The History of Our Cradle Land
by Thomas H. Kinsella

Transcribed by Sean Furniss

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Eighty years have now passed since the days of Father Hoecken. The ancient race has entirely disappeared and a new people have taken its place. Paola has grown to be a beautiful little city surrounded by well cultivated farms and handsome homesteads. Holy Trinity church stands alone in all its magnificence, shorn of missions and all extraneous incumbrances, free of debt, with school and pastoral residence in keeping. Father Domann is, therefore, the pastor of Paola proper. He has been chosen for this position on account of his excellent quality of head and heart and because of his success in the former parishes of Burlington and Westphalia.

He was born at Winchester, Kas., in the parish of Corpus Christi, Mooney Creek, on the 13th of January 1871. He was sent to St. Joseph's school at Leavenworth for his early training and there received his first Holy Communion in 1884. He went to St. Meinrad's College, Indiana, in 1888, and the following year entered St. Benedict's College, at Atchison. In 1894 he began his theological studies at Kenrick Seminary, St. Louis, and was ordained by Rt. Rev. L. M. Fink, O. S. B., the 21st of June, 1899. Burlington, Kas., was his first mission. From there he transferred to Westphalia on April 1, 1916, and to Paola April 14, 1919.

Holy Trinity church at once became an object of his zeal and admiration. He engaged some of the finest artists in the United States and had the church frescoed in oil, adorned with hand painted medallions, the pillars done in rich onyx colors and the electric lights augmented and rearranged. The church is now complete and is certainly one of the most beautiful ecclesiastical edifices in the whole state of Kansas. It was reopened Nov. 27, 1919.

On Sept. 10, 1920, Father Domann bought the three lots, 125x175 ft. just across the street, East, from the present school, for play grounds for the children. It is possible that the prospective new school will be built on this plot of ground. The cash price was $1,500.00.


The Altar Society

This organization is the oldest and most honored Society of Holy Trinity church. Its history goes back to the days of Father Wattron, Paola's first resident Catholic pastor who came in 1865.

The beneficent deeds of this society are beyond reckoning. It was organized by the wives and daughters of the first Catholic Settlers of Miami county and the members have inspired every good movement in the long struggle all down the years. The history of the Altar Society is simply the history of Holy Trinity church and more can not be said to add to the glory of this most faithful and most beautiful organization, known as the "Ladies of the Altar Society."

Much fine needlework, lace, and embroidery were destroyed in the fire of 1906. At the present day, however, the new church boasts of an uncommon supply of most splendid handworked Altar cloths and all other Altar linens; of fine Vestments, Copes, Veils, Albs, Surplices and other things which the deft fingers of the Ladies and the Ursuline Sisters freely supplied.

The main Altar is the gift of the Altar Society aided by contributions of $140 from the treasury of the Sewing Society.


The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary was organized in May, 1878, by Father Hurley. During the building of the first brick church the members assisted greatly in raising funds to help pay for it. After Father Hurley was removed it continued to exist but did not flourish until Father Taton came in 1895; he reorganized it under the name of the Immaculate Conception and became affiliated with the Sodality in Rome. After the present church was built, the Sodality bought and paid for the Blessed Virgin Altar which cost $200; a Chalice, $115; also Vestments and Cope amounting in all to about $230. They donated more than $100 to help pay off the church debt. The Sodality has, for years, helped to maintain and augment the library for which $160 has been contributed. The members gave socials and lawn parties for the benefit of the school and in many other ways have helped to improve the social life of the parish as well as its devotional and religious spirit.

Paola, Kas., May 14, 1899.

A Short Sketch of the Apostleship of Prayer League of the Sacred Heart,
Holy Trinity Center, Paola, Kas.

A Diploma of Aggregation to the Apostleship of Prayer was applied for by Rev. J. J. O'Connor in November, 1889, but no steps were taken for the establishment of the League until Mary 17, 1891, when Rev. Father Neusius who was then pastor, after having briefly explained the name, object, practices, and benefits of the Apostleship of Prayer at High Mass, had the first reception of Associates after Mass on the following Sunday; giving each Sunday a little more instructions on the practices and benefits of the League, also explaining and establishing first Fridays and Holy Hour, beginning with the first Friday in June, 1891. On the first Friday in July it was requested that there should be a meeting of the associates the following Sunday to see if they should be organized into bands and promoters appointed on trial.

