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Morris County Surnames E - H

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Please note: All surnames posted on this page MUST have a Morris County, Kansas connection.

To enter surnames of your ancestors in Morris County, send your surnames to me, with the new Morris County Query / Surname Entry Form!!

Note: Users of a web-based email program such as some users of AOL, WebTV, Juno, CompuServe and users of MSN that have opted to use MSN Explorer's web-based email. Please use the link directly below to send your queries and/or surnames.  I have found that this form by it's very nature does not work unless there is an email program  resident on your computer.  I am sorry for this inconvenience, I am working to find coding to enable this form to be used by all. - Kenny

Kenneth Thomas (kgthomas51@charter.net)

You may also want to register your Kansas surnames with the Kansas Surnames List. (Note that the Kansas Surnames List is part of the Kansas Interactive Genealogy and not part of The KSGenWeb Project. Therefore, any questions regarding the surnames appearing below should be directed to either the researcher associated with the surname or to myself, NOT the wonderful folks at the Kansas Interactive Genealogy who maintain the Kansas Surnames List.)


Contact Person

EADS C. K. Mayfield (mail4okc@hotmail.com)
ECKMAN Marcia Johnson (marciajj@cox.net)
EDEN Robert Edens (CrakerRunt@aol.com)
Steve Quick (steve311@centurytel.net)
EDGERTON Dianna Edgerton (edgerton@northmo.net)
EDWARDS Donald J. Smith (dandydon@smith.net)
Ellen Clinesmith (eclinesmith@sva.edu)
Marie Cook (pepperhead1@cox.net)
EGGMAN Mary Webb (violetangelflame@hotmail.com)
EISENHAUER Tom Doran (tldoran@aol.com)
ELDRIDGE Gayle Anderson (geanderson55@yahoo.com)
ELLIOTT Robert Noyes (robert.noyes@providence.org)
ELLISON Sherman Gibbs (genshermg@comcast.net)
ELTON Jim Laird (jlaird@bellsouth.net)
EMAL Debbie McAdam (mcadamcircle@msn.com)
ENDICOTT Juanita (missbossey@aol.com)
ENGEL Rick Engel (engel.cottrell@accesscomm.ca)
ENGLER Donna Brown (r-dbrown@r-v.net)
ENGSTROM Pat Sullivan (camelks@yahoo.com)
EVANS Eddie Evans (eevansaz@yahoo.com)
FARNSWORTH Karren Amaro (skyghost@kc.rr.com)
FASKEN Beverly Morris (bevart@frontiernet.net)
FAULKNER Stacey Hoffman (spaceyhoff@earthlink.net)
FIGLEY Claudia (swmntchr@aol.com)
FINNEY rabfinney2@wmconnect.com
FISHER Sandra Buckbee (buckbee_98@yahoo.com)
FITZGERALD Kellye Fitzgerald (Imajuul@aol.com)
Stacey Hoffman (spaceyhoff@earthlink.net)
FLEMING Kathirine Horne (investigatorone@seanet.com)
Francis Cota Fleming (clfleming13@verizon.net)
FLETCHER Patrick Fletcher (patrickwfletcher@hotmail.com)
FLYNN Dennis Larkin (larkin7@cox.net)
Shari Flynn (mollieb@itzsecure.com)
FONES Joe Carter (carter.joseph@worldnet.att.net)
FORESMAN Marcia Johnson (marciajj@cox.net)
Dixie Shaffer (dshaffer1@hot.rr.com)
FORSTER Karrie Stutsman (klstutsman@yahoo.com)
FOSTER Judy (jmje36@aol.com)
Karrie Stutsman (klstutsman@yahoo.com)
FOSTRUM uslegacies@aol.com
FOX Stephanie Cardwell (stephcardwell@cswebmail.com)
FOY Barbara McCright (bjmccright@aol.com)
FRANCE fgmccallum@eastlink.ca
FRANDSEN Sonja Plowman (bry.son@sio.midco.net)
FREEMAN Clarinda Troemel (troerew@comcast.net)
FUGATE Ellen Clinesmith (eclinesmith@sva.edu)
FULLER Vicki Johnson (vjohnson@bak.rr.com)
FULTON Beverly Paneitz (jpaneitz@neb.rr.com)
FUNK Kenneth Thomas (kgthomas51@charter.net)
