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Dr. G. M. Jaquiss was born in 1876 in Page county, Iowa. He came to Norton county in 1907. He was married in 1902 to Sadie Gillispie, who was born in Page county, Iowa. They have four children and are members of the Christian church. He is a graduate of the Norton county High School class of 1896, a graduate of Amity College in 1900 where he received the degree of bachelor of arts. He is also a doctor of osteopathy, having graduated from the Still College of Des Moines and studied for some time at the Electric Medical University. The doctor practiced in Kansas City until 1907 when he moved to Edmond. (page 85)

H. F. Jenkins was born in 1890 in Colorado Springs, [1-3 illegible words] came to Norton county in 1900 where he farmed until 1916 when he bought the Norton Café from Ray Clinkenbeard. He married Alta Williams, whose father, Richard Williams an old settler is still living near Norton. Mr. Jenkins is a member of the A.O.U.W. He is a restaurant man of six years experience and will make a success of the Norton Café. (page 89)

A. J. Johnson was born in Norton county in 1885. In 1908 Mr. Johnson was married to Miss Mary Schell, and he is now manager of the Chicago Lumber yard at this place. He is a member of the Masonic lodge and is president of the Norton Agricultural Association. (page 88)

H. A. Johnson was born in 1886 in Norton. He was united in marriage with Miss Grace Harmonson in 1915. He has been assistant cashier of the First State Bank for eight years and is a member of the board of directors. Mr. Johnson is a member of the Masonic lodge. (page 14)

Katie Johnson was born in Shelbyville, Indiana. She was elected to the office of county treasurer in 1897-1899-1906 and again in 1908. She is at the present acting as bookkeeper and manager in the office of C. G. Page. Miss Johnson made a most efficient Treasurer, was kind and pleasant to all as well as just in her business dealings. (page 33)

N. A. Johnson, one of the substantial business men of the county, was born in 1857, and came to Norton in 1878. He clerked in Close & Bruner’s store until 1884 when he went into the mercantile business and continued in thus until 1888 when he was elected Clerk of the Court. In 1889 Mr. Johnson entered into the monument business; a business in which he has been very successful. He married Della S. Curry, daughter of J.D. Curry, in 1880. They have one child living, Floyd, who is now attending school at Norton. Mrs. Johnson died in 1914. Mr. Johnson is a member of the Baptist Church, the M.W.A. and the Kansas Fraternal Citizens. (page 90)

S. M. Johnson was born in Rawlins county in 1886. He graduated from the schools of that county and entered the Kansas University from which he graduated in 1910, and the same year he was elected county attorney of that county and served the public well in that capacity. In 1915 he came to Norton and entered the law office of L. H. Thompson as Junior member. He is the present Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor and his host of friends here wish him success in his career, which is but just starting. (page 93)

C. D. Jones was born at Lafayette, Indiana in 1849, and later came to Norton county. He served as county atty. for three terms, state Representative for two terms, and was state commander of the G.A.R. (page 89)

Another prominent woman who has held state office and brought honor to Norton is Lucy Reed Jones. She was State President of the Women's Relief Corps during the years of 1893 and 1894. Mrs. Jones is a member of the Methodist church and is still active in W. R. C., Mission and church work, and is one of those women who may be said to have her heart in her work. (page 20)

J. A. Kauten, partner in the hardware store of Kauten & Woodward Hardware Co., was born in 1884 in Republic county, and came to this county in 1913. He is a member of the Odd Fellows. [Edmond] (page 85)

P. P. Keating, a popular real estate man of Norton, was born in Scranton, Penn. He came to Norton county in 1880. He married Miss Mary Graham. Mr. Keating traveled for the J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company until 1914 when he and M. B. Hamilton purchased a grocery and meat market. This business did not suit Mr. Keating, however, and in 1915 he sold out his interest to Mr. McMahon, and started up in the real estate business, in which he has been very successful, and is a good booster for Norton county. He is a member of the Catholic church, the Knights of Columbus and the United Commercial Travelers.

