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Greenlawn Cemetery

Listings Update

Pratt County, Kansas

This is a listing of Greenlawn Cemetery as of January 2001, I did my best to get the information correct but I am sure there are some mistakes.

Baker, Eugene-- 1902 to 1993
Burrows, Anna Mae-- 1924 to 1993
Moyer, Howard-- 1906 to 1993
Salley, Elmer-- 1904 to 1993
Tregellas, Frank-- 1901 to 1993
Blythe, Elsie-- 1909 to 1993
Schmidt, Roy-D.1993
Wadkins, Hazel-- 1906 to 1993
Powell, Hazel-- 1913 to 1993
Cauldwell, Amanda-- 1904 to 1993
Peterson, Raymond-D.1993
Hodges, Bob-- D.1993
Patrick, Deazh-D.1993
Long, Venn J.-D.1993
Christopher, Elsie Banks-D.1993
Goeller, Ona-- 1909 to 1993
Josserand, Robert-- 1896 to 1993
Gearhart, Harold-- D.1993
Sultz, Orie-- 1905 to 1993
Stivers, Vera-D.1993
Christedon, Florence F.-- 1911 to 1993
Evans, Anne-- 1922 to 1993
Himes, Harry G.-- 1917 to 1993
Helsel, Laurence W.-- 1911 to 1993
Whitaker, Ila E.-- 1911 to 1993
Schulte, Blance M.-- 1901 to 1993
Betschart, Lena-- 1902 to 1993
Kallmeyer, Ray-- 1903 to 1993
Fields, Olive-- 1896 to 1993
Tuttle, Coetn M. Vanatta-- 1933 to 1993
Green, Florence-- 1902 to 1993
Phinney, Murl F.--- 1912 to 1993
Brenner, James Allen_B.Sept.26,1993 D.Sept.26,1993
Brant, Boyd B.-- 1910 to 1993
Jones, Larry-- 1961 to 1993
Lucas, Roy D.-- 1901 to 1993
Fischer, Earnest C.-- 1911 to 1993
Black, Albert-- 1913 to 1993
Holland, Gary D.-- 1945 to 1993
Aumiller, Sheila L.-- 1963 to 1993
Bruse, Henry-- 1922 to 1993
Fredrick, Carl Wayne-- 1946 to 1993
Kehr, Edna-- 1905 to 1993
Strayer, Louise-D.1993
Bloxom, Emalie-- 1906 to 1993
Tregellas, Ida M.-B.Aug.10,1907 D.Dec.13,1993
Rosenbaum, Ray-- 1920 to 1993
Meyers, Loyde-- 1917 to 1993
Barker, Galen-- 1917 to 1993
Scantlin, Mary Mason-D.1993
Garst, Paul Jr.-- 1925 to 1994
Blackburn, Robert S.-- 1974 to 1994
Martin, Edna O.-- 1908 to 1994
Britton, Mary-- 1900 to 1994
Danavon, marcella-- 1921 to 1994
Withers, Keesha Kae-D.1994
Long, Ethel-- 1893 to 1994
Jordan, Ruby-- 1906 to 1994
Thorpe, Dr. F.A.-D.1994
Alexander, Pearl-- 1905 to 1994
Rosebaum, Artie Lee-- 1918 to 1994
Scarbrough, Elisabeth-- 1894 to 1994
Way, Catherine-- 1917 to 1994
Swisher, Jewell-- 1904 to 1994
Williams, Thelma-- 1903 to 1994
Davis, Thomas E.-- 1910 to 1994
Mills, Maude-- 1911 to 1994
Simms, Vida-- 1891 to 1994
Tritt, Ester L.-- 1916 to 1994
McTaggart, Maxine-- 1923 to 1994
Bunsold, mary-- 1902 to 1994
Breckel, Edna-- 1908 to 1994
Stuvdivant, Dan D.-- 1927 to 1994
Culver, Doris-D.1994
Moore, Evelyn E.-- 1902 to 1994
Roller, Helen L.-- 1918 to 1994
Rice, Velma-- 1906 to 1994
Sloan, Ruth-- 1934 to 1994
Hoener, Lawrence C.-- 1911 to 1994
Solorio, Trisha R.-- 1977 to 1994
Barbee, Pearl E.-- 1906 to 1994
Hatzenbuchler, Theresa E.-- 1896 to 1994
Stalker, neita M.-- 1910 to 1994
Beck, Amanda-- 1896 to 1994
Mummert, Robert-- D.1994
Gunderson, Robert-D.1994
Clark, Vida J.-- 1927 to 1994
Randle, Helen-- 1895 to 1994
Frantz, Ira B.-- 1903 to 1994
Chinn, Julia-- 1899 to 1994
Speer, Michael-D.1994
Clements, Florence-- 1899 to 1994
Jelf, O.H.-- 1899 to 1994
Yeo, Fred-- 1917 to 1994
Heins, George W.-- 1945 to 1994
