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History of Louisburg
Index of Names

This is an alphabetical index to the names referenced in the "History of Louisburg" published by the Miami County Historical and Genealogy Society in MICOGESOQU, Vol. 2 (1987), No. 1, pp. 10-11. The information was compiled by Vera Dakin.

Photocopies of the page published in MICOGESOQU may be purchased from the Miami County Genealogy Society.

Boren, W. C.
Boyd, Randolph
Brulman, A.
Bryan, J. D.
Cadwallader, E. F.
Cady, Mrs.
Calahan, Mrs. W. H.
Cashman [surname only]
Chaudoins, John W.
Chaudoins, John
Cott, Antony
Dagnette, Christmas
Doyle, James
Ebbert, D. H.
Edwards, J. M.
Ferrel, Fern
Ferrel, Stella Foster
Fessendon [surname only]
Fessendon, M. A.
Fessendon, Mrs.
Flood [surname only]
Foster, Stella
Foster, W. H.
Goebel, P. W.
Goebel, Peter H.
Hayes, D. W.
Heilser, E. F.
Higgins, Mrs. J. H.
Hupp, P.
James, Mrs. John D.
Kelly, C. L.
Kelly, J. W.
Lawrence, Elmer
Lee, A. W.
Lewis, Tom
McNelly, John
Milby, Mrs.
Miller, Margaret Lee
Moore, Samuel W.
Morgan, J. M.
Myers, Bob
Noland, Mrs. R. S.
Odell, Dr.
Peary, David
Peoria, Baptiste
Phillips, H. L.
Phillips, Hiram L.
Pletcher, Dr.
Pletcher, J. E.
Pletcher, J. H.
Reed [surname only]
Reed, Matt
Richardson, John
Riley, E. W.
Rucker, E. L.
Sanders [surname only]
Sanders, R. W.
Sanders, Robert W.
Saxton, E. M.
Schwartz, Jacob
Schwartz, William
Shannon, H. E.
Shelhammer [surname only]
Shelhammer, J. A.
Sibley, W. J.
Sims, Charles
Skinner, Charles
Steger, Richard F.
Storm [surname only]
Sutton, S. T.
Tawney, W. H.
Towne, Glenn
Tronjo, George
Tronjo, Rachel Prince
Tumbleson, E. M.
Tumelson, F. M.
Wagstaff, W. R.
Walcher, Mrs. S. M.
Weaber, Phil J.
Wells, Mark
Williams, H. A.
Williams, Henry A.
Williams, Homer
Woodrum, Charles
Woodrum, Mary
Wright [surname only]
Wright, David
Wright, Robert A.
Yellow Bear

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