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List of Farmers
Miami County

This is an alphabetical index of the names of the people referenced in "Early Settlers Farmers 1883" which was published by the Miami County Historical and Genealogy Society in MICOGESOQU, Vol. 1 (1986), No. 1, p. 4

Photocopies of the page published in MICOGESOQU may be purchased from the Miami County Genealogy Society.

Barker, John 1869 IL
Brown, Levi T. 1871 IN
Chaudoins, John W. 1857 KY
Chiles, James W. 1868 KY
Combs, Jacob 1869 OR
Cooper, J. E. 1865 OH
Crotchett, Lorenzo D. 1869 IL
Cursey, James C. 1870 OH
Dayton, D. Frank 1857 MI
Fellows, Rueben 1866 NY
Flanders, Jacob 1864 OH
Gardner, O. L. 1867 IL
Gasaway, James M. 1858 IN
Grimes, Joseph N. 1872 OH
Hand, George W. 1869 IL
Hand, John W. 1869 IL
Hedrick, Jacob 1868 IL
Heflebower, David 1857 VA
Heflebower, Ezrom 1858 VA
Holden, Thomas 1858 OH
Knight, A. A. 1870 IL
Lantz, William 1869 IL
Latimer, P. F. 1864 MO
Lee, James T. 1869 OH
Lee, Lafayette 1869 OH
Lewis, Thomas P. 1869 IL
Lovett, J. C. 1865 VA
Magruder, W. W. 1869 OH
McKee, S. E. 1869 VA
Miller, Adam 1869 IL
Miller, Joseph 1866 IN
Myers, Simon 1857 OH
Noel, Joseph E. 1877 MO
Norford, N. A. 1876 IL
Phillips, Hiram L. 1877 KY
Ring, Samuel 1867 IL
Ringer, William H. 1868 IL
Robinson, George H. 1866 IL
Rohrer, A. 1868 IL
Rowland, Reuben 1868 IL
Schwartz, Jacob 1860 Ger
Schwartz, William 1860 Ger
Seck, Adam 1861 Ger
Seck, Jacob 1866 Ger
Town, George 1857 IL

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