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Marriage Records


This is a listing of the Pratt, County marriage records, I did my best to get the information correct but I am sure there are some mistakes.

James M. Scott, age 31, to Minnie D. Edwards, age 24, Sawyer. Jan. 6,1891, at Sawyer by Chas. Brown, Minister of M.E. Church.

Wm. M. Scott, age 27, Pratt Co. to Lily Edwards, age 21, Pratt Co. Jan. 6,1891, at Sawyer by Chas. Brown, Minister.

Edward F. Giblin, age 22, Pratt Co. to Nellie K. Ashley, age 18, Jan. 8,1891, at Richland twsp. by C.P. Cone, Minister.

John F. Wyatt, age 39, Pratt Co. to Carrie B. Ludlum, age 28. Jan. 11,1891, at Pratt by C.P. Cone, Minister.

John Mayer, age 24, Pratt to Sarah Black, age 26, Pratt. Jan. 20,1891 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Richard Y. Scott, age 31, Preston to Annie M. Immer, age 21, Preston. Jan. 27,1891, at Olcott, Pratt Co. by Earl C. Faker, Minister.

Jacob L. Gibbens, age 36, Coats, to Florence Moss, age 24, Coats. Jan. 26,1891, at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

K.C. Thompson, age 21, Carmi, Pratt Co. to C.C. Moffott, age 17, Carmi. Feb. 11,1891, at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

J.Q. Williams, age 48, Pratt to Mrs. C.J. Harris, age 45, Pratt. Feb. 12,1891, Haviland, D.H. Irwin, Minister.

James H. Burns, age 52, Pratt Co. to Luiza Starkey, age 46, Feb. 24,1891, at brides residence by D.H. Irwin, Minister.

W.T. Marcum, age 22, Stafford Co. to Lulu Hammitt, age 18, Stafford. Feb. 18,1891, at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Benj. F. Latshaw, age 29, Pratt Co. to Mary E. Huff, age 29. Feb. 20,1891, at F.C. Melson by T.J. Stephens, pastor at Twin Mound.(schoolhouse)

Geo. Hart, age 30, Saratoga to Lillie M. Klein, age 18, Saratoga. Feb. 23,1891, at Pratt by James Walker, Justice.

James R. Allen, age 25, Preston to Florence M. Combs, age 22, Preston. Mar. 4,1891, at Preston by J.T. Hendrickson, Minister.

Walter S. Bell, age 27, Partridge, to Emma Pyles, age 18, Pratt. Mar. 12,1891, at Pratt by James Walker, Justice of Peace.

Wm. R. Rolingson, age 39, Chelsey, Ks. to Alice Stull, age 27, Pratt. Mar. 6,1891, at Pratt by J.A. Davis, Minister.

C.H. Calhoun, age 37, Pratt to Anna McNutt, age 23, ST. John. Mar. 31,1891, at Preston by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Malion L. Anderson, age 26, Pratt to Maryan Farrer, age 20, Pratt. Apr. 1,1891 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

John J. Flint, age 23, Pratt to Susie Williams, age 20, Pratt Apr. 12,1891 at brides home by E.C. Beach, Minister.

Asa Miner, age 51, Sawyer to Mrs. Susien Williams, age 45, Sawyer, apr. 18,1891 at Baker office in Sawyer by D.F. Baker, Justice.

Wm. K. Bell, age 26, Wichita, to Cordelia A. Sillin, age 18, Pr. 27,1891 by B.F. Wonder, Minister at Pratt.

James A. Fuller, age 29, Liberal to Mary A. Wolf, age 18, Pratt, May 6,1891 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

A.E. Hildreth, age 23, Pratt to Clara Ludwick, age 18, Pratt. May 10,1891 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Fredrick C. Ashley, age 26, Pratt to Ethelda E. Guy, age 18, Pratt. May 26,1891 at Pratt, by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Frank Peak age 24, Pratt to Mabel C. Barkwell, age 19, Pratt, May 26,1891 at Pratt by John S. Glendenning, Minister.

