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The Cemeteries are listed in the table below, scroll on down the page to see the map. Note the number and location code (letter, number) of the one you are interested in then go look for it on the map. The locations are estimated from a map that I had that could not be scannned. The map is as big as I could get it, and yet be manageable, so you may have to scroll both up and down and left and right. If you don't see yours in the alphabetical order...look at the end of the list for those that have recently been added to the list.


1. All Saints, E3 2. Bethel, D2 3.Black Jack, B4 4. Brock, A2 5. Calvary (Coffeyville), D4
6. Calvary (Independence), D2 7. Centennial, E2 8. Choteau. D1 9. Elmwood, D4 10. Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel, B4
11. Fairview
(Cherryvale), E2
12. Fairveiw
(Coffeyville), D4
13. Farm Ridge, C1 14. Fawn Creek, B4 15. Harding, C4
16. Harmony, E2 17. Harriisonville, C3 18. Havana, A3 19. Highland Center, B2 20. Hilts, E1
21. Irish Creek, D2 22. Jefferson, C3 23. Josaphat (Catholic), D4 24. Kalloch, E4 25. Krone, C1
26. Le Hunt,C2 27. Liberty, D3 28. McClure-Gorham, A4 29. Mt. Hope, D3 30. Oak Hill, B2
31. Parker, B2 32. Pleasantdale, E1 33. Pratt, D2 34. Pumpkin Creek, E4 35. Quaker, B2
36. Radical, C2 37. Restlawn Memorial Park, D4 38. Robbins, C4 39. Rutland, B3 40. St. Francis Xavier, E2
41. Simpson, C1 42. Spring Hill, D3 43. Sunnyside, A4 44. Union, E4 45. Westrailia, E4
46. White, B1 47. Woodring, B2 48. Zion Lutheran, D2 49. Carson, A2