The History of the Early Settlement of Norton County, Kansas

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Kingsbery is president for the present year. 

Norton camp Sons of Veterans, was mustered August 27, 1887.  They have twenty members here.  The S. of V's also have organizations at Oronoque and Edmond. 

The Knights of Pythias organized in Norton on October 9, 1885; they have ninety-eight members at this time. 

Following are the charter members: C. W. Sponsler, John W. Tanner, E. L. Preston, C. L. Emery, L. M. West, J. W. Conway, George F. Davis, L. L. E. Stewart, A. M. Reeves, M. M. Reeves, W. W. Miller, F. M. Duvall, W. A. Meeker, P. A. Blue, P. H. Loomis, A. S. Kuney, W. T. Shoemaker, A. M. Robinson, N. L. Johnson, W. H. Hiles, J. A. Martin and E. J. Davis.  The first officers were C. W. Sponsler, C. C.; John W. Tanner, P. C; E. L. Preston V. C.; C. L. Emery, P., and J. W. Conway, K. of R. S., and the present are W. H. Hiles, C. C.; John C. Brown, V. C.: J. E. Gleason. P., and Fred Smith, K. of R. S.  The following have served as chancellor commander of the lodge: C. W. Sponsler, E. L. Preston, J. W. Conway, George F. Davis, F. M. Duvall, C. L. Emery, A. S. Kuney, W. T. Shoemaker, N. L. Johnson, Harry T. Thompson, J. A. Martin, N. J. Spencer, J. W. Graves, Jr., N. A. Johnson, H. B. Waters, W. D. Fuller, H. J. Milz, M. F. Garrity and W. H. Hiles. 

On April 4, 1886, they organized at Almena, they have twenty-seven members; there is also an organization at Lenora with twenty-seven members; they were organized March 20, 1889. 

On January 3, 1881, a petition signed by A. W. Eddy and sixty-five others asked for the organization of Noble township for the territory embracing what is now known as Noble and Highland.  The first officers of the township were: G. W. Weaver, trustee; L. J. Register [Regester], clerk; C. A. Palmer, treasurer; E. D. Roundtree and J. D. Gettys, justices of the peace, and J. S. Register and Samuel Pool, constables. 

James B. Garton came here from Missouri in 1879 and settled in Noble township.  He has been an active citizen since his arrival here.  He was a democrat until 1886; he then became a greenbacker and in 1888 he became a prohibitionist and has been the leader of his party ever since. 

James Patterson and four sons, Enos, Amasa, Edward and George, came from Iowa in 1879; they remained here until 1890 then returned to Sully, Iowa. 

Perry Bozarth came in the spring of 1879 from Iowa.  He lives here yet. 

Daniel Starret [Starrett] came from Iowa in the spring of 1879 and has resided here continuously ever since on his farm in Almelo township. 

F. H. Romans came in 1878 and remained until 1887.  He owns one section of land yet.  He lives in Arkansas at this time. 

Simeon Hudson came in the spring of 1879 and lives here yet. 

Levi Register [Regester] settled in 1879.  He has always been active in politics and since 1890 has been a populist.  He was the candidate of his party for register of deeds in 1893 but was defeated by J. T. Smith, the republican nominee. 

George M. Weaver came from Iowa in 1879 and remained until 1889.  He lives in Iowa at this time. 

John D. Gettys came in 1879, he sold out and left in 1883. 

A. W. Eddy came from Iowa in 1879 and has remained here ever since. 

H. C. Barnard [Bernard] came in 1879.  He died here in the spring of 1894; his widow lives on the old farm at this time. 

Elder Nathan Hill came from eastern Kansas in 1884.  He resides in eastern Kansas at this time, having left in the spring of 1894. 

T. A. Cammack came here from Iowa in 1879.  He has been a candidate on

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table of contents

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