. 164-V2
Windisch, William H. 114-V2
Windish, Richard Allen 119-V2
Windler, Albert 359-V3
Windler, Alva E. 127-V3
Windler, Bertha 359-V3
Windler, Dale L. 127-V3
Windler, Elizabeth 29-V1
Windler, Emelie 30-V1
Windler, Emery H. 127-V3
Windler, Frances E. 127-V3
Windler, Harold 649-V3
Windler, Heinry 29-V1
Windler, Herman 30-V1
Windler, Ida M. 127-V3
Windler, Katharina 24-V1
Windler, Lean 34-V1
Windler, Leon L. 127-V3
Windler, Loren Lee 127-V3
Windler, Mary F. 127-V3
Windler, Max M. 127-V3
Windler, Maxine 359-V3
Windler, Nancy Jane 127-V3
Windler, Rose M. 127-V3
Windler, Sadie E. 658-V3
Windler, Susan E. 282-V3
Windler, Wilbur L. 282-V3
Windler, William Henry 28-V1
Windsor, Anna 532-V3
Windsor, Bart 569-V3
Windsor, infant 569-V3
Windsor, Ruth 569-V3
Windsor, Walter 569-V3
Wineland, Urless 140-V1
Winfield, George W. 205-V3
Winfield, Lula May 205-V3
Wing, Art 570-V3
Wing, children 570-V3
Wing, Nettie 584-V3
Wing, Olive L. 172-V1
Wingate, George F. 23-V1
Wingert, Cassie Elenor 141-V2
Wingert, daughter 144-V2, 149-V2
Wingert, Ella 142-V2
Wingert, Ethel 149-V2
Wingert, F. W. 144-V2
Wingert, G. A. 149-V2
Wingert, Harry 144-V2
Wingert, Homer 144-V2
Wingert, J. B. 130-V2
Wingert, J. H. 509-V3
Wingert, Jacob 144-V2
Wingert, Joseph 141-V2
Wingert, Katie A. 141-V2
Wingert, Katie B. 133-V2
Wingert, L. B. 144-V2
Wingert, Mable A. 149-V2
Wingert, Mae 133-V2
Wingert, Mary 144-V2
Wingert, Mary E. 511-V3
Wingert, Oliver B. 133-V2
Wingert, Pauline 149-V2
Wingert, Peter N. 141-V2
Wingert, Ralph 128-V2
Wingert, Sadie 509-V3
Wingert, W. B. 149-V2
Wingert, Wm. W. 141-V2
Wingfield, Anna M. 223-V3
Wingfield, Charles 133-V3
Wingfield, Cynthia 54-V3
Wingfield, Hermon R. 132-V3
Wingfield, L. E. 54-V3
Wingfield, Melvina May 132-V3
Wingfield, N. E. 132-V3
Wingfield, Nancy E. 50-V3
Wingfield, O. D. 132-V3
Wingfield, Oby D. 50-V3
Wingfield, William E. 223-V3
Winghert, J. H. 511-V3
Wingrove, B. 85-V2
Wingrove, Eunis 85-V2
Wingrove, Helen 85-V2
Wingrove, M. 85-V2
Wingrove, Manda J. 85-V2
Wingrove, Stella M. 85-V2
Wingrove, Willie L. 85-V2
Winkle, Wayne Lloyd 560-V3
Winkler, Amanda 18-V2
Winkler, Bessie F. 15-V2
Winkler, Charles H. 16-V2
Winkler, Dorothy Lee 21-V2
Winkler, Emma M. 16-V2
Winkler, Eugene 21-V2
Winkler, infant 17-V2
Winkler, J. Garrett 329-V3
Winkler, Jeannie L new record 1991
Winkler, Landon C. 18-V2
Winkler, Landon S. 15-V2
Winkler, Ralph A new record
Winkler, Sam 17-V2
Winkler, Sarah Eleanor 329-V3
Winkler, Silas H. 16-V2
Winkler, Theris E. 668-V3
Winkler, Wayne Lloyd 329-V3
Winkler, Winfred W. 668-V3
Winkler, Woodrow 298-V3
Winkler, Zora Lee 298-V3
Winn, Abraham C. 640-V3
Winn, Louisa M. 640-V3
Winship, Riley 584-V3
Winslow, Alex W. 337-V3
Winslow, Anna Mae 337-V3
Winslow, Mary 204-V3
Winsor, Anna 532-V3
Winterhawler, (first name unknown) 584-V3
Winters, baby 182-V2
Winters, Candacy E. 600-V3
Winters, Clarence A. 231-V3
Winters, Douglas D. 267-V3
Winters, Florence M. 182-V2
Winters, Harry E. 190-V3
Winters, James E. 231-V3
Winters, James L. 600-V3
Winters, John H. 182-V2
Winters, Lantson E. 231-V3
Winters, Mabel J. 231-V3
Winters, Mary M. 190-V3
Winterscheid, Elmer J. 100-V3
Winterscheid, Norman H. 100-V3
Winterscheid, Velma P. 100-V3
Winton, Greg C. 269-V3
