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Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, Vol. 2

Wood to Zwiener

Prepared by Sean Furniss, Reston, VA

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Wood, Harry 51p
Wood, Henry F. 77
Wood, Karen Denise 251
Wood, Linda R. Wells 251
Wooddell, Dale 58p
Wooddell, Jan 58p
Woodford, M. E. inside back cover p
Woodliff, Jane 155
Woodman, Charles Kimball 305
Woodman, Delia D. Judson 153, 305
Woodman, George Arthur 305
Woodman, Harriet Louise "Lola" 153
Woodman, Ivey Estelle 153
Woodman, Jennie J. 153, 305
Woodman, John Irwin 305
Woodman, Meribah Brownell 305
Woodman, Morris Addison 153, 305
Woodman, Nannie A. Knepp 305
Woodman, Pearce 153, 305
Woodman, Roxia Blair 153, 305
Woodman, Sylvester 305
Woodring, Mary Ann 301
Woodrome, Evelyn Elaine Hicks 147+p
Woodrome, Gale 147+p
Woodrome, Marcia Dawn 147
Woodrome, Melanie Gale 147
Woodruff, Isaac 305
Woodruff, John 305
Woodruff, Margaret Greene 305
Woodruff, Rosa Jane 305
Woodruff, Rosannah J. Deeds 305
Woodrum, Achills "Kellis" Lee 305
Woodrum, Amanda Jane 215
Woodrum, Amanda Jane Childress 305+p
Woodrum, Anna 215
Woodrum, Beulah 306p
Woodrum, Charles 91
Woodrum, Chester 306p
Woodrum, Eliza Jane Frail 305
Woodrum, Elizabeth 306p
Woodrum, Esther 306+p
Woodrum, Frank 306p
Woodrum, Grace 306p
Woodrum, Harriet Jane 305, 306
Woodrum, James H. 305
Woodrum, John Lee 215, 305+p
Woodrum, Lester 306p
Woodrum, Malinda F. 306
Woodrum, Margaret Wall 305
Woodrum, Martin Thomas 306
Woodrum, Mary "Mamie" McClanahan 305
Woodrum, Mary 89, 91
Woodrum, Mary Elizabeth 306
Woodrum, Missouri Anna 306+p
Woodrum, Mrs. Frank 306p
Woodrum, Nathan Joseph 305
Woodrum, Rachel Emma 306
Woodrum, Richard M. 305
Woodrum, Sarah Margaret 306
Woodrum, Thelma 306
Woodrum, William 306p
Woods, Carol 301
Woods, Cora Bell 105
Woodward, Rachell 165
Woolard, Amanda Melvina 151
Wooton, Nellie 75
Work, Cannie 140
Work, Cannie 255+p
Work, Joseph 140
Workman, Bessie Myrtle Stewart 306
Workman, Earl Franklin 306
Workman, Ernest 74
Workman, Irene Henness 168
Workman, John Calvin 306
Workman, Lamona Ann 240
Workman, Laoma Ann 273+p, 274, 306
Workman, Merle 168, 240
Workman, Merle William 273, 306+p
Workman, Ruby Ishman 306
Workman, Winifred "Irene" Henness 240, 273, 306+p
Worley, J. S. inside back cover p
Worthington, C. C. 91
Worthington, Mae 121
Wren, Charles 88, 89
Wren, Charlie 90
Wren, Clair 72
Wren, Ethel A. 292, 294
Wren, Maude Cornelia 270
Wright, Alice Hampton 117
Wright, Alice Henrietta Tenny 307, 308
Wright, Alice Tenny 239
Wright, Alice Zelphia Hampton 309+p
Wright, Allie 308
Wright, Andrew 308
Wright, Anita 261
Wright, Anita Marie 307+p
Wright, Arland Richardson 309
Wright, Bert 61
Wright, Bertie Nuten 309
Wright, Bessie Virginia 308
Wright, Brian 261
Wright, Brian Clark 307+p
Wright, Cagy Della Harland 309+p
Wright, Carl 47p
Wright, Carl E. 98p, 306p, 307
Wright, Carol 261+p
Wright, Carol Lee 307+p
Wright, Carrie Ann 115
Wright, Carrie Nell 117+p, 216, 309+p
Wright, Charles 239
Wright, Charles Edward 308
Wright, Charles H. 307
Wright, Charles Harris 308
Wright, Chuck 261
Wright, Cliff 2p, 37
Wright, Cliff 333
Wright, Clifford 261
Wright, Clifford 47p
Wright, Clifford C. 239
Wright, Clifford C., Jr. 37, 85, 95, 97, 98, 100, 195, 263, 306p, 307+p
Wright, Clifford C., Sr. 263
Wright, Clifford Charles "Chuck", III 307+p
Wright, Clifford Charles 306, 307+p
Wright, David 45p, 307, 308
Wright, David Oliver 308+p
Wright, David Wayne 150
Wright, Debra Stephens 308
Wright, Dennis Paul 150
Wright, Dorothy Jean 308
Wright, Dorothy RayJean 308
Wright, Dursilla 121
Wright, Elizabeth 269
Wright, Ella 308
Wright, Etta 58
Wright, Etta Barnes 239
Wright, Eva Harper 307
Wright, Evelyn Ruth 306+p, 307