A. E. Keckley was born in Kirwin, Kansas. He came to Almena in 1892. In 1911 he married Bertha Schell of Goodland, and they have two children, Nodyne, born in 1912, and Bruce, born, 1914.  Mr. Keckley is a member of the Masons and has served on the city council for two terms. (page 76)

E. E. Keckley was born in 1861 and came to Almena in 1892, where he started a general store. He was married in 1884 to Lena Near and they have three children – Arthur is in business with his father at Almena; Earl is running his store at Selden, and Ferryl is going to school at Almena. Mr. Keckley has served as mayor of Almena for two terms and was one of the organizers and is the vice president of the State Bank of Almena. He is a member of the Masons and the A.O.U.W. (page 77)

Isaac Keener was born June 3, 1840, in Indiana county, Pennsylvania. He was a Civil War veteran. In 1878 he moved to Leota Township. In 1883 he was elected sheriff of Norton county, and in 1885 and 1893 he was appointed postmaster at Oronoque where he and his son Jacob were engaged in the mercantile business. Mr. Keener died at home of his daughter, Mrs. Lew Redd, in this city, in 1914, and was buried at Norcatur (page 103)

N. G. Kelly located here about 1904; succeeded Gregory & Daugherty in the Hardware business. Later purchased Daugherty’s interest. He is still in the hardware bsuiness under the name of N.G. Kelley & Co. He was the first mayor of Clayton, which office he still holds. (page 97)

C. E. Kennedy was born in 1873 in Clyde, Kansas, and came to this county in 1884. He was married to Miss Bertha Lyons in 1900 and they have two children, Jennie Mae, born in 1908 and Dorothy, born in 1910. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church, the M.W.A., the Kansas Fraternal Citizens and has served on the city council. He opened the first laundry in Norton county some years ago and still runs it. (page 61)

E. E. Kennedy was born in 1851 at Ballaidville, Mass. and came to this county in 1884.  He is the father of Chas. E., born in 1873. He has never aspired to any public office, and is a good citizen. He is a member of the M.W.A. and the A.O.U.W. (page 61)

Dr. F.D. Kennedy was born in 1890 in Des Moines, Iowa and came to Norton County in 1914. (page 93)

Albert Kidder was born in 1844 at Lowell, Mass., and came to Norton county in 1879 where he homesteaded eight miles south of Norton. He married Mary A. Powers and they have eight children. Mr. Kidder was a member of Co. A. First Nebraska Cavalry and served four years in the Civil War. He was a member of the Captain Jarvis Post G.A.R. and died in 1910. His widow still lives on the old homestead. (page 17)

Frank W. Kidder, a leading real estate man of this county, was born here and is a graduate of the public and high school of Norton. He also attended the State Agricultural College at Manhattan. Mr. Kidder was in the First National Bank at Edmond for some time and in 1910 and 1912 he was elected Register of Deeds which office he filled much to his own credit and the benefit of the county. In 1914 he engaged in the real estate business and since that time has succeeded and has been a booster for the county. (page 17)

Albert R. Kirk, a successful farmer and a man well met, was born in 1890 in Clayton township where he still resides. His father J. N. Kirk, homesteaded in Clayton township and still lives there. In 1913 Mr. Kirk married Edna Orchard and they have one child, born in 1915. He is a member of the United Brethren Church and has served as township clerk. (page 97)

J. W. Kissell was born in Livingston county, Illinois, in 1867. He located in Smith county where he served as Register of Deeds and was deputy treasurer. He also worked in the Smith County bank for a time. Mr. Kissell married in 1900 and is the father of one child, Jean born in 1906. Mr. Kissell came to Norton in 1912 and has been in politics since that time. He was appointed police judge and justice of the peace in 1915 and is still holding these offices besides being engaged in the real estate business. He is a member of the Odd Fellows and also of the Methodist Church. (page 93)

Carl LaRue, big friendly and genial, is the postmaster and proprietor of the general store at Oronoque, makes you feel at home as soon as you enter the store. Mr. LaRue was born in Illinois. In 1901 he was united in marriage to Miss Fanny Adams, who was born in Iowa. They have five children. Mr. LaRue has been in Norton county for nine years starting in the hardware and implement business and afterwards adding a line of groceries and drygoods. He held the office of township treasurer for four years, is a Modern Woodman and one of the leading business men of the county. (page 103)

