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Obituary of AARON B. HAWES
Death of A. B. Hawes
Well Known Farmer and Business
Man of Belpre, Succumbed at
Offerle Monday

Aaron B. Hawes, of Belpre, 78 years old, prominent and successful farmer and business man of this section of Kansas, died Monday afternoon at four o’clock at Offerle in the car of his son-in-law, Thomas J. Morrow, of Wichita, when Mr. Morrow stopped at a filling station to get him a drink of water. Mr. and Mrs. Morrow and Mr. Hawes started at 1 o’clock Sunday from Belpre for Colorado Springs. They traveled as far as Garden City Sunday and stopped at Garden City for the night. Mr. Hawes became ill at Garden City, and a Garden City physician advised his return home. The start back to Belpre was made at one o’clock Monday afternoon, and the party had reached Offerle and stopped in front of the filling station when Mr. Hawes succumbed in the car from a heart affection. The body was taken to Belpre in an ambulance.
Mr. Hawes was born January 14, 1861, in Jefferson county, Kentucky, and moved to Indiana when he was eighteen years old, and came to Kansas in April 1901. He had purchased a farm ten miles south of Larned on the Belpre road before coming to Kansas. When he first came to Kansas he resided in Larned for four months, when he moved to the farm south of town. At that time he owned two sections of land, the section at present owned by E. A. Hawes and the section directly across the road. At the time of his death Mr. Hawes owned ten quarters of land, eight of them in Grant county, and two in Pawnee county south of Larned. Mr. Hawes remained on the farm about eight years. Twenty years ago he moved to Belpre, where he engaged in the mercantile and grain business, retiring about fourteen years ago. He had not been active in any kind of business in recent years. Mr. Hawes had not been in good health since the death of Mrs. Hawes about two years ago.
Aaron B. Hawes was married to Nancy A. Rogers in January 1869, in Clark county, Indiana. There were seven children – three of whom survive: Ed. A. Hawes and A. B. Hawes, Jr., of South of Larned, and Mrs. Ada B. Morrow, of Wichita. Mr. Hawes was a member of the Baptist church. No brothers or sisters are living, although Mr. Hawes was of a family of four brothers and one sister, of which he was the youngest. Two brothers came to Kansas from Indiana and died here.
Mr. Hawes was a man of decided opinions and was of the aggressive type. He was a delegate to the Chicago Democratic convention which nominated Grover Cleveland, while a brother was a delegate to the Chicago Republican convention which nominated Abraham Lincoln. Although his older brother was a Republican, Mr. Hawes was of an Independent mind and affiliated with the opposite political party early in life.
Although he did not come to Kansas until he was past fifty years old, Mr. Hawes prospered here and continued to acquire property. An interesting story is told of the first half section of land he purchased in Grant county. In those days travel was by horse, and Mr. Hawes had an opportunity to trade a separator and engine, which he had purchased for $50, for the Grant county half section, with the addition of a few hundred dollars. He started to Grant county with the owner of the land, but they found the trip was so far by this slow mode of travel, that Mr. Hawes said he would trade for the land without seeing it. The deal was made, and Mr. Hawes did not see the land for many years after he had purchased it.
Mr. Hawes was an important stockman of this section and handled a great deal of stock of all descriptions. He once unloaded twenty cars of cattle at Belpre in one shipment, bringing them in from Texas for pasturing and feeding.
Had Mrs. Hawes, who died two years ago, lived Mr. and Mrs. Hawes would have been married sixty years in January of this year.
Funeral services were held at the Baptist church at Belpre yesterday at eleven o’clock, Rev. T. W Henshaw officiating. Burial was in the Belpre cemetery.
Transcribed and Contributed by Richard Schwartzkopf

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