On Sunday, July 5, 1891, the first band of fifteen was formed with a promoter on trial, and arrangement made for them to receive leaflets also for a box to be placed in the church for leaflets so that those associates who did not belong to the band could help themselves to leaflets.

Father Neusius then being removed was succeeded by Rev. Father Quick who blessed the statue of the Sacred Heart donated by one of the associates and was zealous in promoting devotion to the Sacred Heart and in keeping the First Fridays, but he did not do anything to promote the League as a Local Center, to receive new associates or having promoters.

He was succeeded by Rev. Father Madden, who took no interest in the League although through the zeal of the associates, the first Fridays were kept with the exception of once or twice during his stay.

From June 20, 1893, to October 1, 1893, our parish was visited but once a month by Rev. Father McGuire of Fulton and the first Fridays were missed and the leaflets not received.

Father Burk took charge October 1, 1893, and was making arrangements to renew the work of the League and to appoint new promoters when he was removed. Rev. Father Dornseifer having taken charge October 2, 1894. He soon began to infuse new life into the League and on the First Friday in January, 1895, a number of new associates were received and invested with the badge of the Sacred Heart.

On the first Sunday in January, 1895, the first promoters' council was organized and consisted of the promoter appointed on trial by Rev. Father Neusius and new ones appointed by Father Dornseifer. From that time the promoters' meetings were held every month and the minutes all recorded. Father Dornseifer held the first promoter reception in February, 1895. He was succeeded July 17, 1895, by the Rev. Father Taton under whose diligent care the work of the League has grown until it had at the beginning of the year 1899 a membership of over five hundred associates, eighteen promoters, and seven promoters on trial.

First Promoter of the League of the Sacred Heart, Holy Trinity Center.


Organized May 10, 1894.

Purpose: Furnishing Parochial Residence.


Mrs. Jacob Koehler......President       Mrs. T. T. Kelly......Treasurer
Mrs. J. J. Alton......Secretary

The charter members were:

Mrs. Mary Klassen     Mrs. Henry Allen
Mrs. Peter Keenan     Mrs. Ann Allen
Mrs. B. McCarthy     Mrs. J. J. Alton
Mrs. F. Mallory     Mrs. Marcella Clark
Mrs. A. Nunnick     Mrs. J. Charland
Mrs. F. G. Nolen     Miss Lizzie Clark
Mrs. W. Nalty     Mrs. Wm. Fritz
Mrs. M. J. Pickles     Mrs. Anna Finn
Mrs. Anna Powers     Mrs. J. Fleming
Mrs. B. J. Sheridan     Mrs. Thos. Hogan
Mrs. J. C. Sheridan     Mrs. Alex Hodges
Mrs. A. Strasbaugh     Mrs. J. Koehler
Mrs. A. Vohs     Mrs. T. T. Kelly

The amount taken in by the society has been about $4,250. They first furnished the priest's residence excepting dining-room which was furnished by the young ladies of the parish, and have kept the residence supplied ever since; they paid for the first baptismal font, gave $100 to St. Patrick's school funds when it was being built; $140 for the altar of the new church; helped to pay the debt on the church and helped supply flowers and other things for the altar. They gave $30 to the K. of C. War funds, $20 to the Red Cross and were very active in Red Cross work.


Rev. Father Hurley, when he was here in 1878-82 began collecting books for a Library; when he left not anything more was done about it until 1895.

Rev. Father Taton established "The Sacred Heart Library" December 8th, 1895, with about 136 books collected from the old library and from donations.

The only revenue the library had was about 2 1/2 c a month, or 30c a year from each member of the Young Ladies Sodality, Altar Society, C. M. B. A., Catholic Truth Society and promoters. The C. M. B. A. and T. S. soon ran their course and there were only the Young Ladies' Sodality and Altar Society from which to draw funds. There is now 729 books in the Library; additions being made yearly.

