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John S. Salisbury came in 1877 and established the first hotel a sod house in old Clayton in 1879, and also did livery business until the town was moved. In 1888 he built the Commercial hotel which he ran until 1907. He died in the spring of 1916, his wife having died one year previous. (page 97)

Charles M. Saum was born in 1858 in Jasper county, Iowa, and came to Graham county in 1885, afterward moving to Lenora in 1890, where he followed the live stock and milling business until he was elected sheriff in 1908. He served in this office for two terms. He is the father of eight children and a member of the A.O.U.W. (page 65)

Marion Salisbury, owner of one of the first store buildings in new Clayton, and a merchant in the old town, was county commissioner of Decatur county for a number of years. He was an old soldier and homesteaded in 1877. Later he built a residence in new Clayton and resided there till his death. He was always a booster for Kansas and for Clayton. (page 97)

A. Schnabel was born in 1880 in Nebraska, and in 1911 he came to Norton county. He is now in the garage business, is a member of the Catholic church, the Catholic Mutual Association and the Catholic Knights of America. [New Almelo] (page 105)

Albert Schoen, present county commissioner from the third district, was born at Cawker City, and moved to Norton county in 1907. He is director of the Farmers Union at Clayton. (page 98-99)

G. B. Seeley, one of Norton's very prominent and successful business men, was born in 1861 at Oneda, Ill. He came to Norton in 1903 and started in the Clothing business the same year. Mr. Seeley, H. W. Wallace and J. B. MacFarland now own the Fairness store in Norton and have built up a substantial business. Mr. Seeley was married in 1890 to Miss Minerva L. Long and they have two children, Edwin, born in 1894, now at Topeka, and Creta, born in 1898, is now one of Norton county's teachers. Both are graduates of Norton county high school and Edwin has served several years at Washburn. Mr. Seeley has held several township offices and served on the city council for five years. He is a member of the Methodist church, the Masonic lodge, the M. W. A., and the Kansas Fraternal Citizens. (page 19)

M. G. Sheley was born in 1849, in Poweskiek (sic) county, Iowa, and came to Norton county in 1878 where he homesteaded in Aldine Township and still lives there on the old homestead. He has three sons living. Mr. Sheley was overseer of the county farm from 1902 until 1906 and he mad an efficient official. Much of our data that we have from the northern part of the county we owe to him. He is a member of the Odd Fellows Lodge. (page 95)

C. E. Shiflett was born in Malcon, Iowa in 1871. Came to this county in 1910 and has practiced Osteopathy at this place since that time. He is a graduate of the American school of Osteopathy at Kirksville, Missouri. He is a member of the Christian church and the Masonic lodge. He is the father of one child. (page 18)

Phillip Short was born in Pennsylvania in 1828 and came to the county in 1881 and homesteaded five miles southeast of Almena. He was married in 1862, had nine children, and died in 1900. [Edmond] (page 85)

James M. Shuey, candidate for Representative from this county, was born in 1849 in Fountain county, Indiana. He came to Norton in 1889 where he farmed until 1903 when he moved to Decatur county and was elected to the Legislature in 1912 and again in 1914. Mr. Shuey helped organize and was president of the Farmers Alliance which was organized some years ago as a protest against the practice of both old parties at that time. He is a member of the Christian church and a Civil War veteran. (page 93) 

A.H. Sidebottom was born in Missouri in 1889 and came to Norton in 1915 where he started in the milling business in which he has been very successful. He married Miss Valeria Overman in 1916. Mr. Sidebottom is a member of the M.E. church. (page 83)

Willard Simmons was born in McDouough [sic] county, Illinois, January 6, 1870. He attended the district school at his home and worked on the farm during his boyhood. In 1887 he moved with his parents to Kansas where they located in Norton county. Williard [sic] attended the Clark Academy at Goodland until it discontinued then went to the State University at Lawrence, graduating from the Law department with the degree of Bachelor of Law, and returned to Norton county in 1899 and opened up a law office which profession he has practiced continuously since that time. He has served as city clerk and attorney for nine terms attending to all the legal business of the city in a very creditable way. His resourcefulness has made him very successful and he has built up a fine practice. He is a 32 degree Mason, an M.W.A. and an A.O.U.W. On June 20, 1892 he was married to Miss Clara Campbell and one child has been born to them, Helen, now Mrs. Roy Williams of Topeka. A few years ago Mr. Simmons purchased a fruit farm at Palisade, Colo., and the gathering, packing and shipping of his apple crop furnishes him his yearly vacation. Some of the finest apples raised in the rich Grand Valley come from his orchard. He is one of Norton county’s pioneers, and, like all, deserves all good luck that comes to him. (page 60)

