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F.M. Gallatin located here [Clayton] in 1905, building the present livery barn. At one time he was a stock holder of the bank, at the present time he is a successful farmer. (page 97)

One of the most widely known men in Norton county and a consistent worker for the public good, M. F. Garrity, was born in 1856 in Jones county, Iowa, where he farmed until 1886 when he came to Norton county and went into the hardware business with Henry Milz. In 1890 he bought Mr. Milz out and continued in the business until 1903, when the Norton Mercantile was organized and he became a member of the firm. When this company was dissolved in 1913 he and his brother-in-law, E. P. Mansfield started the present hardware store of Garrity & Mansfield. Mr. Garrity was married in 1872 to Miss Mary Mansfield. To this union were born two children, May, born in 1873, now Mrs. George Wilcomb, resides on a ranch in Idaho; Clara, who passed away in her infancy. Mrs. Garrity died in 1886. Mr. Garrity has never spared [aspired?] to any public or political office but has held almost every non-paying office that the city could bestow upon him, and in all he has served willingly and faithfully, doing the community service and himself credit. Mr. Garrity was president and secretary of the Norton county Agricultural Association, holding one or the other of these offices for thirteen consecutive years. He has served as mayor different terms, and on the city council many times. (page 88)

The Central Grain Elevator [Oronoque] is managed by H. H.Gausman, who is an experienced grain man having had charge of an elevator at Kildreth [Hildreth?], Nebraska, before coming here, and he is sure to make good with this old elevator. (page 103)

Emery Gay was born in 1858 in Michigan and came to Norton county in 1890. He is a carpenter by trade. Mrs. Gay has been in the millinery business since coming to Norton, and has, while raising a family of six children, kept and personally conducted one of the best and most up-to-date milliner stores in Norton. Mr. Gay is a member of the Masonic lodge. (page 14)

Charles Geiser was born in 1882 in Pueblo, Colorado. He is the father of one child, Charles, born in 1911. He is a plumber of wide experience having spent 20 years at his trade in the United States and in Canada. He was at one time city plumbing inspector at Lander, Wyo. and while in this office he did good work. Mr. Geiser has opened the only exclusive plumbing and heating establishment in Norton county. He is a good business man and a valuable asset to Norton, coming here in 1915. He is a member of the Catholic church and Knights of Columbus. (page 34)

J. Geraghty was born in 1886 in Center township. His father Joseph Geraghty, homesteaded in Center township and still lives at Norton. Mr. Geraghty married Rose Dempewolf and they have three children. He is a member of the Catholic Church, the Knights of Columbus, the A. O. U. W. and the Knights and Ladies of Security. In August, 19196, Mr. Geraghty bought out Tom Ward and now owns and runs the suitatorium. (page 11)

H. E. Gilbert, manager of the Farmers Co-Operative Mercantile and grain Association [Clayton], has made a success of this institution, which was only organized in June 1916, and it has already shown a nice profit, and increased in membership until it now has in the neighborhood of 100 members, with a capital of $7,000.00. The officers are: George Brooks, President; E.P. VanSant, Vice president; W.H. Deiterich, Secretary and Treasurer. The directors are: W.M. Gallentine, I.P. Moore, W.H. Deiterich, Fred Gugleman, E.P. VanSant, Harry Hager, George Brooks, Albert Kirk, Albert Schoen. (page 100)

James W. Gleason was born in 1875 in Des Moines, Iowa. He came with his father, John Gleason to Norton county in 1879. In 1901 Mr. Gleason was united in marriage to Miss Lulu Fraser and to this union have been born four children, Lawrence Fraser, born in 1910; Cathrine Elizabeth, born in 1911; Burnadette Alvira, born in 1913; and Mary Geraldine, born in 1914. Mr. Gleason ventured into the Implement business at Norton in 1906 with W. H. Marsh. He is a member of the Catholic church and the Knights of Columbus. He has just recently purchased a handsome brick residence in south Norton, only about three blocks from his place of business and around this home he may be said to weave the love and loyalty of a true husband and father, while at his office he is a wide awake business man. (page 18)

