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Civil War Veterans

This is an alphabetical index to the 1878 list of Civil War veterans participating in the October 1878 reunion of soldiers which was published by The Republican Citizen, Paola, KS, and printed in the Miami County Historical and Genealogy Society in MICOGESOQU, Vol. 6 (1991), No. 4, pp 91-94. The list included the name of the vetran and the name of his military unit.

Photocopies of the pages published in MICOGESOQU may be purchased from the Miami County Genealogy Society. The newspaper microfilm can be ordered through interlibrary loan.

Adair, C. - Co. A, 2nd KS Volunteer Cavalry
Adams, W. - Co. H, 27th OH Volunteer Infantry
Akins, John - Co. A, 7th NY Cavalry
Anderson, S. - Co. G, 16th KS Volunteer Cavalry
Ashton, Charles S. - Co. I, 100th OH Infantry
Ballard, C. K. - Co. A, 50th IL Infantry
Barkalow, G. D. - Co. F, 60th OH Infantry
Bayse, Peter - Co. G, 2nd KS Cavalry
Beck, H. L. - Co. I, 20th IL Infantry
Beets, John - Co. F, 5th KS Infantry
Billings, J. - 2nd IN Volunteer Cavalry
Branch, N. G. - Co. H, 132nd IN Infantry
Burk, W. - Co. C, 16th KS Volunteer Cavalry
Burton, D. N. - Co. C, 160th OH Infantry
Cake, H. M. - Co. A, 65th OH Infantry
Carroll, T. M. - Co. F, 1st VA Veteran Cavalry
Carson, W. A. - Co. D, 12th KS Infantry
Carter, B. F. - Co. F, 5th MO Infantry
Cetlin, Herman - 15th KS Infantry
Chambers, A. - Co. G, 16th KS Volunteer Cavalry
Chandler, J. L. J. - Co. C, 12th KS Infantry
Chapman, John B. - Co. D, 53rd IN Infantry
Chestnut, J. - Co. D, 10th KS Volunteer Infantry
Chrisman, P. - Co. F, 5th KS Infantry
Clark, W. M. - Co. D, 10th IL Infantry
Conger, David - Co. I, 36th IA Infantry
Cook, Jos. T. - Co. D, 100th PA Infantry
Crittenden, L. C. - Co. K, 2nd KS Cavalry
Cure, H. S. - Co. M, 1st IA Cavalry
DeBall, J. M. - Co. A, 50th IL Infantry
Devoe, E. - Co. A, 20th OH Volunteer Infantry
DeWesse, J. F. - Co. I, 12th KS Infantry
Dodd, Lewis C. - Co. F, 18th IA Infantry
Dollar, George M. - Co. C, 15th KS Cavalry
Eaton, P. C. - Co. D, 59th IL Veteran Volunteer Infantry
Edmiston, M. B. - Co. H, 39th Il Infantry
Fennechole, Charles - 3rd IA Infantry
Fisher, Alpheus - Co. I, 12th KS Infantry
Fleming, W. W. - Co. K, 6th IN Infantry
Frazier, Thomas I. - Co. H, 23rd MO Infantry
Freedman, G. T. - Co. G, 107th IL Infantry
Fritts, George - Co. C, 12th KS Infantry
George, Daniel - Co. C, 8th IL Cavalry
Godding, H. K. - Co. D, 15th KS Cavalry
Goodell, C. - Co. F, 51st IL Infantry
Goodell, S. - Co. F, 106th IL Infantry
Goodell, Willis - Co. E, 10th IL Cavalry
Gordon, William - Co. A, 1st KS Colored Infantry
Gormley, L. H. - Co. C, 12th KS Infantry
Greason, J. D. - 1st OH Battery
Guptil, W. B. - Co. I, 11th WI Infantry
Hamlin, Isaac - Co. E, 91st PA Infantry
Haughey, J. T. - Co. C, 12th KS Infantry
Hayes, Zack - Co. I, 8th IL Cavalry
Headlee, J. H. - Co. G, 133rd IL Infantry
Hemphill, H. S. - 1st CO Battery
Higgins, George - Co. A, 5th KS Militia
High, H. B. - Co. F, 20th MI Infantry
Hiner, J. P. - Co. A, 2nd KS Cavalry
Hogue, S. R. - Co. I, 13th KS Infantry
Holland, John - Co. C, 2nd KS Cavalry
Huff, John A. - Co. F, 14th KS Cavalry
Hunter, J. H. - Co. C, 84th IL Infantry
Hurst, A. - Co. C, 16th KS Volunteer Cavalry
Hurst, W. - Co. E, 16th KS Volunteer Cavalry
Inman, J. R. - Co. C, 12th KS Infantry
Inman, R. - IA Volunteer Cavalry
Inman, T. S. - Co. M, 15th KS Cavalry
Isaacs, Solomon - U.S. Navy Steamer Auquah, West. Gulf Squadron
Jenkins, A. - Co. E, 77th, MO Cavalry
Jenkins, W. P. - Co. H, 60th MO Infantry
Johnston, J. M. - Co. D, 3rd IL Cavalry
Jones, W. - Co. K, 99th IN Volunteer Infantry
Keech, S. H. - Co. B, 180th OH Infantry
Kemp, O. - Co. C, 115th NY Infantry
Kennison, W. - Co. L, 16th KS Volunteer Cavalry
Kitchen, Wm. A. - 1st CO Battery
Klassen, Matthias - Co. C, 12th KS Infantry