Britton, Wilfred-- 1922 to 1994
Douglas, Karren Jo Blasi-- 1940 to 1994
Biddinger, Lavilla May-- 1906 to 1994
Haworth, Everett L. Sr.-- 1917 to 1994
Frisbie, Bernard J.-- 1911 to 1994
Devore, Virgina-- 1912 to 1994
Dodson, Gary-- 1913 to 1994
Cornelson, Alec Ray-- 1994 to 1994
Gibson, Emlie-- 1912 to 1994
Leroux, Ann E. Miller-- 1914 to 1994
Simms, Marion-- 1928 to 1994
Jones, Isabelle-- 1914 to 1994
Devenney, Ann I.-- 1928 to 1994
Utt, Floyd N.-- 1899 to 1994
Watkins, Mary I.-- 1909 to 1994
Burrows, Ralph W.-- 1923 to 1994
Frazer, Dora M.-- 1909 to 1994
Schnelle, Robert D. Sr.--D.1994
Moon, Ralph-- 1925 to 1994
Mauler, Marie B.-- 1909 to 1994
Doubek, Ellen-- 1920 to 1994
Reed, Carl-- 1908 to 1994
Banbury, Clay-D.1994
Kellogg, Jay H.-- 1937 to 1994
Smith, Everett R.-- 1912 to 1994
Hembree, Frank H.-- 1932 to 1994
Schaffer, Paul M. Sr.-- 1940 to 1994
Jenkins, Alma-- 1911 to 1994
Stipe, Mildred-D.1994
Kennard, Lee E.-- 1908 to 1994
Laswell, Ralph W.-- 1898 to 1994
Butler, Lena M.-- 1901 to 1994
Pyles, Shanna L.-- 1981 to 1994
Schafer, Dorothy J.-- 1921 to 1994
Fenn, Oscar W.-- 1899 to 1994
Walker, Geneva B.-- 1900 to 1994
McGraw, Joe V.-- 1930 to 1994
Maldonaldo, Emilio-D.1994
Hatfield, Audry-D.1994
Hoener, Gertrude W.-- 1906 to 1995
Nossaman, Roberta J.-- 1922 to 1995
Terry, Harold-- 1909 to 1995
Logue, Dorothy-- 1901 to 1995
Fincham, Donald-D.1995
Cassingham, Audie-D.1995
Hodges, Joan-- 1930 to 1995
Reese, Elins B.-D.1995
Kreutzer, Richard P.-- 1905 to 1995
Stevens, Tyler B.-- 1995 to 1995
Green, Maxine L.-- 1918 to 1995
Crick, Evelyn M.-- 1925 to 1995
Clevenger, Ronald-- 1959 to 1995
Rosenbaum, Sibyl-- 1917 to 1995
Eckles, Jordan Levi-- 1995 to 1995
Beckman, Willibrord E.-- 1913 to 1995
Eckles, Jessica L.-- 1995 to 1995
McAhren, Estalee O.-- 1923 to 1995
Scott, Hazel M.-- 1903 to 1995
Wilson, Lewis A.-- 1921 to 1995
Bortz, Daisy D.-- 1904 to 1995
Ramsey, Eloise-- 1917 to 1995
Bates, Edward L.-- 1933 to 1995
Hess, William V.-D.1995
Huse, Gertie-- 1903 to 1995
Hampton, Bill V.-- 1914 to 1995
Martin, Alice S.-- 1898 to 1995
Greenstreet, Ruth I.-- 1898 to 1995
Cope, Pauline-- D.1995
Stonebraker, Dorothy-- 1911 to 1995
Lees, Ralph "Mike"-- 1906 to 1995
Drosselmyer, James-- 1939 to 1995
Wilka, Opal-- 1907 to 1995
Ward, Rick-- 1950 to 1995
Studer, Jennie-- 1908 to 1995
Renfro, Helen Muriel-- 1906 to 1995
Macklin, Dorthy-D.1995
Grentz, Guilda M. Stry-- 1910 to 1995
Kuezer, Anthony P.--D.1995
Breen, Myrtle-- 1902 to 1995
Miskimen, Pearl-B.Sept.11,1908 D.July 21,1995
Pierce, Alda M.-- 1920 to 1995
Kemper, Connie L.-B.May 31,1956 D.Aug.2,1995
Emrick, Omar L.-B.Feb.8,1922 D.Aug.1,1995
Looney, Carrie R.-B.May 25,1964 D.Aug.4,1995
Duvan, Ruby M.-B.June 10,1945 D.Aug.11,1995
Lemon, George C.-- 1914 to 1995
Snyder, Kathryn-- 1912 to 1995
Gimpel, Fern H.-- 1916 to 1995
Allison, David E. Jr.-B.Apr.17,1938 D.Sept.14,1995
Gates, Carl R.-B.Sept.8,1910 D.Oct.6,1995
Doty, Mary-- 1891 to 1995
Simpson, Winnie-- 1908 to 1995
Brehm, Fred-B.June 12,1915 D.Oct.22,1995
Jones, Murle L.-b.Dec.14,1911 D.Oct.22,1995
Strube, Opal-B.Dec.4,1902 D.Oct.22,1995
McCool, Mary L.-B.Oct.18,1909 D.Oct.21,1995