J. E. Gleason, one of the influential men of Norton, was born in 1870, at Bevington, Iowa and came to Norton county in 1878 where he taught school from 1887 until he was elected Clerk of the Court in 1901. He afterward entered into the Implement business and continued in this until 1906 when he became cashier of the First State Bank and this position he has held since that time. He was married to Miss Elizabeth Heiny. They have two children, Hugs, born in 1894, is now bookkeeper at the bank, and Leo, born in 1895 is now clerking in Garrity & Mansfield’s store. Mr. Gleason is a member of the Catholic church, and the Knights of Columbus. (page 87)

John Gleason was born in 1836 and came to Norton in 1878 where he homesteaded five miles north of Norton. Mr. Gleason still resides on the old homestead. (page 14)

J. L. Gordon was born in 1868 at Holt county, Missouri and came to Kansas in 1877 and has lived in the state since that time. His father, a Civil War veteran, died when the son was but a small boy, and his mother with the help of her three children proved up on the homestead. She never remarried. Mr. Gordon came to Norton in 1897 where he farmed until 1914 when he was put in charge of the cream and produce department of the Farmers Union. He is the present Democratic nominee for county clerk. His is a tireless worker and a conscientous [sic] business man of unassuming character. (page 29)

John Gowdy was born in Norton county in 1879, came to Almena and was appointed city marshall in 1916. He is a son of Edward Gowdy who is still living at Almena. John Gowdy was married in 1905 to Miss Alta Churchill, a Norton county girl, and they have three children. He is a member of the Odd Fellows. (page 73)

R. B. Graves was born in 1877 in Ohio and came with his father to Norton county in 1879. He married Clara Dyer in 1915. Mr. Graves served as Register of Deeds from 1907 until 1911. He has taken over the business of his brother-in-law G. G. Guthrie. (page 89)

W. J. Gray is one of the influential men whose lives have become an essential part of the development of Norton county. He was born in 1866 at Greenwood, Minnesota, and came to Norton county in 1885, living here for three years after which time he left, being gone for 13 years. In 1898 he returned and entered in the real estate business, in which he has been very successful. In 1883 Mr. Gray married Elva E. Lewelling and they have two children, Mable, born in 1890, married Roy Bullock who is now Mr. Gray’s partner, and Leroy, born in 1886, is now a baker in the state of Washington. Besides the real estate business Mr. Gray farms quite extensively and always has from 50 to 100 head of cattle on the ranch. While a member of no church, Mr. Gray supports any church movement and in fact anything that tends toward the development of the city of Norton and the county. He is a member of the Odd Fellows and the ancient Order of United Workmen. (page 33)

Dr. S. L. Green, who was engaged in the drug business at Leota, came to the county in 1874. He was Master of the Masonic lodge in Leota and was elected to the legislature in 1875. (page 103)

W. T. Green was born in Marshall county, Kansas, in 1882 and came to Norton county in 1916 where he entered in the real estate business and has been very successful in this. In 1908 he married Miss Grace Kidder and they have two children, Gerald, born in 1909 and Gilbert, born in 1911. Mr. Green is a member of the M.W.A. and Mrs. Green is a member of the A.O.U.W. (page 60)

H. C. Greenlee was born in Pickering, Missouri, in 1898. Came to Norton county in 1915. Mr. Greenlee was married in 1909, and is the father of one child, Harlie, who was born in 1914. [Clayton] (page 99)

A. L. Griffin was born in 1883 at Belleville, Kansas, where he was in the lumber business for nine years before coming to Norton county in 1911. He has charge of the Foster Lumber yards here at this time. He is a member of the Masons and the B.P.O.E. (page 93)

C. I. Griffith was born in Summerset county, Penn. Came to this county with his father in 1885. In 1895 he was married to Miss Minnie Gross, of Macon, Illinois. They have two children, Floyd, born in 1900 and Lena, born in 1902. They are members of the Christian church. Mr. Griffith is a member of the Masons, the M. W. A. He served on term as county clerk. He owns 840 acres of farm land and some city property. (page 19)

W. E. Griffith, prominent stockman of Clayton, was born in 1859 at Clarksburg, West Virginia. Came to this county in 1890. He is a raiser of Percheron horses and Jersey cattle and this year at the Norton county fair he won the following prizes: second and third on team of mares. First, second and third foals at side. First, second and third, sucking coalts [sic]. First on three year old filly. Out of an exhibit of ten head he won nine ribbons. (page 32)