August Taube, age 41, Pratt Co. to Anna Hoppe, age 32, Pratt Co. June 11,1891 at Pratt by Emory C. Beach, Minister.

David F. Newsome, age 31, Nickerson to Mary E. Clark, age 25, June 16,1891 at Saratoga by Wm. Marton, Minister.

J.M. McAndrew, age 32, Coats, to Mary A. Yarnell age 30, Pratt. June 17,1891 at residence of Mrs. Yarnell by J.B. Bradley, Minister.

John K. Cochran, age 27, Pratt to Emma E. Bell, age 21, June 18,1891 at Pratt by J.S. Glendenning, Minister.

Lyman H. Ashley, age 62, Pratt to Arrilla Gaugh, age 52, Dodge City. July 4,1891 at Dodge City by N.G. Collins, Minister.

Oliver P. Boulden age 50, Pratt to Ellen Ball, age 24, Pratt. July 26,1891 at residence of W.C. Bashore by W.J. Nash, Justice.

Irwin O. McCullough, age 28, Pratt Co. to Tillia G. Holden, age 19, Pratt. Aug. 2,1891 at Alex Holderk by E.F. Recer, Minister.

Gideon J. Lamont age 25, Haynesville, to Hattie Hathaway, age 19, Turon. Aug. 12,1891 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Geo. Oakley, age 22, Cunningham to Lulu Neff, age 18, Cairo, Aug. 24,1891 at Cunningham by O.H. Mathis, Minister.

James P. Thomas, age 33, Pratt to Olive A. Thomas, age 20, Pratt. Sept. 17,1891 at 1 p.m. by Henry Precletel, Minister.

J.M. Mooreland, age 39, Pratt to Louisa Thacker, age 24, Pratt. Sept. 27, 1891 at S.F. McAhrens by W.J. Nash, Justice.

James D. Harris, Coats, age 26, to Alice E. McGill, age 26, Coats. Sept. 30,1891 near Coats by J.D. Bradley, Minister.

Jacob Hauser, age 40, Lawndale, Pratt Co. to Sarah S. Dyke, age 22, Lawndale. Oct. 1,1891 at home of brides father by C.S. Walker, Justice.

Ira H. Sherman, age 23, Pratt to Mary A. Hildreth, age 19, Pratt. Oct. 11,1891 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

James E. Bretches, age 23, Springvale, Pratt Co. to Rachel A. James age 18, Springvale. Oct. 12,1891 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

James A. Philer, age 24,Preston to Carrie May Fuller, age 15, Preston. Oct. 13,1891 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

James Crouch, age 27, Pratt Co. to Lizzie Bevis, age 21, Pratt Co. Oct. 25,1891 at Cairo by J.C. Myers, Minister.

Geo. Penrod, age 29, Carmi twsp. to Emma C. Williams, age 18, Carmi twsp. Oct. 17,1891 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Irvin W. Davis, age 33, Iuka to Louella Waggoner, age 26, Iuka. Oct. 29,1891 at Iuka by E.C. Beach, Minister.

Robert A. Naron, age 21, Naron, to Tennie J. Denison, age 20, Naron. Oct. 28,1891 at Pratt by Levi McCash, Minister.

Eli G. Dean, age 22, Coats to Dana McAdoo, age 16, Coats. Nov. 1,1891 at Coats by J.B. Bradley, Minister.

Robert McCabe, age 32, Saratoga, to Annie Collier, age 22, Saratoga, Nov. 1,1891 at Saratoga by B.F. Wonder.

Chas. E. Rogers, age 24, Pena Ill. to Ora B. Stewart, age 21, Pratt, Nov. 1,1891 at Pratt by Levi McCash, Minister.

