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Civil War Veterans

This is an alphabetical index to the "1885" list of veterans who were members of the McCaslin Post No. 117, Department of Kansas, Grand Army of the Republic. This Quartermaster's Descriptive and Account Book is in the Swan Lake Museum of the Miami County Historical Society.

The exact date of this "1885 list" was not shown in the published transcription. Given that there were members with dates of joining as late as 1900, it seems unlikely that this list was an 1885 List

The list was transcribed by Ethel J. Hunt in 1979 and printed by the Miami County Historical and Genealogy Society in MICOGESOQU, Vol. 9 (1994), No. 4, pp 3-9.

For most members, the transcription included the name of the veteran, his military unit, the date he joined the GAR Post, the date he mustered in and out, his rank, his age (probably at the time of joining the post), and state/country of birth. In some cases, the date of death is also noted and, in some, no data is available at all.

Photocopies of the pages published in MICOGESOQU may be purchased from the Miami County Genealogy Society.

Abney, Jos.
Albin, Mark
Allison, A. R.
Allison, A. R.
Anderson, Samuel
Angelo, W. W.
Asher, James H.
Attebery, M. B.
Ayers, R. S.
Baker, J. P.
Baker, John M.
Banks, Andrew
Beeson, John S.
Bergin, Wm.
Blair, Christian
Boyd, I.
Brandon, Isaac M.
Brewer, H. W.
Brown, J. A.
Bryan, Charles
Bryan, John W.
Buchanan, A.
Bullock, W. W.
Butts, D. E.
Cameron, P.
Campbell, N. K.
Carroll, Thos. M.
Chamberlain, Abijah
Chancellor, C. S.
Christy, I.
Coborn, Hobart S.
Cole, Elisha
Collins, John C.
Conner, Chas. P.
Cook, Ben F.
Cook, Jos. F.
Coonradt, Hansman
Cooper, Wm.
Cronmiller, Jacob
Crose, Termin
Curtis, A. B.
Davis, J. W.
Dearmint, Geo.
Dickey, Jos. W.
Ditson, W. A.
Dodd, Sam'l
Doherty, Thos.
Dollar, H. C.
Donovan, C. J.
Dugan, John D.
Dunn, Andrew
Eaton, P. C.
Eaton, Wm. C.
Ellison, W. L.
Evans, John
Fenecohle, Chas. H.
Ferguson, D. M.
Fickle, M.
Fifield, I. A.
File, E. H.
Finch, M. G.
Fisher, Burr
Flanders, Charles
Fleming, James R.
Fleming, W. W.
Foster, W. H.
Frazier, Braz
Freeze, Wm. M.
Gehr, P. H.
Gibson, James
Gillenwater, Elijah
Goodrich, D. C.
Graham, Wm. B.
Guptill, W. B.
Hamlin, Isaac
Hanna, Geo. B.
Hanna, H. C.
Harris, James
Harris, R. S.
Haughey, J. T.
Hayes, Zacheus
Heiser, Jos.
Henmser, --
Henson, Wm. A.
Highley, E. A.
Highley, H.
Hiner, J. P.
Hockenberry, L. M.
Hogan, Thomas
Hoover, W. D.
Howard, Geo. W.
Howard, Geo. W.
Hunt, Thomas
Hurst, Joseph
Huselton, Henry B.
Hussey, T. J.
Jacobs, John
Johnson, D. H.
Jones, A. J.
Jones, John W.
Keagy, Geo.
Keck, B. F.
Keefauver, Louis
Kimaman, Albert
Kimes, M. T.
Kitchen, Wm. A.
Klassen, M.
Kyle, Sam'l
Lay, Newton
Leavitt, Geo. P.
Lemaster, Robt.
Long, D. T.
Loomaer, W. E.
Lord, Lucius T.
Lucas, J. P.
Lynd, Edw.
Maddox, David E.
Mallory, Chas. H.
Mason, Lewis
Maupin, Richard
May, Wm.
McCullough, David N.
McKinney, Preston
McLaughlin, O. F.
McWilliams, T. H.
Mead, Jefferson
Merriman, Louis
Miller, Ben
Miller, Henry A.
Millis, John
Moore, E. L.
Mower, Jacob
Mundell, Ransom
Murray, J. W.
Myers, James
Nimmik, Anthony
Nye, E. Harry
Officer, W. P.
Palmer, M. L.
Parker, Dillwyn
Phillips, J. H.
Pickard, N. W.
Potter, Amos
Powers, Michael
Price, J. W.
Proctor, C. C.
Proctor, Wm.
Protzman, A. N.
Quimby, G. W.
Rainey, D. B.
Reed, Geo.
Reeves, Marcus D.
Requa, James
Ricketts, S. T.
Ringer, Wm. G.
Robinson, E. W.
Rohrer, A.
Rohrer, Jacob M.
Seaver, G. W.
Shannon, A. J.
Shaw, Knowles
Sherar, Robt. H.
Sherman, Chas.
Shoemaker, C. T.
Shoemaker, J.
Simcox, Curtis
Simpson, B. F.
Simpson, B. M.
Smith, W. B.
Snyder, Christian
Stevens, Colver
Stevens, Hiram
Stitt, W. K.
Stout, P. B.
Stover, Ben T.
Straight, M. A.
Strean, J. G.
Sullivan, Jos. F.
Voglesong, John R.
Waldon, A.
Walters, Jos.
Ward, Dan'l
Whaley, A. J.
Wilson, John
Wren, T. P.

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