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Pratt County, Kansas

This is a listing of Byers Cemetery as of 1976, I did my best to get the information correct but I am sure there are some mistakes.

Ackley, Allen S.-B.Oct.13,1850 D.May 18,1943
Ackley, George Allen-B.Aug.1,1916 D.June 18,1947
Ackley, George L.-B.Nov.30,1887 D.July 23,1968
Ackley, Rosa M.-B.Aug.25,1883 D.Jan.2,1922
Ackley, Sophia-B.May1,1856 D.Dec.10,1932
Bates, Marie-- 1902 to 1962
Beauchamp, John-- 1873 to 1936
Berry, Don Eillard-B.Aug.31,1919 D.May 14,1961(S Sgt. 81 Air Depot WWII)
Berry, Driulla-B.Jan.22,1889 D.Nov.3,1946
Berry, Kit C.-- 1881 to 1945
Berry, M. Merarine-- 1914 to 1931
Berry, Nina-- 1891 to 1964
Berry, Orville C.-B.Jan.22,1889 D.Nov.3,1946
Blair, Addie M.-B.1881 D.Jan.20,1881(Dau. of E.& E.R.)
Blair, Athol C.-B.Aug.11,1911 D.Dec.30,1911(Son of C.A.& Myrtle Blair)
Blair, Clyde A.-B.Jan.25,1886 D.Jan.23,1944
Blair, Edward-B.Apr.2,1956 D.Sept.20,1933
Blair, Hassie J.-B.Sept.15,1859 D.Apr.4,1925
Blair, Robert A.-B.May 4,1888 D.May 13,1958
Blair, Myrtle M.-B.Dec.22,1888 D.June 12,1968
Bowker, Belle-- 1892 to 1942
Bowker, James A.-- 1892 to 1950
Bowman, Harrison-- 1872 to 1953
Bowman, Jennie L.-- 1878 to 1939
Bowman, Baby-B.Oct.4,1929 D.Oct.4,1929(Merle's Baby)
Bowman, Merle E.-- 1903 to 1958
Brown, Albert B.-D.May 25,1911
Brown, Albert H.-- 1889 to 1966
Brown, Blamche-B.Dec.5,1893
Brown, Hon. W.F.-- 1860 to 1930
Brown, Jerry LeRoy-- 1917 to 1938
Brown, John A.-B.Jan.13,1918 D.Aug.31,1951
Brown, Lee Ann-- 1862 to 1924
Brown, Minnie E.-- 1892 to 1975
Brown, William E.-B.Apr.16,1893 D.June 6,1976
Brumsey, Clarinda-B.Feb.23,1851 D.Apr.26,1887(wife of Samuel B. Brumsey)
Cates, Myrtle-- 1897 to 1929
Cates, Wesley-- 1890 to 1926
Cole, Fern-B.Aug.1912 D.Jan.1,1972
Cole, Loring-B.Jan.2,1905 D.Jan.12,1976
Collins, Hugo H.-- 1903 to 1942
Cotton, Cara E.-- 1876 to 1946
Cotton, John A.-- 1872 to 1944
Cotton, Muriel-B.Dec.23,1893 D.Jan.10,1971(WWI)
Crandall, Bessie-B.Jan.29,1910 D.Mar.16,1947
Crandall, Walter-B.Nov.16,1901
Crowl, Helen-B.Aug.3,1917 D.Jan.29,1967
Curtis, Elva-B.Oct.5,1877 D.Mar.28,1949
Curtis, Frank-B.Feb.11,1867 D.July 31,1948
Dillon, Francis E.-B.Oct.12,1900 D.Mar.26,1962(WWII Pvt. US Army)
Dillon, Ida Elinor-- 1906 to 1947
Donner, Bessie May-- 1891 to 1954
Donner, Henry H.-- 1876 to 1955
Donner, William Henry-- 1914 to 1916
Eubank, Andrew W.-- 1884 to 1931
Eubank, Glen R.-- 1911 to 1949
Eubank, Ethel P.-B.1881
Garner, Francis E.-- 1895 to 1946
Garner, Margaret A.-- 1854 to 1933
Gereke, Austin L.-- 1891 to 1971
Gereke, C. Gustane-- 1856 to 1933
Gereke, John Wesley-- 1882 to 1946
Gereke, Mary-- 1859? to 1937?