Wright, Irma Marie 239+p, 306+p, 307
Wright, Jeremy 308+p
Wright, Jesse Laughlin 261
Wright, Jessie M. Laughlin 195, 263
Wright, Jessie Marie Laughlin 306p, 307+p
Wright, Jessie Viola 308
Wright, Joanna 308
Wright, John E. 308
Wright, John W. 214
Wright, Julia 47p
Wright, Lauretta Barnes 263
Wright, Lauretta Ima Barnes 306, 307+p
Wright, Leona 256
Wright, Libby 261
Wright, Libby J. 263
Wright, Libby Jean 307+p
Wright, Loretta "Dollie" Dix 306p, 307
Wright, Martha Ellen 309
Wright, Martha Haney 308+p
Wright, Martin Wilbur 309+p
Wright, Nancy Emilie 119
Wright, Nancy Laughlin 214
Wright, Nola Kay 150
Wright, Paul C. 77, 79
Wright, Rachel Blanch 309+p
Wright, Ray 308
Wright, Robert E. 26
Wright, Rosanna Sack 307, 308
Wright, Ruby 309
Wright, Saphrona Alice 309+p
Wright, Sarah Elizabeth 309+p
Wright, Sarah Lou 308+p
Wright, Sarah Simpson 214+p
Wright, Soloman Richardson 309+p
Wright, Solomon 117
Wright, Stella Edith 309+p
Wright, Sue 45p
Wright, Tammy Louise 150
Wright, Valerie Jones 307
Wright, Vena Pauline Hines 150
Wullschleger, Michelle Anne 256
Wycoff, Amanda Jo 131
Wycoff, Curtis Lee 131
Wycoff, Jenny Dawn 131
Wycoff, Letty Renee Crosby 131
Wyman (see also Weyman)
Wyman, Agnes Arvilla De Nise 289
Wyman, Charles Orville 289
Wyman, Elizabeth C. 289
Wyman, Grace N. 289+p, 290, 291
Wyman, Lucy J. 289
Wymon, Grace 55p
Wyrick (surname only) 88
Wysong, C. M. 37
Yackle, Alma Maybelle Collins 128
Yackle, George 128
Yackle, Lena 204
Yackle, Roy 76p
Yaegar, Wilhemia 301
Yarbo, Louise 323
Yearous, Joe 169
Yearous, Naomi Henness 169
Yenni, Carrie Louise 220, 221+p
Yenni, Gotlieb 220, 221
Yenni, Lillie C. Maag 220, 221
Yocam, Bill Dale 309
Yocam, Hellen Barbara Briggs 309
Yocam, Kristy Louise 309+p
Yocam, Michael "Mike" Bruce 309+p
Yocam, Michael 149
Yocam, Patty Feldman 149
Yocam, Patty Louise Feldman 309+p
Yocam, Richard Harrison 309
Yocam, Sara Katherine 309+p
Yocam, Steven Kendal 309
Yocum, Jack 76, 78
Yocum, Leonard R. 77, 79
Yoho, John 22
Yoho, Mr. and Mrs. Peter 22
York, Alma 40p
York, Arnold 91
York, Artemissa 180
York, Bessie 40p
York, Bobby 46p
York, Elizabeth Ann Barthan McColgin 180
York, George 310
York, George A. 309, 310+p
York, Iram B. 180
York, James H. 77
York, Jim 310
York, Junior 125
York, Marjorie Patterson 310
York, Martha 310
York, Mary Lou 310
Yorkey, Frank 87
Yost, Ruby 59
Young, Allen "Buster" 310
Young, Allen "Buster" Johnston 275
Young, Allen J. 77, 79
Young, Alma 212
Young, Angela 227p, 228
Young, Beulah 47p
Young, Connie Holderman Snyder 310
Young, Daniel J. 77, 79
Young, Earl 88
Young, Floyd 40p
Young, Frances Threewit 284
Young, Gage 227p, 228
Young, Harold L. 75
Young, Howard 173
Young, Jason Michael 310+p
Young, Jean 310
Young, Jeff 204
Young, Jeffrey Allen 310+p
Young, Justin 227p, 228
Young, Kenneth 63
Young, Kevin 74
Young, Lois Elaine Manly Light 204, 310+p
Young, Lois Manly 275
Young, Matilda 132
Young, Merle Jean Vest 275
Young, Nancy J. 275
Young, Nathan Allen 310+p
Young, Orpha 40+p
Young, Robert 40p
Young, Sarah Bell 222
Young, Wilma 58p, 63
Young, Winnie 295
Younger, Mabel Frances 161
Younkers, Anthony 71
Yourowquains 261
Yunker, A. F. 73
Zahl, Ronnie 47p
Zahner, Shauna 19p
Zakoura, James 60
Zatho, Eva 175+p
Zebert, August 52p
Zebert, Elsie 52p
Zebert, Erma 52p
Zebert, Harry 14
Zebert, Louis 52p
Zebert, Opal Mills 52p
Zebert, Opal Niles 232
Zebert, Sharon 227
Ziegler, Eli 25
Ziegler, Karl 90
Zimmerman, James 242
Zimmerman, Swanee Louise Powell 242
Zorn, Fred 91
Zschoche, W. 39
Zuber, Patricia Sue 287
Zuel, Claude 73p
Zuel, Don 48p
Zuel, Vada Earleen 155
Zuelsdorf, Beth Marie 146, 147p
Zumbrunnen, Walt 89
Zwiener, Evelyn 224
Zwiener, Gladys Palbot 224
Zwiener, Raymond 224

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