W. M. LaSalle was born in 1882 at Wabash, Indiana, and came to the county in 1885 with his father, J. F. LaSalle who homesteaded seven miles northeast of Clayton. He moved back to Indiana in 1905 where he now lives. Mr. LaSalle Jr. runs the garage at Clayton at the present time. (page 98)

Dr. W. C. Lathrop was born in 1876 in Marion county, Iowa and came to Norton county in 1905. He is the father of four children, William, born in 1905; Elizabeth, born in 1906; Rosmary, 1909 and John, born in 1916.  Mr. Lathrop is a graduate of Coe College the medical department of the Iowa University and a graduate of the Illinois University. He practiced at Clarksville, Iowa, from 1902 to 1904 then took a post graduate course at the Illinois University. He is a member of the Masons. (page 32)

M. B. Lease was born in 1859 in Adrain [sic] county, Illinois, and came to Norton county in 1888 where he was in the meat and ice business until 1895 when he went into the implement business. Mr. Lease is the head of the Lease Implement Company. In 1895 he bought out the concern of D. M. Conway and by good business management has built up the store until today it stands high among the Implement stores of Kansas, and Mr. Lease is a very popular business man. A. R. Williams has been with the company since its organization. (page 29)

J.  W. Leeper, one of the prominent and prosperous stockmen and farmer, was born in Illinois in 1862 and came to Norton county 19 years ago. In 1893 he was united in marriage with Miss Jennie Evans of Glasglo [sic], Kentucky. Mr. Leeper is an Odd Fellow and a Mason. He has raised some of the best hogs in the state, and owned Tecumseh Hadley, the best sow that Kansas has ever had, being 99 per cent perfect. O's Wosder [sic] 1 1/2 years old, one of the hogs he now has, weighs 800 pounds and experienced hog raisers say he will reach 1100 or over by the time he is two years old. O's Wonder 73105 sired by King of all, sired by long Kings Equal 5370, Dam Mary Wonder 144701. Her Dam Wonder Jumbo the 4th sired by A Wonder 47460. Lady Jumbo first 111441. K's Jumbo is owned by Mr. Leeper and he will weigh over 900 pounds when in flesh. His number is 66677 and he was sired by Jumbo Pan 55846 sired by Nebraska Jumbo52793 Dam Maria Ex 109864 Dam Prospect 153358, Sire Osbern Perfection, the second 55052 Dam Big Prospect 136176. (page 32)

J. W. C. Leichliter came from Pennsylvania in 1883, and settled on the land which was a part of the old town of Clayton. He and his son built the first house in new Clayton. He was agent for the town company for a number of years. Later he moved to Clayton, built a residence and conducted a general store under the name of Leichliter & Son. (page 97)

J. W. Liggett, prominent stockman and member of the Norton Improved Live Stock and Breeding Association, was born in 1860 in St. Joseph Co., Indiana. In 1881 he came to Nebraska where he resided until 1895 and then moved to Gentry county, Mo. He resided there for six years when he moved again to Nebraska, where he lived until 1901 when he sold out and came to Norton county, and now lives near Almena. Mr. Liggett has been successful as a breeder of short horn cattle and Poland China hogs and this year took the following prizes at the Norton county fair. Second on herd bull, first on cow three years old and over, first on bull calf under one year, first and second on heifer under one year, and grand champion sweepstakes on calf herd regardless of breed or age. These were won on exhibits of 5 head. (page 31)

John Lix was born in 1875 at Tipton, Missouri. Came to Norton county in 1907. He was a stockholder in the Norton Mercantile Company, and had charge of the dry goods department. When this firm was dissolved and F. E. Kennedy started the Leader, Mr. Lix was put in charge of the store and this position he has held since that time and has made this store one of the largest in the county. In 1909 he was united in marriage with Miss Lizzie Holcomb, whose father was an early settler in the county. Mr. Lix is the father of two children and is a member of the Kansas Fraternal Citizens and the Knights and Ladies of Security. (page 93)