Dr. Don L. Smith was born in 1888, at Astoria, Illinois. In 1909 he was married to Miss Zella Iven Faddis, one of the most popular young ladies of Smithville, Missouri. Dr. Smith’s brother, J.L. Smith is at Norcatur. Dr. Smith received a general education in the Kansas City schools and in Lawrence, and his medical education at the University Medical College. He also received a post graduate course and took up the work of ear, eye, nose and throat and has specialized in this for a number of years in Kansas City before coming to Clayton. Dr. Smith is a registered druggist as well as a physician, and is the present proprietor of the drug store at Clayton. He has a first class drug store and handles everything that such a store should handle, and the store stands for pure drugs and chemicals and safe and courteous service. He dispenses his own medicines and being both doctor and pharmacist, he knows that only chemically pure drugs go into his prescriptions. The store also has an up-to-date soda fountain. (page 101)

J. R. Smith was born in 1875 at Newton, Iowa, and came to Norton county in 1879. Mr. Smith has followed four or five different trades and at this time is agent for the Dodge cars at Norton. He is the father of two children, Estes, born in 1902 and Velma, born in 1907. His father, Joe Smith, who came to the county the same year as his son, died in 1901. (page 34)

John T. Smith, better known as “Jack Smith”, was born in 1842 in Logan county, Ohio. He is a veteran of the Civil War, and was one of the soldiers taken prisoner and sent to Libby prison. In 1869 Mr. Smith married Jennie Williams and four children have been born to them. He came to Norton in 1881 and settled near Edmond. He served as Register of Deeds, being elected in 1893 and again in 1895. Mr. Smith was in the real estate business at one time but now has retired on account of his health, and lives quietly in Norton. (page 89)

Put your picture show in the hands of the right man and it will take its place along side of the church and the school as an instrument of good, for there is nothing more instructive than good clean pictures. In M. P. Smith Almena not only has a clean show man but a man who has enough confidence in Almena to build a new building for show purposes exclusively. Mr. Smith came to this county in 1879. He spent most of his early years on the farm, but in 1914, realizing the need of a clean amusement place in Almena, he started to build the Lyric theatre which was completed in December 1915. As a farmer Mr. Smith was successful and as a show man he is still successful. (page 67)

R.E. Smythe, a druggist at the Rexall store, was born in Indiana and came to Norton county in 1916. In the same year he married Goldie Order. He is a registered pharmacist and a pleasant sociable man. (page 66)

N. J. Spencer was born in 1863 in Pittsburg, Ohio, and came to Norton county in 1879. In 1885 he married Almelia Kelsey and they have three children. Mr. Spencer is a member of the U.C.T. (page 65)

J. Snyder and son established a cigar factory in Norton in 1883, and at this time it is the only cigar factory between Belleville and Denver. J. Snyder was born in Whittenburg [Wurttemburg ?], Germany in 1846 and came to this country in 1849 with his father, and lived at Trenton, New Jersey until he moved to Norton County in 1880, where he homesteaded one mile south of Norton.  In 1883 he went into the cigar business and in 1885 he started a restaurant which he ran until 1900 when he started his present business. Mr. Snyder is the father of four children and a member of the Masons and the M.W.A. His eldest son J. J. Snyder was born at Trenton, New Jersey in 1867, coming to the county with his father in 1880, and has been in business with him since 1883. In 1891 he married Luella Steel. They have one child. Mr. Snyder is a member of the Masons and the M.W.A. (page 90)