Slover, Kenne-- 1929 to 1995
Elder, Wayne W.-B.May 18,1919 D.Nov.1,1995
Baker, Hallie P.-B.Jan.13,1907 D.Nov.13,1995
Frazier, Bertha E.-- 1919 to 1995
Jacks, John W.-B.Jan.4,1923 D.Nov.19,1995
Maydonado, Lucy K.-B.Dec.25,1921 D.Dec.2,1995
Helsel, Lela-D.1995
Mott, Viola-D.1995
Cromer, Rosin-D.Dec.12,1995
Vanranken, Eleanor-D.Dec.16,1995
Elder, Ruth-D.Dec.24,1995
Millenger, May L.-D.Dec.25,1995
Orelup, Gertrude N.-- 1905 to 1995
Ham, Michael L.-- 1995 to 1995
Christopher, Billie J.-B.Apr.17,1927 D.Jan.5,1996
Stokes, Maurice S.-B.Oct.10,1911 D.Jan.7,1996
Dorr, Gretchen Ann-B.Oct.2,1932 D.Jan.11,1996
Miller, Larry D.-B.1944 D.Jan.14,1996
Morgan, Agnes R.-B.Dec.5,1908 D.Jan.16,1996
McNamar, Murich L.-B.June 7,1911 D.Jan.22,1996
Jarboe, H. Earnest-B.Aug.11,1914 D.Jan.30,1996
Myers, Maxine-B.Oct.16,1919 D.Jan.31,1996
McNelly, Dale O.-B.Apr.4,1936 D.Feb.2,1996
Gariss, Lois M.-B.Jan.2,1914 D.Feb.12,1996
Peters, Don E.-B.Aug.27,1920 D.Feb.Feb.16,1996
Ladd, Gladys-B.Oct.7,1900 D.Feb.18,1996
Barbee, H.L. "Bob"-B.Nov.29,1912 D.Feb.26,1996
Novothy, Cora Belle-B.Jan.16,1909 D.Mar.10,1996
Stone, Rodney K.-B.Sept.8,1937 D.Mar.11,1996
Megaffin, John D.-B.Nov.16,1921 D.Mar.13,1996
Renner, Clarence E.-B.Sept.7,1922 D.Mar.17,1996
Craig, Kyra A.-- 1991 to 1996
Craig, Jeremy L.-- 1993to 1996
Bowe, Henry O.-B.Sept.20,1921 D.Mar.25,1996
Briggs, Clarence-B.June 17,1938 D.Mar.28,1996
Roberts, Zella-B.Mar.18,1912 D.Mar.30,1996
Withers, Harry-B.Mar.9,1916 D.Mar.30,1996
Kuczer, Adelia M.-B.June 22,1919 D.Mar.7,1996
Sidman, J. Kenneth-- 1898 to 1996
Mummert, Irma L.-- 1917 to 1996
Deistler, Walter W.-B.Sept.15,1897 D.Apr.22,1996
Sprout, Edna L.-B.Nov.5,1904 D.Apr.21,1996
Phelps, Gladys M.-B.Nov.7,1921 D.Appr.21,1996
Eubank, Lawrence E.-B.Jan.9,1920 D.Apr.24,1996
Scott, Julia M.-B.Oct.1,1895 D.Apr.25,1996
Craig, Kyle W.-B.May 17,1993 D.Apr.28,1996
Lawrence, Juanita A.-B.May 18,1915 D.Apr.29,1996
Kennard, Alice B.-B.Apr.8,1908 D.May 1,1996
Detwiler, Wilma-B.Sept.9,1911 D.May 14,1996
Miller, Earlene J.-B.Jan.8,1925 D.May 16,1996
Whitaker, Clara L.-B.July 19,1914 D.May 17,1996
Bailey, Dean J.-B.Mar.31,1905 D.May 18,1996
Barnes, Lena-B.Feb.19,1911 D.May 20,1996
Gibson, Thomas G.-B.May 12,1915 D.June 10,1996
Ovorak, Earl W.-B.Oct.20,1907 D.June 15,1996
Bailey, Ora Fern-B.Feb.11,1911 D.June 21,1996
Gruver, Diana Kay-B.Aug.13,1947 D.June 27,1996
Pearce, Alvin-B.1933 D.July 6,1996
Lesley, Bernard-- 1919 to 1996
Comer, Linda Gail-D.1996
Armstrong, Sadie I.-B.July 1,1904 D.July 25,1996
Lavelle, Peter C.-B.Dec.7,1920 D.Aug.14,1996
Bloxom, Margaret-B.Feb.8,1934 D.Aug.13,1996
Harrel, Alta-B.Sept.9,1917 D.Aug.17,1996
Quinn, Sherrill D.-B.Feb.28,1930 D.Aug.15,1996
Elmitt, Claudia Sue-B.Dec.23,1936 D.Sept.1,1996
Hardy, Vida M.-B.Nov.28,1908 D.Oct.9,1996
Newby, Charlene A.-B.Oct.25,1923 D.Sept.21,1996
Weingart, Kenneth J.-Sept.22,1934 D.Sept.12,1996
Griffin, Mildred-B.Sept.12,1920 D.Sept.19,1996
Thornton, Paul-B.Aug.16,1910 D.Sept.27,1996
Clark, Gloyd S.-B.Jan.12,1920 D.Oct.9,1996
Banbury, Velma J.-B.June 4,1921 D.Oct.11,1996
Bailey, Cecile J.-B.June 26,1915 D.Oct.13,1996
Nance, Marie-- 1911 to 1996