F.W. Hanford, age 23, Pratt to Alice L. Simpson age 21, Pratt. Nov. 17,1891 at Pratt by E.C. Beach, Minister.

John Bolt, age 34, Pratt to Carlena B. Vincent, age 18, Pratt, Nov. 2,1891 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder.

Robert Newman age 28, Pratt to Ida J. Snowden, age 18, Pratt, Nov. 9,1891 by John S. Glendenning, Minister.

James A. Gosnell, age 48 Pratt Co. to Cora A. Pliler, age 20, Haynesville. Nov. 9,1891 at Preston by E.I. Bixler, Minister.

Geo. S. Parkes, age 21, Iuka to Eliza Sapp, Preston. Nov. 21,1891 at Pratt by C. McMurray, Justice.

Oranvil Hulett, age 17, Gove, Ks. to May Morrison, age 18, Gove, Ks. Nov. 26,1891 at brides parents house by M.P. Julean, Minister.

Leon H. Ross, age 23, Antrim, Ks. to Rennie D. Sturtz, Andtrim, age 18. Nov. 24,1891 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Arthur E. Swonger, age 21, Isabel, Ks. to Mabel Wells, age 18m, Pratt. Nov. 30,1891 at Pratt aby E. C. Beach, Minister.

Stephen A. Felton, age 25, Neola, Ks. to Saeline A. Foster, age 30, Neola. Nov. 30,1891 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

George W. Meader, age 38, Pratt Co. to Barbary C. Meader, age 35, Pratt Co. Dec. 3,1891 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Marion Harrel, age 28, Pratt to Lillie M. Combs, age 20, Pratt. Dec. 12,1891 by Levi McCash, at Pratt.

Chas. A. Sloan, age 30, Pratt to Lauretta Baker, age 30, Pratt. Dec. 2,1891 at Pratt by E.C. Baker, Minister.

Silas C. Grahm, age 34, Pratt to Mary Harrel age 21, Pratt. Dec. 3,1891 at Pratt by E.C. Beach, Minister.

Clarence W. Green age 23, Coats, to Ida O. McDaniel, Cullison, age 19, Dec. 10,1891 at residence of J.O. Reed, Justice of Grant twsp.

Jerome B. Lewis age 24, Turon to Louisa Immer, Preston, age 19. Dec. 17,1891 at 3 p.m. by F.J. Parker, Minister.

William T. Kipp, Iuka, 29, to Maud M. Ferguson, age 19, Iuka. Dec. 18,1891 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Lemuel E. Sutton, age 21, Preston to Flora E. Benton, age 16, Preston. Dec. 20,1891 at home agd by Justice of Peace E.D. Werick.

Walter S. Bird age 21, , Cullison to Laura A. Atwell, age 18, Cullison. Dec. 20,1891 at J.E. Atwells by A.A.Brown ,Minister.

Sidney W. Tabor, age 28, Coats to Elizabeth J. Robbins, age 18, Saratoga. Dec. 20,1891 at briders homev by Stephen Miller, Minister.

Alford Atwell, age 22, Cullison to Lovilla Dunshee, age 17, Wellsford. Dec. 23,1891 at Dunshee's by A.A. Brown, Minister.

James V. Harkrader, age 25, Iuka to Bertha L. Schilling, age 22,Iuka. Dec. 23,1891 at Iuka by Andrew A. Axline, Minister.

Benjamin C. Howard age 22, Deerhead, Ks. to Ida B. Drury, age 18, Deerhead. Dec. 23,1891 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Morris Parker age 30, Naron, Ks. to Laura Gastensleger, age 21, Naron. Dec. 23,1891 at brides home by C.E. Pearson, Minister.

David T. Kutz, age 23, Iuka to Mattie C. Sillin, age 23, Preston. Dec. 30,1891 at L. Sillins by Levi McCash, Minister.

Dexter B. Collier, age 24, Pratt to Nellie B. Raney, age 17, Pratt. Dec. 31,1891 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.


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