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Obituary of John McCain. Information provided by Kathy Hoyt, hoytk@erols.com, 28 June 2002.

Reference: Western Spirit, 8 June 1888, p. 3, col 3

"Hung Himself"

"John McCain, of Stanton township, committed suicide last Saturday by hanging himself in the barn. For the past year his mind has been deranged and he was brooding over imaginary troubles. He was in good circumstances, having a big farm and being out of debt and everything was pleasant for himself and family. Last week he acted uncommonly queer and Mrs. McCain watched him closely. On Saturday he went to the barn and she followed, remarking that she wanted some eggs. He seem to act all right again and she went inot the house, but kept noticing whether he returned or not, finally becoming uneasy she sent the little girl out and in a moment she returned screaming "Papa is hanging in the stable." The alarm was given and Richard Goodrich came and cut down the rope, taking down the body."

"Mr. McCain came to Kansas over 20 years ago. He resided several years in the east part of the county and in 1878 moved to the place where he died. He was highly respected."

Reference: Miami Republican, 8 June 1888, p. 3, col 3

"Suicide in Stanton"

"John L. McCain commited suicide by hanging at his home in Stanton township last Saturday, June 2d at about 1 o'clock. The cause of the deed is supposed to be despondency induced by ill health and failure in crops, and the fear that he would raise nothing this year."

"As soon as the body was discovered, word was dispatched to Coroner Reichard in Paola, but he being absent in Kansas City, Squire J. W. Beatty acted in the capacity of coroner, and summoning a jury composed of W. B. Kershner, N. J. Williams, Albert H. Sherar, Joseph Woods, John T. Haight and Frank Cooper, proceeded to hold an inquest and take testimony."

"R. H. Kirland testified that about 1 o'clock on the 2d day of June, 1888, he heard an unusual wailing at or near the house of the deceased, and that on going there he found the body of deceased hanging by the neck with a rope attached to a cross beam above the edge of hay mow in barn, and to all appearances life was extinct. That soon after, J. M. Mannen and Richard Goodrich came to the scene and he and Mannen and Goodrich cut the rope, took the body down and laid it on the floor of the barn."

"All of the above facts were corroborated by J. M. Mannen and Richard Goodrich."

"Mary McCain, wife of deceased, testified that deceased ate dinner before or about 12 o'clock noon, that soon thereafter deceased left house and went toward the barn and that in about half an hour she sent her little boy to the barn to look for him. He returned and said he was not there, for the door was shut, whereupon she told him to go into the barn and look. The boy then returned and said, 'Pa has slipped off the hay.' Witness then went to barn and found, deceased hanging by the neck, as described by three first witnesses."

"Nally McCullough testified that he had been with deceased often for the last few days, and that he had appeared to be very despondent, and that deceased had said to him that he would rather be dead than suffer as he had suffered for some time past."

"Lida Goodrich and Mary E. Kirkland testified to a state of facts similar and of the same nature as that of the last above named witness. Whereupon jury, after examining the body, found that deceased came to his death by hanging with his own hand, caused by despondency."

"The deceased was one of Miami county's best citizens, upright, honorable and just, a food friend and neighbor, and has lived in Stanton twp. for 25 years, being about 50 years of age. His death is a matter of profound regret to all who knew him and to his grief-stricken wife and children, the warmest sympathies are extended."

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