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Early Settlers of the
Aubry Stilwell Community
Miami County, KS

This is an alphabetical index of the names of some of the people referenced in the book "The Community of Aubry Stilwell" published by Anita M. Tebbe, pp. 83-84, which was published by the Miami County Historical and Genealogy Society in MICOGESOQU, Vol. 1 (1986), No. 2, pp. 6-7. Only the names shown in this abstract of the publication were indexed. Any other references to individual mentioned in this publication are not included in this index. The abstract includes two printed pages about 6 families reported in the publication, additional notes of Bessie Stevens are included in this abstract.

Photocopies of the page published in MICOGESOQU may be purchased from the Miami County Genealogy Society.

Conboy, Annie Doherty
Doherty, Annie
Doherty, Bridget
Doherty, Edward
Doherty, Ellen Kelly
Doherty, Ellen Paschal
Doherty, Ellen
Doherty, James
Doherty, John
Doherty, Martin
Doherty, Mary
Doherty, Patrick
Doherty, Thomas
Doherty, William
Furthmyer, Anna Stahl
Gangle, Bertha Hirt
Henry, Josephine Vohs
Hirt, Bertha
Hirt, Berthold
Hirt, Dorothy Schwartz Pabst
Hirt, Joseph
Hirt, Rose
Kelly, Ellen
Kelly, Johanna Ryan
Kelly, Michael
Kelly, Philip
McGuirk, Anne E.
Meyer, Catherine Stahl
Miller, Adam
Miller, Albert
Miller, Anne E. McGuirk
Miller, Anthony
Miller, Bernard
Miller, George
Miller, Jacob
Miller, Lawrence
Miller, Peter
Miller, William
Murphy, Mary Doherty
Osborne, Mollie Paschal
Pabst, Adam
Pabst, Dorothy Schwartz
Pabst, Mary
Pabst, William
Papst, Ellen Doherty
Paschal, Ellen
Paschal, Mollie
Ryan, Johanna
Schwartz, Catherine
Schwartz, Dorothy
Schwartz, Jacob
Seuferling, Elizabeth Vohs
Spielbasch, Louise Vohs
Stahl, Anna
Stahl, Catherine Schwartz
Stahl, Catherine
Stahl, Dora (Sister Walburga)
Stahl, Elizabeth
Stahl, Peter, Sr.
Stahl, Peter
Strack, Rose Vohs
Vohs, Albert
Vohs, Bridget Doherty
Vohs, Elizabeth Stahl
Vohs, Elizabeth
Vohs, John
Vohs, Joseph
Vohs, Josephine
Vohs, Louise
Vohs, Mary (Sister Barbara)
Vohs, Mary Pabst
Vohs, Rose Hirt
Vohs, Rose
Vohs, William

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