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Miami County Post Offices
Names of First Appointees

This is an alphabetical index to the first appointed postmasters published by the Miami County Historical and Genealogy Society in MICOGESOQU, Vol. 2 (1987), No. 1, p. 3. The information was compiled by Vera Dakin.

Photocopies of the page published in MICOGESOQU may be purchased from the Miami County Genealogy Society.

Ayer, John A. - Fontana P. O.
Brokaw, Peter S. - Somerset P. O.
Carpenter, Ward J. - Jingo P. O.
Conrey, Luther C. - Fontania P. O.
Conrey, Luther C. - Osage P. O.
Cropper, John - Wade P. O.
Cummings, Abner M. - Antioch P. O.
Dutton, William P. - Stanton P. O.
Ellis, John T. - Mt. Nebo P. O.
Gearhart, Joseph M. - Peoria Village P. O.
Gehring, Max - Max P. O.
Greer, Samuel - Osawatomie P. O.
Hardwick, William D. - Novelty P. O.
Hawkins, Daniel - Ross P. O.
Heiskell, William A. - Paola P. O.
Henley, John R. - Amo P. O.
Hepler, Henry - New Lancaster P. O.
Hobart, Mary R. - Pendleton P. O.
Honeywell, William - Miami Village P. O.
Keagy, Sue E. - Whittaker P. O.
Liniger, Henry C. - Duncan P. O.
Magers, John W. - Lodi P. O.
McDaniel, Enos - Midway P. O.
McDowell, Samuel D. - Louisburg P. O.
Miller, Jonathan S. - Lyons P. O.
Miller, Jonathan S. - Saint Marysville P. O.
Moore, Samuel W. - Louisburgh P. O.
Myers, George - Wade's Branch P. O.
Presson, Butler - Pressonville P. O.
Protzman, A. N. - Colombia P. O.
Rice, Henderson - Trenton P. O.
Rohrer, Abraham - Wagstaff P. O.
Rommaun, Matthias - Obrien Station P. O.
Russell, John H. - Chiles P. O.
Shaffer, John M. - Bucyrus P. O.
Smith, Aaron C. - Hillsdale P. O.
Steger, Richard F. - St. Louis P. O.
Stoker, Elias - Rockville P. O.
Tilton, Elijah - Wea P. O.
Van Pelt, Levi A. - Beagle P. O.
White, John W. - Sugar P. O.
Williams, James H. - Tontzville P. O.
Williams, Lewis - Mound Creek P. O.
Yeomans, Edward - Indianapolis P. O.
Yockey, Frank - Block P. O.

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