Frank M. Lockard was born in Ohio September 15, 1855. He came to Norton county in 1874 and has lived here continuously until a few years ago when he moved to Goodland, Kansas. Mr. Lockard taught school at Neighborville in the winters of 1874 and 1875.  In 1876 he began to carry U. S. mail, and continued in this until 1880, when he and Wm. Simpson went into the stock business.  They took another partner in 1882 and bought Indian ponies until 1884.  The same year on September 14, he married Rose A. Walter.  She died at Norton July 15, 1893.  They had four children.  Mr. Lockard was in the real estate business for two years and in 1890 he went into the mercantile business in which he continued until 1893.  He has always been a Republican and popular candidate for several offices.  He was elected to the state senate in 1888 and served four years.  In 1892 he was a candidate for congress but lost by a small margin.  He has served as chairman of the Republican county central committee for several terms and at this time is honored with this position in Sherman county.  He has at different times been a member of the state and congressional committee.  On April 16, 1894, he married Mrs. Isabelle Stainbrook.  Mr. Lockard published the first history of Norton county and it has become one of the most valued publications in the county. 

The News is indebted to Mr. Lockard for much of its data and the biographies of the early settlers who have gone to rest, leaving only what Mr. Lockard has written of them for posterity.
As friends pass away, the deeds they have done are forgotten except they are recorded in history. Mr. Lockard has done all in his power to help us, with a good work where a good word is needed, and a boost where a boost wherever he can. It is men of his type who have made Norton county remembered in history as no other county or community is remembered. (page 19)

Burdge D. Lofgreen, one of Norton's younger but successful business men, was born in 1895 and came to Norton county in 1891. In 1915 he was united in marriage with Miss Blanche Porter, a Norton county girl whose father, Jake Porter, homesteaded in the county and died in 1915. Mr. Lofgreen has attended the Cleveland, Ohio, Mechanical school, the Chicago Electrical school and the Indianapolis Electrical school. He is a member of the Baptist church at at the present time runs one of the most modern garages in the state. (page 18)

Charles B. Lough took the second claim in the county and was the first settler who brought in a family of children, in April 1872. He built a sod and log house on the east side of Main street [Almena]. A sod house that he built later was still standing a few years ago, and was quite comfortably occupied by the Garvin family. In the coming of the B & M railway he sold his holdings to the Lincoln Land Co.

There were five lively youngsters in the family, one, Mrs. Albert Lamb, has lived almost continuously in Almena. Mr. and Mrs. Lough deserve credit for raising successfully a family of children under the trying conditions of those early days.

Mr. Lough died 20 years ago, but the mother of the family is still living in quiet comfort with her daughter, Julia, Mrs. Albert Lamb. She is in her 77th year and is enjoying fairly good health.

Mrs. Lamb could tell some interesting stories of those bygone days. There were no class distinctions, for all fared alike in those days. Equality and fraternity were living principles in the lives of the people, for when a family was “hard up” and had to go to school with bare feet, all the other families through real friendship did the same. Mrs. Lamb says there were great hardships, but she has forgotten the sting of them. (page 73)

Just 37 years ago Leonard Lovejoy came from northern Illinois looking for a better country, and found Norton county the best in the west. He sold farm Implements before Almena was located and Bloomington was the end of the Burlington road. He has been in the coal and feed business for the past 12 years. Always boosting, never knocking. It is men of the Lovejoy type who have made Almena and Norton county what they are today. Mr. Lovejoy served on term as county commissioner. He is the father of Leonard Lovejoy, the present Republican nominee for sheriff of Norton county. (page 67)

Leonard Lovejoy, the present Republican nominee for the office of sheriff of Norton county, was born in Jackson, Illinois. He came to Norton county with his father in 1879 and has attended the public and high schools of the county and is a graduate of the Omaha business college. Mr. Lovejoy is a High School trustee and has made a good and efficient official. He was married September 21, 1898, to Miss Florence Clay and their home has been blessed with four children. Mr. Lovejoy is a good man who stands high with the better people of the county. [Almena] (page 68)

E. A. Lyons was born in 1848 in New York State, and came to Norton in 1885 and went into the drug business and continued in this until 1891 when he opened a dental office and has practiced dentistry since that time. He attended The Western Dental College and studied medicine before coming to this county. Mr. Lyons has one child, Bertha, now the wife of C. E. Kennedy. He is a member of the Moose and the K. P. lodges. (page 11)



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