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Please remember - these are volunteers willing to help you on a limited basis as their time permits. They are not volunteering to do your research for you. Requests should be limited, to one specific event or individual per request.

To request a lookup please follow these guidelines:

  1. Put NESS COUNTY LOOKUP in subject line. The volunteer may have offered to do various types of lookups, in more than one book and in more than just Ness county. This will insure that your request is not overlooked.
  2. If a book, put the name of the book on the first line of your message, followed by the name you are looking for.
  3. Request only one lookup, i.e., name or event per request.
  4. Don't forget to thank your volunteer!

Failure to follow these simple guidelines could result in
your request being overlooked or ignored.

Book or Resource
Lookup Volunteer
Visit local cemeteries, look up inscriptions and photograph stones; Look up newspaper articles and search court house records. Mark Horchem
The name of your book could be here!
We would love to put your name here!

If you have a book or other publication about Ness County and it is either in the public domain or you have permission from the author or publisher to do lookups in it, please let me know. We are always seeking additional volunteers. Thank you.

Are you interested in hosting this county or one of the other KsGenWeb orphan counties? If so contact Debbie Wafford. Debbie is our Orphan County Coordinator and will be glad to answer your questions.

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Tom & Carolyn Ward / Columbus, KS / tcward@columbus-ks.com / KS State Coordinators
Nancy Trice / Madisonville, Ky / ksgenweb@usroots.com / KS Assistant Coordinator

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