GALLAGHER Cathy Wilkinson (cbwilkinson@comcast.net)
GARCIA Patricia Navarrette-Larson (tido@execpc.com)
Cathy Wilkinson (cbwilkinson@comcast.net)
GERBOTH Dale Gerboth (dlg@tx3.com)
GILBERT Jesse Richard Weaver (dick13cathy@mindspring.com)
GILDEMEISTER Sally Bishop (sallyb24@earthlink.net)
GILLASPY Robert Powell (powe4013-ksgen@yahoo.com)
GILLESPIE Ronald Gillespie (rogillespie1@cox.net)
GILMER Max Gildner (gildnerml@att.net)
GIPPLE Tracy Turner (vcturners@wildblue.net)
GIRTCH Mary Webb (violetangelflame@hotmail.com)
GLESSNER Paula Glessner (glessnerpc@aol.com)
Regina Richardson (blaquequeeng@hotmail.com)
GOODWIN kllleadore@aol.com
GORDON Ed Schulenberg (edschul@prodigy.net)
GRAHAM LaDonna Graham Lee (ladonna@thba.com)
GRAVES Bennetta Elliott (belliott@casstel.net)
GREEN Marylin Hudson (hudsonmarylin@yahoo.com)
GRIEP Bob Kieckhaefer (victorone@aeroinc.net)
GRIFFITH Karren Amaro (skyghost@kc.rr.com)
GRINSTEAD Gidge Wilcox (ibgidget@pacbell.net)
GRUBER Tracy Turner (vcturners@wildblue.net)
HAAGE Tracy Turner (vcturners@wildblue.net)
HADLEY Larry Kellogg (lkellogg@tampabay.rr.com)
HAGER Kenneth Thomas (kgthomas51@charter.net)
Audrey Moran (ramoran@nwco.quik.com)
HAISCH Bill Speece (wspeece@loganrec.com)
HALL Shirley Calvin (calvin@gcnet.com)
Harley Kessluk (hikessluk@juno.com)
HANNA bandclink@aol.com
HARDEN Regina Richardson (blaquequeeng@hotmail.com)
HARLAN Rebecca Melsoni (melsoni@cox.net)
HARRIS cclem74035@aol.com
Joe Carter (carter.joseph@worldnet.att.net)
HARRISON Leon Fundenberger (kntemplar@yahoo.com)
HARROLD Vicki Johnson (vjohnson@bak.rr.com)
HARTMAN Carla Burnside (rcburn@syix.com)
HARVEY Steve Ring (swring@comcast.net)
HASTINGS John Andrews (johna15@earthlink.net)
HAWLEY Elaine Veloz (fmichael@gte.net)
HAYS Claudia Kelley (claj@prodigy.net)
HEAD Kelly Krause (kellymkrause@charter.net)
L. Cornish (cupcakes14843@yahoo.com)
HEBRANK Phyllis Metzger (phylmet3@tctelco.net)
HEGWER Louis Hegwer (hegwer@redshift.com)
HENSROTH Michelle Remele
HENTORN Art Wright (hawright@sbcglobal.net)
HERINK Millie Herink Buethe (mrbkdb112@cs.com)
HIEBERT Bette Kot (bgkot@comcast.net)
HIGGINBOTHAM Dan Durbin (ddurbin1@cox.net)
HIGGINS Sheila Paterno (sheila_paterno@hotmail.com)
Karrie Stutsman (klstutsman@yahoo.com)
HINTON Vicki Johnson (vjohnson@bak.rr.com)
Scott Frazer (frazercrew@earthlink.net)
HOAG Karren Amaro (skyghost@kc.rr.com)
HOAGLAND Dale Linn (drlinn@sbcglobal.net)
HOCH Pat Sullivan (camelks@yahoo.com)
HOCKEY Dianna Baklik (dbaklik@hot.rr.com)
HODGES Robin Kerby (kscats76@yahoo.com)
HOGUE Susan Crow (crowsnest@sktc.net)
HOLADAY Edwin Holaday (holeddor@verizon.net)
HOLSIZER Susan Chriestenson (lvsjch@cox.net)
HOPKINS Dawn Bingaman (dawnmcp@msn.com)
HORNER Krysta Behymer (klbe11@umkc.edu)
HOTCHKISS Joyce Seibert (guyseibert@email.msn.com)
HOUCK bandclink@aol.com
Joanne Devin (joannedevin@aol.com)
HOUGLAND Robert Powell (powe4013-ksgen@yahoo.com)
HOUSER Tammy Lillich (lilnans_gran@yahoo.com)
HOWERTON Donald J. Smith (dandydon@smith.net)
Michelle Remele
HUDSON Linda Hudson (jo7175@aol.com)
Sue Yarbro (syarbro@hillsboro.net)

Marylin Hudson (hudsonmarylin@yahoo.com)
HUMPHREY Dennis Manahan (manahan@wabash.net)
HUNDLEY Harley Kessluk (hikessluk@juno.com)
HYDER Karren Amaro (skyghost@kc.rr.com)
HYLTON LeeAnn Gillespie (aussiemate1@cox.net)

For Comments and/or Suggestions please contact Kenneth Thomas

Last update: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 22:41:26

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