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Jenkins Cemetery


Pratt County, Kansas

This is a listing of Jenkins Cemetery as of 1976, I did my best to get the information correct but I am sure there are some mistakes.

Collins, Ida M.-- 1866 to 1942(Mother of Mary Ann Jackson)
Collins, John I.-- 1860 to 1919(Father of Mary ann Jackson)
Collins, W. Franklin-- 1896 to 1948(Brother of Mary Ann Jackson
Collins, Walter A.-- 1890 to 1961(Brother of Mary Ann Jackson)
Combs, John H.-- 1880 to 1931
Frazier, Blackie-- 1889 to 1914(son of Thomas & Mollie)
Frazier, Ernest Jerry-- 1892 to 1949(son of Thomas & Mollie)
Frazier, Olive Rosella-B.1895(Wife of Ernest Jerry)
Frazier, Mollie-- 1861 to 1944
Frazier, Thomas-- 1851 to 1935
Jackson, J. Andrew-- 1875 to 1922
Jackson, Mary Ann Hanson-B.Nov.18,1888 D.May 1,1954
Jenkins, Charles-B.1889 D.Jan.18,1970
Jenkins, Elnora L.-- 1893 to 1960(maiden name Emery)
Jenkins, Elvira-B.June 26,1878 D.Dec.22,1951(wife of Harley)
Jenkins, Infant-B.Jan.16,1911 D.Apr.12,1911(son of Haarley & Elvira)
Jenkins, Eddie, M.-B.Sept.8,1900 D.Oct.20,1954
Jenkins, Ed-- 1870 to 1934
Jenkins, Edward Leslie-B.Dec.13,1898 D.Dec.31,1957
Jenkins, Haley-- 1844 to 1921(wife of James)
Jenkins, Harley-B.Mar.14,1875 D.Dec.22,1951(Husband of Elvira)
Jenkins, Jacob C.-- 1892 to 1934(Husband of Elsie)
Jenkins, Infant-- 1931 to 1931(dau of Jacob C. & Elsie)
Jenkins, James-- 1845 to 1923
Jenkins, John Frenich-B.Feb.17,1895 D.Oct.29,1924
Jenkins, John-- 1843 to 1926
Jenkins, John-B.July 3,1880
Jenkins, Lee-- 1879 to 1902(son of James & Haley)
Jenkins, Mary Ellen-- 1901 to 1929(wife of Edward Leslie Jenkins)
Jenkins, Rebecca-- 1849 to 1932
Jenkins, Rosa-- 1875 to 1943
Jenkins, Infant-B.1897(son of Rosa & Ed)
Jenkins, Weltha-B.Jan.29,1882 D.Apr.13,1953(wife of John)
Jenkins, Infant-B.Feb.24,1905 D.Aug.26,1905(son of John & Weltha)
Johnson, James Harland-B.Aug.30,1923 D.Jan.20,1935(son of LaVergne & Edith)
McAtee, Gay J.-B.Dec.29,1908 D.Dec.19,1975
McAtee, Lawrence L.-B.July 28,1900
Ontjes, Sadie-B.Aug.9,1885 D.Aug.4,1964(was a Jenkins)
Ontjes, David-B.Apr.23,1901(son of Sadie)
Peterson, Martha Belle-- 1875 to 1932
Rowland, Olem H.-B.Mar.7,1882 D.Nov.11,1902
Swank, Cornelius-- 1860 to 1927
Swank, Clara J.-- 1874 to 1946


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