Names of those donating books:

Old Library 25 Mrs. J. Lewis 6
Mr. H. B. Toelle 69 Mr. J. Charland 2
Mr. and Mrs. J. Koehler 11 Mr. R. Collins 5
Mrs. F. Mallory 7 Miss Lizzie Clark 2
Mr. Ed. Powers 1 Mr. Charles May 3
Mrs. Horr 1 Miss Mary McCarthy 6
Mrs. Henry Allen 1 Miss Mary Foster 6
Mrs. B. McCarthy 6 Rev. Father Taton 3
Mrs. Alex Hodges 4    

Yearly report of the Sacred Heart Library.


Received from Altar Society for 1917     $18.00
Received from Young Ladies Sodality for 1917     4.00
Received Back Dues     .50
Balance from last year     4.72
    Total on hand     $27.82
Number of books in Library     729
Number of books drawn in 1917     300
Numbr of new books ordered     40



Paola Council No. 1149.

First Charter was at Osawatomie, Kansas, July 16, 1905, where the initiation took place with a class of 45 candidates. The first Grand Knight was F. S. Goebel; Dep. G. K., W. D. Clarke; Financial Sec., L. L. Herr.

10 Insurance members and 21 associate, or 33 charter members.

On September 9, 1906, the Charter was transferred from Osawatomie No. 1022 to Paola Council No. 1149.

The officers were Grand Knight, F. S. Goebel; Dep. G. K., W. D. Clarke; Financial Sec., L. L. Herr.

1906--Nov. 29 Initiation, 20 members; F. S. Goebel, Grand K.; W. D. Clarke, Dep. G. K.; L. L. Herr, Fin. Sec.

1907--May 20 Initiation, 12 members; F. S. Goebel, Grand K.; W. D. Clarke, Dep. G. K.; T. E. Powers, Fin. Sec.

1908--Nov. 26 Initiation, 19 members; W. D. Clarke, Grand K.; J. W. Churchill, Dep. G. K.; T. E. Powers, Fin. Sec.

1909--Nov. 25 Initiation, 16 members; W. D. Clarke, Grand K.; J. W. Churchill, Dep. G. K.; John McGrath, Fin. Sec.

1910--Nov. 24 Initiation, 20 members; J. W. Churchill, Grand K.; J. F. Sheehy, Dep. G. K.; John McGrath, Fin. Sec.

1911--Nov. 30 Initiation, 16 members; Jas. F. Sheehy, Grand K.; W. B. Brueck, Dep. G. K.; W. J. Sheehy, Fin. Sec.

1912--Nov. 28 Initiation, 12 members; Jas. F. Sheehy, Grand K.; W. B. Brueck, Dep. G. K.; T. E. Schwartz, Fin. Sec.

1913--Nov. 27 Initiation, 13 members; W. B. Brueck, Grand K.; L. J. Finn, Dep. G. K.; T. E. Schwartz, Fin. Sec.

1914--Nov. 26 Initiation, 15 members; T. E. Schwartz, Grand K.; Jas. Neylon, Dep. G. K.; V. M. Hogan, Fin. Sec.

1915--Nov. 26 Initiation, 10 members; L. J. Finn, Grand K.; Jas. Neylon, Dep. G. K.; V. M. Hogan, Fin. Sec.

1916--Nov. 30 Initiation, 15 members; F. T. Johnson, Grand K.; M. J. Becker, Dep. G. K.; W. J. Sheehy, Fin. Sec.

1917--Nov. 29 Initiation, 20 members; T. V. Pendergast, Grand K.; Edward Hogan, Dep. G. K.; W. J. Sheehy, Fin. Sec.

1918--Nov. 28 Initiation, 19 members; T. V. Pendergast, Grand K.; M. J. Becker, Dep. G. K.; W. J. Sheehy, Fin. Sec.


Total Membership in 1918. Insurance   67 
Associate   67 
    154  members
Forty new members were admitted in 1919.     
Twenty-five new members were admitted in 1920.     


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