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The History of Our Cradle Land

This index is an alphabetical listing to over 2,000 (1,800 american-european settler, 300 native american) names listed in A Centenary of Catholicity in Kansas 1822-1922, The History of Our Cradle Land (Miami and Linn Counties), Catholic Indian Missions and Missionaries of Kansas, The Pioneers on the Prairies written by Thomas H. Kinsella in 1921.

The number shown is the page number where the name was found in the orginal printed copy, the link will take you to where the name shows up in the corresponding place in the electronic copy. Where pictures are shown the letter p has been added.

Virtually every reference to a native american or american-european settler in the text has been indexed. Where extensive references to a particular individual occur throughout a series of pages, only the first reference to the name may have been indexed. For the priests and sisters of the Catholic Church who are referenced extensively throughout the book, only the primary references to their name were indexed.

There were a number of baptisms and deaths of native americans which were referenced only by an american-european first name in Father Hoecken's diary. None of these names were indexed. The reader is directed to pp 237-244 of The History of the Cradle Land for the complete list which is written in what appears to be a combination of french, english and latin.

The names of native americans were separated to facilitate identification of tribal members for those people researching their native american ancestors. The indexing of native american names was a challenging experience. The names were often spelled in multiple variations, making it difficult to tell whether they were references to the same or different individuals.

Where only american-european first names were given to the children of native americans, the name of their father was used as their surname. Where only native american names were shown, no surnames are shown. In cases where an individual was referenced using a combination of american-eurpopean and native american names, the last native american name was used as a surname. Although many of the names appear to be european French-Canadian names, they were identified in the book as being native americans and are listed as such in this index.

Any errors made in transcribing the names are the responsibility of the compiler, who requests that such errors be brought to his attention.

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