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List of Land Owners
Miami County

This is an alphabetical index of the names of some of the people referenced in the 1901 Atlas of Miami Co., KS, which was published by the Miami County Historical and Genealogy Society in MICOGESOQU, Vol. 1 (1986), No. 2, pp. 3-4. Only the names of land owners for Richmond Township were indexed. The other townships are not available in the index at this time. The atlas includes additional information such as the number of acres owned by the individual.

Photocopies of the page published in MICOGESOQU may be purchased from the Miami County Genealogy Society.

Averill, N.
Ayers, Hannah J.
Baird, E. J.
Bank, Wellsville
Batdorf, Della
Bates, Samuel
Beery, C. F.
Bell, Thomas J.
Berry, C. F.
Berry, C. H.
Bivens, T. J.
Bosworth, C.
Bosworth, Clara S.
Brockway, D.
Brockway, J. D.
Bryan, J. M.
Burns, J. A.
Burns, John
Caton, J. H.
Caton, James
Challander, J.
Challender, James
Cherry, J.
Chilton, B.
Christler, M.
Cody, A. O.
Collins, C. F.
Collins, C. J.
Collins, E. A.
Collins, E. M.
Cone, T. B.
Cone, Thomas B.
Coons, H.
Cope, D. P.
Coughlin, J.
Coughlin, M.
Coughlin, Thomas
Cox, E. C.
Dale, S. C.
Dickson, C. M.
Dickson, J. H.
Dickson, M. L.
Dixon, B. F.
Dixon, C. H.
Donahy, E.
Eckerson, H. E.
Elliott, H. C.
Elliott, Joel
Elliott, John
Erskine, M. A.
Evans, Ed
Everett, Mary E.
Fairchild, C. A.
Fairchild, C. H.
Feigler, Fred
Flanagan, Nancy
Gerloc_, W.
Harper, C. S.
Heath, T. R.
Holliday, A.
Holman, R. O.
Holman, W. R.
Keene, J. W.
Keene, W. W.
Keran, A. C.
Knoop, Thomas
Lawrence, Edith
Lidikay, M. W.
Lingle, H. W.
Lingle, Mary
Little, W. D.
Ludwig, P.
Lyons, B.
McKinney, J. C.
McMath, M. L.
McMath, Mary L.
McWilliams, Sarah
Mercer, A. N.
Murphy, Dennis
Murphy, H.
Murphy, John R.
Music, J. T.
Musick, G. H.
Musick, George
Myers, George
Myers, Nelson
Nutt, John F.
Nutt, John
O'Connor, H.
O'Connor, William
Ogle, J. W.
Pflung, Albert C.
Phillips, G. K.
Prather, F. A.
Price, Mary
Prugh, D. G.
Quillan, O. L.
Rigney, J.
Robinson, H. V.
Roland, T. W.
Rowland, W.
Scott, G. W.
Shields, J.
Shields, R. G.
Sleppy, M. A.
Smith, J. A.
Smith, John
Steen, R.
Steen, Robert
Stewart, Martha J.
Talbert, John
Thomas, D. E.
Thomas, Thomas
Thomas, William
Tillotson, no first name listed
Vermillion, J. W.
Walters, J.
Warren, J.
Warren, R.W.
Watkins, C. W.
Wiggins, B.
Wilson, Sarah
Wilson, W. M.
Wingert, E.
Wingert, P. N.
Wolfley, E.
Wolley, Mary

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