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This is a listing of the Pratt, County marriage records, I did my best to get the information correct but I am sure there are some mistakes.

Elihu Smith age 27, Neron, Pratt Co. to Sadie Naron, age 18, Naron. Jan. 3,1892 at brides home by C. Brundage, Minister.

Chas. E. Jacks, Coats, age 22, to Mamie Clark, age 19, Wellsford. Jan. 5,1892 at brides parents, by J.O. Bradley, Minister.

Wm. J. Goeller, age 26, Cullison to Judah L. Rowland age 18, Pratt Co. Jan. 5,1892 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

John Williams, age 24, Sawyer to Minnie Sheafer, age 24, Sawyer. Jan. 11,1892 at Pratt by E.O. Beach, Minister.

James S. Allton, age 28, Pratt, to Hattie Cooney, Pratt, age 21. Jan. 13,1892 at Pratt, by Levi McCash, Minister.

Cicero A. Hopper, age 32, Pratt to eva Kridler, age 24, Pratt. Jan. 14,1892 by E.C. Beach, Minister.

Wm. A. Rieniets, age 28, Cairo to Abbie E. Dye, age 19, Cairo. Jan. 17,1892 at brides residence by Stephen Miller, Minister.

Chas. C. Sanders, age 22, Avilla, Mo. to Laura E. Buckley, age 18, Avilla, Mo. Feb. 3,1892 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

John E. Drury, age 28, Herington, Ks. to Frances C. Werstein, age 28, Herrington. Feb. 18,1892 at Pratt by E.C. Beach, Minister.

Wm. D. Kriebler, age 26, Pratt to Nettie Moon, age 22, Pratt. Feb. 18,1892 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Peter Reese, age 24, Preston to Ortha M. Doty, age 17, Preston. Feb. 13,1892 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

John Allen, age 22, Haynesville tswp. to Vesta M. Geist age 16, Haynesville twsp. Feb. 26,1892 at residence of F.B. Geist, by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Arthur T. Reams, age 23, Wichita to Lend D. Shaw, age 20, Wichita. Feb. 23,1892 at Pratt by John S. Glendenning, Minister.

Arden H. Carpenter age 21, Naron to Carrie L. Miller age 22, Pratt. Mar. 8,1892 at brides home by Stephen Miller, Minister.

Barney Jornes, age 27, Preston to Mary Stehr, age 20, Preston. Mar. 11,1892 at Preston by L. Brauer, Minister.

Albert Gardner, age 36, Stafford, to Mary E. Williagr, age 20, Iuka. Mar. 30,1892 at home of J.A. Bond, Minister.

Riley Childers, age 23, Cullison to May Beeman, age 17, Cullison. Mar. 30,1892 at Cullison by A.A. Brown, Minister.

Oliver T. Stoops, age 26, Sawyer to Mary T. Keys, age 16, Sawyer. Mar. 31,1892 at brides home by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Charles I. Scott, age 25, Pratt to Edna Randall, age 19, Pratt. Mar. 17,1892 at H.T. Randalls by J.S. Gashwiler, Minister.

Wm. Tobias, age 23, Antrim to Lillie C. Frack, age 17, Antrim. Apr. 4,1892 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

William C. Miller, age 25, Barber Co. to Carrie E. Evans, age 21. Apr. 10,1892 at Pratt by E.C. Beach, Minister.

John F. Reaves age 22, Pratt to Melvina Martin, age 17, Pratt, Apr. 14,1892 at brides res. by J.E. Williams, Minister.

Albert E. Brown age 32, Saratoga to Atlanta F. Shannon, age 23, Saratoga. May 8,1892 at Pratt by John S. Glendenning, Minister.

John E. Wonder, age 19, Preston to Ada B. Armstrong, age 15, Preston. May 8,1892 at R.F. Cricks residence by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Nahum E. Bixley, age 24, Preston to Carrie B. Rowell, age 19, Preston. May 17,1892 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Isiah Starkey, age 50, Wellsford to Ellen Burns, age 29, Wellsford, June 16,1892 at Burn's home by Wm. Clapper, Minister.

Robert H. McCombs, age 19, Pratt to Ida Kirk, age 18, Pratt. June 27,1892 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Samuel B. Withers, age 26, Pratt to Mildred B. Squires age 17, Pratt. June 30,1892 at res. of brides brother-in-law, by John G. Glendenning.

Jerome J. Roll, age 28, Pratt to Della Putman, age 24, Pratt. July 17,1892 at Pratt by E.C. Beach, Minsiter.

Marshall G. Humphrey, age 25, Preston to Mattie Mackey, age 18, Preston. July 18,1892 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

David A. McAdoo age 21, Pratt to Rosa M. Brown, age 18, Pratt. July 20,1892 at Pratt by D.P. Rowe, Minister.

Elisha D. Mardis, age 34, Preston to Lavina Levingston, age 25, Preston. Aug. 3,1892 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Jacob Deitz, age 33, Preston to Emmia A.B. Lill, age 33, Preston. Aug. 9,1892 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Julius Y. Lamont, age 24, Turon to Annie M. Walker, age 17, Turon. Aug. 17,1892 at Turon by John Begley, Catolic Priest at Pratt.

Andrew Wineinger, Cairo, age 24 to Altha M. Green, age 18, Cairo. Aug. 14,1892 at residence of Stephen Miller, Minsiter.