R. R. Snyder, who is now in the Restaurant business at Norton was born in 1895 at Hammond, Indiana, afterwards moving to Tennessee where he was in business until 1916 when he and his father L. C. Snyder moved to Norton and started the Snyder Café. (page 20)

G. R. Stapleton was born in Blackburn, Missouri. He came to Norton county in 1916 where he entered the drug business. Before coming to Norton, Mr. Stapleton was at Plattsburg, Missouri for five years in the drug business. (page 19)

Morton J. Stapleton was born in 1889 at Blackburn, Missouri. He has spent four years in the dry goods and nine years in the drug business. He came to Norton in 1915. Mr. Stapleton is a member of the Christian church. (page 83)

J. G. Stapp was born in 1860 in McDonough county, Illinois, and came to Norton county in 1877. Mr. Stapp is a carpenter by trade and has a complete shop at Norton for all job work. In 1882 he was united in marriage to Miss Carry Boddy. They are both members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and are unquestionably good, true Christians. Nothing better can be said of anyone than that. He has held several township offices as well as being a member of the Norton city council at one time. Both he and his wife are prominent in church and religious work. (page 36)

G. Staus was born in 1861 in Missouri and came to the county with his father Conart [Conrad] Staus in 1876 where they homesteaded two miles east of Almena. Mr. Staus Sr. died in 1909. In 1887 Mr. Staus Jr. married Miss Delia Farmer who died in 1906. Four children were born to them. Mr. Staus is a member of the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs. He ran the first meat market in Almena. (page 86)

J. H. Stephenson was born in 1886 in Smith county, and came to Edmond in 1912. The lumber company which he manages was built over thirty years ago. He married Miss Delia Dunham, a Smith county girl in 1912. (page 85)

Howard L. Stevens was born in Alton, Penn., in 1870, and came to Norton county in 1898 where he farmed until 1907 when he was appointed assistant postmaster, a position which he has held since that time, and one many friends by his staunch dependability in his work. He was united in marriage in 1912 with Miss Winifred Chamberlain, a Butler county, Nebraska girl. They have one child, Rolland, born in 1915. Mr. Stevens is a member of the Methodist church and the Masons. (page 87)

A.E . Stickney came to Edmond in 1886. He was born in Lobdo, Iowa. In 1891 he married Grace Conkey, whose father, Chester Conkey, came from Iowa to Edmond in 1876 and took up a claim which now adjoins Edmond. Mrs. Stickney was postmistress of Edmon in 1893. Mr. Stickney is a member of the M.W.A. and the Odd Fellows. Mr. Stickney’s father, E.E. Stickney, was born in 1836 and came to Edmond in 1886. He lives at Norton. (page 86)

J. G. Stroup was born in 1885 in Phillips county and came to Norton county in 1916, and with his brother, W. J. Stroup, bought out Ernest Schwartz’s lumber yard. Mr. Stroup is a member of the Presbyterian church and the Masonic lodge. He is a creditable addition to Norton’s business men. The Stroup brothers also own lumber yards at Salina and Lebo. (page 93)

S. Sweeley was born in 1856 at Center county, Pennsylvania, and came to Norton county in 1879 where he homesteaded in what is now Harrison township. He has farmed most of the time. In 1905 he was married to Miss Ida Peterson. They have three children. Mr. Sweeley is general manager of the Norton County Co-Operative Association at the present time, and at one time served this city well in the capacity of marshal. (page 83)

J. M. Sweet was born in New York and came to Norton in 1890. [Edmond] (p. 85)

George Sweley was born in 1815 in Center county, Penn. Came to this county in 1879 where he homesteaded in Harrison township. He died in 1899 and is buried in Harrison township. (page 19)

J. L. Talbott, owner of the general store at Almena, was born in 1882 at Council Bluffs, Iowa, and came to Norton county in 1913. He was married in 1908 and has one child, Zola, born in 1910. (page 68)

G. O. Taylor was born in 1856 and came to Norton County in 1879 and has farmed in Grant Township since that time. (page 93)

