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Physicians and Accouchurs
Miami Co, Kansas

This is an alphabetical index to the names of Miami County doctors referenced in the "Registers of Physicians and Accourchurs in the State of Kansas" for the years 1885-1887 which was abstracted and published by the Miami County Historical and Genealogy Society in MICOGESOQU, Vol. 3 (1987), No. 1, p. 8.

The information published includes date registered, name of individual, school of practice, place of residence, county, age, years of practice, date completed medical training, current status, where completed studies.

Photocopies of the page published in MICOGESOQU may be purchased from the Miami County Genealogy Society.

Ball, J. A.
Bryan, J. D.
Campbell, F.
Case, S. B.
Castor, J. C.
Coons, J. A.
Day, S. A.
Elliott, C. S.
Fisher, D. S.
Floyd, E. A.
Gossett, J. W.
Haldeman, J. H.
Hamilton, J. A.
Hoagland, E.
Hoover, W. D.
Jacoby, L. M.
Johnson, D. H.
Jones, J. H.
Knapp, A. H.
Malin, D. M.
Manning, Albert
Morrison, J. W.
Mott, D. V.
Osborn, W. F.
Porter, J.
Posell, Thomas
Potter, Amos
Potts, Geo. W.
Poulsen, H. L.
Reichard, A.
Riley, E. M.
Robinson, Geo. W.
Roby, T. A.
Stinson, Edward P.
Taudy, L. W.
Taylor, Mary A.
Walthall, J. D.
White, T.
Willhoite, W. H.

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