Call 82 Men
For the Army

Report November 16 and 17; Seven Short Of Quota; Family Men by January.

A call for 89 men, the largest yet made upon Norton County under the selective service program, will completely exhaust the supply of Class 1A men and will take a considerable number of men in the "late marriage" class.   To meet the big quota, the county board has only 82 available men but four enlistments during the past 10 days will bring the total to within three of the number of men asked.

The men are to leave Monday and Tuesday, November 16 and 17.

Married men, including some who were married long before the selective service program was inaugurated, will make up December calls and by January it will become necessary to call some men in the county who are married  and have children.

One World War veteran is to leave with the November 17 group.  He is S. T. Kaufman, widely known Lenora man, who was in the American army from August,  1917, to May, 1919.  He was in the army reserve from 1919 to 1929 and was in active service in 1923.  Mr. Kaufman served as an army flier in China after the World War.

Four of the men leaving November 16 are volunteers.  They are:
Johnny Holeman, Dellvale.
Lester Hazlett, Norton.
Calvin Brooks, Edmond.
John Gulick, Densmore.

The four recent enlistments are:
Daniel McKinley Johnson, Wilsonville [NE].
Howard Albin, Norton.
Richard Waugh, Almena.
Homer Bernard, Densmore.

Thirty men leaving November 16 have notices to report at 8 o'clock that

night at the district court room in the courthouse to receive their instructions from the selective service board, and 52 men will report at the same hour the following night for the same purpose.  Both groups go to Fort Logan, near Denver, and will leave here at 10:22 o'clock aboard the Rock Island train No. 5.

Families and friends of the men who are leaving are invited to attend the courthouse meeting each evening.  Arrangements provide for public programs to honor the men who will soon become a part of the nation's armed forces, and all citizens are urged to participate in the demonstration.

In the group leaving the night of November 16 in addition to Holeman, Hazlett, Brooks and Gulick are:
Lloyd Johnson, Norton.
Leland Dixon, Norton.
Doral Tweed, Norton.
Cecil Webber, Norton, now at Denver and probably joining the group there.
Joseph Vahling, Clayton.
Louis Collins, Dellvale.
Leland Grunert, Alment. (sic)
Sylvester Hansen, Norton.
William Donnelly, Lenora.
John Long, New Almelo, now at Holbrook, Nebr.
Francis Stringham, Dellvale.
Clarence Shreves, Norton, now at Colorado Springs.
Delbert Marsh, Norton.
Adolph Rome, Norton, who will be leader of the party.
Lawrence Walker, Lenora.
Henry Vahling, Dellvale.
Irvin Knoll, Clayton.
Cyrus Guthrie, Edmond.
Earl Phillips, Norton, now at Hutchinson.
Louis Inman, Norton.
Roy Archer, Almena.
Gordon Davis, Almena.
Clifford Price, Almena, now at Garden City.
Arthur Eagleburger, Dellvale.
William Harland Miller, Lenora.
Carl Haferland, Lenora.

In the group scheduled to leave the night of November 17 are these:

James Bogart, Norton.
Martin Boxler, Norton, who will be assistant leader.
John Vehige, Logan.
Fred Smith, Logan.
Claude Conkey, Edmond.
Louis Erpelding, Norton.
Charles Burd, Norton.
Charles Stephenson, Norton, now at Norcatur.
Raymond Bernard, Densmore.
Hiram Mapes, Norton.
Gerard Lyons, Norton.
Ivan Carver, Logan.
Ellis Applegate, Norton.
Frank Fowler, Norton.
Neal Peak, Norton.
Lee Hickman, Lenora.
Herman Nelson, Norton.
Vernon Greenwood, Dellvale.
Ray Carleton, Norton.
LaVon Ehly, Norton.
Harold Peterson, Almena.
Warren Bivens, Norton.
Leo Schlim, Norton.
Dewey Craig, Norton.
Willis Kauten, Norton.
Arthur Baker, Almena.
George Frederick, Lenora.
James Thomson, Dellvale.
Moritz Hahn, New Almelo.
Leo Allen, Densmore.
Loyal Mapes, Norton.
Stephen T. Kaufman, Lenora, leader of the group.
Lloyd J. Taylor, Norton, Texaco oil dealer.
Roy Goodrich, Lenora.
Harry Cook, Norton.
Carroll Walter, Edmond.
Floyd Edgett, Norton.
Glen Foight, Norton.
William Sawyer, Almena.
Lawrence Sebelius, Almena, now in Hays state college.
William Van Der Wege, Norton, now at Denver.
Clarence Gregory, Norton.
Robert Childers, Norton, now at Red Cloud, Nebr.
William Headley, Norton.
Max Fagg, Norton.
Martin Jakubowski, Norton.
Wesley Jurey, Norcatur.
Charley Dawley, Norton.
Cletus Kintigh, Norton
Hubert Heitman, Dellvale.
Clifford Davis, Almena, now at Norcatur.
Forrest Roeder, Norton

Please be aware that being called by the selective service did not necessarily mean they served during WWII. Case in point: John Vehige told me he was called up 4 different times, but each time was disqualified. Undated newspaper clipping, probably November 1942 from a Norton newspaper found in my Dad's stuff.  Names in bold are my families.

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