The Tellessen brothers, came to this county from Norway in 1883 and they are a good example of what hard and consistent work will do for any man with a determination to make good. They have been in business in Almena for the past nine years and have one of the most up-to-date repair shops in the county. Carl was born in 1880. He married Alma Duling, an Almena girl. Theo was born in 1875 and was married in 1907 to Miss Dolly Snodgrass. Both brothers are good practical garage men, and work done there is done right. (page 67)

O.A. Tellessen came to Norton county in 1874 when but two years old. He has been in business for 20 years, having bought out the business of G.S. Gall. [Almena] (page 68)

F.J. Castle and Dr. Thomas came from old Clayton and built the first store building and stocked it with drugs and hardware, continuing in the business for a number of years. Both moved to Norcatur. Dr. Thomas was the first physician in old and new Clayton, and at the present time is located at Calvert. (page 97)

L. B. Thomas, a drug clerk of Norton, was born in 1893 at Hillsboro, Iowa, and came to Norton county in 1914. He is a registered pharmacist and has worked at the Nyal and Rexal stores during the time he has been here. Mr. Thomas is a man well met and never too busy for a pleasant word. (page 20)

R. S. Thomas, the hardware man of Almena, was born in Washington Co., Ohio, in 1860 and came to Almena in 1916 and bought Dr. Benny’s hardware store. (page 68)

L. H. Thompson, one of the pioneers and leading attorney’s of the county, was born in Elkhart county, Indiana, in 1851 and came to Norton county in 1879, where he homesteaded just south of the old town of Leota. Mr. Thompson studied in the normal schools and in the State University of Indiana, and was admitted to the bar at Harlan, Iowa in 1878. He was elected county attorney of Norton county in 1884, and again in 1888, and still again in 1906. He married Miss Julia A. Maxwell, a Norton county girl, in 1880. To this union were born two children, Mark B., who is now Judge Thompson, of Las Cruces, New Mexico, and Pearl, who works as a private stenographer in her father’s law office. Mr. Thompson is a member of the Methodist church; the Masons; the A.O.U.W. and M.W.A. He has handled successfully a great many of the noted criminal cases of the county, among which were the Dewey Berry murder trial, the Ellen Lunney murder and was one of the attorneys in the Heddy murder trial. He still enjoys a large and excellent law practice, and now has a partner, S. M. Johnson, in with him. (page 88)

Miss Pearl Thompson one of the popular business women of Norton, is in truth a product of Norton, having been born in Norton. She attended the public schools here and took the business course at the Norton County High School. She has the agency for the Aetna Building and Loan Association of Topeka for the past six years, and they have at this time over 60 stockholders in Norton county mainly through her efforts. She is a notary public and has qualified as one of the leading business women in the county. Miss Thompson is a member of the Methodist church, the Eastern Star and the Court of Honor. (page 34)

Dr. Ray M. Tinney, one of the leading physicians of Norton county, was born in 1875 at Topeka, Kansas. He graduated with honors from the Kansas City Medical College, which is now a part of the Kansas State University. He also attended Washburn College and is a post graduate of the Chicago Poli Clinic. Before coming to Norton, in 1912, he practiced medicine at Kirwin for 13 years. In 1889 Dr. Tinney was united in marriage with Miss Grace E. Greenwood, who is also an excellent physician. They have one child, Ellen. In 1916, Dr. Tinney opened up a hospital in Norton, which is modern and up-to-date in every way, and Dr. Grace Tinney and a corps of nurses are in constant attendance, and only the best of surgeons as well as men of character are employed there, thus assuring the patient not only skilled medical and surgical attention, but square and fair treatment in every way. Dr. Tinney’s enterprise has filled a long-felt want in Norton and the good people of the county and surrounding territory appreciate it. Dr. Tinney has worked up an excellent medical practice and the hospital will enable him to enlarge his surgical work. But no patient will be operated on at the Tinney hospital unless an operation is necessary. Dr. Tinney is a member of the Masons, the A.O.U.W.; the K & L of Security; the Sons and Daughters of Justice and the American Yeoman. (page 89)

F.M. Tucker was born in 1860 at Greensburg, Indiana and came to Norton in 1886. He is the father of two children, Earl, born in 1886 and June, born in 1897. He started in the hotel and cigar business in 1906 and still continues in this on the East Side of the public square. (page 65)



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