Gereke, Mary Edna-- 1887 to 1957
Gereke, Melvin W.-B.Jan.21,1912 D.Feb.2,1912
Gereke, William-- 1884 to 1950
Gereke, William A.-- 1884 to 1958
Gilliland, Louella-- 1892 to 1965
Gilliland, Samuel B.-- 1875 to 1956
Green, Calvin Lee-B.Nov.9,1924 D.Nov.29,1924
Green, Velva Pearle-B.Sept.16,1916 D.Oct.9,1928
Hacker, 6 Children of Daniel Hacker
Hacker, John-B.Feb.22,1821 D.Sept.11,1891
Hacker, Steve
Hacker, Steve
Hacker, Theodore-- 1902 to 1903(son of Samuel Hacker)
Hainline, Charles C.-- 1869 to 1950
Hainline, Earl F.-B.May 20,1901 D.Apr.3,1908(son of C. & Elvira Hainline)
Hainline, Baby-D.Aug.13,1899(Dau of T.E. & Ora Hainline)
Hazelton, Ella-B.Dec.3,1850 D.Dec.28,1927
Hazelton, Tessie-B.July 4,1906 D.July 12,1907(Dau of Otis & Hattie Hazelton)
Hazelton, W.A.-B.Aug.1,1849 D.Nov.20,1910
Hemphill, Clara-- 1903 to 1976
Hemphill, Fenton-- 1900 to 1942
Hensley, Daniel S.-B.Nov.17,1882 D.Oct.4,1949
Hensley, Dennie May-- 1887 to 1954
Hensley, Martha J.-B.Oct.4,1847 D.Dec.5,1911
Hensley, Robert L.-- 1874 to 1927
Hensley, William Thomas-B.Aug.10,1880 D.May 30,1964
Howerton, Edward Robert-- 1920 to 1925
Howerton, Howard R.-- 1920 to 1921
Howerton, John C.-- 1888 to 1954
Hughes, Billy Dean-B.Aug.28,1932 D.Apr.9,1969(Korea)
Hughes, Cecil Lowel-B.Nov.10,1919 D.Jan.26,1920
Hughes, Frank D.-- 1861 to 1938
Hughes, Hamilton-B.Feb.28,1833 D.Oct.19,1910
Hughes, Mabel A.-- 1902 to 1928
Hughes, Mary A.-B.Oct.17,1837 D.Dec.19,1906
Hughes, Minnie C.-B.Jan.20,1870 D.Dec.6,1945
Hughes, Richard R.-B.Dec.22,1858 D.Jan.17,1946
Jackson, Clarence-B.Mar.5,1892 D.Apr.16,1975(Pvt. US Army)
Jackson, Sarah-B.1854 D.Apr.28,1920
Jackson, Thomas-B.July 22,1882 D.Jan.17,1970
Jackson, Tracy L.-B.June 2,1902
Keller, George E.
