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Burns to Death
A Frightful Accident Which
Cost Mrs. Wm. Rogers
Her Life

Mrs. Wm. Rogers was so frightfully burned by the explosion of a kerosene can Wednesday evening of last week that she died Saturday evening. The accident occurred at the Rogers home eight miles southwest of Larned. It resulted from an attempt to build a fire by pouring coal oil into the kitchen stove. The flames leaped up and caused the can of oil to explode and spread the fire all over the room, catching the clothing of Mrs. Rogers and fearfully burning her little two year old boy. Mrs. Rogers ran at once to the bed room and covered herself with a blanket, but not until her clothing had been nearly all burned off.
Her husband was at the barn at the time and hearing the explosion hurried to the house and put out the flames in the kitchen. He did not, however, send for a physician to attend his wife and child, but allowed them to go without medical attendance, except such as was given by his mother and the neighbors until Friday, when the neighbors took matters into their own hands and sent for the Dr. MacCurdy. He found the mother and child still wrapped in the remains of the clothing in which they had been burned and lying in the bed, both in a pitiable condition. To add to the horror of the calamity, the woman gave premature birth to a baby shortly after the accident, due to the shock.
While the physician says Mrs. Rogers could not have survived the terrible burns she received, yet it was cruelty to allow her and the little child to go without any medical attention which might have alleviated the suffering and agony of both. The little boy was very badly burned on the left side and about the head and is now at Larned hospital and it is thought his recovery is certain.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Horn, the parents of Mrs. Rogers, and two sons, S. E. Horn, and T. J. Horn, all of Hutchinson, arrived Sunday evening. They were shocked and grieved at the condition in which they found their daughter and sister. The funeral was held from the Christian church Monday morning, the services being conducted by Rev. Pearce. After the funeral an order was issued out of the probate court giving the child into the care of the sheriff for the present and the child was placed in the Larned hospital where it is being cared for.
The people of this community are indignant over the careless treatment received by Mrs. Rogers and her child, and it may be the child will not be returned to the father but given to someone who will care for it properly. It is possible the father was so dazed by the calamity that he did not realize what he was doing in neglecting to provide proper care for his wife and child.
Mrs. Rogers formerly lived in Hutchinson, and the Hutchinson News of February 26th contains the following statement from her brother, S. E. Horn.
“As to her husband, Mr. Rogers, I believe he is insane. I thought that when I first saw him. Rogers was at the barn when the accident occurred and I believe that his mind became weakened when he saw his wife and child. He was married to my sister June 25, 1903. Ever since that time he has been a good husband, as far as we know. My sister never spoke of him except in a loving way. The child, Ralph, who is 2 years old, is at present in a hospital at Larned.”
Mrs. Rogers was born Tadda Horn, November 9, 1885. She lived in Hutchinson with her parents until her marriage to Rogers. W. M. Horn, the father, lives at 126 West Sixth avenue, Hutchinson.

Additional Obituary

Transcribed and Contributed by Richard Schwartzkopf

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