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Groom Bride Date Location By Contributor
May,Samel D., 22, of Onion Creek Roberts, Maria Louisa, 15, of Onion Creek 20 February 1871 home of Capt. J. W. May T. S. Rodabaugh (?) Vivian Brinker
George, Andrew M. age 38 of Coffeyville Coons, Rettie, age 28 of Coffeyville 15 November 1877 Montgomery County R.M. Scott, Minister Vivian Brinker
Roberts, David L. age 23 of Coffeyville Berrian, Julia, 18 of Coffeyville 11 March 1877 Montgomery Co. H. C. Mayfield, Justice of the Peace Vivian Brinker
Rigs, David L. age 28 of Coffeyville Coons, Lucinda E. age 25 of Coffeyville 23 October 1881 Independence, Ks. E. Herring, Probate Judge Vivian Brinker
Krout, Frederick age 52 of Coffeyville Roberts, Jane, 51 of Coffeyville 11 April 1886 Coffeyville, Ks. by Hugh M. McBirney, Paster M.E. Church Vivian Brinker
Roberts,D. L., 34, of Coffeyville Bonesteel, Nettie, 18 of Coffeyville 28 October 1887 Independence, Ks. W. R. Brown, Probate Judge Vivian Brinker
Newman, Carl Franklin  Downey, Maudie Isabelle March 11, 1907 Independence, Kansas. John Newman
Unnamed Osborn, Irma before Jar 28, 1917 Pueblo, Colo Juanita Alloway
Ehrman, Harry H. Duckworth, Bessie E. Mar 27, 1917 Coffeyville, Ks. Juanita Alloway
Alloway, Glenn H. Lattin, Marilyn Jean Sept 5, 1948 Independence, Ks. Juanita Alloway
Ruttgen, Wayne Sullivan, Frances Dec. 7, 1962 Oswego, Ks. Juanita Alloway

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