Arndt, Elmer-B.Mar.26,1914 D.Oct.11,1996
Mena, Victor-B.1921 D.Oct.24,1996
Melton, Sydney-- 1917 to 1996
Brooks, Bernard L.-B.Sept.18,1914 D.Nov.8,1996
McGuire, Edwin P.-B.May 30,1904 D.Nov.12,1996
Bruer, Paul-- 1931 to 1996
Rios, Jesus-- 1978 to 1996
Coplin, Alma-D.1996
Holmes, Irene-D.1996
Winklepleck, Floyd-B.Feb.2,1913 D.Dec.8,1996
Brisco, Mary-B.Mar.26,1905 D.Dec.10,1996
Topham, Russell-B.June 8,1914 D.Dec.10,1996
Wilka, Vernon L.-B.Dec.27,1913 D.Dec.10,1996
Adams, Carolyn Kay-B.May 22,1936 D.Dec.12,1996
Ross, Florance T.-- 1910 to 1996
Jarnagin, Nell-- 1911 to 1996
Lunt, Alpha-B.Feb.11,1901 D.Dec.31,1996
Webb, Jerry A.-B.Oct.20,1968 D.Jan.1,1997
Latham, Myrtle L.-B.June 3,1925 D.Jan.7,1997
Eggleston, David R.-B.June 25,1910 D.Jan.7,1997
Snyder, Henrietta-B.Dec.6,1906 D.Jan.10,1997
Scantlin, Edmund E.-B.Aug.19,1911 D.Jan.12,1997
Anderson, George-B.Aug.3,1912 D.Jan.12,1997
Sott, Virgil D.-B.Feb.14,1929 D.Jan.14,1997
Woody, E.J.-B.Mar.2,1931 D.Jan.28,1997
Lesley, Marhorie-B.July 17,1908 D.Jan.27,1997
Bailey, Palph C.-B.July 12,1900 D.Jan.29,1997
Schnittker, Joe A.-B.Sept.18,1904 D.Feb.3,1997
Leckner, Edith C.-B.July 26,1920 D.Feb.5,1997
Guthridge, Opal M.-B.Nov.17,1907 D.Feb.11,1997
Cole, Agnes R.-B.Dec.8,1902 D.Feb.14,1997
Hayes, Philip D.-B.Apr.18,1926 D.Feb.16,1997
Gearhart, Jean L.-B.Apr.10,1913 D.Mar.4,1997
Kutz, Ralph-B.Mar.31,1904 D.Mar.7,1997
Smith, Lyle W.-B.Aug.29,1924 D.Mar.9,1997
Green, Arthur D.-B.May 2,1923 D.Mar.15,1997
Stephens, Vesta M.-B.May 6,1913 D.Mar.16,1997
Adelhart, Fredrick A.-B.Mar.15,1937 D.Mar.17,1997
Waters, Juanita E.-B.Sept.10,1917 D.Mar.16,1997
Tritt, Larry C.-B.Aug.22,1944 D.Mar.18,1997
Sheegog, Robert-B.May 11,1915 D.Mar.15,1997
Maldonado, Epifanio A.-B.Nov.10,1915 D.Mar.28,1997
Schulte, Ronald E.-B.Sept.8,1932 D.Mar.30,1997
Swafford, viena E.-B.Apr.27,1903 D.Apr.10,1997
Weaver, Vina V.-B.Sept.4,1903 D.Apr.10,1997
Wymer, Lavona P.-B.Apr.20,1908 D.Apr.26,1997
McClauskey, Walter E.-B.May 27,1930 D.Apr.29,1997
Freeman, Merlin J.-B.Aug.9,1929 D.May 3,1997
Harris, Cleo M.-B.May 4,1921 D.May 7,1997
Ferrin, Virgina L.-B.Mar.12,1920 D.May 9,1997
Humble, Cecil G.-B.May 27,1905 D.May 13,1997
Hoffman, Claude-- 1909 to 1997
Wright, Georgia M.-B.Nov.8,1908 D.May 21,1997
Rich, Glenna-D.1997
Butts, Darlene-B.Nov.11,1933 D.May 22,1997
Frantz, Alice M.-B.May 3,1907 D.May 23,1997
Webb, Thomas Allen-B.Jan.23,1918 D.June 3,1997
Lunt, Esther-B.Feb.26,1908 D.June 10,1997
Eggleston, Jane E.-B.Nov.29,1911 D.June 10,1997
Atchison, Vera-B.Aug.30,1906 D.June 1997
Rich, David-D.1997
Shumway, Ronald F.-B.June 20,1931 D.June 18,1997
Bush, Roscoe-B.May 6,1907 D.June 17,1997
Nixon, Roland-D.1997
Rapp, William J.-B.May 1,1907 D.June 28,1997
Green, L. Jeanne-B.Aug.16,1924 D.July 2,1997
Lambert, Carl-D.1997
Cammaron, Eddie-B.Dec.25,1949 D.July 16,1997
Blythe, J. Roy--Apr.2,1906 D.Aug.3,1997
Heflin, Charles A.-B.July 10,1918 D.Aug.8,1997
Barber, Grace M.-B.Oct.14,1896 D.Aug.9,1997
Dowling, Gail E.-B.May 10,1917 D.Aug.9,1997
Webster, Gregory L.-B.Oct.25,1964 D.Aug.14,1997
Emrick, Kenneth D.-B.Oct.30,1941 D.Aug.16,1997
Lambert, Dorthy A.-B.Mar.29,1925 D.Aug.19,1997
