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List of Officers
Light Horse Company
Miami County

This is an alphabetical index of the names of the people referenced in "Organization of a Light Horse Company, Stanton, March 21st, 1861, which was originally published in the Southern Kansas Herald and reprinted by the Miami County Historical and Genealogy Society in MICOGESOQU, Vol. 6 (1991), No. 2, p. 54.

Photocopies of the page published in MICOGESOQU may be purchased from the Miami County Genealogy Society.

Wilson, D. B. - Captain
Stockwell, G. H. - First Lieutenant
English, G. O. - Second Lieutenant
Martin, W. C. - First Sergeant
Bell, J. F. - Second Sergeant
Stockwell, O. P. - Third Sergeant
Stockwell, W. - First Corporal
Upedegraff, Mark - Second Corporal
Lewis, A. G. - Third Corporal
Wells, Elias - Fourth Corporal
Jenison, J. W. - Musician
Johnson, James - Treasury
Bobdell, D. J. - Secretary

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