The History of the Early Settlement of Norton County, Kansas

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1894 they moved to Iowa and settled in Fayette county.  He was married there in 1859 to Elizabeth Jane Cline.  Eleven children have been born to them, eight of whom are still living. 

He volunteered in company A, 89 Illinois infantry.  He was in the battles of Stone River and Perrysville, was discharged on account of disability after serving 18 months.  He came to Norton county in the fall of 1878 and settled two miles northwest of Norton.  His eldest son, Edward, married Florence Reed; they own the A. P. Rankin farm, two miles east of Norton, where they now reside.  David married a Miss Cochran: he died in 1886, shortly after his marriage.  Lewis Henry married Hattie Scott, they live in Rawlins county.  Minnie married Thomas Brown, they live in Rawlins county.  Lucy Ann married Doc Allen, they live in Aldine Township.  Jennie married Cy Alley and is living in Norton.  Emma died in 1892.  Tilden, Charles and John live at home with their parents.

Garrett Berning came here in 1878, and in 1887 he moved to Washington, Kansas, but has since moved to Missouri.

Shepherd S. Ballew came in the Harlan spring of 1881 and has remained here since. 

Thomas Keating came in 1879. He is one of our prosperous farmers.

John Hesslink came in 1878 and left in 1890; he lives at Jerico, Missouri.

Garrett Tieltjes came in 1881.  He is a successful farmer.

Daniel Peterson and his four sons came in the fall of 1878, but they have all left except Weller.  The old gentleman and Cy left in 1809, they are now living at Red Cloud, Nebraska; Nate L. left in 1887, he lives on the Pacific coast.  Hank moved to Nebraska in 1889. 

Joseph Ballinger came in 1879; he has been successful as a farmer since coming here. 

Thomas Caskey came here in 1878.  He was an old soldier and one of our reliable farmers.  His great failing was his appetite for strong drink.  On election day, 1892, he was returning home intoxicated when he accidently (sic) fell from the wagon and was instantly killed.  His friends were greatly shocked as he was everybodys friend.  He had been a member of the Masonic lodge for many years and was buried with the ceremonies of that order.  His widow and two youngest sons live here yet.

Eugene Darrow came here from Illinois 1880.  He took land sven (sic) miles north of Norton where he has resided continuously ever since.  He has been successful as a cattle feeder and farmer.

Lewis C. Dey was born in Shelby county, Ohio, August 8, 1838, he was raised on a farm and received a common school education.  Moved with his parents to Washington county, Iowa, in 1845; in 1869 he settled in Fremont county the same state, and in the spring of 1879 he came here, landing in Norton March 10.  He was married to Margaret A. Hicks in 1861, in Jefferson county, Iowa; six children were born to them, five of which are still living: Harlan A., Elmer E., Willie A., Ida L. and  Mary E.  Mrs. Dey died August 10, 1879.  On January 6, 1881, Mr. Dey was again married, this time to Rebecca L. Robinson; they had two children, David A. and Lulu E.  Mrs. Dey died in February, 1886, and on November 23, 1886, he was married to Mrs. Mathews. 

B. F. Heaton settled on the prairie north of Norton in the fall of 1879.  He and his wife "Tillie" were characters here for some years.  They would come to Norton two or three time a week.  They never had any children, but were apparently very fond of each other.  They sold out here in 1891 and went to California and settled at Tulare.  Upon

Page 250



table of contents


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