Wright, Charlie-B.Feb.23,1931 D.Aug.26,1997
Maag, Kathryn K.-B.Feb.7,1903 D.Aug.29,1997
Hendrickson, Nellie-B.June 5,1904 D.Sept.2,1997
Graber, Calvin-B.Dec.9,1943 D.Sept.13,1997
Watson, Diane M.-B.Dec.29,1952 D.Sept.15,1997
Black, Margaret J.-B.June 11,1911 D.Sept.12,1997
Fettrman, Vernon-- 1920 to 1997
Bryant, Hugh E.-B.Feb.5,1901 D.Sept.21,1997
Mill, Fern-- 1910 to 1997
McElroy, Gladys C.-B.Mar.18,1911 D.Oct.2,1997
Burson, James H.-B.Dec.18,1907 D.Oct.9,1997
Fischer, Catherine M.-B.Apr.22,1906 D.Oct.19,1997
Fletcher, Burl J.-B.July 14,1927 D.Oct.23,1997
Pfeifer, Geneva-B.Oct.16,1925 D.Oct.23,1997
Rinke, Taygan A.-B.Feb.6,1978 D.Oct.24,1997
Fretz, Caatharina-B.Mar.21,1901 D.Oct.31,1997
Rapp, Etta L.-B.Dec.7,1910 D.Nov.2,1997
McCluggage, Charlyne-D.1997
Horst, Grace P.-B.Apr.13,1915 D.Nov.7,1997
Blea, Dora M.-B.Apr.21,1919 D.Nov.9,1997
Beck, Nancy-B.Feb.11,1909 D.Nov.7,1997
Cornelelison, Lisa D.-B.Aug.2,1967 D.Nov.19,1997
Wilkey, Ashton-B.Nov.20,1997 D.Nov.20,1997
Lance, Mary L.-B.Sept.28,1905 D.Nov.21,1997
Conner, Emma B.-B.Dec.13,1915 D.Nov.22,1997
Petz, L.C.-D.1997
Maldonado, Nellie-B.Sept.15,1916 D.Nov.24,1997
Sidman, Lois Hogue-B.Apr.29,1902 D.Nov.28,1997
Hall, Vivian R.-B.Sept.11,1917 D.Nov.28,1997
Johnson, Oneita M.-B.Apr.17,1908 D.Dec.2,1997
Prasse, Dorothy-D.1997
Monroe, Lewis-D.1997
Wertenberg, Rex-D.Dec.31,1997
Eppler, Keith-- 1920 to 1997
Ard, Evelyn-B.Aug.28,1908 D.Dec.17,1997
Stephens, Glenn A.-B.Jan.28,1926 D.Jan.10,1998
Heflen, Mary Rosella-B.May 6,1921 D.Jan.6,1998
Melson, Mildred A.-B.May 18,1917 D.Jan.20,1998
Knop, Edward C.-B.Dec.16,1905 D.Jan.26,1998
Smith, Mary H.-B.Apr.2,1906 D.Jan.24,1998
Humble, Ruth-B.Aug.5,1910 D.Jan.30,1998
DaVault, Homer-B.Mar.28,1911 D.Feb.7,1998
Brown, Homer F.-B.Oct.24,1915 D.Feb.8,1998
Rosenbaum, Aldo S.-B.Jan.3,1910 D.Feb.12,1998
Hart, Mable-B.Dec.31,1907 D.Feb.8,1998
Sparks, Norman-B.Oct.24,1913 D.Feb.14,1998
Stitt, Lyda S.-B.Feb.2,1902 D.Feb.25,1998
Greenstreet, Robert L.-B.Aug.27,1932 D.Feb.26,1998
Bureman, Bernice-B.Jan.3,1920 D.Mar.2,1998
Ayres, Eleanor L.-B.Nov.3,1907 D.Mar.8,1998
Crookham, Gwynn O.-B.July 8,1914 D.Mar.18,1998
Griffith, Bertie Fay-B.Feb.21,1903 D.Mar.20,1998
Gossett, Thelma Mae-B.Jan.17,1914 D.Mar.20,1998
Sims, Bobby S.-B.Oct.25,1925 D.Apr.1,1998
Neidhardt, William L.-B.Apr.27,1909 D.Apr.1,1998
Carlile, Helen C.-B.May 2,1907 D.Apr.2,1998
Apsher, Ivan O.-B.Dec.14,1921 D.Apr.3,1998
Goeller, William L.-B.Apr.15,1917 D.Apr.7,1998
Clark, James E.-B.Apr.12,1945 D.Apr.16,1998
Rose, Norma E.-B.Oct.21,1936 D.Apr.23,1998
Johnson, Audrey M.-B.Nov.11,1913 D.Apr.24,1998
Nill, Ruth E.-- 1910 to 1998
Dyerly, Delphine-- 1910 to 1998
Crawford, Glen T.-B.Nov.2,1915 D.May 28,1998
Phillipi, Della-B.July 3,1972 D.June 1,1998
Moon, Thelma B.-- 1899 to 1998
Tregellas, Joan B.-B.Feb.8,1903 D.June 8,1998
Ahrans, Mildred-B.Sept.13,1921 D.June 9,1998
Dietz, Jerry-B.Jan.7,1939 D.June 13,1998
Martin, Nellie M.-B.June 28,1905 D.June 13,1998
Saloga, Charlie M.-B.June 19,1938 D.June 19,1998
Farrell, James C.-B.June 4,1969 D.Dec.14,1998
Farrell, James R.-B.Apr.7,1928 D.May 22,1998