Winton, Joe Benjamin 269-V3
Wirebaugh, Eliza A. 524-V3
Wirebaugh, J. F. 524-V3
Wise, Amy Lavena 112-V2
Wise, Arvilla 315-V3
Wise, Bessie 86-V2
Wise, Clifford Starry 113-V2
Wise, Earl W. 324-V3
Wise, Eldon 86-V2
Wise, Elizabeth 38-V1
Wise, Ethel Pauline 113-V2
Wise, Frank 252-V1, 395-V3
Wise, G. W. 38-V1
Wise, Geo. 252-V1
Wise, Glen 86-V2
Wise, Glenn E. 168-V2
Wise, Harvey 99-V2
Wise, Helen M. 168-V2
Wise, Howard 294-V3
Wise, Issac 86-V2
Wise, Jacob 155-V2
Wise, Jeremiah 220-V1
Wise, Mabel B. 294-V3
Wise, Margaret A. 155-V2
Wise, Mary 252-V1
Wise, Mary Adeline Blair 395-V3
Wise, Maude S. 86-V2
Wise, Minnie A. 38-V1
Wise, Nellie 395-V3
Wise, Opal 99-V2
Wise, Raymond 112-V2
Wise, Rhoda Ann 220-V1
Wise, Robert Ray 99-V2
Wise, Rosa 38-V1
Wise, Vera 294-V3
Wise, W. H. 395-V3
Wise, Walter 315-V3
Wise, William W. 220-V1
Wiseman, Aino Dryden 5-V2
Wiseman, Dorothy Louise 136-V2
Wiseman, Emma Lou 127-V2
Wiseman, Eunice Edna 127-V2
Wiseman, Evelyn S. 182-V3
Wiseman, Fannie B. 689-V3
Wiseman, Fannie Brown McCormick 640-V3
Wiseman, Flavius Josephus, Jr. 166-V2
Wiseman, Florence M. 81-V1
Wiseman, Howard 182-V3
Wiseman, Ivan Wally 127-V2
Wiseman, James F. 641-V3
Wiseman, James F. 689-V3
Wiseman, James S.(Pete) 127-V2
Wiseman, Jesse E. 287-V3
Wiseman, Mabel C. 287-V3
Wiseman, Mary 689-V3
Wiseman, Mary Dell 641-V3
Wiseman, Max 136-V2
Wiseman, Pearl M. 80-V1
Wiseman, W. J. 80-V1
Wiseman, William 689-V3
Wiseman, William J. 81-V1
Wiseman, Wm. Henry 640-V3
Wishropp, Adolph 350-V3
Wishropp, Augusta 350-V3
Wishropp, children 565-V3
Wishropp, James 565-V3
Wishy, Mrs. 580-V3
Witherspoon, Mary 468-V3
Witt, Beryl R. 14-V2
Witt, Caroline 24-V1
Witt, Claude Ford 30-V3
Witt, Darley 48-V1
Witt, Donald 16-V2
Witt, Donald W new record 1993
Witt, Edith 73-V1
Witt, Ernestine 16-V2
Witt, Fred 48-V1
Witt, girl 108-V2
Witt, Herman 24-V1
Witt, Irwin C. 16-V2
Witt, Jack 16-V2
Witt, Jason W. new record 1992
Witt, Jesse V. Weaver 58-V2
Witt, Katherine F. 16-V2
Witt, Kenneth B. 14-V2
Witt, Lenora 14-V2
Witt, Mamie 73-V1
Witt, Opal V. 16-V2, 662-V3
Witt, Robert L. 108-V2
Witt, Ronald 48-V1
Witt, Vina 30-V3
Witt, W. S. 73-V1
Witt, Walter S. 16-V2
Witt, William P. 16-V2
Witter, Alice 185-V1
Witter, Anna 641-V3
Witter, Anna Mae 190-V1
Witter, Annie 689-V3
Witter, Dora 185-V1
Witter, Elizabeth A. 190-V1
Witter, Freddie G. 185-V1
Witter, Geo. W. 641-V3
Witter, George W. 689-V3
Witter, H. Leslie 190-V1
Witter, Ida E. 186-V1
Witter, J. E. 183-V1
Witter, J. Edgar 183-V1
Witter, James 186-V1
Witter, John (2 entries) 185-V1
Witter, Leslie 183-V1
Witter, Patsy 185-V1
Wittig, infant 578-V3
Wittig, Norman Lee 578-V3
Wittig, Otto 578-V3
Wittig, Otto Lee 578-V3
Wobker, baby 351-V3
Wobker, Candace 208-V3
Wobker, Charles 208-V3
Wobker, Doris P. 207-V3
Wobker, F. Edith 231-V3
Wobker, Flossie E. 135-V2
Wobker, Fred W. 135-V2
Wobker, George A. 231-V3
Wobker, Henry 346-V3
Wobker, infant son 208-V3
Wobker, Jessie May 352-V3
Wobker, Lawrence D. 207-V3
Wobker, Manford A. 207-V3
Wobker, Mary 346-V3
Wobker, Verlie W. 207-V3
Wobker, William 352-V3
Woble, Eva 173-V1
Woehl, Adam D. 295-V3
Woehl, Johanna Louise 295-V3
Woehl, John O. 476-V3

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