H. H. Grove, a typical western grain man, is the new manager of the Central Grain Company’s elevator. Before coming to Almena Mr. Grove had charge of an elevator at Oronoque. With the experience that he has had he is fully capable of handling this elevator which in the 35 years it has been built has had several different managers, all of whom are well remembered, and we know that Mr. Grove will keep this old elevator in the path of success. (page 67)

G. Gugleman, one of the directors of the Farmers Union [Clayton] was born in Switzerland in 1882 and came to this country in 1892 and settled in Norton county in 1905 where he has farmed since that time. Mr. Gugleman was married in 1910 to Miss Lela Guiger, of Guide Rock, Nebraska. They have four children. He owns 160 acres of rich farm land in Norton county. (page 99)

G. G. Guthrie was born in Story county, Iowa, in 1875 and came to Norton county with his parents in 1884 where lived on a farm with them until 1899 when he opened a real estate and loan office. He married Miss Edna l. Graves in 1901 and three children were born to them, two of whom, Francis L. and Hayland Mynette, are still living. Lorene Marclyn having died in 1913. Mr. Guthrie passed away and was buried at Norton September 25, 1916.

Of G.G. Guthrie it can be safely and truthfully said, he was a man among men, a man with a keen sense of right and wrong, and adhered to the right to a marked degree; a true and loving husband; a kind and worthy father; a man square with his fellow men; a man who never went deeply enough into the slough of politics to become tainted with its slush. He was more than all this, he was a successful business man, on whom one could depend; he was an enthusiastic booster for every worthy enterprise of Norton and Norton county. He had a happy home and around this he wrapped his faith and love to the last. When we told him of the history, he gave us copy for an ad and encouragement in the project which he knew would be a good thing for his county, there was none of the knocker in his composition. And, although he passed away before the history was issued, we would have the readers of it know that he did his part, and gladly, in its publication; and it is with deepest regret and sorrow that we are compelled to chronicle in this history the death of G. G. Guthrie. (page 29)

A. P. Hagen has been in Norton county for the past ten years and is in the confectionary (sic) business at Clayton. (page 101)

D. G. Hamilton, one of the foremost druggists in Western Kansas, was born in 1876 at Leavenworth and he came to Norton county in 1902. He has been in busines (sic) at Norton since that time. He now owns two stores here and a number of others over the state. He is also a stockholder in the Norton Telegram, a Democratic newspaper at Norton. He is the present chairman of the Democratic central committee. (page 93)

Lulu J. Hamilton, present Republican candidate for County Clerk, has filled the office of deputy clerk for the past three or four years. (page 83)

M. B. Hamilton was born in Phillips county in 1876. He came to Norton county in 1909. He was a traveling salesman for four years and in 1914, he retired from the road and engaged in the grocery business in which business he is still engaged, being partner in the Antelope Grocery and Meat Market, which has a fine trade that is increasing steadily. Mr. Hamilton was united in marriage in 1906 with Miss Hannah Lutz, and to this union have been born two children, Raymond, born in 1907 and Frank, born in 1913. Mr. Hamilton is a member of the Masonic lodge, and one of those genial good natured men whom it is a pleasure to meet. (page 89)

N. Hamilton was born in 1891 in Casey, Iowa, and came to this county in 1916 where he is engaged in the real estate business. Mr. Hamilton is an experienced real estate and insurance man and a fine addition to Norton county’s real estate men. [Almena] (page 67)

H. E. Harmonson was born in 1885 in Norton county. His father, A.H. Harmonson homesteaded in the county. In 1907 Mr. Harmonson was united in marriage with Miss Mildred Rickey and to this union were born two children, Geraldine, born in 1909, and Jack, born in 1913. In 1913, Mr. Harmonson bought out the grocery store of the B.W. Harmonson grocery company, and today has an up-to-date store with electric grinders to do the tiresome work of grinding the coffee and meats, and without keeping the customers waiting for the slower process of hand work. Recently Mr. Harmonson has installed a new counter which is entirely sanitary in every way and also dust proof. Mr. Harmonson is a member of the Baptist church, the Masons, and the A.O.U.W. (page 88)

