The History of the Early Settlement of Norton County, Kansas

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street, just north of the Rock Island railroad until a few years ago. Several persons, among whom was David Close, purchased it for a place of worship, where any traveling preacher might hold services.  The building before being torn down and moved away was photographed by B. J. Marsh, and some of the pictures are now among the highly prized relics of some of our early church-going people.

The next place of holding services was in the rear of the old postoffice building, located on the original town site of Norton, a little west and south of Kimmell & Marsh's implement house, and owned by W. B. Rogers, who kindly gave R. H. Seymore and wife this part of the house until a parsonage could be built, and retained the front part for the post office.  After the parsonage was built and the resident pastor had taken possession, the services were held there until the school house was built, which is now owned by J. F. Wright, on lot 26, block 10, association addition, where services were held until the Presbyterians erected a fine church building, which is now in use, who kindly gave the use of it until they saw fit to use it exclusively for their own worship.  The brethren of the church seeing the necessity of having a place of worship of their own, immediately set to work and by the aid of the women soon had eightly (sic) dollars in the treasury to commence the work and in the years of 1881 and 1882 by the untiring efforts of David Close, assisted by the brethren and while W. J. Meredith was pastor, the present church building was erected.  The site having been kindly given to them by William Simpson, who, on seeing the large foundation, thought it large enough for a hog lot.  Bro. Breed, the presiding elder, who dedicated it also thought it too large, but on the day of dedication, the house being filled to overflowing, said no, it is not too large, and he predicted that the benches, then only ten, in number, would soon have to be duplicated, the rest of the room having been filled with borrowed chairs, boards, etc. 

Following is a list of the names of the preachers and length of time served, furnished by the M. E. conference: 

R. H. Seymore, appointed in the spring of 1876, served until about July, 1878.

Brother Engard from July, 1878, to March, 1879. 

W. A. Saville from March 1879, to March, 1881. 

Thos. Crouch from March, 1881, to May, 1881. 

J. W. Graham from May, 1881, to March, 1882. 

W. J. Meredith from March, 1882, to March, 1884. 

H. M. Mayo from March, 1884, to March, 1886. 

E. H. Fleisher from March, 1885, to March 1887. 

L. O. Housel from March, 1887, to March. 1889. 

W. R. Pierce from March, 1889 to March 1891. 

J. L. Ring from March, 1891, to the present time. 

Following is a list of the presiding elders who have served this district: 

W. J. Mitchell from March, 1876, to March, 1879.

Dr. Carnthers from March, 1879, to March, 1882. 

H. G. Breed, from March, 1882, to March, 1886 

S. A. Greene from March, 1886, to March, 1890. 

E. W. Allen from March, 1890, to the present time. 

In March, 1890 the annual conference was held here, presided over by Bishop Merrill, of Chicago.  Notwithstanding one of the severest snow storms immediately preceding and was on during 

Page 220



table of contents


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