Keller, Nancy Lyn-B.Jan.23,1948 D.Mar.4,1948
Kelly, George R.-B.May 5,1913(Infant)
Kendall, Infant-D.Nov.5,1924(dau of K.K & E.E.Kendall)
Lattimore, James F.-B.1854 or 1864 D.1947
Lattimore, Leona-- 1871 to 1939
Lewis, Infant-B.June 14,1885 D.June 14,1885(dau of A.C. & L.C. Lewis)
Lewis, Infant-B.June 14,1886 D.Sept.4,1886(son of A.C. & L.C. Lewis)
Logan, Alf.-- 1868 to 1930
Logan, Elizabeth-B.May 2,1846 D.Aug.3,1922
Logan, Perlie-D.June 29,1890 age 4 yrs 5 mos(dau of W.R. & E. Logan)
Logan, Wesley R.-B.Feb.18,1839 D.July 16,1905
McKibben, Anna Mary-- 1876 to 1936
McKibben, Mary-B.1876 D.July 17,1901
Naron, Arthur-B.Nov.13,1891 D.Apr.17,1896
Naron, Bill-- unreadable
Naron, Dora-- no dates
Naron, F. LeRoy-B.Dec.1,1887 D.Aug.17,1888(Baby of L.M.Naron)
Naron, L.H.-B.Apr.22,1821 D.Aug.6,1904(Chief of Scouts. CA Served in Civil War)
Naron, L.H.-B.1885 or 1888 D.1956(dates are wrong)(age 3 yrs 3 mos)
Naron, Martha-D.Oct.16,1885 age 16 yrs(dau of L.H. & Mary Naron)
Naron, Nellie-B.Sept.13,1886 D.June 23,1887
Newby, Beatrice-B.1916 or 1934 D.1970 or 1973
Newby, Dan-B.Dec.22,1917 D.Dec.24,1917
Newby, Fredrick D.-B.Oct.10,1882 D.Jan.2,1927
Newby, Grace-B.Oct.6,1886
Newby, Jonah L.-B.Jan.26,1886 D.Mar.17,1957
Newby, Millie May-B.July 13,1894 D.Aug.22,1931
Newby, Richard-B.Sept.12,1910 D.June 26,1911(son of W.O. & L.B.Newby)
Newby, Ross-- 1876 to 1949
Nicholson, William R.-B.Mar.15,1871 D.Jan.22,1908
Randle, Robert-- 1876 to 1915
Reedy, James W.-- 1877 to 1962
Reedy, Louisa J.-B.July 29,1852 D.May 11,1920(mother of James W.)
Roberts, George-B.Jan.24,1839 D.May 25,1910(Co A 3 Reg 1 a car.)
Robinson, Albert-B.May 29,1913 D.May 26,1918
Robinson, Alfred-B.Dec.14,1916 D.Jan.21,1917
Robinson, John-B.Oct.12,1885 D.Aug.29,1918
Schulte, Kenneth-- 1972 to 1972
Shattice, Charles M.-- 1838 to 1903
Shattice, Sarah L.-- 1855 to 1939
Simms, Kenneth C.-- 1934 to 1973
Simms, Richard M.-B.Aug.29,1884 D.Mar.15,1962
Skelton, John A.-B.Apr.4,1862 D.Apr.22,1885(son of A. Skelton)
Smith, Ida E.-- 1867 to 1938
Smith, Infant-B.unreadable D.July 4,1900(son of E.L. & S.S.)
Smith, Infant-B.Apr.6,????(son of L.V. & Albert)
Smith, James H.-- 1865 to 1943
Smith, William E.-B.June 29,1899 D.Feb.5,1957
Stacy, Corkins B.-B.Nov.23,1854 D.July 12,1940
Stacy, Grace E.-- 1882 to 1967
Stacy, Harry N.-- 1876 to 1923
Stacy, Homer G.-- 1891 to 1974
Stacy, Mary-- 1857 to 1940
Stacy, Pauline Carmi E.-- 1903 to 1976
Templin, Jennie E.-B.Oct.6,1938 D.Jan.14,1958
Tompkins, Abe-B.Aug.22,1873 D.Apr.15,1958
Tompkins, Alice-B.Oct.25,1913 D.Oct.31,1913
Tompkins, John-B.Apr.3,1866 D.Sept.11,1955
Tompkins, Twin Boys of Allen & Stella)
Warren, Angie-B.Sept.22,1876 D.Mar.8,1919
Warren, Hunley-B.Dec.29,1871 D.May 4,1933
Wasson, James W.-B.Jan.25,1862 D.Oct.8,1918
Waters, Cora D.-- 1880 to 1927
Waters, Jesse E.-- 1871 to 1955
Waters, Mary Dell-- 1929 to 1930(dau of L.W. Waters)
Waters, Ralph M.-- 1927 to 1928(son of L.W. Waters)
Wortham, Susan-D.Apr.16,1878 age 45 yrs
Yoho, Albert L.-B.Oct.27,1909 D.Apr.19,1968
Yoho, Ella-B.July 28,1890 D.Mar.4,1963
Mexican--A railroad Worker


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