Dan Hart was born at Morrow Co., Ohio, in 1885 (sic). He came to Norton county in 1885 where he homesteaded in Solomon township. He taught school for six years and was elected clerk of the court in 1890 which office he held for two terms. Mr. Hart represented this district in the legislature in 1894-95 and was reelected in 1896. He was a member of the state Senate, being elected in 1897 and in 1901. He is a stock raiser and farmer at the present time. He is the father of five children. (page 93)

Will Hart, one of Norton’s leading business men, was born in 1881 in Morrow county and came to this county with his father, Dan Hart, in 1885. He taught school for ten terms in the county and at the present time is in the Implement business, having purchased the Knapp Bros. store in 1915. In 1905 Mr. Hart was married to Miss Ethel White whose father C.W. White was an old settler here, and now resides at Blesing (sic), Texas. In 1912, Mr. Hart ran for county clerk defeated at the primaries by Arthur Saum. He is a member of the Sons and Daughters of Justice and the father of five children. (page 93)

J. P. Hawley was born in Cedar county, Iowa and came to Norcatur in 1916 from Denver where he was a telegraph operator. He is the jather of six children, a member of the Quaker church and the Masons. Mr. Hawley is now engaged in the jewelry business at Norcatur. (page 60)

Fred S. Hazelton with his wife and little daughter came to Norton in 1886, and soon after engaged in the abstract and loan business in connection with Mr. L. H. Wilder. He was cashier of the First National Bank for a number of years also mayor of Norton for two terms beginning in 1889. Was appointed postmaster in 1907 and continued for eight years. His wife Ella Q. Hazelton has been prominently identified with the Woman's Club work both in the district and state for a number of years. Their daughter Edna is now Mrs. Clark Bush and resides in Ashland, Oregon. They have a son also, Sydney, twenty years of age, who is at present attending the State Agricultural College in California. (page 29)

Born in 1864 in Harrison county, Ohio, C. L. Hazlett came to the county in 1890 where he farmed until 1915 when he bought the hotel at Edmond from John Izer. Mr. Hazlett married Leah Williams, an Ohio girl, in 1892, and they have four children. He is a member of the Christian church and belongs to the Sons and Daughters of Justice. [Edmond] (page 86)

Mr. E. Hazlett, father of C. L. Hazlett, was born in 1840 in Ohio and came to this county in 1886 where he died in 1915. [Edmond] (page 85)

Clark Heath came to Norton county in 1883. He died in 1909. His wife, Miss Emma Sweely, homesteaded in Norton county in 1879 and is now Mrs. Lou Havelin and still resides here. (page 10)

T. M. Heaton was born in Norton in 1885. In 1908 he was united in Marriage to Miss Gertrude N. Graves and two children have been born to this union; Elmen, born in 1911 and Robert, born in 1914. Mr. Heaton purchased the J. F. Worley Bottling Works in 1903 and has been in that business since that time. He is a member of the Masons and the U. C. T. His brother, W. H. Heaton was born in 1885 in Norton. He married Miss Alta Hemphill, and in 1906 went to Emporia where he has since worked for the Santa Fe R. R. Another brother, Jester M., was born in Norton in 1884. He was married to Miss Hart. Later he married the daughter of J. M. Simpson and is low living at Concordia. The sister, Miss Josie Heaton was born in 1884, in Norton. She is now Mrs. Alvin Kimmell and resides at Rivera, Texas. Mr. Kimmell is engaged in the implement business. (page 11)

B. Hinsdell was born in 1856, and came to this county in 1893, and has been in business here since that time. He was mayor of Norton one term, and police judge for three years. (page 93)

G. V. Hixon, born in Bedford county, Pennsylvania, in 1870, came to Norton county in 1889 and was married to Pheobe Gallentine, a Decatur county girl. They have tow children, Louis T., born in 1899 and Carl E., born in 1902. Mr. Hixon is cashier of the State Bank of Clayton. (page 101)

L. B. Hixon, known as “Daddy Hixon”, came from Northwestern Illinois in 1889 and built a residence and a blacksmith shop which he conducted until 1899. At this time he is living a retired life. [Clayton] (page 97)

H. M. Hobart was born in 1856 at Braintree, Mass. He is at this time steward of the commercial club at Norton. (page 61)

J. C. Hodgen was born at Clayton in 1894. His father J. R. Hodgen came from Iowa and settled in Norton county in the early days. Mr. Hodgen was a member of the National Guards of Kansas for four years and attained the rank of first Lieutenant. He has been away for some time but has come back to live in the best county in the best state in the Union. (page 99)

