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Alien Registration
Miami County

This is an alphabetical index to the names printed in "Registration of Alien 1917-1918" which was published by the Miami County Historical and Genealogy Society in MICOGESOQU, Vol. 7 (1992), No. 4, pp. 24.

The registration list is available on microfilm at the National Archives. The aliens were required to provide a complete family history and physical description. If your ancestor is included in this index, you should consult the National Archives microfilm records for the specific details. A transcription has been prepared by the Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies.

Alpert, Carl Fredrick - Paola
Alpert, Frederike - Paola
Arzberger, Katherine - Paola
Bartz, Emma Clara - Louisburg
Bartz, Herman - Louisburg
Bauer, Anton - Louisburg
Bauer, Helena Frances - Louisburg
Brandt, John - Paola
Brandt, Mette - Paola
Brandt, Rebecak - Paola
Brandt, Richard - Paola
Brecker, Louise - Paola
Brecker, Minnie P. - Paola
Brocker, Carl - Summerset [sic]
Brodman, Theodore - Paola
Clausen, Doris Elizabeth - Paola
Debrick, Gustav - Paola
Freiburg, Henry - Bucyrus
Gerke, Henry - Paola
Gerke, Minnie - Paola
Gerken, Martin - Paola
Goebel, Joseph - Louisburg
Goebel, Sophia - Louisburg
Heinrich (Henry), Margaret - Louisburg
Heinrich (Henry), Michael - Louisburg
Heinrich, Gertrude - Louisburg
Heinrich, John Lawrence - Louisburg
Heinrich, Josephine - Louisburg
Henry, George - Louisburg
Homrighausen, Emma - Paola
Homrighausen, Euphemia - Paola
Homrighausen, Fred - Paola
Homrighausen, George J. - Paola
Homrighausen, Henry - Paola
Hunemeder, Dora - Paola
Hunemorder, Charles - Paola
Johan, Katherena - Paola
Kleiman, Mary Elizabeth - Paola
Klockman, Annie - Osawatomie
Klockman, Herman - Osawatomie
Knocke, John - Paola
Koelsch, Andreas - Paola
Koerner, Christina - Paola
Koerner, Ernest W. - Paola
Kolesch, Frederika Amalie - Paola
Kolesch, John - Paola
Kolesch, Wilhemena - Paola
Kreppel, John - Bucyrus
Mabes, Alvena Margaret - Paola
Mathias, John - Paola
Oberheide, William - Paola
Ohlemeier, margaret - Paola
Ohlmeier, Diedrich - Paola
Ohlmeier, Herman - Paola
Pape, Gesche - Paola
Papst, John H. - Bucyrus
Peine, Mary - Paola
Pfannes, Andrew - Osawatomie
Pfannes, Effie - Osawatomie
Pfannes, Gertrude - Bucyrus
Pfannes, John Anthony - Bucyrus
Pfannes, Valentine - Osawatomie
Prothe, August - Paola
Prothe, John Henry Fred - Paola
Prothe, Katie - Paola
Prothe, Margaret - Paola
Prothe, marie - Paola
Prothe, William - Paola
Reifel, William - Paola
Rudolph, Carl Albert - Paola
Schafges, Clara - Paola
Schafges, Joseph - Paola
Schmidt, Julius - Paola
Schroeder, Henrietta - Paola
Schroeder, Henry - Paola
Schultz, Rosena - Paola
Schweighofer, Gustav Carl - Paola
Seck Mary Gertrude - Bucyrus
Seck, Jacob Nicholas - Bucyrus
Segemeier, Minnie A. - Paola
Siler, Margaret Anna - Bucyrus
Stahl, Catherine - Bucyrus
Stahl, Mollie - Bucyrus
Stahl, Peter Jacob - Bucyrus
Steffen, Anna - Paola
Steffen, Helen - Paola
Steffen, John - Paola
Steffen, Julianna - Paola
Steffen, Reinhart - Paola
Thoden, Henry - Paola
Thoden, Sena - Paola
Tinken, Martin - Paola
Troll, Anthony - Louisburg
Walter, John - Louisburg
Wernicke, Fred (Fritz) - Louisburg
Wernicke, Minna Anna - Louisburg
Zemlin, Aug. Otto Reinhold Ferdinand - Paola

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