Patrick, Bill-B.May 7,1913 D.June 22,1998
Harrison, Ester-B.July 14,1904 D.June 22,1998
Robinson, Gerald W.-B.Mar.19,1936 D.June 26,1998
Swinson, Margaret-B.Mar.25,1914 D.June 23,1998
Lunt, Donald-B.Aug.20,1900 D.July 6,1998
Spade, Vernon-B.Dec.13,1940 D.July 12,1998
Montano, Tony-B.June 13,1917 D.July 18,1998
Williams, George S.-B.1969 to July 17,1998
Thornton, Minnie O.-B.June 25,1915 D.July 21,1998
Seyfert, Marjorie-B.Dec.24,1924 D.July 25,1998
Hillard, Vernon C.-B.Nov.27,1921 D.July 28,1998
Yeo, Helen M.-B.Aug.13,1910 D.Aug.11,1998
Huffman, Opal M.-B.Oct.12,1909 D.Aug.15,1998
Tregellas, Selma M.-B.Nov.11,1903 D.Aug.16,1998
Young, Ronda-- 1948 to 1998
Hembree, George A.-B.Aug.22,1915 D.Aug.19,1998
Morgan, Margaret B.-B.Sept.3,1905 D.Aug.22,1998
Bloxom, William D.-B.Oct.4,1932 D.Aug.23,1998
Hines, Hester M.-B.Nov.17,1921 D.Aug.29,1998
Wright, Al-B.Aug.6,1927 D.Aug.28,1998
Ross, Pauline R.Duran-B.Mar.5,1917 D.Sept.7,1998
Rojas, Camilo O.-B.July 18,1904 D.Sept.14,1998
Smith, Oma-B.Sept.16,1905 D.Sept.22,1998
McMinn, William C.-B.May 16,1922 D.Oct.5,1998
Hampton, John G.-B.May 17,1912 D.Oct.11,1998
Hess, Mary Anna-B.Aug.17,1917 D.Oct.16,1998
Shaw, Owen-B.May 1,1917 D.Oct.20,1998
Thurman, Fern Hillard-B.Aug.12,1923 D.Oct.28,1998
Newby, Clarence F.-B.June 18,1920 D.Oct.20,1998
Buck, Norman, M.-B.Sept.23,1919 D.Nov.2,1998
Stone, Norman E. Jr.-B.Apr.3,1914 D.Nov.4,1998
Lutes, Frances-B.June 11,1912 D.Nov.11,1998
Smith, Mildred-B.Mar.30,1913 D.Nov.14,1998
Allen, Cora L.-B.Mar.17,1916 D.Nov.23,1998
Green, William E.-B.Aug.12,1912 D.Nov.23,1998
Cavanaugh, Eulra-B.June 27,1914 D.Dec.3,1998
Spears, Myrtie L.-B.May 1,1911 D.Dec.7,1998
Moon, Eleanor A.-B.Mar.13,1935 D.Dec.16,1998
Lambert, Wilbur M.-B.Sept.10,1919 D.Dec.16,1998
Brehm, Violet-B.June 15,1904 D.Dec.16,1998
Miller, Ronald L.-B.Apr.7,1932 D.Dec.19,1998
Darling, Dorothy I.-B.Mar.12,1906 D.Dec.27,1998
McCawley, Herbert J.-B.Apr.9,1926 D.Dec.6,1998
Campbell, Jean Munro-B.Dec.15,1913 D.Dec.21,1998
Stumph, Mildred M.-B.Jan.21,1906 D.Dec.31,1998
Leak, Margaret E.-B.Aug.19,1916 D.Jan.2,1999
Cook, Gary L.-B.Sept.22,1966 D.Jan.3,1999
West, William C.-B.Oct.29,1904 D.Jan.7,1999
Breazeale, Helen A.-B.Dec.18,1909 D.Jan.10,1999
Conner, Kenneth J.-B.Sept.26,1927 D.Jan.11,1999
Monaghan, Wanda M.-B.June 24,1915 D.Jan.14,1999
Hildreth, Charles L.-B.Mar.17,1907 D.Jan.14,1999
Moore, Mary E.-B.Oct.4,1919 D.Jan.15,1999
Singleton, Genevieve P.-B.Aug.29,1908 D.Feb.1,1999
Lavelle, Katharine H.-B.Feb.11,1912 D.Feb.6,1999
Gould, Frances M.-B.Nov.12,1925 D.Feb.11,1999
Wells, Leroy G.-B.Oct.16,1933 D.Feb.14,1999
Watson, Margaret J.-B.Sept.3,1938 D.Feb.15,1999
Griffith, Avis-B.Oct.15,1905 D.Feb.23,1999
Epley, Morlen L.-B.May 20,1924 D.Feb.27,1999
Smith, Mollie E.-B.May 7,1916 D.Feb.28,1999
Robinson, Sharon A. -B.May 20,1939 D.Feb.28,1999
Hardesty, Iona B.-B.Jan.16,1910 D.Mar.1,1999
Seyfert, Alvin O.-B.Apr.30,1912 D.Mar.2,1999
Omo, Ida A.-B.Dec.2,1899 D.Mar.2,1999
Svoboda, Elizabeth M.-B.Nov.12,1916 D.Mar.2,1999
Korslund, Ruby F. Kinney-B.Oct.31,1915 D.Mar.5,1999
Fields, Donald K.-B.Feb.8,1934 D.Mar.12,1999
Frame, Cecil-B.Feb.2,1911 D.Mar.18,1999