Maud Hollenshead, the present Republican nominee for county treasurer for the short term, was born in Iowa, and came to Norton in 1880. She was depty [sic] treasurer and has been in the office for 12 years. She is a member of the Eastern Star, and the Methodist church. (page 83)

W. H. Hollenshead was born in 1842, in Marion county, Ohio, and came to Norton county in 1879, where he homesteaded in Nobel [Noble] township. Mr. Hollenshead is the father of six children. He served this county as Representative in 1885 and in 1886 and made a good record. He also served this county as Treasurer for two years. Mr. Hollenshead is a good clean man of unquestioned character and a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, the G.A.R., the Masonic Lodge and the A.O.U.W. He is at present engaged in the Insurance business in Norton.

R. A. Holmes was born in Jefferson county, Iowa in 1868 and came to Norton county in 1879 where his father, John Holmes, homesteaded near Almena. John Holmes, was a veteran of the Civil War and died in 1906. R. A. Holmes farmed until 1904 when he moved to Norton and became janitor of the Court House, a position he held until 1914, when he was elected Clerk of the Court, a position which he has filled effectively and dutifully and this year was nominated for re-election. In 1888 he was married to Miss Maggie Campbell, a Keokuk Co., Iowa girl, and who assists her husband in the office work. They have three children, Joy V., born in 1892; Harold, born in 1898; and Edward, born in 1903. Joy is employed by the Rock Island at Goodland and the two younger boys reside at home and attend the Norton schools. Mr. Holmes is a Mason and an Odd Fellow. (page 17)

G. W. Houghton was born in 1820 in Manchester, England, and came to this country in 1848 and settled at Long Branch, N.J. Afterwards moving to Norton county in 1889. It took Mr. Houghton six weeks and four days to cross the ocean. Mr. Houghton died in 1900, and was missed because of his amiable ways. (page 87)

W. Houghton was born in 1863 at Long Branch, N.J. He came to this county in 1892, where he engaged in the tailoring business, of which he has made a big success, and has built up a nice trade in Norton and surrounding country. He was married in 1889 and to this union was born one child, a daughter, who now resides with her grandparents in Iowa. His wife died in 1894 and in 1903 he married Miss Ella Perkins of Kirwin, who was the first white child born in Phillips county. They have one child, a son, Lyman. Mr. Houghton is a member of the Masons, the U.C.T. and the K.P. lodge. He has just recently installed a new steam cleaning and pressing machine that is strictly up to date and makes his store well equipped for all things pertaining to the tailoring business. (page 19)

Henry Howard located here about 1890, was a grain buyer and run a hardware and grocery store under the firm name of Howard & Brooks. He moved from here to the Dunkard Colony, later to the state of Arkansaw (sic) where he died in 1912. (page 97)

D. T. Howell, owner of the Norton Dairy and member of the Norton Improved Live Stock and Breeders Association, was born in Dallas county, Iowa in 1855 and came to Norton county in 1878 where he homesteaded eight miles northwest of Norton. In 1885 he united in marriage with Miss Laura West, a Norton county girl, and they have six children. Mr. Howell is a member of the Odd Fellows, the M.W.A., and the Kansas Fraternal citizens. (page 32)

J. M. Howland was born in 1839 in Jefferson Co., New York, and homesteaded in Leota township, Norton county in 1879. In 1866 he married Helen Bidham and they have five children. Mr. Howland is a mason by trade. (page 60)

G. A. Huff was born in 1877 in Harrison county, Missouri, and came to Norton county in 1879 with his mother, Mrs. Huff who homesteaded in Crystal township and died in 1899. He is the father of three children and a member of the Odd Fellows. He is farming and stock raising at the present time.

J. H. Hurst, one of the early homesteaders of Norton county, was born in Andrews county, Mo., in 1845 and came to this county in 1878. He was elected probate judge in 1894 and served two terms. Mr. Hurst died in 1911. (page 93)

Mrs. R.D. Irwin, the present owner of the hardware store at Almena, has made a success of the business. She is the mother of two children – Howard, born in 1901 and Esther, born in 1902. She is a member of the Eastern Star. Mr. Irwin, her husband, a man well liked by all who knew him and a pioneer business man of Almena, died in 1906. (page 67)



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