Kretsinger, W. O. - Co. A, 10th KS Infantry
Landis, Jacob - Co. K, 8th IL Infantry
Lay, J. - Co. F, 14th KS Volunteer Infantry
Lee, W. H. - 121st OH Infantry
Lewellyn, J. M. - Co. G, 7th IA Cavalry
Loman, Thomas - Co. E, 6th KS Cavalry
Lowen, A. C. - Co. L, 1st PA Cavalry
Lucas, Frank - U.S. Gunboat Ouichita
March, Clem - Co. B, 5th IL Cavalry
Martin, D. M. - Co. D, 10th KS Volunteer Infantry
Masoner, H. - Co. F., 5th KS Infantry
Matthews, H. A. - Co. F, 5th KS Infantry
McConer, W. - Co. K, 2nd CO Cavalry
McGill, Frank - Battery B, 2nd IL Artillery
McGoff, John - 15th KS Infantry
Mead, James - Co. F, 14th KS Cavalry
Merritt, W. - Co. I, 10th KS Volunteer Infantry
Miller, David - Co. I, 178th OH Infantry
Miller, H. A. - Co. F, 102nd OH Infantry
Mullins, J. - Co. C, 15th KS Volunteer Infantry
Neal, Joseph W. - Co. I, 39th IL Infantry
Niles, F. A. - Co. D, 49th IL Infantry
Officer, W. P. - Co. B, 10th IL Infantry
Pardue, John - Co. B, 5th NY Infantry
Parrott, J. B. - Co. B, 11th KS Cavalry
Patten, G. H. - Co. H, 22nd IA Infantry
Poland, W. - Co. C, 16th KS Volunteer Cavalry
Polley, S. H. - Co. H., 4th W. Y. A.
Prather, F. A. - Co. G, 16th KS Cavalry
Priestly, Z. - Co. C, 13th VA Infantry
Protzman, A. N. - Co. D, 21 IL Infantry
Quimby, George - Co. C, 11th KS Cavalry
Ranney, W. - Co. B, 22nd WI Volunteer Infantry
Reed, B. L. - 15th KS Volunteer Infantry
Remington, J. B. - 89th NY Volunteer Infantry
Renolds, P. - Co. D, 10th KS Volunteer Infantry
Rhinehart, Iret - Co. G, 8th OH Infantry
Riffle, Wm. - Co. B, 54th PA Infantry
Robinson, T. B. - Co. G, 133rd IL Infantry
Ross, John C. - Co. C, 32nd IL Infantry
Rowland, Thomas W. - Co. I, 4th OH Infantry
Rudd, A. N. - Co. I, 31st MO Infantry
Rush, I. L. - Co. K, 8th IL Infantry
Sanders, S. H. - Co. D, 14th IL Infantry
Saylor, G. W. - Co. H, 22nd IL Infantry
Scott, J. W. - Co. A, 83rd OH Volunteer Infantry
Sears, W. A. - Co. D, 15th KS Volunteer Cavalry
Seauer, G. W. - Co. F, 61st IL Volunteer Infantry
Secoy, Walter I. - Co. C, 15th KS Cavalry
Sellers, T. M. - Co. F, 85th PA Infantry
Shannon, A. J. - 12th KS Infantry
Shaw, James M. - Co. F, 12th IL Cavalry
Shillinglaw, Thos. - 1st CO Battery
Simpson, B. F. - 15th KS Cavalry
Smalley, F. A. - KS Volunteer Infantry
Smith, C. - Co. A, 2nd KS Volunteer Cavalry
Smith, E. M. - Co. F, 12th IN Infantry
Smith, John - Co. H., 7th KS Cavalry
Smith, R. - Captain Nugent's Indians
Snyder, E., Jr. - U.S. Scout
Stephens, J. L. - Co. I, 148th IL Infantry
Stevens, Hiram - Co. E, 31st WI Infantry
Stevens, James - Co. A, 1st KS Infantry
Stevenson, J. - Co. G, 7th KS Cavalry
Stitt, Wm. K., Co. D, 6th IA Infantry
Street, C. - 23rd MO Infantry
Sweeting, James - Co. E, 1st MO Infantry
Taylor, J. C. - Co. B, 1st OH Cavalry
Thorp, M. E. - Co. F, 111th OH Infantry
Townsley, T. T. - Co. A, 11th IA Infantry
Tuggle, T. W. - Co. F, 5th KS Infantry
VanHorn, J. - 1st KS Battery
Wait, Stephen N. - Co. B, NY Infantry
Walker, Jno. P. - Co. E, 33rd IA Infantry
Walthall, S. H. - Co. H, 9th KS Infantry
Ward, B. B. - Co. I, 9th KS Cavalry
Ward, J. D. - Co. I, 9th KS Cavalry
Ward, William - Co. I, 9th KS Cavalry
Weaver, Wm. - Co. B, 150th IL Volunteer Infantry
Weir, G. D. - Co. I, 5th Kansas Cavalry
Weitzel, J. M. - Battery C, 3rd PA Heavy Artillery and Co. H, 130th PA Infantry
Welch, G. H. - Co. F, 94th IL Volunteer Infantry
Wells, J. B. - Co. C, 12th KS Volunteer Infantry
Wheeler, Thomas - Co. G, 85th IL Infantry
Wickbom, Charles - Co. I, 12th KS Infantry
Wickersham, E. M. - 40th OH Infantry
Williams, H. H. - 10th Kansas Volunteer Infantry
Williams, J. T. - Co. F, 5th KS Infantry
Willson, G. W. - Co. C, 38th IL Infantry
Woods, John W. - Co. E, 6th KS Cavalry
Wright, George P. - Co. A, 130th IN Infantry
Yoder, E. - Co. H, 105th OH Infantry
York, E. H. - Co. I, 40th IA Infantry

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