Hembree, John F.-B.Feb.19,1932 D.Mar.18,1999
Shanley, Beulah M.-B.June 20,1915 D.Mar.20,1999
Johnson, Harold L.-B.Oct.29,1912 D.Mar.22,1999
Detwiler, James A.-B.May 29,1912 D.Mar.19,1999
O'Brien, Sarah E.-B.May 15,1904 D.Mar.22,1999
Sanders, Neva-B.Apr.27,1903 D.Mar.25,1999
Lewis, Vada O.-B.Oct.12,1905 D.Mar.26,1999
Renner, Dorothy I.-B.Mar.25,1923 D.Mar.23,1999
Johnson, Jessie Mae-B.Sept.17,1911 D.Mar.30,1999
Atchison, Ruby B.-B.Feb.25,1911 D.Apr.1,1999
Marshall, Mary K.-B.June 22,1916 D.Apr.4,1999
Lee, Robert C.-B.Jan.16,1928 D.Apr.21,1999
Bandy, Robert W.-B.Nov.14,1922 D.Apr.21,1999
Heape, Vernon W.-B.July 5,1928 D.May 1,1999
Snyder, Bractis R.-B.Jan.6,1902 D.May 3,1999
Atchison, Elvis F.-B.Aug.29,1912 D.May 12,1999
Martin, Merle G.-B.July 27,1914 D.May 14,1999
Swonger, Margaret K.-D.1999
Mitchell, Deborrah C.-B.June 24,1951 D.May 19,1999
Bass, Ada-- 1900 to 1999
Elliott, Edith V.-B.Jan.6,1908 D.June 1,1999
Banbury, Virginia G. Scott-B.Feb.16,1911 D.June 7,1999
Lafferty, Francis N.-B.Nov.18,1918 D.June 16,1999
Brungardt, Thomas A.-B.Feb.11,1917 D.June 17,1999
Mott, Gene-B.Sept.30,1925 D.July 4,1999
Browning, Mary-B.July 11,1911 D.July 16,1999
Russell, Cynthia-B.Sept.19,1899 D.July 10,1999
Lovell, Pauline-B.Feb.7,1922 D.July 14,1999
Morris, Dwight L.-B.Apr.25,1923 D.July 14,1999
Garrett, Helen M.-B.Apr.11,1906 D.July 16,1999
Lampe, Hazel-B.July 30,1910 D.July 21,1999
Clinesmith, Mary J.-B.Jan.3,1919 D.July 29,1999
Williams, Mahorie A.-B.July 12,1921 D.July 29,1999
DeVenney, Francis E.-B.Nov.26,1916 D.Aug.2,1999
Sullivan, Martha L.-B.Jan.7,1926 D.Aug.4,1999
Pettijohn, Rex A.-B.June 14,1918 D.Aug.16,1999
Cook, Edna-B.Nov.20,1906 D.Aug.15,1999
Gilmore, James O.-B.July 8,1928 D.Aug.29,1999
Blasi, Betty Statts-B.May 12,1926 D.Sept.1,1999
Whigham, Gregory C.-B.Jan.20,1957 D.June 6,1997
Dinning, Dawn L.-B.Dec.20,1973 D.Oct.12,1999
Reschke, Freeman W.-B.Aug.24,1910 D.Sept.22,1999
Pennington, Beverly J.-B.Feb.6,1937 D.Oct.11,1999
Gregory, Ava F.-B.Nov.30,1896 D.Oct.22,1999
Ward, Judith E.-B.Jan.14,1935 D.Oct.29,1999
Long, Dorothy O.-B.Jan.15,1911 D.Nov.5,1999
Bentley, Arden L.-B.June 13,1921 D.Nov.14,1999
Bardgett, Shianne A.-B.Nov.13,1999 D.Nov.14,1999
Rambat, Caroline M.-B.Oct.20,1935 D.Nov.27,1999
Mauidsley, Alar-B.Oct.3,1901 D.Dec.8,1999
Humphrey, Laverne Ida-B.Mar.13,1921 D.Dec.11,1999
Olson, Ray A.-B.Aug.21,1917 D.Dec.12,1999
Jump, Florence M.-B.June 20,1898 D.Dec.18,1999
Garrison, Kathy S.-B.Feb.26,1954 D.Dec.20,1999
Monaghan, Harry Clayton-B.Oct.21,1910 D.Dec.21,1999
Soerries, M. Jo.-B.Mar.16,1935 D.Dec.23,1999
Gordinier, Mary-B.Aug.27,1902 D.DEc.26,1999
Smith, Clarinda-B.Aug.1,1934 D.Dec.24,1999
Frazier, William J.-B.Apr.2,1918 D.Dec.26,1999

2000 through Jan.2001
Critzer, Lyle-B.Feb.27,1914 D.Jan.2,2000
Johnson, A. Calvin-Aug.23,1915 D.Jan.17,2000
Randle, Richard B.-B.Sept.26,1908 D.Jan.21,2000
Black, Della M.-B.Aug.8,1915 D.Feb.2,2000
Rich, Lucille A.-B.Dec.25,1915 D.Feb.5,2000
Beasley,Cecelia L.-B.Mar.20,1905 D.Feb.8,2000
Kinney, Robert L.-B.Dec.16,1946 D.Feb.15,2000
Harrel, Bruce K.-B.Sept.16,1918 D.Feb.17,2000
Bailley, Charles R.-B.Aug.23,1911 D.Feb.23,2000
