The History of the Early Settlement of Norton County, Kansas

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of 1879 and located in Garfield township.  They have five children, L. Bertrand, James M, Minnie E., Willie E., and Carl C. 

Minnie was married to L. B. Doolittle January 30, 1891.  L. Moormon, the eldest son taught school for several years and was for a time traveling salesman for a St. Louis house.  He is at present studying law in the office of C. D. Jones. 

In August 1878, Edwin Snow, Charles Brownson, Julson Forbes, Orson Snow and F. M. Snow came here from Webster county, Nebraska, and took land in Garfield township.  On August 1878 Orson Snow and his son Edwin came and took land in Garfield township.  In 1879, Edgar Snow, another son, came.  Charles Brownson, Judson Forbes and F. M. Snow came with Orson Snow.  They were all formerly from Missouri but had been in Nebraska for a short time previous to coming here.  They returned from Nebraska permanently with their families in October 1878.  West and Dick Butler and Will Davies came back with them.  Orson Snow took the land now owned by Mr. Lawrence; but never established a permanent residence.  He resides at Vienna, Missouri, at this time. 

Edwin Snow married Will Davies' eldest sister. He remained here until 1882.  He lives at Atlanta, Missouri.

Edgar Snow's wife was a sister to Ed I. Jones.  They remained here until 1881.  He lives at Vienna, Missouri. 

Judson Forbes relinquished his claim to his father, Anson Forbes, and returned to Missouri the same year.  Anson Forbes remained here until 1882 when he moved to Hastings, Nebraska, where he died in 1890. 

Wirt Butler returned to Missouri after one year's residence in this county.  Dick Butler remained here until 1882.  He ran a restaurant in Norton in 1880 and 1881.  Since returning to Missouri he has gained some notoriety in local politics and has twice been sheriff of his county.  He lives at Atlanta. 

Charles Byron Brownson has remained here continually ever since 1878.  He was born in Michigan, March 27, 1854.  He moved with his parents to Missouri in 1864, came to Nebraska in March 1878.  On March 22, 1882, he was married at Minden, Nebraska, to Miss Elizabeth Feltz.  They have three children.  

He is an enthusiastic worker in politics and was trustee of Garfield township in 1888, 1891 and 1892.  He was a republican until 1890.  Since that time he has voted the populist ticket.

William Carroll Davies was born at Baltimore, Maryland.  His father was for many years engaged in the mercantile business in that city, but his loyalty to the union from 1861 to 1865, cost him the best part of his trade and finally bankrupted him.  Shortly after the war he came to Missouri, expecting to retrieve his last fortunes and died in Kansas City before his family joined him.  Will took the Ned Comely claim, four miles northwest of Norton, when he came here and has resided there continuously ever since.  On September 6, 1893, he was married to Della King.  He is a republican and takes an active part in local politics. 

Will's mother and three sisters, Alva, Anna and Minnie, came here in the spring of 1879.  Mrs. Davies bought the Noah Chambers claim, adjoining Will's, and lived there until her death, which occurred February 5, 1890.  Alva married Mr. Atterbury, of Atlanta, Missouri, after a brief residence here, but has since died; Anna was a popular teacher here for some years, she resides at Atlanta, Missouri; Minnie, the youngest Daughter, married Frank Fulcrut, and resides here, she was also a teacher for some years. 

Mrs. Davies was an accomplished

Page 244



table of contents


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