James L. Dace, age 30, Pratt to Prudie Darmall, age 18, Pratt Co. Aug. 16,1892, at Pratt, by B.F. Wonder, Minsiter.

John F. McBee, age 33, Cairo to Eva B. Morrison, age 17, Cairo. Aug. 31,1892, at Pratt by B.F. Wonder.

Emery Harned, age 23, Sawyer to Mattie Brittain, age 22, Sawyer. Sept. 1,1892, at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Fred Reece, age 27, Preston to Bertha Reece, age 20, Preston. Sept. 17,1892, at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Frank A. Erwin, age 24, Greensburg to Ollie M. Noble, age 19, Pratt. Sept. 4,1892, by E.C. Beach, Minister.

Frank Shroutz, age 30, Pratt to Carrie Large, age 21, Pratt. Sept. 21,1892 at Pratt by E.C. Beach, Minister.

Henry Jones, age 33, Saratoga to Mattie Ganaway, age 20, Saratoga. Oct. 1,1892, at Pratt by J.E. Williams, Minister.

Nelson B. Clark, age 27, Preston to Annie Begshaw, age 18, Preston. Oct. 9,1892, at Preston by F.M. Romine, Minister.

John M. Collins, age 25, Pratt to Florence Huffman, age 20. Oct. 30,1892, at Hutchinson by Jay W. Somerville, Minister.

Ambrose H. France, age 26, Sawyer to Mamie Baxter, age 18, Circleville(?). Oct. 20,1892, at Pratt by John S. Glendenning, Minister.

Geo. W. Burgin, age 21, Coats to Maggie C. Hawkins, age 20, Coats. Oct. 24,1892, at John Hawkins by Joseph Flick, Minister.

Henry T. Arble, age 32, Pratt to Kizzie F. Page, age 25, Pratt. Oct. 26,1892, at Pratt by E.C. Beach, Minister.

John T. Fletcher, age 40, Preston to Rebecca J. Ruby, age 34, Preston. Nov. 5,1892, at Preston by F.M. Romine, Minister.

John C. Trail, age 28, Springvale twsp. to Emma E. Jackson, age 20, Springvale. Nov. 3,1892, at Preston by F.M. Romine, Minister.

Wm. A. Heiman, age 28, Murphesboro, Ill. to Euphrosine Gadbois, age 27, Nora, Pratt Co. Nov. 9,1892, at Nora by Isaac T. Pitts, Minister.

John W. Dennison, age 24, Pratt to Elizabeth Waggoner, age 24, Pratt. Nov. 9,1892, at Pratt by E.C. Beach, Minister.

Charles E. Roberts, age 25, Iuka to Susie B. Leeper, age 19, Iuka. Nov. 6,1892, at Iuka by Geo. H. Banker, J.P.

James W. Moorehead, age 29, Cairo to Clara Hall, age 26, Cairo. Nov. 10,1892, at Pratt by J. Glendenning, Minister.

Francis W. Elliott, age 37, Meulhall, Okla. to Mary F. Garton, age 35, Iuka. Nov. 16,1892 at Iuka by John Friend, Minister.

John D. Robertson, age 26, Pratt to Glentworth E. Adams, age 21 Pratt. Oct. 30,1892 at brides home by John S. Glendenning, Minister.

James W. Craig, age 24, Iuka to Cora E. Brown, age 20, Iuka. Nov. 24,1892 at Preston by F. M. Romine, Minister.

Philip R. Paya, age 20, Nora, Pratt Co. to Della M. Lemings, age 17, Nora. Nov. 16,1892 at Nora by Isaac M. Pitts, Minister.

Edward A. Smith, age 26, Pratt to Carrie Johnson, age 20, Stafford Co. Nov. 24,1892 at home of brides father by J.H. Miller, Minister.

Fay Greene, age 24, Cario to Annie Gregory, age 18, Sun City. Nov. 27,1892 at T.C. Gregory's by C.W. Owens, Minister.

David S. Miller, Elm tswp. Pratt Co. age 33 to Lorena Fisher, age 21, Elm tswp. Dec. 1,1892 at Elm twsp. by M.L. Long, Minister.

Corrieden B. Williams, age 70, Pratt to Mary J. Ferguson, age 49, Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

Fred A. Carr, age 27, Naron, to Agnes Carr, age 20, Naron. Dec. 15,1892 at Pratt by John Begley, Catholic Priest.

Chas. P. Pitts, age 30, Cario to Anna M. Fallis, age 31, Cairo. Dec. 15,1892 at Cairo by E.C. Beach, Minister.

Josepeh J. Griffith, age 26, Preston to Frances A. Lowe, age 17, Preston. Dec. 18,1892 at Preston by E.M. Romine, Minister.

Ephraim E. Holder, age 27, Sawyer to Eva C. Frances, age 18, Sawyer. Dec. 22,1892 at residence of S.C. Child, Minister.

Ashley J. Fitzsimmons, age 26, Cario to Lena M. Sitton, age 18, Cario. Dec. 21,1892 at Cairo by G.M. Mathis, Minister.

Hiram J. Bailey, age 55, Pratt to Mrs. Sattie Hess, age 40, Pratt. Dec. 24,1892 at Pratt by B.F. Wonder, Minister.

August Sieck, age 30, Pratt to Mary A. Patterson, age 34, Pratt. Dec. 22,1892 at Pratt by E.C. Beach, Minister.


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