Crispi, Catherine R.-B.Dec.20,1949 D.Feb.26,2000
Moyer, E. Lorraine-B.Apr.1,1911 D.Feb.29,2000
Kanady, James K.-B.Nov.5,1925 D.Mar.6,2000
McGuire, I. Louise-B.Apr.26,1906 D.Mar.6,2000
Boshart, Dean Martin-B.Aug.28,1968 D.Mar.11,2000
Hinson, Robert P.-B.Sept.22,1929 D.Mar.15,2000
Williams, Frank L.-B.Aug.10,1906 D.Mar.22,2000
Miskimen, Anna M.-B.Apr.9,1904 D.Mar.24,2000
Jones, Richard J.-B.June 4,1909 D.Mar.25,2000
Baucom, Mabel-B.May 25,1898 D.Apr.1,2000
King, George M.-- 1912 to 1999
Christensen, William M.-B.Nov.24,1918 D.Apr.11,2000
Penka, Clem-B.Mar.3,1923 D.Apr.13,2000
Ward, Thomas-B.Mar.21,1930 D.Apr.13,2000
Rose, Eva E.-B.Oct.30,1913 D.Apr.15,2000
Jump, F. Russell-B.Mar.16,1895 D.Apr.18,2000
Macgirvin, Irene-B.Jan.3,1915 D.Apr.22,2000
Biddinger, Harold R.-B.Sept.4,1909 D.Apr.26,2000
Atchison, Ernest H.-B.Mar.7,1906 D.May 3,2000
Clarkson, Blain F.-B.Dec.14,1922 D.May 8,2000
Black, Cyril V.-B.Nov.10,1905 D.May 11,2000
Hanson, Ethel L.-B.Mar.9,1913 D.May 14,2000
Helsel, Florence B.-B.Apr.21,1915 D.May 19,2000
Krueger, Irene E.-B.Aug.27,1900 D.May 22,2000
Everson, Helen-B.1901 D.May 25,2000
Elliott, Virgina-B.1915 D.May 31,2000
Lesh, Winona L.-B.Feb.16,1913 D.June 22,2000
Barber, Opal-B.Oct.29,1921 D.June 22,2000
Hughes, George E.-B.1908 D.June 25,2000
Karns, Verna Bethene-B.Mar.29,1920 D.July 12,2000
Johnson, Earl H.-B.Oct.8,1933 D.July 14,2000
Schoonover, Mary-B.Apr.11,1923 D.July 21,2000
Cook, Harold D.-B.Feb.26,1928 D.Aug.2,2000
Gibson, Alma M.-B.Feb.14,1923 D.Aug.3,2000
McVey, L Irvin-B.Apr.10,1910 D.Aug.5,2000
Talbott, Richard-- 1912 to 2000
Ward, Rebecca-B.Nov.12,1954 D.Aug.6,2000
Harding, Earl E.-B.July 25,1914 D.Aug.9,2000
Carson, Guy G.-B.Apr.11,1926 D.Aug.13,2000
Volske, Raymond R.-B.June 30,1927 D.Aug.14,200
Scott, Gary F.-B.Mar.28,1939 D.Aug.16,2000
Rich, Harold A.-B.Nov.26,1928 D.Aug.2000
Blankenship, Patsy-B.July 1,1928 D.Aug.31,2000
Grubb, Elisabeth S.-B.May 13,1906 D.Sept.23,2000
Sanders, Goldie D.-B.Apr.19,1910 D.Sept.25,2000
Allen, H. "Frank"-B.Dec.11,1934 D.Sept.28,2000
Trinkle, Pauline C.-B.Oct.2,1916 D.Sept.29,2000
Chandler, Barbara A.-B.Mar.26,1921 D.Oct.3,2000
Hall, Wanda McIntyre-B.June 18,1924 D.Oct.3,2000
Webster, Joseph L.-B.Sept.21,1907 D.Oct.10,2000
Miller, Lee-B.June 1,1909 D.Oct.22,2000
Morrison, James J.-B.May 16,1924 D.Oct.9,2000
Hillard, Ruth-B.Nov.8,1921 D.Oct.25,2000
Duhe, Irene A.-B.June 17,1932 D.Oct.26,2000
Osborne, Nora M.-B.Jan.10,1914 D.Nov.7,2000
Sullivan, Ella L.-B.Sept.28,1906 D.Nov.9,2000
Cross, Helen M.-B.July 15,1922 D.Nov.10,2000
Farmer, Larry D.-B.Feb.8,1911 D.Nov.13,2000
Epp, Dorothy C.-B.Jan.10,1913 D.Nov.14,2000
McAhren, Eugene-B.Nov.27,1927 D.Nov.15,2000
Webster, Eugene-B.Dec.8,1930 D.Nov.28,2000
Williams, Elva P.-B.July 6,1906 D.Nov.30,2000
Hampton, Alma I.-B.Oct.24,1914 D.Dec.14,2000
Jones, Elsie Kimmel-B.1906 D.Dec.15,2000
Befort, Jason-B.1974 D.Dec.15,2000
Spurgeon, Laura E. Sewell-B.Dec.21,1914 D.Dec.20,2000
Swonger, Pearl-B.May 2,1906 D.Dec.24,2000
Gardiner, Mary Villiareal-B.Dec.28,1912 D.Dec.21,2000
Crookham, Arlie V.-B.Aug.23,1915 D.Jan.10,2001


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